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25573789 we report the three dimensional structure of the human SPAG11B proteins and their C-terminal peptides. web-based hydropathy, amphipathicity, and topology (WHAT) analyses and grand average of hydropathy
21933954 Combination of two proteins, SPAG11B and TEX101, can be used for differential diagnosis of azoospermia
19535787 SPAG11B/D is both a substrate and a potent inhibitor of TPSAB1 activity.
16411022 Isoform C of SPAG11B encodes a peptide with antimicrobial activity against E. coli.
15229135 EP2 expression is more widespread in male reproductive tract than realized previously. Activity of every EP2 variant tested is antibacterial. Further investigation may reveal additional roles for EP2 peptides in primate male reproductive tract.
14662784 HE2 transcriptional and translational products normally expressed in the caput epididymidis were not affected by vasectomy.
12193388 HE2 peptides were detected in human epididymal epithelium, epididymal fluid, and ejaculate
11259252 The human HE2/EP2 gene is the fusion product of two ancestral beta-defensin genes. During its evolution, the gene has acquired additional exons whose inclusion produces new message variants that encode peptides unrelated to defensins.
10819450 In the chimpanzee epididymis, several mRNA HE2/EP2 variants are produced. Of these, three cDNAs code for two different protein sequences that have a cysteine distribution characteristic for beta-defensins.

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QVHISHREARGPSFRICVDFLGPRWARGCSTGN                                          71 - 103

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14662784 Vasectomy influences expression of HE1 but not HE2 and HE5 genes in human epididymis.
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