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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 257
PubMed Score 1202.55
PubTator Score 839.47

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  Disease (5)

Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Osteoporosis 259 0.0 2.0


  Differential Expression (30)

Disease log2 FC p
nephrosclerosis -1.071 1.6e-02
malignant mesothelioma -4.100 8.8e-08
astrocytoma 3.100 9.1e-04
ependymoma 1.900 5.7e-03
oligodendroglioma 1.500 5.3e-03
esophageal adenocarcinoma 2.400 1.8e-02
psoriasis -3.600 3.2e-06
glioblastoma 1.500 3.2e-04
osteosarcoma 3.083 6.9e-03
cystic fibrosis 4.206 7.6e-08
medulloblastoma, large-cell -3.900 3.4e-05
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 1.200 2.4e-03
pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma liver m... 3.263 4.8e-03
intraductal papillary-mucinous adenoma (... 1.800 5.8e-04
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... 1.800 1.9e-03
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... 2.000 6.9e-03
X-linked cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy 2.300 1.5e-02
colon cancer 1.400 2.2e-02
lung cancer 2.400 5.7e-06
pancreatic cancer 1.300 7.0e-05
pediatric high grade glioma 1.500 2.9e-05
group 4 medulloblastoma -1.700 3.8e-03
Breast cancer -1.800 4.4e-07
lung adenocarcinoma 1.422 8.7e-03
Alzheimer's disease 1.400 1.9e-02
Pick disease 2.100 2.1e-05
ductal carcinoma in situ 1.900 1.9e-02
ovarian cancer 1.900 4.5e-04
pituitary cancer -3.800 3.0e-06
Down syndrome 1.300 1.3e-02

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Gene RIF (216)

26830674 Overexpression of TGF-beta and sox9 enhanced the levels of cell proliferation, matrix biosynthesis, and chondrogenic differentiation in human mesenchymal stem cells.
26663529 Variability has been found in a three-generation family with Pierre Robin sequence, acampomelic campomelic dysplasia, and intellectual disability due to a novel approximately 1 Mb deletion upstream of SOX9, and including KCNJ2 and KCNJ16.
26634652 Aortic valve endothelial cell derived Tgfb1 signaling promotes nuclear localization of Sox9 in interstitial cells, attenuating aortic valve calcification.
26617720 SOX9 expression was commonly upregulated in glioma tissues, and patients with high SOX9 levels had shorter survival times.
26467042 Our study shows an inversed preferential nuclear expression of SLUG, SOX10, and SOX9 in triple negative and non-triple negative cases.
26455392 EGFR mutations remodel the activated enhancer landscape of glioblastoma multiforme, promoting tumorigenesis through a SOX9 and FOXG1-dependent transcriptional regulatory network in vitro and in vivo.
26384302 Upregulation of sex-determining region Y-box 9 promotes cell proliferation and tumorigenicity in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
26341967 Sox9 overexpression in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma is related to biliary infiltration and poorer prognosis, and it promotes cell migration and invasion, via the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition.
26317788 MicroRNA-494 inhibits cell proliferation and invasion of chondrosarcoma cells in vivo and in vitro by down-regulating SOX9 expression.
26162802 SOX9 upregulation might mediate A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs (ADAMTSs) suppression at the early stage of human osteoarthritis. In addition, SOX9 could be used as a potential therapeutic agent for human osteoarthritis at an early stage.
26097571 SOX9 was firstly described to be highly expressed in renal cell carcinoma, and its expression was involved in tyrosine kinase inhibitors drug resistance through activation of Raf/MEK/ERK pathway.
26040697 The data showed that SOX9 is recruited by NF-Y to promoters of cell cycle regulatory genes and that SOX9 is critical for the full function of NF-Y in activation of the cell cycle genes in colorectal cancer cells.
26036262 Chromatin immunoprecipitation analysis revealed interaction between SOX9 and the specific region of the p21WAF1/CIP1 promoter. Data suggest that SOX9 is a potential therapeutic target in cervical carcinoma, that transactivates p21WAF1/CIP1.
26030748 results of our study argue against a tumor-promoting role of SOX9 in prostate cancer, but demonstrate that loss of SOX9 expression characterizes a particularly aggressive subset of ERG positive cancers harboring PTEN deletions
26009899 Results suggest that SOX9 promotes tumor metastasis and invasion through regulation of S100P expression in colon cancer.
25885555 SOX9 is an important gene involved in melanoma invasion and negatively impacts melanoma patient survival
25770425 results suggest that SOX9-mediated transcriptional regulation of LGR5 is critical for the tumorigenicity of glioblastoma cells
25681461 Data suggest that the up-regulation of bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP-2) and SRY-9 transcription factor in chondrocytes may play a key role in preventing cytoskeletal alterations.
25629959 SOX10 and SOX9 are functionally antagonistic regulators of melanoma development.
25604083 Using CNV analysis, identified SOX9 upstream duplications in individuals with disorders of sex development.
25428381 Our data suggest the potential of Sox9 and p-Akt as prognostic biomarkers for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
25351776 Collectively in our cohort of 19 novel cases of SRY-negative 46,XX DSD, the duplications upstream of SOX9 account for ~10.5% of the cases, and are responsible for the disease phenotype, even when inherited from a normal father
25197350 Our study suggests that Sox9 siRNA inhibits the proliferation capability of human osteosarcoma cells by down-regulating the expression of Wnt1 and its receptor Fzd1
25154783 We found that high expression of SOX9 in human amniotic fluid stem cells is associated with good neurogenetic ability
25148367 Data (including data from transgenic mice) suggest that SOX9 functions during pancreogenesis and in postnatal pancreas through its interactions with other transcription factors and signaling pathways. [REVIEW]
25145279 Study shows the epigenetic regulation of SOX9 by miR-145 in human chondrosarcoma.
25130858 Rac1 has a role in mediating SOX9 expression in inner meniscus cells
25101494 Sox5 and Sox9 cause a significant increase in transactivation of the Catsper1 promoter.
25099011 Our findings reveal for the first time an essential role of nuclear MET association with SOX9/beta-catenin in castration-resistant prostate cancer in vitro and in vivo
25004243 Results identify a new functional role for a Notch1-Sox9 signaling axis in lung ADC that may explain the correlation of Sox9 with tumor progression, higher tumor grade, and poor lung cancer survival.
24989927 our results identify an important role for miR-32 in the osteosarcoma through regulating Sox9 expression
24980654 Runx2/Sox9 ratio is a promising, early, in vitro screening method for osteogenicity of human mesenchymal stem cells.
24934569 The novel craniofacial regulatory domains located far upstream of SOX9 gene and disrupted in Pierre Robin sequence have been identified.
24906622 Findings identify YAP1-driven SOX9 expression as a critical event in the acquisition of cancer stem cell properties in esophageal cancer.
24668626 Overall, these results indicated that the main mechanism of sex reversal are not associated with mutations in the coding regions of SOX9 and DAX1 or copy number variations of SOX9, which is consistent with results of previous studies.
24661907 Sox9 allows the survival of ovarian cells upon hypoxic condition, through the activation of betaIII-tubulin expression and its aberrant activation is prominent in patients with aggressive ovarian cancer.
24654627 This study indicates that miR-495 directly targets Sox9, ultimately leading to the regulation of chondrogenic differentiation in human mesenchymal stem cells.
24652327 short-term Sox9 overexpression facilitates chondrogenesis of hUC-MSCs and may thus have potential implications in cartilage tissue engineering.
24634209 Results indicate a core transcriptional network involving sex-determining region Y box (SOX) regulates visual cycle genes.
24631504 Increased expression of SOX9 is associated with colorectal cancer.
24626877 SOX9 is a transcription factor that regulates bile duct development and contributes to liver regeneration and fibrosis.
24551211 Sox9 potentiates BMP2-induced chondrogenic differentiation and inhibits BMP2-induced osteogenic differentiation.
24459991 Sox9 reprogrammed dermal fibroblasts undergo hypertrophic differentiation in vitro and trigger endochondral ossification in vivo.
24418153 Our study showed that SOX9 is expressed in centroacinar and ductal epithelial cells of benign pancreas and is a useful marker for pancreatic ductal lineage of pancreatic neoplasms.
24363063 SATB2 and SOX9 may be acting together via complex cis-regulation to coordinate the growth of the developing jaw.
24351654 A marked male/female difference was a more open chromatin signature in males starting ~400 kb upstream of SOX9 and increasing toward the SOX9 promoter.
24302456 SOX9 upregulation was verified in a series of tumor specimens of patients with pancreatic carcinoma.
24254229 Spatial proximity of the promoter and regulatory elements, some of which encode lncRNAs, suggests that lncRNAs likely contribute to SOX9 promoter regulatory interactions.
24212241 Data suggest that changes in the SOX9 expression pattern may be involved in the mechanisms of the malignant progression of intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms (IPMNs) of the pancreas.
24188461 SOX9 is upregulated in aggressive osteosarcoma tissues; may participate in the osteosarcoma progression; SOX9 status is a useful prognostic factor in osteosarcoma
24135036 MAP3K1 mutations tilt the balance in the sex-determining pathways by downregulating SOX9 and FGF9.
24115316 these data suggest that disruption of cardiac enhancers located upstream of SOX9 may be responsible for CHDs in humans.
24098470 Up-regulation of SOX9 in sertoli cells from testiculopathic patients accounts for increasing anti-mullerian hormone expression via impaired androgen receptor signaling.
24063364 microRNA-140 targets RALA and regulates chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells by translational enhancement of SOX9 and ACAN.
24038782 Demonstration of a novel missense mutation (p.H169Q) within the coding region of the SOX9 gene in a family with overlapping phenotype of mild campomelic dysplasia and small patella syndrome.
24014021 depletion of SOX9 in chondrocytes resulted in increased levels of the mature, processed microRNA, suggesting a negative feedback loop between miR-1247 and its target SOX9.
23933788 Study demonstrates that SOX9 expression may indicate a link between intraductal papillary mucinous tumors of the pancreas and bile duct.
23900217 SOX9 was overexpressed in colorectal cancer. In 5-fluorouracil (5-FU)-treated patients, the tumour overexpression of SOX9 correlated with markedly poorer survival.
23814265 High expression of sox9 is associated with glioma.
23812904 High expression of SOX9 is associated with gastric cancers.
23806070 SOX9 plays critical role for cell proliferation and differentiation in pancreatic and duodenal development. (Review)
23727861 ZBTB7A physically interacts with SOX9 and functionally antagonizes its transcriptional activity on key target genes such as MIA, which is involved in tumor cell invasion, and H19, a long noncoding RNA precursor for an RB-targeting microRNA.
23671695 The dynamic expression of Sox9 and the interaction between TSHZ3, SOX9 and MYOCD provide a mechanism that regulates the pace the myogenic program in the ureter.
23648064 analysis of two patients with acampomelic campomelic dysplasia who show balanced translocations upstream of SOX9
23635786 review of the role of Sox9 in programming liver and pancreatic progenitors [review]
23626837 Sox9-regulated miRNA-574-3p inhibits chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.
23618358 NF-kappaB/p65 signaling, as well as Sox9, may contribute to changes in the morphology of uterine carcinosarcomas cells toward the chondrocytic phenotype through modulation of COL2A1 transcription.
23592398 Authors found a potential NF-kappaB binding site located in the SOX9 promoter and determined that the NF-kappaB subunit p65 positively regulates SOX9 expression by binding to its promoter directly.
23583560 SOX9, beta-catenin and PPARgamma expression levels are deregulated in the CRC tissue.
23433069 SOX9 expression is increased in granulosa-luteal cells in patients receiving luteinizing hormone supplementation.
23426182 In prostate cancer, ERG redirects androgen receptor to a set of genes including SOX9 that are not normally androgen stimulated.
23349860 Together, these results suggest that Sox9 is an important regulator of epidermal keratinocytes with putative pro-proliferation and/or pro-survival functions.
23306204 SOX9 regulates low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 6 (LRP6) and T-cell factor 4 (TCF4) expression and Wnt/beta-catenin activation in breast cancer.
23253807 SOX9 might enhance the chondrogenic differentiation potential of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells through cellular aggregation.
23225119 results confirm the involvement of the SNX10 gene in human ARO and identify a new subset with a relatively favorable prognosis as compared to TCIRG1-dependent cases
23178713 miR-101 may suppress human hepatocellular carcinoma tumor progression by down-regulating SOX9
23146920 Data suggest that SOX9 might contribute to carcinogenesis in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) and intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm (IPMN) of the pancreas.
23064761 Our results demonstrate that Sox9 is sufficient to drive columnar differentiation of squamous epithelium and expression of an intestinal differentiation marker, reminiscent of BE.
23064448 SOX9 methylation is frequently involved in cervical carcinogenesis.
22962301 NF1 and SOX9 are the most under- and over-expressed genes in NF1-mutated tumors, respectively.
22846713 The expression of SOX9 as a chondrogenic marker could be an indicator for the extent of degeneration in human ligaments in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee.
22795539 SOX9 gene plus heparinized TGF-beta 3 coated dexamethasone loaded PLGA microspheres induce chondrogenesis of hMSCs
22769578 inhibition of LEF-1 via miR-449a led to the subsequent repression of Sox 9, which is a well-established regulator of chondrogenesis.
22766303 Both Sox9 and KLF4 interact with beta-catenin in an immunoprecipitation assay and reduce its binding to TCF4.
22761195 Expression profiling of Sox9-null prostate epithelial cells revealed that the role of Sox9 in the initiation of prostate development may relate to its regulation of multiple cytokeratins and cell adherence/ polarity.
22714060 Our data suggest for the first time that the over-expression of SOX9 mRNA is closely associated with poor clinical outcome of patients with malignant gliomas
22698986 Associations between Sox9 and NF-kappaB signaling, as well as Akt status, may participate in modulation of the cell kinetics of endometrial carcinomas.
22665440 The E1 enhancer forms a long-range chromatin loop to the SOX9 gene.
22570960 Duplication in the region of 17q that contains SOX9 is not a common cause of testis development in subjects with SRY-negative 46,XX testicular or ovotesticular disorder of sexual development.
22547066 L-Sox5 and Sox6 proteins enhance chondrogenic miR-140 microRNA expression by strengthening dimeric Sox9 activity
22532563 identify Twist1 as an inhibitor of Sox9 and further suggest that the balance between Twist1 and Sox9 may determine the earliest steps of chondrogenesis.
22523547 findings show that WDR5 is a direct target of SRY; the interaction of WDR5 and SRY activates Sox9 expression; results suggest that, in conjunction with SRY, WDR5 plays an important role in sex determination
22515642 Our data suggest for the first time that the overexpression of SOX9 protein in hepatocellular carcinoma tissues is of predictive value on tumor progression and poor prognosis
22385965 Coexpression of Slug and Sox9 promotes the tumorigenic and metastasis-seeding abilities of human breast cancer cells and is associated with poor patient survival
22385677 SOX9 may serve as a novel and prognostic marker fornon-small cell lung cancer ( NSCLC), and play a role during the development and progression of the disease.
22331131 SOX9 is closely related to gastric carcinoma carcinogenesis
22271799 HNF6 and Sox9 are new biomarkers of pancreatic acinar-to-ductal metaplasia and constitute candidate targets for preventive treatment in cases when acinar-to-ductal metaplasia may lead to cancer.
22246670 our findings provide direct mechanistic evidence of the involvement of SOX9 in neoplastic pathobiology, particularly, in colorectal cancer.
22209504 SOX9 expression increased from gastric nonneoplastic to neoplastic lesions and CEACAM1 expression patterns changed; their coexpression was also elevated, suggesting that SOX9 plays important roles in changing CEACAM1 expression and in tumor progression.
22158061 Data show that the mRNA expression levels of beta-catenin, Runx2, Sox9 and osteopontin were significantly higher in ossification of ligamentum flavum (OLF) cells than in non-OLF cells.
22102413 miR-145 directly represses SOX9 expression in human cells through a unique binding site in its 3'-UTR
22052544 we found that miR-140 is regulated by the cartilage master transcription regulator Sox9 in zebrafish and mammalian cells
22051515 Gain or loss of SOX9 results in genomic imbalance sufficient to activate or inactivate SOX9 gonadal expression in a tissue specific manner, switch sex determination, and result in isolated disorders of sex development.
21995959 The data suggested a dose-dependent role for Sox9 in normal colon epithelial stem cells and cells comprising colon tumors.
21991335 These results demonstrate that Exp4 acts as a Sox9 co-regulator that directly regulates binding of Sox9 to its target genes.
21983268 Results demonstrated that SOX9 is important for the expression of NGN3 and molecular markers of endocrine cell differentiation in the human fetal pancreas.
21869831 Notch1 signaling has an important role during early stages of chondrogenic lineage determination by regulation of Sox9 expression.
21861142 SOX9 is expressed in intestinal metaplasia and gastric carcinoma in humans.
21853455 Cyclic tensile strain on meniscus cells increased the association between SOX9 and its DNA-binding site, included in the COL2A1 enhancer, on chromatin.
21728837 SOX trio gene and protein decreased with advancement of osteoarthritis in human articular cartilage.
21693691 SOX9 and SF1 binding to the anti-mullerian hormone promoter is essential to increase the activity of the AMH promoter in response to cAMP.
21682576 FOXL2 and SOX9 distinguish the lineage of the sex cord-stromal cells in gonadoblastomas.
21614988 Here we report on a 4 months-old 46,XY sex reversed infant with typical clinical features for CD due to a novel mutation of the SOX9 gene, Q401X, leading to synthesis of a truncated SOX9 protein that completely lacks the C-terminal transactivation domain.
21427722 The regulatory interaction between Sox9, Wwp2 and Med25 defines the Sox9 transcriptional mechanisms of chondrogenesis in the forming palate.
21412441 SRY and SF1 co-operate to activate the human SOX9 homologous testis-specific enhancer of Sox9 (hTES), a process dependent on phosphorylated SF1.
21385068 The half life of mRNA encoding the transcription factor SOX9 was measured, an important marker of chondrocytic phenotype.
21321311 Its significant correlation with breast tumor cell proliferation implies that SOX9 directly contributes to the poor clinical outcomes associated with invasive breast cancer.
21297661 MiniSOX9, a truncated version of SOX9 devoid of transactivation domain as a result of retention of the second intron, was discovered in in colon cancer cells.
21284335 Two novel frameshift mutations in the SOX9 gene in two patients with campomelic dysplasia
21208124 Description of family with SOX9 duplication in uncle and 2 brothers.
21193222 SOX9 may play a role in the development of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor in patients with neurofibromatosis 1.
21173804 Sox9 has an essential role in the expression of chondrogenic genes in chondrocyte differentiation
21084857 Data suggests nuclear SOX9 expression parallels development and differentiation but cytoplasmic SOX9 expression is associated with abrogation of growth arrest response of breast cancer cells.
21078438 Sox9, Runx2, and Osterix-were play an essential role in determining the skeletal progenitor cells' fate in benign cartilage and bone forming tumors.
20838034 TESCO mutations are not a common cause of XY pure gonadal dysgenesis.
20651055 Data suggest that SOX9 is a new hallmark of lung adenocarcinoma, in which SOX9 might contribute to gain of tumor growth potential, possibly acting through affecting the expression of cell cycle regulators p21 and CDK4.
20634891 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20628624 Meta-analysis of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20593410 The mechanisms by which SOX9 regulates RUNX2 function may underlie broader signaling pathways that can influence osteochondrogenesis and mesenchymal fate.
20569257 Data present two PPDII families with fully penetrant point mutations in ultra-conserved predicted binding sites for transcription factors SOX9 and PAX3, two possible candidates for regulating SHH expression.
20530484 SOX9, through interaction with microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (MITF) and OTX2, regulates BEST1 expression in the retinal pigment epithelium.
20513132 study reports 2 novel SOX9 missense mutations in a male (c.495C>G; p.His165Gln) and a female (c.337A>G; p.Met113Val) within the DNA-binding domain leading to non-lethal acampomelic variant of campomelic dysplasia
20484142 The results suggest that Sox9 usefulness in the diagnosis of chondroid tumors may be limited because of low sensitivity and specificity.
20301211 SOX9 is overexpressed in the advanced stage of gastric carcinoma;SOX9 is related to the tumor progression though promoting invasion and metastasis
20196777 there is an association among RUNX-2, SOX-9 and FGF-23 in relation to MMP-13 expression in osteoarthritic chondrocytes
20103652 Data show that SOX9 expression was associated with increasing Gleason grades and higher Ki67 staining in prostate cancer samples.
20098296 Our study illustrates that SOX-9 is expressed in a high percentage of melanomas.
20049725 Strong expression of the transcription factor SOX9 is seen in neurofibroma and malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour tissue sections, while schwannomas show weak or absent expression.
20039424 These results demonstrate a new interaction that directly links ROCK to increased cartilage matrix production via activation of SOX9 in response to mechanical and growth factor stimulation
19921652 Mutation analysis of SOX9 in eight patients with campomelic dysplasia or acampomelic campomelic dysplasia and single copy number variant (CNV) analysis of the upstream region in SOX9 mutation negative patients, were performed.
19845757 SOX9 is highly expressed in melanoma and seems to have a regulatory role in nestin expression. SOX9 is associated with more advanced stage of disease.
19828133 Scx and E47 might modulate the primary chondrogenesis by associating with the Sox9-related transcriptional complex, and by binding to the conserved E-box on Col2a1 promoter.
19801163 performed immunohistochemical analysis for Sox9 to examine the possible chondrogenic nature of chondroblastoma and chondromyxoid fibroma. Sox9 was positive in 8 chondroblastomas and 10 chondromyxoid fibromas.
19657054 the osmotic environment regulated both SOX9 and COL2A1 mRNA posttranscriptionally, but in fresh cells resulted in increased SOX9, but decreased COL2A1.
19637360 The defect in CEACAM biosynthesis in Crohn disease intestinal epithelial cells was related to the aberrant nuclear localization of SOX9. Changes in SOX9 expression were related to altered crosstalk by the co-cultured cells.
19614725 The distinctive expression pattern of SOX9 during human cutaneous embryogenesis indicates a key role in skin homeostasis that includes but goes beyond its role in outer root sheath differentiation.
19509063 Results show that the expression of PKCalpha in proliferating intestinal epithelial cells is repressed both in vitro and in vivo by the SOX9 transcription factor.
19473998 Novel lesions surrounding SOX9 support the existence of tissue specific enhancers acting over a large distance to regulate expression of the gene during craniofacial development. [review]
19463983 Increased expression of SOX9 is associated with hypertrichosis.
19453261 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19322650 we showed that SOX9 binding to the HES-1 enhancer was induced by retinoic acid
19234473 Some cases of Pierre Robin sequence may thus result from developmental misexpression of SOX9 due to disruption of very-long-range cis-regulatory elements.
19080707 Sox9 gene may play a role in the process of natural degeneration of endplate chondrocytes.
19061938 expression of Sox1, Sox2 and Sox9 was detected at the mRNA level in both foetal and adult cerebellum samples; Sox1, Sox2 and Sox9 expression was detected in the Purkinje cell layer of the adult cerebellum
19041414 Smad3 stimulated the Sox9-mediated transcription in a TGF-beta-dependent manner.
19019766 study confirmed SOX9 upregulation in colorectal cancer compared with normal mucosa; immunostaining showed more SOX9+ cells in lower zone of colonic crypts than upper zone; cancers with strong SOX9 immunostaining were associated with lower 5-year survival
18923447 SOX9 and SOX10 but not BRN2 seem to be required for nestin expression in human melanoma.
18830622 Prostaglandin D synthase-mediated SOX-9 upregulation could provide a reasonable explanation for the presence of testicular differentiation in ovarian ovarian sex cord-stromal tumours.
18820665 SOX-9 is not useful in the chordoma-chondrosarcoma differential diagnosis
18794798 CEACAM1 is a direct target of SOX9 in the colon epithelium
18705695 mitogenic properties of FGF-2 were maintained when SOX9 was co-overexpressed and concomitant with an increase in the production of proteoglycans and type-II collagen
18677406 p54nrb plays an important role in the regulation of Sox9 function and the formation of paraspeckle bodies during chondrogenesis
18671802 Sox9 proteins are exclusively expressed in the cytoplasmic compartment in solid pseudopapillary tumours
18628953 Sox-9, ER81 and VE-cadherin have roles in retinoic acid-mediated trans-differentiation of breast cancer cells
18577562 SOX9 expression was predictive for favorable outcome in ependymoma
18550917 Role of the SOX transcription factor family in adult human cartilage is most probably restricted to a few members, with SOX9 being the most prominent.
18519685 negative regulation of claudin 7 seems to be defective in CRC, possibly due to decreased Sox-9 activity
18512230 Quantitative changes of enteric glia represented by SOX9 provide a basis for pathological assessment of glial proliferation and/or degeneration in the diseased gut.
18433381 Data show SOX9 transduction in chondrocytes increased their chondroitin sulfate synthetic capacity, but this was not accompanied by changes in the transcription of the CS biosynthetic enzymes.
18391513 These findings implicate a mutation at a sex-determining locus other than SRY and SOX9 as the cause for the XX sex reversal trait in this family.
18339840 Results support important functions of SOX9 in both the development and maintenance of normal prostate, and indicate that these functions contribute to PCa tumor growth and invasion.
18333897 SOX9 expression is a general feature of basal cell carcinomas and adnexal skin neoplasms, suggesting a contribution of SOX9 to the pathogenesis of these tumors.
18296708 SOX9 has a role in mediating extracellular matrix deposition characteristic of organ fibrosis
18271004 Critical levels of WT1 + KTS, SRY and SOX9 are required for normal Sertoli cell maturation, and subsequent normal spermatogenesis.
18087279 The association of SOX9 hypermethylation with tumour progression and clinical outcome suggests its relevant clinical implications at stratifying patients affected with bladder cancer.
18077449 new hypoxia-inducible and SOX9-regulated genes, Gdf10 and Chm-I. In addition, Mig6 and InhbA were induced by hypoxia, predominantly via HIF-2alpha
17986281 Our data suggest that lesions affecting SOX9 expression are the key factor in sex determination in SRY-negative XX males
17935617 The expression of genes in a human chondrosarcoma cell line is altered following SOX9 overexpression.
17702866 role of SOX9 in pigmentation emphasizes the impact of SOX proteins in adult tissues.
17615267 SOX9 signaling is not essential for LE135-induced chondrogenesis in mesenchymal stem cells derived from osteoarthritis patients.
17551083 These findings suggest that non-syndromic PRS may be caused by both SOX9 and KCNJ2 dysregulation.
17532558 The embryonic male prostaglandin D synthase (Pgds)/SOX9 pathway is expressed at both the RNA and protein levels in different types of human ovarian tumors.
17409199 data support a direct molecular link between the Hh signaling pathway and SOX9 regulation, wherein SHH stimulates SOX9 through its mediator GLI1, and are consistent with a mechanism of SOX9 regulation through distal chromatin interactions
17360815 Sox9 transcriptionally regulates furin expression during chondrogenesis.
17289023 Here we report that the human SOX9 proximal promoter is also regulated by the cyclic-AMP response element binding protein (CREB) and Sp1.
17234760 Results indicate that SOX9 in prostate basal cells supports the development and maintenance of the luminal epithelium and that a subset of prostate cancer cells may escape basal cell requirements through SOX9 expression.
17197889 Sox9 is variably expressed in ovarian Sertoli cell tumor and other tumors that are in the differential diagnosis
17050539 SOX9 mRNA regulation in human articular chondrocytes involves p38 MAPK activation and mRNA stabilization
16791471 pediatric and adult high grade tumors display strong nuclear staining for SOX9
16554309 by controlling the cellular concentrations of SOX9, PIAS proteins and sumoylation may be part of a major regulatory system of SOX9 functions
16155402 Human SOX9 in undifferentiated mouse ES cells might have dual potentials to induce both chondrogenic commitment and growth capacity in the undifferentiated status.
16109717 Sox9 and p300 interact with chromatin and activates transcription via regulation of chromatin modification
15922909 SOX9 may play an important role in the transcriptional activation of the newest collagen gene, COL27A1.
15908194 Sox9 promoter is regulated by CCAAT-binding factor through its interaction with two functional CCAAT boxes.
15896776 The SOX9, as a potential melanogenic transcriptional regulator, as its expression level is increased following the down-regulation of BRN2 in differentiated melanoblasts.
15781631 Transcription factor SOX9 down-regulates CEA gene expression and, as a probable consequence, induces apoptosis in the human colon carcinoma cell line HT29Cl.16E.
15694126 the ubiquitin-proteasome proteolytic system degrades Sox9 and regulates its transcriptional activity
15623506 Smad3 induces chondrogenesis through the activation of SOX9 via CREB-binding protein/p300 recruitment
15456769 SOX9 is a key regulator of CRTL1
15266301 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
15240568 SOX9 is an intestine crypt transcription factor, is regulated by the Wnt pathway, and represses the CDX2 and MUC2 genes
15240557 Results suggest that SOX9 is necessary and sufficient to specify pyloric sphincter epithelial properties.
15192080 It is revealed with an in vitro sumoylated Ad4BP/SF-1 that DNA binding activity and interaction with Sox9 ware unaffected.
15077158 SOX9 contributes to growth regulation by mac25 via inhibition of cell growth and promotion of differentiation in prostate tumor
12935820 no positive correlation between SOX9 and COL2A1 expression was observed in articular chondrocytes--to the contrary, the expression of COL2A1 was significantly increased in the diseased cells
12783851 Loss of DNA-dependent dimerization of the transcription factor SOX9 as a cause for campomelic dysplasia
12732631 CBP and p300 function as co-activators of Sox9 for cartilage tissue-specific gene expression and chondrocyte differentiation.
12713737 SOX9 exerts a bifunctional effect on COL2A1 gene expression in chondrocytes depending on the differentiation state.
12673561 mesenchymal chondrosarcoma showed positive nuclear staining in both primitive mesenchymal and cartilaginous components for Sox9 protein
12420222 RAR agonists stimulate SOX9 gene expression in breast cancer cell lines: evidence for a role in retinoid-mediated growth inhibition.
12414734 The transcription factor Sox9 has essential roles in successive steps of the chondrocyte differentiation pathway and is required for expression of Sox5 and Sox6.
12128229 novel potential role for SOX9 in pancreas development during human embryogenesis and early foetal life
12111997 demonstration that a novel human gene, KIAA0800, is preferentially expressed in the testis and is transactivated by Sox9
11990798 discussion of molecular action (REVIEW)
11754051 A chromosomally normal boy with ACD and his clinical follow-up up to the age of 2 years, in whom a heterozygous SOX9 missense mutation (H165Y) was identified.
11707075 Sequence analysis of the intergenic regions revealed five regulatory elements, E1-E5, 5' to SOX9 and three such elements, E6-E8, 3' to SOX9.

AA Sequence

QTHSPQHWEQPVYTQLTRP                                                       491 - 509

Text Mined References (258)

PMID Year Title
26830674 2016 Co-overexpression of TGF-? and SOX9 via rAAV gene transfer modulates the metabolic and chondrogenic activities of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells.
26687115 2016 The microRNA-29 family in cartilage homeostasis and osteoarthritis.
26663529 2016 Variability in a three-generation family with Pierre Robin sequence, acampomelic campomelic dysplasia, and intellectual disability due to a novel ?1 Mb deletion upstream of SOX9, and including KCNJ2 and KCNJ16.
26634652 2016 Valve Endothelial Cell-Derived Tgf?1 Signaling Promotes Nuclear Localization of Sox9 in Interstitial Cells Associated With Attenuated Calcification.
26617720 2015 Decreased expression of SOX9 indicates a better prognosis and inhibits the growth of glioma cells by inducing cell cycle arrest.
26467042 2015 Differential expression of epithelial–mesenchymal transition and stem cell markers in intrinsic subtypes of breast cancer.
26455392 2015 EGFR Mutation Promotes Glioblastoma through Epigenome and Transcription Factor Network Remodeling.
26384302 2015 Upregulation of sex-determining region Y-box 9 (SOX9) promotes cell proliferation and tumorigenicity in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
26341967 2015 Sox9 expression in carcinogenesis and its clinical significance in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.
26317788 2015 MicroRNA-494 inhibits cell proliferation and invasion of chondrosarcoma cells in vivo and in vitro by directly targeting SOX9.
26162802 2015 SOX9 is a regulator of ADAMTSs-induced cartilage degeneration at the early stage of human osteoarthritis.
26097571 2015 SOX9 was involved in TKIs resistance in renal cell carcinoma via Raf/MEK/ERK signaling pathway.
26040697 2015 Context-specific role of SOX9 in NF-Y mediated gene regulation in colorectal cancer cells.
26036262 2015 SOX9, a potential tumor suppressor in cervical cancer, transactivates p21WAF1/CIP1 and suppresses cervical tumor growth.
26030748 2015 Loss of SOX9 Expression Is Associated with PSA Recurrence in ERG-Positive and PTEN Deleted Prostate Cancers.
26009899 2015 Identification of the interplay between SOX9 and S100P in the metastasis and invasion of colon carcinoma.
25885555 2015 Methylation-dependent SOX9 expression mediates invasion in human melanoma cells and is a negative prognostic factor in advanced melanoma.
25770425 2015 SOX9-mediated upregulation of LGR5 is important for glioblastoma tumorigenicity.
25681461 2015 Moderate alterations of the cytoskeleton in human chondrocytes after short-term microgravity produced by parabolic flight maneuvers could be prevented by up-regulation of BMP-2 and SOX-9.
25629959 2015 Antagonistic cross-regulation between Sox9 and Sox10 controls an anti-tumorigenic program in melanoma.
25604083 2015 Copy number variation of two separate regulatory regions upstream of SOX9 causes isolated 46,XY or 46,XX disorder of sex development.
25428381 2015 Clinical implication of Sox9 and activated Akt expression in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
25351776 2015 Testis development in the absence of SRY: chromosomal rearrangements at SOX9 and SOX3.
25197350 2014 Sox9 regulates hyperexpression of Wnt1 and Fzd1 in human osteosarcoma tissues and cells.
25154783 2014 SOX9 as a Predictor for Neurogenesis Potentiality of Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells.
25148367 2014 Sox9: a master regulator of the pancreatic program.
25145279 2015 The epigenetic regulation of SOX9 by miR-145 in human chondrosarcoma.
25130858 2014 Role of Rho small GTPases in meniscus cells.
25101494 2014 The transcription factors Sox5 and Sox9 regulate Catsper1 gene expression.
25099011 2014 Crosstalk between nuclear MET and SOX9/?-catenin correlates with castration-resistant prostate cancer.
25004243 2014 Sox9 mediates Notch1-induced mesenchymal features in lung adenocarcinoma.
24989927 2014 MicroRNA-32 inhibits osteosarcoma cell proliferation and invasion by targeting Sox9.
24980654 2015 In vitro osteogenic potential of human mesenchymal stem cells is predicted by Runx2/Sox9 ratio.
24934569 2014 Identification of novel craniofacial regulatory domains located far upstream of SOX9 and disrupted in Pierre Robin sequence.
24906622 2014 Hippo coactivator YAP1 upregulates SOX9 and endows esophageal cancer cells with stem-like properties.
24753544 2014 Genetic variation in prostate-specific antigen-detected prostate cancer and the effect of control selection on genetic association studies.
24668626 2014 Investigation of mutations in the SRY, SOX9, and DAX1 genes in sex reversal patients from the Sichuan region of China.
24661907 2014 Sox9 and Hif-2? regulate TUBB3 gene expression and affect ovarian cancer aggressiveness.
24654627 2014 microRNA-495 inhibits chondrogenic differentiation in human mesenchymal stem cells by targeting Sox9.
24652327 2014 Delivery of the Sox9 gene promotes chondrogenic differentiation of human umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells in an in vitro model.
24634209 2014 Transcription factor SOX9 plays a key role in the regulation of visual cycle gene expression in the retinal pigment epithelium.
24631504 2014 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor ?-mediated induction of microRNA-145 opposes tumor phenotype in colorectal cancer.
24626877 2014 The ins and outs of pyloromyotomy: what we have learned in 35 years.
24551211 2014 Sox9 potentiates BMP2-induced chondrogenic differentiation and inhibits BMP2-induced osteogenic differentiation.
24459991 2014 Sox9 reprogrammed dermal fibroblasts undergo hypertrophic differentiation in vitro and trigger endochondral ossification in vivo.
24418153 2014 SOX9: a useful marker for pancreatic ductal lineage of pancreatic neoplasms.
24363063 2014 Disruption of SATB2 or its long-range cis-regulation by SOX9 causes a syndromic form of Pierre Robin sequence.
24351654 2014 RevSex duplication-induced and sex-related differences in the SOX9 regulatory region chromatin landscape in human fibroblasts.
24302456 2014 Hypoxia-independent gene expression mediated by SOX9 promotes aggressive pancreatic tumor biology.
24254229 2013 Chromosome conformation capture-on-chip analysis of long-range cis-interactions of the SOX9 promoter.
24212241 2014 Expression of SOX9 in intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms of the pancreas.
24188461 2013 Upregulation of SOX9 in osteosarcoma and its association with tumor progression and patients' prognosis.
24135036 2014 Mutations in MAP3K1 tilt the balance from SOX9/FGF9 to WNT/?-catenin signaling.
24115316 2013 Congenital heart defects in patients with deletions upstream of SOX9.
24098470 2013 Up-regulation of SOX9 in sertoli cells from testiculopathic patients accounts for increasing anti-mullerian hormone expression via impaired androgen receptor signaling.
24063364 2014 microRNA-140 targets RALA and regulates chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells by translational enhancement of SOX9 and ACAN.
24038782 2013 A novel SOX9 H169Q mutation in a family with overlapping phenotype of mild campomelic dysplasia and small patella syndrome.
24023777 2013 Identification of a susceptibility locus for severe adolescent idiopathic scoliosis on chromosome 17q24.3.
24014021 2013 miR-1247 functions by targeting cartilage transcription factor SOX9.
23933788 2013 Decreased expression of SOX9 in intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms of the bile duct.
23900217 2013 Notch-induced transcription factors are predictive of survival and 5-fluorouracil response in colorectal cancer patients.
23870195 2013 Genetics of coronary artery calcification among African Americans, a meta-analysis.
23814265 2013 MiR-145 functions as a tumor-suppressive RNA by targeting Sox9 and adducin 3 in human glioma cells.
23812904 2014 Aberrant expression of SOX9 is associated with gastrokine 1 inactivation in gastric cancers.
23806070 2013 The role of SOX9 transcription factor in pancreatic and duodenal development.
23727861 2013 Zbtb7a suppresses prostate cancer through repression of a Sox9-dependent pathway for cellular senescence bypass and tumor invasion.
23671695 2013 TSHZ3 and SOX9 regulate the timing of smooth muscle cell differentiation in the ureter by reducing myocardin activity.
23648064 2013 The clinical impact of chromosomal rearrangements with breakpoints upstream of the SOX9 gene: two novel de novo balanced translocations associated with acampomelic campomelic dysplasia.
23635786 2013 Sox9 and programming of liver and pancreatic progenitors.
23626837 2013 Sox9-regulated miRNA-574-3p inhibits chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.
23618358 2013 Transcriptional regulation of the alpha-1 type II collagen gene by nuclear factor B/p65 and Sox9 in the chondrocytic phenotype of uterine carcinosarcomas.
23592398 2013 Epigenetic regulation of SOX9 by the NF-?B signaling pathway in pancreatic cancer stem cells.
23583560 2013 Interplay between SOX9, ?-catenin and PPAR? activation in colorectal cancer.
23433069 2013 Analysis of androgen receptor and anti-Müllerian hormone pathways in human granulosa cells under luteinizing hormone treatment.
23426182 2013 ERG induces androgen receptor-mediated regulation of SOX9 in prostate cancer.
23408906 2013 A meta-analysis of thyroid-related traits reveals novel loci and gender-specific differences in the regulation of thyroid function.
23349860 2013 Expression and functional role of Sox9 in human epidermal keratinocytes.
23306204 2013 SOX9 regulates low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 6 (LRP6) and T-cell factor 4 (TCF4) expression and Wnt/?-catenin activation in breast cancer.
23284291 2012 Genome-wide joint meta-analysis of SNP and SNP-by-smoking interaction identifies novel loci for pulmonary function.
23253807 2012 [SOX9 enhanced chondrogenic differentiation potential of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells through cellular aggregation].
23225119 2013 Changes in the epigenetic status of the SOX-9 promoter in human osteoarthritic cartilage.
23178713 2012 MicroRNA-101 suppresses SOX9-dependent tumorigenicity and promotes favorable prognosis of human hepatocellular carcinoma.
23146920 2013 Evaluation of SOX9 expression in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm.
23064761 2012 Sox9 drives columnar differentiation of esophageal squamous epithelium: a possible role in the pathogenesis of Barrett's esophagus.
23064448 2013 Identification of DNA methylation of SOX9 in cervical cancer using methylated-CpG island recovery assay.
22962301 2012 Somatic NF1 inactivation is a frequent event in sporadic pheochromocytoma.
22846713 2012 The extent of degeneration of cruciate ligament is associated with chondrogenic differentiation in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee.
22795539 2012 SOX9 gene plus heparinized TGF-? 3 coated dexamethasone loaded PLGA microspheres for inducement of chondrogenesis of hMSCs.
22769578 2012 miR-449a regulates the chondrogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells through direct targeting of lymphoid enhancer-binding factor-1.
22766303 2012 KLF4 and SOX9 transcription factors antagonize ?-catenin and inhibit TCF-activity in cancer cells.
22761195 2012 Sox9 is required for prostate development and prostate cancer initiation.
22714060 2012 Oncogenic role of SOX9 expression in human malignant glioma.
22698986 2012 Transcriptional up-regulation of Sox9 by NF-?B in endometrial carcinoma cells, modulating cell proliferation through alteration in the p14(ARF)/p53/p21(WAF1) pathway.
22665440 2012 Integrative functional genomics identifies an enhancer looping to the SOX9 gene disrupted by the 17q24.3 prostate cancer risk locus.
22570960 2012 Duplication of SOX9 is not a common cause of 46,XX testicular or 46,XX ovotesticular DSD.
22547066 2012 L-Sox5 and Sox6 proteins enhance chondrogenic miR-140 microRNA expression by strengthening dimeric Sox9 activity.
22532563 2012 Basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor Twist1 inhibits transactivator function of master chondrogenic regulator Sox9.
22523547 2012 Synergistic effect of SRY and its direct target, WDR5, on Sox9 expression.
22515642 2012 Expression features of SOX9 associate with tumor progression and poor prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma.
22504420 2012 Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies 56 bone mineral density loci and reveals 14 loci associated with risk of fracture.
22424883 2012 Genome-wide association study of lung function decline in adults with and without asthma.
22385965 2012 Slug and Sox9 cooperatively determine the mammary stem cell state.
22385677 2012 Clinical significance of SOX9 in human non-small cell lung cancer progression and overall patient survival.
22331131 2012 SOX9 expression and its methylation status in gastric cancer.
22271799 2012 Role of the ductal transcription factors HNF6 and Sox9 in pancreatic acinar-to-ductal metaplasia.
22246670 2012 Oncogenicity of the developmental transcription factor Sox9.
22209504 2012 The evaluation of SOX9 expression and its relationship with carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 1 in gastric neoplastic and nonneoplastic lesions.
22158061 2012 Cyclic tensile strain facilitates the ossification of ligamentum flavum through ?-catenin signaling pathway: in vitro analysis.
22102413 2012 Regulation of human chondrocyte function through direct inhibition of cartilage master regulator SOX9 by microRNA-145 (miRNA-145).
22052544 2012 Sox9 is upstream of microRNA-140 in cartilage.
22051515 2011 Disruption of a long distance regulatory region upstream of SOX9 in isolated disorders of sex development.
22001757 2011 Genome-wide association study identifies loci influencing concentrations of liver enzymes in plasma.
21995959 2012 Distinct levels of Sox9 expression mark colon epithelial stem cells that form colonoids in culture.
21991335 2011 Exportin 4 interacts with Sox9 through the HMG Box and inhibits the DNA binding of Sox9.
21983268 2012 SOX9 regulates endocrine cell differentiation during human fetal pancreas development.
21869831 2012 Notch1 signaling regulates chondrogenic lineage determination through Sox9 activation.
21861142 2011 SOX9 is expressed in normal stomach, intestinal metaplasia, and gastric carcinoma in humans.
21853455 2012 Mechanical stretch enhances COL2A1 expression on chromatin by inducing SOX9 nuclear translocalization in inner meniscus cells.
21728837 2011 SOX trio decrease in the articular cartilage with the advancement of osteoarthritis.
21693691 2011 SOX9 and SF1 are involved in cyclic AMP-mediated upregulation of anti-Mullerian gene expression in the testicular prepubertal Sertoli cell line SMAT1.
21682576 FOXL2 and SOX9 distinguish the lineage of the sex cord-stromal cells in gonadoblastomas.
21614988 2011 A novel SOX9 nonsense mutation, q401x, in a case of campomelic dysplasia with XY sex reversal.
21512138 2011 An EGFR-ERK-SOX9 signaling cascade links urothelial development and regeneration to cancer.
21427722 2011 Wwp2 is essential for palatogenesis mediated by the interaction between Sox9 and mediator subunit 25.
21412441 2011 Failure of SOX9 regulation in 46XY disorders of sex development with SRY, SOX9 and SF1 mutations.
21401405 2011 Electroporation-mediated transfer of SOX trio genes (SOX-5, SOX-6, and SOX-9) to enhance the chondrogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells.
21385068 2011 Analysis of post transcriptional regulation of SOX9 mRNA during in vitro chondrogenesis.
21367821 2011 Sox9 sustains chondrocyte survival and hypertrophy in part through Pik3ca-Akt pathways.
21321311 2011 Prognostic significance of cytoplasmic SOX9 in invasive ductal carcinoma and metastatic breast cancer.
21297661 2011 MiniSOX9, a dominant-negative variant in colon cancer cells.
21284335 2010 Patient reports: Two novel frameshift mutations in the SOX9 gene in two patients with campomelic dysplasia who showed long-term survival.
21208124 2011 A SOX9 duplication and familial 46,XX developmental testicular disorder.
21193222 2011 SOX9 expression increases with malignant potential in tumors from patients with neurofibromatosis 1 and is not correlated to desert hedgehog.
21173804 2010 Histone acetylation influences the activity of Sox9-related transcriptional complex.
21084857 2011 Cytoplasmic compartmentalization of SOX9 abrogates the growth arrest response of breast cancer cells that can be rescued by trichostatin A treatment.
21078438 2010 Expression of master regulatory genes controlling skeletal development in benign cartilage and bone forming tumors.
20838034 2010 Mutations of the SRY-responsive enhancer of SOX9 are uncommon in XY gonadal dysgenesis.
20676705 2011 Generation of transgenic mice for conditional overexpression of Sox9.
20651055 2010 Upregulation of SOX9 in lung adenocarcinoma and its involvement in the regulation of cell growth and tumorigenicity.
20634891 2010 Maternal genes and facial clefts in offspring: a comprehensive search for genetic associations in two population-based cleft studies from Scandinavia.
20628624 2010 Evaluation of candidate stromal epithelial cross-talk genes identifies association between risk of serous ovarian cancer and TERT, a cancer susceptibility "hot-spot".
20593410 2010 SOX9 determines RUNX2 transactivity by directing intracellular degradation.
20569257 2011 Identification of two novel mutations in Shh long-range regulator associated with familial pre-axial polydactyly.
20530484 2010 SOX9, through interaction with microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (MITF) and OTX2, regulates BEST1 expression in the retinal pigment epithelium.
20513132 2010 Heterozygous SOX9 mutations allowing for residual DNA-binding and transcriptional activation lead to the acampomelic variant of campomelic dysplasia.
20484372 2010 The dimerization domain of SOX9 is required for transcription activation of a chondrocyte-specific chromatin DNA template.
20484142 2010 Sox9 expression is not limited to chondroid neoplasms: variable occurrence in other soft tissue and bone tumors with frequent expression by synovial sarcomas.
20301211 2011 Elevated expression of SOX9 is related with the progression of gastric carcinoma.
20196777 2009 Involvement of SOX-9 and FGF-23 in RUNX-2 regulation in osteoarthritic chondrocytes.
20103652 2010 SOX9 elevation in the prostate promotes proliferation and cooperates with PTEN loss to drive tumor formation.
20098296 2010 Expression of Sox-9 in metastatic melanoma--a potential diagnostic pitfall.
20079164 2009 Interleukin-1 inhibits Sox9 and collagen type II expression via nuclear factor-kappaB in the cultured human intervertebral disc cells.
20049725 2009 Integrative genomic analyses of neurofibromatosis tumours identify SOX9 as a biomarker and survival gene.
20039424 2010 Rho kinase-dependent activation of SOX9 in chondrocytes.
19921652 2009 Mutation analysis of SOX9 and single copy number variant analysis of the upstream region in eight patients with campomelic dysplasia and acampomelic campomelic dysplasia.
19845757 2010 Nestin and SOX9 and SOX10 transcription factors are coexpressed in melanoma.
19828133 2010 Scleraxis and E47 cooperatively regulate the Sox9-dependent transcription.
19801163 2010 Immunohistochemical analysis for Sox9 reveals the cartilaginous character of chondroblastoma and chondromyxoid fibroma of the bone.
19657054 2009 Hyperosmolarity regulates SOX9 mRNA posttranscriptionally in human articular chondrocytes.
19637360 2009 Defect in CEACAM family member expression in Crohn's disease IECs is regulated by the transcription factor SOX9.
19614725 2010 Sox9, more than a marker of the outer root sheath: spatiotemporal expression pattern during human cutaneous embryogenesis.
19509063 2009 A new mechanism of SOX9 action to regulate PKCalpha expression in the intestine epithelium.
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19463983 2009 Copy-number mutations on chromosome 17q24.2-q24.3 in congenital generalized hypertrichosis terminalis with or without gingival hyperplasia.
19453261 2009 High-density association study of 383 candidate genes for volumetric BMD at the femoral neck and lumbar spine among older men.
19322650 2010 SOX9 mediates the retinoic acid-induced HES-1 gene expression in human breast cancer cells.
19234473 2009 Highly conserved non-coding elements on either side of SOX9 associated with Pierre Robin sequence.
19080707 2008 [Establishment of an in vitro model of natural degeneration of lumbar endplate chondrocytes and expression of Sox9 therein].
19061938 2009 Expression of Sox1, Sox2 and Sox9 is maintained in adult human cerebellar cortex.
19041414 2009 Smad3 activates the Sox9-dependent transcription on chromatin.
19019766 2008 Analysis of SOX9 expression in colorectal cancer.
18923447 2009 SOX9 and SOX10 but not BRN2 are required for nestin expression in human melanoma cells.
18830622 2008 Investigating differentiation mechanisms of the constituent cells of sex cord-stromal tumours of the ovary.
18820665 2008 Brachyury, SOX-9, and podoplanin, new markers in the skull base chordoma vs chondrosarcoma differential: a tissue microarray-based comparative analysis.
18794798 2008 CEACAM1, a SOX9 direct transcriptional target identified in the colon epithelium.
18705695 2009 Remodelling of human osteoarthritic cartilage by FGF-2, alone or combined with Sox9 via rAAV gene transfer.
18677406 2008 Paraspeckle protein p54nrb links Sox9-mediated transcription with RNA processing during chondrogenesis in mice.
18671802 2008 Transcription factors involved in pancreas development are expressed in paediatric solid pseudopapillary tumours.
18628953 2008 Role of Sox-9, ER81 and VE-cadherin in retinoic acid-mediated trans-differentiation of breast cancer cells.
18577562 2008 Differential expression and prognostic significance of SOX genes in pediatric medulloblastoma and ependymoma identified by microarray analysis.
18550917 2008 SOX gene expression in human osteoarthritic cartilage.
18519685 2008 Defective claudin-7 regulation by Tcf-4 and Sox-9 disrupts the polarity and increases the tumorigenicity of colorectal cancer cells.
18512230 2008 Quantitative assessment of glial cells in the human and guinea pig enteric nervous system with an anti-Sox8/9/10 antibody.
18433381 2008 SOX9 transduction increases chondroitin sulfate synthesis in cultured human articular chondrocytes without altering glycosyltransferase and sulfotransferase transcription.
18391513 2007 Extended pedigree with multiple cases of XX sex reversal in the absence of SRY and of a mutation at the SOX9 locus.
18339840 2008 SOX9 is expressed in human fetal prostate epithelium and enhances prostate cancer invasion.
18333897 2008 SOX9 expression is a general marker of basal cell carcinoma and adnexal-related neoplasms.
18296708 2008 Ectopic SOX9 mediates extracellular matrix deposition characteristic of organ fibrosis.
18271004 2008 Characteristics of testicular dysgenesis syndrome and decreased expression of SRY and SOX9 in Frasier syndrome.
18087279 2008 Identification of DNA hypermethylation of SOX9 in association with bladder cancer progression using CpG microarrays.
18077449 2008 Hypoxia promotes the differentiated human articular chondrocyte phenotype through SOX9-dependent and -independent pathways.
18029348 2008 Toward a confocal subcellular atlas of the human proteome.
17986281 2008 Up-regulation of SOX9 in human sex-determining region on the Y chromosome (SRY)-negative XX males.
17935617 2007 SOX9 transduction of a human chondrocytic cell line identifies novel genes regulated in primary human chondrocytes and in osteoarthritis.
17848411 2007 Developmental changes in human fetal testicular cell numbers and messenger ribonucleic acid levels during the second trimester.
17702866 2007 SOX9 is a key player in ultraviolet B-induced melanocyte differentiation and pigmentation.
17615267 2007 Pharmacological regulation of adult stem cells: chondrogenesis can be induced using a synthetic inhibitor of the retinoic acid receptor.
17551083 2007 Pierre Robin sequence may be caused by dysregulation of SOX9 and KCNJ2.
17532558 2007 Expression and biological role of the prostaglandin D synthase/SOX9 pathway in human ovarian cancer cells.
17409199 2007 SOX9cre1, a cis-acting regulatory element located 1.1 Mb upstream of SOX9, mediates its enhancement through the SHH pathway.
17360815 2007 Sox9-dependent transcriptional regulation of the proprotein convertase furin.
17289023 2007 Regulation of the human SOX9 promoter by Sp1 and CREB.
17234760 2007 SOX9 is expressed in normal prostate basal cells and regulates androgen receptor expression in prostate cancer cells.
17197889 2007 Immunohistochemical analysis of sox9 in ovarian Sertoli cell tumors and other tumors in the differential diagnosis.
17050539 2006 Regulation of SOX9 mRNA in human articular chondrocytes involving p38 MAPK activation and mRNA stabilization.
16791471 2006 Expression of SOX9 and SOX10 in central neuroepithelial tumor.
16554309 2006 Interactions between PIAS proteins and SOX9 result in an increase in the cellular concentrations of SOX9.
16155402 2005 Overexpression of SOX9 in mouse embryonic stem cells directs the immediate chondrogenic commitment.
16109717 2005 Sox9 and p300 cooperatively regulate chromatin-mediated transcription.
15922909 2005 The new collagen gene COL27A1 contains SOX9-responsive enhancer elements.
15908194 2005 Regulation of the human Sox9 promoter by the CCAAT-binding factor.
15896776 2005 Co-expression of SOX9 and SOX10 during melanocytic differentiation in vitro.
15781631 2005 Expression of the carcinoembryonic antigen gene is inhibited by SOX9 in human colon carcinoma cells.
15694126 2005 The transcription factor Sox9 is degraded by the ubiquitin-proteasome system and stabilized by a mutation in a ubiquitin-target site.
15623506 2005 Smad3 induces chondrogenesis through the activation of SOX9 via CREB-binding protein/p300 recruitment.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
15456769 2004 SOX9-dependent and -independent transcriptional regulation of human cartilage link protein.
15266301 2004 Mutation analysis of five candidate genes in Chinese patients with hypospadias.
15240568 2004 SOX9 is an intestine crypt transcription factor, is regulated by the Wnt pathway, and represses the CDX2 and MUC2 genes.
15240557 2004 SOX9 specifies the pyloric sphincter epithelium through mesenchymal-epithelial signals.
15192080 2004 Small ubiquitin-like modifier 1 (SUMO-1) modification of the synergy control motif of Ad4 binding protein/steroidogenic factor 1 (Ad4BP/SF-1) regulates synergistic transcription between Ad4BP/SF-1 and Sox9.
15077158 2004 Suppression of growth and tumorigenicity in the prostate tumor cell line M12 by overexpression of the transcription factor SOX9.
12935820 2003 SOX9 expression does not correlate with type II collagen expression in adult articular chondrocytes.
12783851 2003 Loss of DNA-dependent dimerization of the transcription factor SOX9 as a cause for campomelic dysplasia.
12732631 2003 Transcriptional co-activators CREB-binding protein and p300 regulate chondrocyte-specific gene expression via association with Sox9.
12713737 2003 SOX9 exerts a bifunctional effect on type II collagen gene (COL2A1) expression in chondrocytes depending on the differentiation state.
12673561 2003 Sox9, a master regulator of chondrogenesis, distinguishes mesenchymal chondrosarcoma from other small blue round cell tumors.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12420222 2002 RAR agonists stimulate SOX9 gene expression in breast cancer cell lines: evidence for a role in retinoid-mediated growth inhibition.
12414734 2002 The transcription factor Sox9 has essential roles in successive steps of the chondrocyte differentiation pathway and is required for expression of Sox5 and Sox6.
12381733 2002 A new long form of c-Maf cooperates with Sox9 to activate the type II collagen gene.
12136106 2002 SOX9 interacts with a component of the human thyroid hormone receptor-associated protein complex.
12128229 2002 Novel SOX9 expression during human pancreas development correlates to abnormalities in Campomelic dysplasia.
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11990798 2002 The molecular action of testis-determining factors SRY and SOX9.
11754051 2001 Acampomelic campomelic syndrome.
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11356186 2001 Identification of an interaction between SOX9 and HSP70.
11331609 2001 Sharp, an inducible cofactor that integrates nuclear receptor repression and activation.
11323423 2001 Compound effects of point mutations causing campomelic dysplasia/autosomal sex reversal upon SOX9 structure, nuclear transport, DNA binding, and transcriptional activation.
11076045 2000 A novel mutation (296 del G) of the SOX90 gene in a patient with campomelic syndrome and sex reversal.
10951468 2000 Acampomelic campomelic dysplasia with SOX9 mutation.
10805756 2000 Phosphorylation of SOX9 by cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase A enhances SOX9's ability to transactivate a Col2a1 chondrocyte-specific enhancer.
10446171 1999 Functional and structural studies of wild type SOX9 and mutations causing campomelic dysplasia.
9774680 1998 Direct interaction of SRY-related protein SOX9 and steroidogenic factor 1 regulates transcription of the human anti-Müllerian hormone gene.
9724758 1998 Deletion of long-range regulatory elements upstream of SOX9 causes campomelic dysplasia.
9569122 1998 Toward understanding SOX9 function in chondrocyte differentiation.
9452059 1998 Novel missense mutation in the HMG box of SOX9 gene in a Japanese XY male resulted in campomelic dysplasia and severe defect in masculinization.
9143916 1997 Mutations in SRY and SOX9: testis-determining genes.
9002675 1997 Mutational analysis of the SOX9 gene in campomelic dysplasia and autosomal sex reversal: lack of genotype/phenotype correlations.
8894698 1996 A novel germ line mutation in SOX9 causes familial campomelic dysplasia and sex reversal.
8640233 1996 Sex reversal by loss of the C-terminal transactivation domain of human SOX9.
8348155 1993 Assignment of an autosomal sex reversal locus (SRA1) and campomelic dysplasia (CMPD1) to 17q24.3-q25.1.
8001137 1994 Autosomal sex reversal and campomelic dysplasia are caused by mutations in and around the SRY-related gene SOX9.
7990924 1994 Campomelic dysplasia and autosomal sex reversal caused by mutations in an SRY-related gene.
7747782 1995 Acampomelic campomelic syndrome and sex reversal associated with de novo t(12;17) translocation.
7485151 1995 Mutations in SOX9, the gene responsible for Campomelic dysplasia and autosomal sex reversal.
1583645 1992 Campomelic dysplasia associated with a de novo 2q;17q reciprocal translocation.