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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 374
PubMed Score 1399.87
PubTator Score 1016.96

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  Differential Expression (17)

Disease log2 FC p
astrocytoma 2.300 3.9e-24
ependymoma 2.300 4.4e-02
oligodendroglioma 2.500 1.8e-02
esophageal adenocarcinoma -1.100 2.5e-02
glioblastoma multiforme 2.100 3.3e-24
group 4 medulloblastoma -4.100 1.2e-09
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 1.100 2.9e-05
medulloblastoma, large-cell -4.900 1.4e-03
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 1.500 1.7e-02
non-small cell lung cancer 4.253 1.4e-14
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... 2.100 4.0e-02
lung cancer 1.900 8.6e-04
cystic fibrosis 1.200 2.6e-02
pediatric high grade glioma 1.400 1.1e-03
subependymal giant cell astrocytoma 1.108 2.0e-02
lung carcinoma 1.600 9.0e-05
pituitary cancer -3.200 4.4e-05

Gene RIF (352)

26992828 Sox2 and Oct4 function as molecular rheostats and utilize negative feedback loops to carefully balance their expression and other critical genes during embryogenesis. (Review)
26969300 Results demonstrate that SOX2 played a central role in promoting Ewing's sarcoma cell proliferation suggesting that it may serve as a potential biomarker.
26945967 Activated eIF4E, which is phosphorylated by MNK1, is a regulator of Sox2 expression after irradiation of pancreatic tumor cells.
26809499 SOX2 ensures pluripotent epigenetic landscapes via interacting with histone.
26780934 This prompts for further studies on the mechanisms behind the TP53-induced regulation of SOX2 expression and the possible importance of hsa-miR-145 in lung cancer.
26743476 Suggest that NKX6.3 might function as a master regulator of gastric differentiation by affecting SOX2 and CDX2 expression and the NKX6.3 inactivation may result in intestinal metaplasia in gastric epithelial cells.
26706028 OCT4 overexpression and loss of SOX2 expression are strongly associated with poor prognosis in patients with cervical cancer.
26703382 Both Sox2ot-7 and Sox2ot-8 are highly expressed in human cancer cell lines coinciding with SOX2, one of the pluripotency regulators.
26677051 SOX2 mRNA binds to and is regulated by HuR in mesenchymal stem cells.
26654770 Several novel and known AKT phosphorylation sites are identified within OCT4, SOX2 and KLF4.
26619025 The expression of the neural stem cell marker Sox2 is associated with eyes with increased VEGF-A expression and tumor invasiveness.
26558781 The mir-21/Sox2 axis can classify 50% of glioblastoma patients into two distinct subtypes.
26535892 SOX2 and SOX2-MYC Reprogramming Process of Fibroblasts to the Neural Stem Cells Compromised by Senescence.
26517640 Cancer stem cell markers are variably expressed in prostate adenocarcinoma and immunohistochemical staining for ALDH1 and EZH2 may have a role in predicting tumour aggressiveness before treatment of prostate cancer
26498353 suggest the AKT/SOX2 molecular axis as a regulator of breast carcinoma (BC) clonogenicity and AKT inhibitors as promising drugs for the treatment of SOX2-positive BC
26496354 SOX2 could improve the cell proliferation, migration and adhesion ability of dental pulp stem cells through regulating gene expression about cell cycle, migration and adhesion.
26464673 Our result suggests that SOX2 might suppress nodal metastasis through down-regulation of podoplanin in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
26427715 The SOX2 can promote the degradation of MSX2 protein, suggesting a mutual antagonism between the two lineage-specifying factors in the control of stem cell fate.
26398570 SOX2, KCNMB4, FOS, GLI3 and GLI1 may be involved in the pathogenesis of neuroblastoma, with the expression of SOX2 downregulating the expression of MYCN.
26370982 SOX2 Promotes the Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition of Esophageal Squamous Cells by Modulating Slug Expression through the Activation of STAT3/HIF-alpha Signaling
26339387 SOX-2, but not Oct4, is highly expressed in early-stage endometrial adenocarcinoma and is related to tumour grading.
26314899 OCT4-SOX2 configuration that dimerizes on a Hoxb1-like composite, a canonical element with juxtaposed individual binding sites, plays a more critical role in the induction and maintenance of pluripotency.
26293298 Activator inputs mediated by Sox2 are probably a key mechanism in achieving cell type-specific transcriptional outcomes in mammalian neural progenitor fate specification.
26198101 Findings suggest that overexpression of Class III beta-tubulin, Sox2, and nuclear Survivin might be predictive of taxane resistance and poor progression-free survival in patients with stage III ovarian epithelial cancer.
26159849 Our work indicates SOX2 will become both a rational indicator of ovarian cancer prognosis and a promising target for ovarian cancer gene therapy.
26139602 Sox2 phosphorylation by Cdk2 promotes the establishment but not the maintenance of the pluripotent state.
26107383 MiR-34b/Sox2 deregulation may have a role in prostate cancer progression
26040981 SOX2 inhibits tumor cell motility in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma(HNSCC) cells and low SOX2 expression serves as a prognosticator to identify HNSCC patients at high risk for treatment failure.
26040764 SOX 1 suppressed cell growth and invasion in Tu212 cells by inhibiting Wnt pathway, and the anti-tumor effect of SOX 1 could be weakened by SOX 2, which may be a potential molecular basis for clinical treatment of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma .
26001828 SOX2 as a key regulator of the upstream MAP4K4/JNK signaling pathways that could be a potential therapeutic target in the treatment of patients with or prevention of laryngeal cancer
25961934 our findings reveal a new mechanism by which SOX2-mediated transcription repression of TIF1gamma promotes TGF-beta-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in non-small-cell lung cancer
25951106 We proposed that miR-145-5p, being an important regulator of SOX2, carries a crucial role in prostate cancer tumorigenesis.
25943891 Sox2 as a novel factor to bind with HAMP promoter to negatively regulate HAMP expression, which may be further implicated as a therapeutic option for the amelioration of HAMP-overexpression-related diseases, including iron deficiency anemia.
25935536 SOX-2-overexpression is associated with cervical squamous cell carcinoma.
25907774 expression of OCT4, SOX2, KLF4 and MYC (OSKM) induced pluripotent stem cell differentiation
25868977 Authors described a novel phenotypic heterogeneity within TNBC, and the SRR2 reporter responsiveness is a useful marker for identifying a highly tumorigenic cell subset within the CD44(High)/CD24-tumor-initiating cell population.
25868860 SOX2 was a functional target of miR-371-5p. A novel mechanism of the SOX17/miR-371-5p/SOX2 axis is involved in the regulation of EMT, stemness and metastasis.
25858147 Lin28B(high)-Let7(low) expression pattern was highly correlated with high levels of ARID3B, HMGA2, OCT4, and SOX2 expression in OSCC specimens. Results show how Lin28B/Let7 regulates key cancer stem-like properties in oral squamous cancers.
25832504 Sox2 interferes with the tumour-suppressive Hippo pathway to maintain CSCs in osteosarcoma and glioblastoma by repressing Nf2 and WWC1 that leads to exaggerated YAP function.
25815323 luteolin and apigenin increased telomerase activity, maintained DPCs in a presenescent state, and activated the expression of Oct-4, Sox2, and c-Myc at a dose- and time-dependent pattern in DPCs even at late passages, albeit repressed differentiation
25754111 YAP1 regulates OCT4 activity and SOX2 expression to facilitate self-renewal of stem-like cell
25749514 Sox2 is downregulated in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cancer stem-like cells by DC120, a novel AKT inhibitor
25729924 Sox2 functions as a sequence-specific DNA sensor in neutrophils to initiate innate immunity against Listeria infection.
25722113 demethylation of the Sox2 promoter led to the expression of Sox2. This then resulted in the transformation of cancer stem cells from the G0 phase to the division stage and closely related to an epigenetic modification of the cell.
25704506 SOX2 expression was studied in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (where it is upregulated), gastric adenocarcinoma, colon squamous cell carcinoma, and normal GI tissues in Iranians. No correlation was seen between SOX2 expression and tumor grades.
25696994 Posttranslational modifications of H3 histone (methylation) does not correlate with the sox2 expression in malignant gliomas.
25578969 demonstrate that Sox-Pax partnerships have the potential to substantially alter DNA target specificities and likely enable the pleiotropic and context-specific action of these cell-lineage specifiers
25543086 SOX2, a predictor of survival in gastric cancer, inhibits cell proliferation and metastasis by regulating PTEN.
25542770 SOX2, OTX2 and PAX6 analysis in subjects with anophthalmia and microphthalmia
25524031 Sox2 (and Sox10) functionally interact with positive transcription elongation factor b to regulate Schwann cell development.
25456004 Sox2-mediated CSCs property is associated with the regulation of EMT and Sox2 s as therapeutic target in OSCC
25444909 High SOX2 expression was associated with pancreatic cancer.
25385323 ectopic expression of Oct-4 gene in hAFMSCs with high self-renewal ability could upregulate Nanog and Sox-2 gene expression
25384882 Classification by PIK3CA and SOX2 protein expression is useful for predicting the prognosis of Asian patients with lung SQCC with stage I.
25339068 Slug promotes progression of hepatocellular carcinoma by promoting sox2 and nanog overexpression.
25333857 An important function for SOX2 in promoting tumorigenicity of I-type neuroblastoma cells and in inhibiting their differentiation, suggesting that SOX2 might be a potential therapeutic target in neuroblastoma.
25328136 The reprogramming transcription factors Oct4 and Sox2 induce glioblastoma cells to become stem-like and tumor-propagating via a mechanism involving direct DNA methyl transferase.
25321191 SOX2 regulates self-renewal and tumorigenicity of stem-like cells of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
25315908 expression correlated with worse survival in head and neck cancer [review]
25310235 The phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt signaling pathway was activated in cells overexpressing Sox2.
25300947 SOX2 combined with CDX2 expression profile in gastric cancer segregate patients into different prognostic groups.
25224722 The result suggested that high nuclear SOX2 expression at the invasive front may predict radiosensitivity.
25223935 Data suggest that combination of genetic variants of Oct-4 Transcription Factor, Nanog homeobox protein, and transcription factor SOX-2 gene may have a profound effect in breast cancer risk and response to neo-adjuvant chemotherapy.
25196071 SOX2 is associated with gastric differentiation in incomplete intestinal metaplasia and is lost in the progression to dysplasia
25175483 Enhanced expression of ABCG2 and SOX2 in the recurrent PCa tissues postulates the suggestion that enrichment for cells with stem cell characteristics in these tissues might be playing a critical role for chemoresistance and recurrence of cancer.
25156079 In ESC-like CSCs, SOX2 regulates a large miRNA network that regulates and interlinks the expression of crucial genes involved in EMT.
25132403 evidence for positive SOX2 regulation by post-translational modification in bone marrow-mesenchymal stem cells through the inhibition of nuclear export and subsequent ubiquitination
25127284 Sox2 overexpression causes higher expression levels of beta-catenin, the central transcription factor of the canonical Wnt pathway
25127259 Study provides further proof of the suitable use of stemness genes in breast cancer management.
25124662 Over-expressing Oct4 and Sox2 induced production of neural marker PGP9.5, as well as transformation of hUCB-MCs into micro-glial and endothelial lines in ALS spinal cords
25108707 aberrant SOX2 expression is specifically linked neither to mucinous Colorectal cancers nor to the induction of MUC5AC
25103589 Study shows that transcriptional repression is a major part of the mechanism by which Sox2 acts in neural stem cells
25091041 SOX2 was expressed in developing prostates, basal cells of benign prostatic hyperplasia, as well as prostatic neuroendocrine tumors
25077433 Sox2 is required for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma growth in mouse and human, where it enhances Nrp1/Vegf signaling to promote the expansion of tumor initiating cells along the tumor-stroma interface.
25057990 Gene networks of fully connected triads (Oct4-SOX2-NANOG) with complete autoactivation enable multistability and stepwise stochastic transitions in cell differentiation fates.
25051057 Trans-placental BPA exposure down-regulated gene expression of Sox2 and Pax6 potentially underlying the adverse effect on childhood neuronal development. [Meta-analysis]
25042802 Study highlights the importance of a Sox2 methylation-phosphorylation switch in determining embryonic stem cell fate.
25038052 Sox2 gene amplification significantly influences overall survival in serous epithelial ovarian cancer.
25016694 Immunohistochemistry staining was performed to test the expression of SOX2 and FOXA1 in human breast and lung carcinoma. The results showed that there is an inhibitory effect of SOX2 on the expression of FOXA1 gene.
25010701 SOX2 expression is partly regulated by BRAF signalling, and an increased SOX2 expression may promote CRC metastasis and mediate a poor patient prognosis
24966958 Embryonic stem cell biomarkers Sox2/Oct4 and Wnt signal pathway/beta-catenin are activated in cervical squamous cell carcinoma.
24954133 Quiescent, therapy-resistant Sox2(+) cells propagate sonic hedgehog subgroup medulloblastoma by a mechanism that mirrors a neurogenic program.
24944491 Report increased Sox2 levels in adriamycin treated liver cancer stem cells.
24937695 SOX2 targets Src kinase, a non-receptor tyrosine kinase that regulates ovarian cancer cell migration.
24934529 This review features of core transcription factors Oct4, Sox2 and Nanog and their role in embryogenesis and tumorigenesis including the Cancer stem cell hypothesis.
24931667 CEACAM1 increases the expression of Sox-2, which we show to be responsible for the CEACAM1-mediated enhanced proliferation of melanoma cells
24918581 QKI is a novel Cancer stem cells (CSC) inhibitor and impaired multiple oral CSC properties via partial repression of SOX2.
24906237 the biological role of SOX2 in cholangiocarcinoma
24885403 In a phenotypic subset of breast cancer cells YB-1 regulates Sox2 to coordinately maintain stemness and tumorigenic properties.
24885288 The loss of miR-638 promotes invasion and a mesenchymal-like transition by directly targeting SOX2 in vitro.
24884521 Data suggest that expression of SOX2 and Nanog homeobox protein is up-regulated in endometriotic ovary tissue of women with ovarian endometriosis as compared to endometrial tissue from these women or from infertile women without endometriosis.
24858640 A strong positive correlation between Sox2 in HPV-related head and neck carcinogenesis.
24842609 miR-638 may play a pivotal role in the development of NSCLC via silencing of SOX2.
24833089 SOX2-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition process, migration, and invasion are dependent on beta-catenin activation
24804704 Molecular defects in SOX2 are highly variable and include Alu repeat-mediated genomic rearrangements.
24763828 NS suppression in the AGS cell line caused some morphological alterations, a cell cycle arrest at G1 phase, and an upregulation of iPS genes: Nanog, Sox2, and Klf4.
24752338 SOX2 is a commonly activated tumor promoter that activate AKT signaling in gastric cancer and a new predictive marker for targeted therapy.
24743512 High SOX2 expression is associated with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
24736592 Increased SOX2 gene copy number is associated with FGFR1 and PIK3CA gene gain in non-small cell lung cancer and predicts improved survival in early stage disease
24736545 BRD4-NUT oncoprotein recruits p300 to stimulate transcription activation of SOX2.
24726753 Sox2 regulates the expression of key genes and pathways involved in glioblastoma malignancy, in both cancer stemlike and differentiated cells, and maintains plasticity for bidirectional conversion between the two states.
24719354 IL-6 modulates the expression of Sox2.
24700142 we conclude that SOX2 promotes migration and invasion of laryngeal cancer cells by inducing MMP-2 via the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway
24681955 SOX2 is a critical factor for self-renewal and tumorigenicity of melanoma-initiating cells.
24669837 Sox2 is directly responsible for the emergence of two lung progenitor cells: basal cells by regulating the master gene Trp63 and bronchoalveolar stem cells by regulating Gata6.
24659665 we found that the expression of Sox2 had no relation to clinical factors and prognosis.
24659265 SALL4 and SOX2 are co-overexpressed in ESCC and have a significant correlation with invasion and metastasis of the disease
24658157 Data indicate that transcription factor SOX2 is a target for miR-200c.
24656096 SOX2 expression is a common event in hypopharynx and larynx, but not in sinonasal squamous cell carcinoma
24590290 In squamous cell carcinomas, SOX2 preferentially interacts with the transcription factor p63, as opposed to the transcription factor OCT4, which is the preferred SOX2 binding partner in embryonic stem cells.
24527393 our results demonstrate that PRDM1 serves as a molecular switch to modulate the divergence of neural or germline fates through repression of SOX2 during human development.
24508466 miR-625 may regulate the biological processes of EC via controlling Sox2 expression.
24489842 This study is the first to establish a functional link between endogenous Sox2 expression and cancer stem cells in cervical carcinomas.
24482053 High expression of Sox2 is associated with vascular invasion in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.
24481676 we concluded that OCT3/4 and SOX2 play a critical role in the transformation of Barrett's esophagus to esophagus adenocarcinoma
24477565 BMP4 could act as a tumor suppressor; its downregulation by elevated SOX2 results in enhanced growth of lung squamous cell carcinoma cells
24450601 study found that ALDH1, CD44, OCT4 and SOX2 are overexpressed in tongue squamous cell carcinoma (TSCC) and that SOX2, recurrence and distant metastasis were independent prognostic factors of overall survival in patients with TSCC
24427323 Oct4+Sox2+ profile may contribute to the malignant transformation of oral mucosa
24404135 these data shed novel light on the role of ES cell pluripotency factors which can reflect the role of these factors, particularly SOX2 and its dependence in relation to differentiation, in the etiology of EC and regulation of stem cell differentiation.
24382260 SOX2 was detected in 19.0% (105 of 552) of invasive breast carcinomas and 12.3% (seven of 57) of DCIS. Expression correlated with larger tumour size (P = 0.005) and higher grade (P = 0.002).
24325912 results presented here indicate that SOX2 controls several aspects related to GC development and progression by regulating the expression of members of important signaling pathways
24307698 These findings suggest that miR-21 might specifically function by regulating Sox2 expression in human mesenchymal stem cells and might also act as a key molecule determining MSC proliferation and differentiation.
24294370 Increased expression of SOX2 and FGFR1 indicate poor prognosis in small cell lung cancer patients.
24291232 The interaction between Sox2 and beta-catenin provides a novel mechanism underlying the functional dichotomy of breast cancer cells, which carries potential therapeutic implications.
24233838 results reveal a key target of SOX2 expression and highlight the unexpected context-dependent role for MAP4K4, a pluripotent activator of several mitogen-activated protein kinase pathways, in regulating tumor cell survival.
24229625 Expression levels of Sox2 mRNA and protein were higher in patient with NSCLC than other groups, with statistically significant differences (P<0.01), respectively.
24211324 Subjects affected with eye anomalies and harboring SOX2 mutations are at high risk for gonadotropin deficiency.
24126941 The associations of serum SOX2 levels with clinical existing lung tumor markers.
24107627 SOX2 can promote non-genomic E 2 signaling that leads to nuclear phospho-Ser118-ERalpha, which ultimately exacerbates genomic ER signaling in response to E 2.
24036214 Enforced SOX2 expression promotes DU145 prostate cancer stem-like cells self-renewal in an EGFR-dependent manner.
23939864 Data show that the interaction between Artd1 and Sox2 is crucial for the first steps of the reprogramming process and that early expression of Fgf4 is an essential component for the successful generation of iPSCs.
23932716 RMST is required for the binding of SOX2 to promoter regions of neurogenic transcription factors. These results establish the role of RMST as a transcriptional coregulator of SOX2 and a key player in the regulation of neural stem cell fate.
23932306 SOX2 expression in multipotent mesenchymal stem cells is not significantly different among chorionic villi, amniotic fluid, and placenta
23895273 The SOX2-FN1 axis is a key pathway in mediating the migration and invasion of ovarian cancer cells
23884650 Data indicate that SOX2 regulates the LIN28/let-7 pathway in neural precursor cells (NPCs).
23867475 SOX2 overexpression is associated with ovarian carcinoma.
23815808 Sox2 regulates the invasiveness of breast cancer cells via a mechanism that is dependent on Twist1 and the transcriptional status of Sox2
23796710 These results suggest that the cell population with SOX2 promoter activity contains cancer stem cell (CSC)-like cells which show different expression profiles from those of CSC-marker genes previously recognized in human breast cance
23736381 the expression of Oct-4, Nanog, Sox-2 and Stat-3 are related to differentiation in ameloblasts and odontoblasts.
23701296 Deletions of 3q26.33 including the SOX2 gene were identified in four independent patients with anophthalmia or microphthalmia.
23667531 a large set of SOX2-associated proteins in DAOY medulloblastoma cells
23620753 SOX2 is an independent positive prognostic marker in non-small cell lung carcinomas.
23613880 Because both ID4 alone and a complex of SOX4 and OCT-4 activate SOX2 transcription, it is possible that multiple activation of SOX2 impair the prognosis of glioblastoma patients.
23613102 The differential regulation of the gene expression of CDX1, CDX2 and SOX2 in patients with gastric cancer affects not only the tumour but also the non-neoplastic tumour-distant mucosa.
23599173 Sex determining region Y-box 2 inhibits the proliferation of colorectal adenocarcinoma cells through the mTOR signaling pathway.
23596255 Data indicate that transcription factor Sox2 is expressed in Sonic hedgehog (SHH)-associated medulloblastoma.
23568430 data indicate that a fine balance between SOX2 and CDX2 expression in the gastrointestinal tract is essential for proper development and that ectopic expression of SOX2 may lead to malformations of the gut.
23553930 Sox2 regulates Kit expression in PGCs and binds to discrete transcriptional regulatory sequences of this gene, which is known to be important for PGCs survival and proliferation.
23549118 Thus the interactomes of these two pluripotency genes could be an important part of the regulatory network in hESCs.
23545177 SOX2 affects the protein expression levels of DKK3, DVL1 and DVL3, which are regulators or downstream molecules of WNT signaling.
23544055 This is the first study assessing SOX2 amplification and expression in a large cohort of sinonasal carcinomas.
23541921 Linc-RoR (long intergenic non-protein coding RNA regulator of reprogramming) regulates endogenous Oct4, Nanog, and Sox2 expression in self-renewing and differentiating human embryonic stem cells.
23539445 show that IGF-IR-mediated POU5F1 expression to form a complex with beta-catenin and SOX2 is crucial for the self-renewal and oncogenic potentials of lung adenocarcinoma stem-like cells
23518916 This is the first study presenting SOX2 as overexpressed in vulvar intraepithelial and invasive squamous lesions
23510069 SOX2 promoted in vivo tumor growth of ESCC.
23463365 Tumors originating from glioma cells with an induced expression of Sox21 exhibited an increased formation of Sox2:Sox21 complexes and an upregulation of S100beta, CNPase and Tuj1
23462687 SOX2 may contribute to the malignant progression of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma (LSCC), and present as a useful prognostic marker and a potential therapeutic target for LSCC patients.
23462476 The expression patterns of Sox2 support the hypothesis that dormant capacity for continuous tooth renewal exists in mammals.
23451179 demonstrated that regulation of autophagy mediated by Sox2 is a mechanism-driven novel strategy to treat human colon cancers
23430442 A high level of Sox2 expression correlates with metastasis and low survival rate of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.
23424657 expression and prognostic impact of SOX2, OCT4, Nanog and Nestin in nasopharyngeal carcinoma
23414798 Data indicate that sex determining region Y (SRY)-box 2 (SOX2) up-regulation is frequent in early squamous cell carcinomas of the oral cavity and associated with decreased risk of lymphatic metastasis.
23362975 We have demonstrated increased expression of c-Jun and Sox-2 in schwannoma compared to traumatic neuroma.
23349823 Data indicate that the stem cell markers, Nanog, Oct-4 and SOX-2, were significantly upregulated in cisplatin resistant (CisR) lung cancer cell lines.
23336432 Data indicate that the high side scatter (SSC(high))-stem/progenitor cells (hDSPCs) had high in vitro proliferation properties and expressed high levels of SOX2 and S100B.
23326489 These data propose a model of elevated Sox2 expression due to loss of AR-mediated repression during castration.
23307254 Our data suggested for the first time that the high expression of Sox2 may contribute to the development of non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer
23301671 our data demonstrate that SOX2 switch-off through ABCG2 transporter down-regulation has a major role in overcoming cancer stem cells chemotherapy resistance.
23279472 Stable transgenic cell lineages were obtained and canine cells showed to be highly responsive to the integration and expression of human SOX2 and OCT4, also depending on the amount of virus used for incubation.
23213213 OAC1 increases transcription of the Oct4-Nanog-Sox2 triad and Tet1, a gene known to be involved in DNA demethylation
23211052 Results indicate positive expression of SOX2, SOX3, PAX6, OCT3/4, and NANOG in the CD105+ and CD105(-) cell subpopulations.
23159246 sex-determining region Y-box 2 amplification is not an early event in squamous carcinogenesis and is important for progression in a subset of squamous cell carcinoma.
23135265 miR-378 is a regulator of stem cell marker Sox2 by targeting vimentin
23111103 SOX2 is a direct target of miR-429 in colorectal cancer
23086772 Sox2 appears to be an important gene in lung squamous cell carcinogenesis that in particular drives the development of poorly differentiated tumors.
23060440 Estrogen receptor alpha signaling regulates breast tumor-initiating cells by down-regulating miR-140 which targets the transcription factor SOX2
23009336 Sox2 is a novel target of EGFR-Src-Akt signaling in NSCLCs that modulates self-renewal and expansion of stem-like cells from NSCLC.
23005595 The results indicate that high expression rates of SOX2 might be a prediction marker for oral squamous cell carcinoma lymph node metastasis.
22945632 2 previously characterized patients with SOX2 haploinsufficiency & hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism responded to GnRH stimulation, suggesting it is the deficient hypothalamic stimulation of gonadotrophs that causes hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism.
22941189 SOX2 gene amplification was found in 27 percent of small-cell lung samples.
22937156 our data suggests that increases in the expression of SOX2 during brain tumor progression are likely to be linked closely with changes in other critical genes that work in concert with SOX2 to enhance the tumorigenicity of brain tumors.
22912670 the role of SOX2 in Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
22899292 ALDH1 expression and SOX2 expression were associated with a poor prognosis in upper urinary tract urothelial cell carcinoma
22899289 This study provides evidence that nestin and SOX2 can effectively differentiate nodal melanocytic nevi from metastatic melanomas
22863087 Coexpression of B-lymphoma Moloney murine leukemia virus insertion region-1 (BMI1) and sex-determining region of Y chromosome-related high mobility group box-2 (SOX2) may promote cervical carcinogenesis.
22847005 Hyaluronan-CD44v3 interaction with Oct4-Sox2-Nanog promotes miR-302 expression leading to self-renewal, clonal formation, and cisplatin resistance in cancer stem cells from head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
22837720 Sox2 and Oct4 may act as the promising unit markers in directing NSCLC diagnosis and therapy. Also, Oct4 can be regarded as a novel predictor of poor prognosis for NSCLC patients undergoing resection.
22832207 This study provides the first evidence for the presence of circulating SOX2-Abs in breast cancer and shows their potential clinical application.
22814375 Cord blood-derived neuronal cells by ectopic expression of Sox2 and c-Myc.
22791809 infected mice present BMP pathway upregulation, focal Cdx2 expression and decreased Sox2.
22777760 indicate that stem cell-related transcription factors Nanog, Oct-4 and Sox-2 were positively expressed in umbilical cord (UC)-mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).
22718759 data suggest a model for the sequence of binding events involved in synergistic gene regulation by Sox2 and Oct1
22615765 results present evidence that SOX2 may regulate the expression of oncogenes in cancer stem cells to promote the development of human lung cancer
22613719 Findings describe the rapid, reproducible, and highly efficient generation of iPSCs derived from endogenous kidney tubular renal epithelial cells with only two transcriptional factors, OCT4 and SOX2.
22576926 cryopreservation of amniotic fluid does not alter karyotype, NANOG/SOX2 gene expression, or multipotent capacity of stem cells that have been collected from amniotic fluid during pregnancy
22576801 expression of Oct4 and Sox2 may correlate with the genesis and progression of neuroblastoma
22571403 results suggest that SOX2 is required for the endogenous levels of MITF in hESC-NC and normal human melanocytes in vitro
22542624 ASXL1 may be a direct target of SOX2 and may play a role in maintaining the pluripotency of stem cells.
22539002 Data suggest that there is a partial functional redundancy between Sox2 and Klf4 in the disruption of cellular homeostasis and activation of regulatory networks that define pluripotency.
22482508 Distinct lineage specification roles for NANOG, OCT4, and SOX2 in human embryonic stem cells.
22469032 Sox2 expression is necessary for cell proliferation and evasion of apoptosis in prostate cancer cells.
22401770 Our results showed that sex-determining region Y-box 2 expression may be a potential marker related to tumor recurrence, as implicated by its role in cancer stem cells.
22396547 Sox2 modulates the mechanism of translocation of Oct1. Both Sox2 and the Oct1 POU(HD) domain are transiently released from the specific ternary complex by sliding to an adjacent nonspecific site, followed by direct transfer to another DNA molecule
22311737 CD49f enhances multipotency and maintains stemness through the direct regulation of OCT4 and SOX2.
22265740 SOX2 utilizes a specific binding motif to directly interact with the TRKC regulatory region.
22236193 study reported that, in the univariate analysis, SOX2 expression was correlated with a poorer distant metastasis-free survival in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients
22204637 The SOX2 mutation detected in c.542delC, predicting p.Pro181Argfs*22 which were not listed in the Database of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms.
22200372 Endogenous Sox2 expression may be regulated by microRNA-145 in human iPS cells with HuAECs feeder cells, and Sox2 is a crucial component required for maintenance of them in an undifferentiated, proliferative state capable of self-renewal.
22184289 Glioblastoma multiforme tissue grade IV specimens showed significant expression of Twist1 and Sox2, known mesenchymal and stemness related markers, respectively, indicating their association with glial tumor genesis and metastasis.
22184093 Co-expression of SOX2 and MMP-3 may serve as a functionally relevant biomarker for invasive melanoma cells.
22171155 Sporadic SOX2 mutations and deletions arose in both the male and female germlines.
22070920 SOX2 plays a role in the maintenance of a less differentiated glioma cell phenotype. In addition, the results indicate a critical role of SOX2 in adhesion and migration of malignant gliomas
22069467 High Sox2 expression due to genetic and epigenetic modifications contribute to the invasive phenotype of malignant gliomas.
22046437 found that CARM1 facilitates Sox2-mediated transactivation and directly methylates Sox2 at arginine 113
22015605 SOX2 might have a specific function by regulating DKK1 and c-MYC in the differentiation and growth of ASCs, which is separate from its roles in ESCs.
22014056 We found a positive correlation between the expression levels of Oct4, Sox2 and Nanog and tumour malignancy in human glioma
21962512 Study reports using an unbiased in vitro transcription-biochemical complementation assay to discover a multisubunit stem cell coactivator complex (SCC) that is selectively required for the synergistic activation of the Nanog gene by Oct4 and Sox2.
21951286 knockdown of Sox2 significantly inhibited multipotentiality and cell proliferation in mesenchymal stem cells
21947321 In the hypoxic conditions, OCT4 and SOX2, both of which are induced by HIF1alpha/HIF2alpha. promote CD133 expression in the lung cancer cells via their direct interaction with the P1 promoter.
21940738 High SOX2 is associated with tumor- and sphere-forming glioblastoma cells with a distinct tyrosine kinase inhibitor sensitivity profile.
21931300 role in maintenance of stemness and tumorigenicity of human lung adenocarcinoma cancer stem-like cells/cancer-initiating cells
21927024 Sox2 is a survival factor and a novel biomarker of self renewal in osteosarcomas
21919124 This is the first indication that SOX2 haploinsufficiency is implicated in the generation of pituitary tumors with distinct clinical characteristics.
21852325 Data show that nuclear expression of the pluripotency-associated stem cell marker complex OCT4/SOX2/NANOG was confirmed in ISCs.
21822303 These findings suggest that reactivation of Sox2 represents an early step in breast tumour initiation, explaining tumour heterogeneity by placing the tumour-initiating event in any cell along the axis of mammary differentiation.
21804543 Data show that FOXO1 activates the expression of OCT4 and SOX2 pluripotency genes in hESCs by binding directly to their regulatory regions.
21803132 The difference of mRNA expression levels of the Sox2 gene in pancreatic islets between type 2 diabetic patients and controls was not statistically significant.
21716161 Progression from papillary thyroid carcinomas to anaplastic thyroid carcinoma could be favoured by further TP53 mutation and SOX2 expression.
21689966 study showed that Sox2 positive expression was frequent in pN0 oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma and involved in tumor progression.
21687954 High level of MET and SOX2 expression were respectively demonstrated in ADCs and SCCs.
21631526 forced down-regulation of the pluripotency markers OCT34, LIN28 and SOX2 in the embryonal carcinoma cell line NT2 resulted in loss of stem cell characteristics, and induction of differentiation, preferentially in ectodermal and mesodermal lineages
21549328 plays a key role in sensory neurogenesis
21540835 The authors found that Sox2 and Eed positively regulate each other's expression and contribute to the maintenance of self-renewal in embryonic stem cells by controlling histone methylation and acetylation.
21531766 Results reveal a novel regulatory mechanism by which ID4-driven suppression of miR-9* induces SOX2, which imparts stemness potential and chemoresistance to glioma cells and GSCs.
21518820 It is concluded that SOX2 is a marker for undifferentiated and proliferating cells and that its expression is up-regulated in the most anaplastic areas of glioblastomas and oligodendrogliomas
21460799 SOX2 amplification and upregulation are frequent events in squamous cell carcinomas of the lung and are associated with indicators of favorable prognosis
21433225 Ectopic expression of Rcor2 in both mouse and human somatic cells effectively substituted the requirement for exogenous Sox2 expression in somatic cell reprogramming.
21419292 expression of reprogramming marker Sox2, was detectable in the early passaged DPCs, and sequential loss of this marker in nucleus during DPC cultures might be related to the cell fate of pulp derived cells during the long-term in vitro cultivation.
21415100 SOX2 increased the apoptosis-resistant properties of DU145 cells with decreased function of store-operated Ca(2+) entry and reduced expression of Orai1 at both mRNA and protein levels.
21376027 Analyses revealed that Sox2 or Oct4A was an independent prognostic factor for hepatocellular carcinoma HCC.
21323603 Nestin and Sox-2 immunoreactivity was significantly associated with astrocytic glioma tumor cell proliferation and nestin expression was independently associated with poor patient survival.
21305642 Study reveals that NB express the stem cell-related gene SOX2 and that high protein levels correlate to aggressive disease.
21304604 miR-126 is a novel miRNA that targets SOX2, and PLAC1 may be a novel downstream target gene of SOX2 in gastric cancer cells.
21280222 SOX2 associates with the heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein complex, suggesting a possible role for SOX2 in posttranscriptional regulation in addition to its function as a transcription factor.
21276239 Data suggest that SOX2 plays an early role in breast carcinogenesis and high expression may promote metastatic potential.
21251041 Expression of embryonic stem cell markers SOX2 and nestin in dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans and dermatofibroma.
21227461 Sox2 and Oct3/4 might be independent prognostic factors for patients with gastric cancer.
21211035 By microRNA sequencing determined that levels of 105 precursor microRNAs(corresponding to 95 mature miRNAs) are altered in response to SOX2 knockdown in glioblastoma multiforme cells.
21190055 In thymoma immunoreactivity to SOX2 increased parallel to pathological stage, and a peculiar distribution was observed in type B3 thymoma with a positive reaction in both tumor and endothelial cells.
21166886 Mesenchymal stem cells maintained in the medium supplemented with ascorbic acid for a period of 4 weeks showed increase in pluripotency markers Oct4 and SOX 2
21103394 Studies provide novel insights into how Sox2 is able to associate with a wide array of nuclear proteins that control gene transcription.
21048121 Sox2 enhancer-based fluorescence-activated cell sorting permits the prospective identification and direct isolation of a telomerase-active population of neural stem cells from the human fetal forebrain.
20949537 A large cohort of patients with schizencephaly, some with features of septo-optic dysplasia, were sequenced for mutations in LHX2, HESX1 and SOX2.
20937145 Simultaneous analyses of Oct4 and Sox2 expression could be more effective in evaluating the prognoses of patients with hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
20879854 All cultured mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) populations, independently from the tissue of origin, express the embryonic transcription factor NANOG, whereas OCT-4 and SOX-2 are not expressed.
20875870 SOX2 is likely to be a target of the 3q26 amplification and may therefore be involved in the development or progression of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
20850729 expression of pluripotency factors SOX-2, OCT-4, KLF-4, and NANOG was analyzed in the endometrium, myometrium and endometriotic tissue of 36 patients; aberrant expression of SOX-2 may indicate a stem cell origin of endometriosis
20824710 suggest that Sox21 can negatively regulate Sox2 in glioma. Our findings imply that Sox2 and Sox21 may be interesting targets for the development of novel glioma therapy
20739473 These in vitro results parallel that seen when Sox2 is silenced in neural stem cells of lower species during development, and they suggest that Sox2 may have an important role in adult hMSC differentiation into retinal neurons in vitro.
20726797 Data show that SOX2 is overexpressed in colorectal cancer tissues compared with normal adjacent tissues.
20709360 Sox2 may participate in carcinogenesis of cervical carcinomas and may be a potential therapeutic target molecule for cervical cancers.
20698766 results provide proof that hGMDCs can be reprogrammed into pluripotent cells by ectopic expression of three factors (OCT4, SOX2, and NANOG) without the use of oncogenes c-MYC and KLF4
20667095 SOX2 together with MCF2L2 genetic polymorphisms have combined genetic effects on diabetic nephropathy in females.
20667095 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20631605 Sox2 seems to be an independent predictor of poor outcome in stage I lung adenocarcinomas and may help stratify patients at increased risk for recurrence.
20537983 these results suggest that the eIF4E-Sox2 axis is a novel mechanism of unregulated self-renewal of glioma-initiating cells, providing a potential therapeutic target for glioma.
20510497 results demonstrate that hADCs were an ideal somatic cell resource for the rapid and efficient generation of iPS cells by OCT4/SOX2/NANOG
20494911 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20454695 The recurrent c.70del20 mutation accounts for 21% of all independent SOX2 mutations reported to date. Mutations in SOX2 do not appear to be a common cause of ocular defects other than anophthalmia/microphthalmia.
20425471 Deletions and mutations of the SOX2 gene are causative for the phenotype of clinical anophthalmia/optic nerve hypoplasia, esophageal atresia, and/or genital anomalies in the AEG syndrome
20384793 Data show that SOX2 plays an important role in the maintenance of pluripotency of human ESCs and possibly, trophoblast development.
20382729 EWS-FLI-1 and miRNA-145 function in a mutually repressive feedback loop and identify their common target gene, SOX2, in addition to miRNA145 itself, as key players in Ewing sarcoma family tumors cell differentiation and tumorigenicity
20371328 analysis of a tethered-hopping model for protein-DNA binding and unbinding based on Sox2-Oct1-Hoxb1 ternary complex simulations
20349085 Expression of Sox2 in human ovarian epithelial carcinoma
20299530 the clinical progression of high-grade preinvasive bronchial dysplasia is associated with incremental amplification of SOX2 on chromosome 3, apparently promoting malignant progression
20185800 The complementation of Sox2 in Oct3/4-, Klf4, and c-Myc-expressing blood derived mesangioblasts enhanced the differentiation into all 3 cardiovascular lineages and improved the functional recovery after acute myocardial infarction.
20161759 Data show that SOX2 protein expression was greatly higher in lung SCCs compared to adenocarcinomas.
20138825 SOX2 modulates alternative splicing by functioning as a splicing factor.
20126410 results indicate that the SOX2 transcription factor, a major regulator of stem cell function, is also an oncogene and a driver gene for the recurrent 3q26.33 amplifications in lung SCC
20114006 the SOX2 (SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 2) genetic polymorphism has gender-specific effects on DN (diabetic neuropathy; implying that transcription factors in pluripotency mechanisms may be involved in the pathogenesis of diabetes and DN.
20114006 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20057906 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20042675 SOX2 is a novel biomarker for subpopulations of normal skin cells that reside in established stem cell niches and might relate to Merkel cell and melanocyte ontogeny and tumorigenesis.
19921648 SOX2 mutations were screened in the coding region of the gene in 10 individuals with anophthalmia/microphthalmia.
19876845 Analysis of SOX2 expression in developing human testis and germ cell neoplasia is reported.
19816951 show that Klf4 interacts directly with Oct4 and Sox2 when expressed at levels sufficient to induce induced pluripotent stem cells.
19801978 show that a peak of genomic amplification on chromosome 3q26.33 found in squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) of the lung and esophagus contains the transcription factor gene SOX2.
19787784 findings indicate that SOX2 and CCNE1 might be activated via gene copy number gain and participate in oral carcinogenesis
19767420 Sox2 overlapping transcript has multiple transcription start sites associated with genomic features that indicate regulated expression, including highly conserved elements and chromatin marks characteristic of gene promoters.
19736317 Data reveal a molecular Oct4-, Sox2- and Sox17-mediated mechanism that disrupts the stem cell microenvironment favoring pluripotency to provide an endodermal environment in which cell lineage is determined and commits the cells to a cardiogenic fate.
19723802 Melanocytes and melanoma cells did not require ectopic Sox2 expression for conversion into pluripotent stem cells.
19716157 SOX2 may be useful in an immunohistochemical panel to differentiate between squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas of the gastrointestinal tract.
19696409 Induced pluripotent stem cells programmed with OCT4/SOX2/KLF4 and without c-MYC yield proficient cardiogenesis for functional heart chimerism.
19661786 Sox2 is highly expressed in concert with p63 in most squamous cell carcinomas, but may also influence tumor differentiation in both non-small cell lung carcinomas and pulmonary neuroendocrine tumors.
19657699 High SOX2 levels are associated with distant recurrence after chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer pateints.
19554373 High SOX2 is correlated with lymph node metastasis in colorectal cancer.
19549847 Stoichiometric and temporal requirements of Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc expression for efficient human iPSC induction and differentiation.
19520737 Helicobacter pylori induces gastric mucosal intestinal metaplasia through the inhibition of interleukin-4-mediated HMG box protein Sox2 expression.
19483629 This study evaluates the use of the markers, podoplanin, SOX2, NANOG, and OCT3/4 in ovarian tumors
19471311 The SOX2 mutation in this family implicates the partner-factor interaction region of SOX2 in contributing to the specificity of SOX2 action in optic fissure closure.
19458492 Studies show that the expression of genes belonging to the OCT3/SOX2/NANOG/KLF4 core circuitry that acts at the highest level in regulating stem cell biology.
19414369 High sox2 expression is associated with squamous cell carcinoma.
19409607 Increased miR-145 expression inhibits human embryonic stem cells self-renewal, represses expression of pluripotency genes, and induces lineage-restricted differentiation; loss of miR-145 impairs differentiation and elevates OCT4, SOX2, and KLF4.
19396148 SOX2 may be useful in the distinction of seminoma from embryonal carcinoma, and potentially in diagnosing early carcinomatous differentiation in seminoma.
19327014 Results suggest that DAZL-expressing (DE)cells, which possess some pluripotent/multipotent characteristics of
19254784 A novel heterozygous SOX2 mutation causing anophthalmia/microphthalmia with genital anomalies is reported.
19061938 expression of Sox1, Sox2 and Sox9 was detected at the mRNA level in both foetal and adult cerebellum samples; Sox1, Sox2 and Sox9 expression was detected in the Purkinje cell layer of the adult cerebellum
18948646 SOX2 silenced glioblastoma tumor-initiating cells, despite the many mutations they have accumulated, stop proliferating and lose tumorigenicity in immunodeficient mice.
18836133 A significant reduction in SOX2 messenger RNA (mRNA) expression is found in hydatidiform moles compared with that in placentas. SOX2 messenger RNA expression is significantly correlated with SOX2 hypermethylation.
18831064 describe two sisters with bilateral anophthalmia/microphthalmia, brain anomalies and a novel heterozygous SOX2 gene single-base pair nucleotide deletion, c.551delC, which predicts p.Pro184ArgfsX19
18710938 The transcriptional activation of miR-302 and the translational repression of its targets, such as cyclin D1, may provide a link between Oct4/Sox2 and cell cycle regulation in pluripotent cells.
18474784 Mutation in SOX2 is associated with typical ocular coloboma and probably other anomalies in this Chinese family.
18456656 SOX2 and beta-catenin act in synergy in the transcription regulation of CCND1 in breast cancer cells
18393632 SMAD 2/3 signaling directly supports NANOG expression, while SMAD 1/5/8 activation moderately represses SOX2.
18388306 Sox2, Oct4 and Nanog are linked together in a pluripotent regulatory network
18385794 These results support the role of SOX2 in ocular development. Loss of SOX2 function results in severe eye malformation. CHX10 was not implicated with microphthalmia/anophthalmia in our patient cohort.
18366076 Thsi study identifies DPPA4 and other genes as putative Sox2:Oct-3/4 target genes using a combination of in silico analysis and transcription-based assays.
18293417 SOX2 enhancers SRR1 and SRR2 are each differentially methylated and acetylated, on a temporal basis, contributing to the generation of neuron- and astrocyte-specific epigenomes from a common progenitor cell.
18293417 A high level of SOX2 expression correlates with epigenetic modifications of distant enhancers SRR1 and SRR2 during creation of cell-specific epigenomes.
18285410 SOX2 plays a critical role in the pituitary, forebrain, and eye during human embryonic development.
18268498 SOX2 is frequently downregulated in gastric cancers
18199879 The human primordial germ cells is the first primary cell type described to express POU5F1 and NANOG but not SOX2.
18187129 Sox2-expressing MSCs showed consistent proliferation and osteogenic capability in culture media containing bFGF
18162777 Sox2 may be a tumor marker of glial lineages
18157115 Using ectopic expression of Oct4, Sox2, Klf4 and Myc, we have derived iPS cells from fetal, neonatal and adult human primary cells
18039390 only SOX2 has been identified as a major causative gene of anophthalima and microphthalmia.
18027866 expression of both SOX2 and MUC5AC in serrated polyps supports the hypothesis that these polyps may be predominant precursors of mucinous and signet ring cell carcinomas of the colorectum
17898260 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17898260 PAX6 and SOX2 are obvious candidates in RE genetic studies because of their biological roles and prior linkage studies. The present findings strongly suggest refractive error is not directly affected in this population by variants in either gene.
17587179 have implicated duplications of SOX3 and mutations of both SOX2 and SOX3 in the aetiology of variants of septo-optic dysplasia
17522144 Results provide further evidence that SOX2 haploinsufficiency is a common cause of severe developmental ocular malformations and that background genetic variation determines the varying phenotypes.
17506876 RNAi-mediated silencing of SOX2 induced differentiation with mesodermal characteristics in EC cells
17464316 Sox2 was observed in all cases of immature teratomas in primitive neuroepithelial tissues, but was not expressed in mature tissues.
17389240 Detection of anti-SOX2 T cells predicts favorable clinical outcome in patients with asymptomatic plasmaproliferative disorders
17334350 Sox2 is preferentially expressed in breast tumours with basal-like phenotype.
17291498 Sox-2 immunoreactivity showed a nuclear labeling pattern and colocalised on GFAP immunoreactive cell in the human subventricular zone.
17219395 SOX2 mutation associated with AEG syndrome.
17136346 These data suggest that SOX2 plays an important role in regulation of pepsinogen A, and ectopic expression of SOX2 may be associated with abnormal differentiation of colorectal cancer cells.
16932809 SOX2 is necessary for the normal development and function of the hypothalamo-pituitary and reproductive axes in both humans and mice.
16712695 This review describes how cross regulation for PAX6, SOX2 and perhaps OTX2 has now been uncovered, pointing to the mechanisms that can fine-tune the expression of three such essential components in eye development.
16596179 Increased SOX2 is associated with the pancreatobiliary phenotype of ampulla of vater carcinoma and involved in later events in carcinogenesis, such as invasion and metastasis
16552336 Expression of SOX2 is involved in later events of pancreaatic carcinogenesis.
16283891 Bilateral anophthalmia and brain malformations caused by a 20-bp deletion through a slipped-strand mispairing event in the SOX2 gene.
16153702 The SOX2 protein co-occupy a substantial portion of its target genes, and collaborate to form regulatory circuitry consisting of autoregulatory and feedforward loops.
15920534 Identification of Sox2 as a novel c-myc BUR-binding protein was achieved through yeast one-hybrid screening and the Sox2/DNA interaction was confirmed by electrophoretic mobility shift assay and immunoprecipitation with Sox2 antibody.
15910596 Sox2 may play an important role in maintaining a gastric phenotype in stomach cancers as well as in normal tissue.
14719100 SOX2 may play a role in differentiation of the human gastric epithelium and may be involved in gastric carcinogenesis
14655050 Down-regulation of Sox2 may be an important factor for the development of intestinal metaplasia
14559893 OCT1 and SOX2 have roles in transcriptional activation of the Oct1.Sox2.Hoxb1-DNA ternary transcription factor complex
12923055 Sox2 can dimerize onto DNA in a distinct conformational arrangement.
12637543 Sox-11 activates transcription more strongly than Sox-2; the transactivation domain of Sox-11 is primarily responsible for this capability
12612584 SOX2 has a role in eye development, and its mutation can cause anophthalmia

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24489842 2014 Cervical cancer cells with positive Sox2 expression exhibit the properties of cancer stem cells.
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24481676 2014 OCT3 and SOX2 promote the transformation of Barrett's esophagus to adenocarcinoma by regulating the formation of tumor stem cells.
24477565 2014 Downregulation of a putative tumor suppressor BMP4 by SOX2 promotes growth of lung squamous cell carcinoma.
24450601 2014 Correlation of ALDH1, CD44, OCT4 and SOX2 in tongue squamous cell carcinoma and their association with disease progression and prognosis.
24427323 2014 The expression profile of Oct4 and Sox2 in the carcinogenesis of oral mucosa.
24404135 2014 Role of SOX2 in the etiology of embryonal carcinoma, based on analysis of the NCCIT and NT2 cell lines.
24382260 2014 Increased SOX2 expression in less differentiated breast carcinomas and their lymph node metastases.
24325912 2014 The stem cell factor SOX2 regulates the tumorigenic potential in human gastric cancer cells.
24307698 2014 Sox2 suppression by miR-21 governs human mesenchymal stem cell properties.
24294370 2013 Elevated expression of SOX2 and FGFR1 in correlation with poor prognosis in patients with small cell lung cancer.
24291232 2014 ?-Catenin, a Sox2 binding partner, regulates the DNA binding and transcriptional activity of Sox2 in breast cancer cells.
24233838 2014 SOX2 regulates apoptosis through MAP4K4-survivin signaling pathway in human lung cancer cells.
24229625 2013 [The expression and significance of stem cell transcription factor Sox2 in lung carcinoma].
24211324 2014 A novel heterozygous SOX2 mutation causing congenital bilateral anophthalmia, hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and growth hormone deficiency.
24126941 2013 Quantification of serum SOX2 DNA with FQ-PCR potentially provides a diagnostic biomarker for lung cancer.
24107627 2013 Reprogramming of non-genomic estrogen signaling by the stemness factor SOX2 enhances the tumor-initiating capacity of breast cancer cells.
24036214 2013 SOX2 plays a critical role in EGFR-mediated self-renewal of human prostate cancer stem-like cells.
24033328 2014 Molecular findings and clinical data in a cohort of 150 patients with anophthalmia/microphthalmia.
23939864 2013 Artd1/Parp1 regulates reprogramming by transcriptional regulation of Fgf4 via Sox2 ADP-ribosylation.
23932716 2013 The long noncoding RNA RMST interacts with SOX2 to regulate neurogenesis.
23932306 2013 Gene expression of stem cells at different stages of ontological human development.
23895273 2013 SOX2 targets fibronectin 1 to promote cell migration and invasion in ovarian cancer: new molecular leads for therapeutic intervention.
23884650 2013 SOX2-LIN28/let-7 pathway regulates proliferation and neurogenesis in neural precursors.
23867475 2013 SOX2 expression associates with stem cell state in human ovarian carcinoma.
23815808 2013 Sox2 suppresses the invasiveness of breast cancer cells via a mechanism that is dependent on Twist1 and the status of Sox2 transcription activity.
23796710 2013 Isolation and characterization of human breast cancer cells with SOX2 promoter activity.
23736381 2013 Pluripotent stem cell transcription factors during human odontogenesis.
23701296 2013 Whole-genome copy number variation analysis in anophthalmia and microphthalmia.
23667531 2013 The SOX2-interactome in brain cancer cells identifies the requirement of MSI2 and USP9X for the growth of brain tumor cells.
23620753 2013 High SOX2 levels predict better outcome in non-small cell lung carcinomas.
23613880 2013 Differential expression of ID4 and its association with TP53 mutation, SOX2, SOX4 and OCT-4 expression levels.
23613102 2013 Dysregulation of CDX1, CDX2 and SOX2 in patients with gastric cancer also affects the non-malignant mucosa.
23599173 2013 Sex determining region Y-box 2 inhibits the proliferation of colorectal adenocarcinoma cells through the mTOR signaling pathway.
23596255 2013 Sox2 requirement in sonic hedgehog-associated medulloblastoma.
23568430 2013 Disturbed balance between SOX2 and CDX2 in human vitelline duct anomalies and intestinal duplications.
23553930 2013 Essential role of Sox2 for the establishment and maintenance of the germ cell line.
23549118 2013 The interactomes of POU5F1 and SOX2 enhancers in human embryonic stem cells.
23545177 2013 SOX2 promotes tumor metastasis by stimulating epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition via regulation of WNT/?-catenin signal network.
23544055 2013 Sex determining region Y-box 2 (SOX2) amplification is an independent indicator of disease recurrence in sinonasal cancer.
23541921 2013 Endogenous miRNA sponge lincRNA-RoR regulates Oct4, Nanog, and Sox2 in human embryonic stem cell self-renewal.
23539445 2013 ?-Catenin/POU5F1/SOX2 transcription factor complex mediates IGF-I receptor signaling and predicts poor prognosis in lung adenocarcinoma.
23518916 2013 Immunohistochemical expression of SOX2 in vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia and squamous cell carcinoma.
23510069 2013 SOX2 promotes tumor growth of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma through the AKT/mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 signaling pathway.
23463365 2013 Sox21 inhibits glioma progression in vivo by forming complexes with Sox2 and stimulating aberrant differentiation.
23462687 2013 SOX2 overexpression correlates with poor prognosis in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma.
23462476 2013 Sox2 marks epithelial competence to generate teeth in mammals and reptiles.
23451179 2013 Autophagy and cellular senescence mediated by Sox2 suppress malignancy of cancer cells.
23430442 2013 Sox2 expression predicts poor survival of hepatocellular carcinoma patients and it promotes liver cancer cell invasion by activating Slug.
23424657 2013 Embryonic stem cells markers SOX2, OCT4 and Nanog expression and their correlations with epithelial-mesenchymal transition in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
23414798 2013 High sex determining region Y-box 2 expression is a negative predictor of occult lymph node metastasis in early squamous cell carcinomas of the oral cavity.
23362975 2013 Expression of c-Jun and Sox-2 in human schwannomas and traumatic neuromas.
23349823 2013 Generation and characterisation of cisplatin-resistant non-small cell lung cancer cell lines displaying a stem-like signature.
23336432 2013 Enrichment and characterization of human dermal stem/progenitor cells by intracellular granularity.
23326489 2013 Sox2 is an androgen receptor-repressed gene that promotes castration-resistant prostate cancer.
23307254 2013 Predictive value of Sox2 expression in transurethral resection specimens in patients with T1 bladder cancer.
23301671 2013 Multiple pluripotent stem cell markers in human anaplastic thyroid cancer: the putative upstream role of SOX2.
23279472 2012 Canine fibroblasts expressing human transcription factors: what is in the route for the production of canine induced pluripotent stem cells.
23213213 2012 Identification of Oct4-activating compounds that enhance reprogramming efficiency.
23211052 2013 Characterization of mesenchymal stem cell subpopulations from human amniotic membrane with dissimilar osteoblastic potential.
23159246 2013 Sex-determining region Y-box 2 amplification in preneoplastic squamous lesions of the lung.
23135265 2013 The intermediate filament vimentin mediates microRNA miR-378 function in cellular self-renewal by regulating the expression of the Sox2 transcription factor.
23111103 2013 MiR-429 is an independent prognostic factor in colorectal cancer and exerts its anti-apoptotic function by targeting SOX2.
23086772 2012 Morphologic and clinicopathologic features of lung squamous cell carcinomas expressing Sox2.
23060440 2012 Estrogen receptor ? signaling regulates breast tumor-initiating cells by down-regulating miR-140 which targets the transcription factor SOX2.
23009336 2012 EGFR/Src/Akt signaling modulates Sox2 expression and self-renewal of stem-like side-population cells in non-small cell lung cancer.
23005595 2012 High expression of ALDH1 and SOX2 diffuse staining pattern of oral squamous cell carcinomas correlates to lymph node metastasis.
22945632 2012 SOX2 regulates the hypothalamic-pituitary axis at multiple levels.
22941189 2012 Comprehensive genomic analysis identifies SOX2 as a frequently amplified gene in small-cell lung cancer.
22937156 2012 Elevating SOX2 levels deleteriously affects the growth of medulloblastoma and glioblastoma cells.
22912670 2012 Silencing SOX2 induced mesenchymal-epithelial transition and its expression predicts liver and lymph node metastasis of CRC patients.
22899292 2013 Prognostic impact of the expression of ALDH1 and SOX2 in urothelial cancer of the upper urinary tract.
22899289 2013 Diagnostic utility of neural stem and progenitor cell markers nestin and SOX2 in distinguishing nodal melanocytic nevi from metastatic melanomas.
22863087 2013 Coexpression of B-lymphoma Moloney murine leukemia virus insertion region-1 and sex-determining region of Y chromosome-related high mobility group box-2 in cervical carcinogenesis.
22847005 2012 Hyaluronan-CD44v3 interaction with Oct4-Sox2-Nanog promotes miR-302 expression leading to self-renewal, clonal formation, and cisplatin resistance in cancer stem cells from head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
22837720 2012 Expression of Sox2 and Oct4 and their clinical significance in human non-small-cell lung cancer.
22832207 2012 SOX2 autoantibodies as noninvasive serum biomarker for breast carcinoma.
22814375 2012 Cord blood-derived neuronal cells by ectopic expression of Sox2 and c-Myc.
22791809 2012 Helicobacter pylori and the BMP pathway regulate CDX2 and SOX2 expression in gastric cells.
22777760 2012 Isolation and characterization of mesenchymal stem cells from whole human umbilical cord applying a single enzyme approach.
22718759 2012 Impact of protein/protein interactions on global intermolecular translocation rates of the transcription factors Sox2 and Oct1 between DNA cognate sites analyzed by z-exchange NMR spectroscopy.
22615765 2012 SOX2 gene regulates the transcriptional network of oncogenes and affects tumorigenesis of human lung cancer cells.
22613719 2012 Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells from human renal proximal tubular cells with only two transcription factors, OCT4 and SOX2.
22576926 2012 Cryopreservation does not alter karyotype, multipotency, or NANOG/SOX2 gene expression of amniotic fluid mesenchymal stem cells.
22576801 2012 Oct4 and Sox2 are overexpressed in human neuroblastoma and inhibited by chemotherapy.
22571403 2012 SOX2 modulates levels of MITF in normal human melanocytes, and melanoma lines in vitro.
22542624 2012 Positive regulation of additional sex comb-like 1 gene expression by the pluripotency factor SOX2.
22539002 2012 Two-factor reprogramming of somatic cells to pluripotent stem cells reveals partial functional redundancy of Sox2 and Klf4.
22482508 2012 Distinct lineage specification roles for NANOG, OCT4, and SOX2 in human embryonic stem cells.
22469032 2012 Sox2 targets cyclinE, p27 and survivin to regulate androgen-independent human prostate cancer cell proliferation and apoptosis.
22401770 2012 Sex-determining region Y-box 2 expression predicts poor prognosis in human ovarian carcinoma.
22396547 2012 Interplay between minor and major groove-binding transcription factors Sox2 and Oct1 in translocation on DNA studied by paramagnetic and diamagnetic NMR.
22311737 2012 CD49f enhances multipotency and maintains stemness through the direct regulation of OCT4 and SOX2.
22265740 2012 Transcriptional regulation of TRKC by SOX2 in human embryonic stem cells.
22236193 2012 Prognostic significance of SOX2 expression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
22204637 2011 Targeted 'next-generation' sequencing in anophthalmia and microphthalmia patients confirms SOX2, OTX2 and FOXE3 mutations.
22200372 2012 Human amniotic epithelial cell feeder layers maintain human iPS cell pluripotency via inhibited endogenous microRNA-145 and increased Sox2 expression.
22184289 2011 Cord blood stem cells revert glioma stem cell EMT by down regulating transcriptional activation of Sox2 and Twist1.
22184093 2012 SOX2 contributes to melanoma cell invasion.
22171155 2011 Parent-of-origin effects in SOX2 anophthalmia syndrome.
22070920 2011 SOX2-RNAi attenuates S-phase entry and induces RhoA-dependent switch to protease-independent amoeboid migration in human glioma cells.
22069467 2011 Genetic and epigenetic modifications of Sox2 contribute to the invasive phenotype of malignant gliomas.
22046437 2011 CARM1 mediates modulation of Sox2.
22015605 2012 SOX2 has a crucial role in the lineage determination and proliferation of mesenchymal stem cells through Dickkopf-1 and c-MYC.
22014056 2011 Expression profile of embryonic stem cell-associated genes Oct4, Sox2 and Nanog in human gliomas.
21962512 2011 A DNA repair complex functions as an Oct4/Sox2 coactivator in embryonic stem cells.
21951286 2011 Importance of Sox2 in maintenance of cell proliferation and multipotency of mesenchymal stem cells in low-density culture.
21947321 2012 Hypoxia induces CD133 expression in human lung cancer cells by up-regulation of OCT3/4 and SOX2.
21940738 2011 Identification of a SOX2-dependent subset of tumor- and sphere-forming glioblastoma cells with a distinct tyrosine kinase inhibitor sensitivity profile.
21931300 2011 SOX2 is overexpressed in stem-like cells of human lung adenocarcinoma and augments the tumorigenicity.
21927024 2012 Sox2 maintains self renewal of tumor-initiating cells in osteosarcomas.
21919124 2011 SOX2 haploinsufficiency is associated with slow progressing hypothalamo-pituitary tumours.
21852325 2011 Pluripotency-associated stem cell marker expression in proliferative cell cultures derived from adult human pancreas.
21822303 2012 Sox2 expression in breast tumours and activation in breast cancer stem cells.
21804543 2011 FOXO1 is an essential regulator of pluripotency in human embryonic stem cells.
21803132 2011 Evaluation of Sox2 genetic effect on the development of type 2 diabetes.
21716161 2011 BRAF, p53 and SOX2 in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma: evidence for multistep carcinogenesis.
21689966 2011 Sox2 nuclear expression is closely associated with poor prognosis in patients with histologically node-negative oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma.
21687954 2011 Expression of MET and SOX2 genes in non-small cell lung carcinoma with EGFR mutation.
21631526 2011 Expression and interdependencies of pluripotency factors LIN28, OCT3/4, NANOG and SOX2 in human testicular germ cells and tumours of the testis.
21549328 2011 Human ESC-derived neural crest model reveals a key role for SOX2 in sensory neurogenesis.
21540835 2011 Eed/Sox2 regulatory loop controls ES cell self-renewal through histone methylation and acetylation.
21531766 2011 ID4 imparts chemoresistance and cancer stemness to glioma cells by derepressing miR-9*-mediated suppression of SOX2.
21518820 SOX2 expression and amplification in gliomas and glioma cell lines.
21460799 2011 SOX2 gene amplification and protein overexpression are associated with better outcome in squamous cell lung cancer.
21433225 2011 RCOR2 is a subunit of the LSD1 complex that regulates ESC property and substitutes for SOX2 in reprogramming somatic cells to pluripotency.
21419292 2011 Expression pattern of Oct-4, Sox2, and c-Myc in the primary culture of human dental pulp derived cells.
21415100 2011 SOX2 promotes tumorigenesis and increases the anti-apoptotic property of human prostate cancer cell.
21406692 2011 System-wide temporal characterization of the proteome and phosphoproteome of human embryonic stem cell differentiation.
21376027 2011 Role of Sox2 and Oct4 in predicting survival of hepatocellular carcinoma patients after hepatectomy.
21323603 2011 Association of stem cell-related markers and survival in astrocytic gliomas.
21305642 2011 Prognostic value of SOX2 expression in neuroblastoma.
21304604 2011 MicroRNA-126 inhibits SOX2 expression and contributes to gastric carcinogenesis.
21280222 2011 Landscape of the SOX2 protein-protein interactome.
21276239 2011 Expression of the embryonic stem cell marker SOX2 in early-stage breast carcinoma.
21251041 2011 Expression of embryonic stem cell markers SOX2 and nestin in dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans and dermatofibroma.
21245162 2011 Pluripotency factors regulate definitive endoderm specification through eomesodermin.
21227461 2012 Role of the stemness factors sox2, oct3/4, and nanog in gastric carcinoma.
21211035 2011 The SOX2 response program in glioblastoma multiforme: an integrated ChIP-seq, expression microarray, and microRNA analysis.
21190055 2011 SOX2 gene expression in normal human thymus and thymoma.
21166886 2010 Ascorbic acid induces in vitro proliferation of human subcutaneous adipose tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells with upregulation of embryonic stem cell pluripotency markers Oct4 and SOX 2.
21103394 2010 Sox2 uses multiple domains to associate with proteins present in Sox2-protein complexes.
21048121 2010 Prospective identification, isolation, and profiling of a telomerase-expressing subpopulation of human neural stem cells, using sox2 enhancer-directed fluorescence-activated cell sorting.
20949537 2010 Candidate gene sequencing of LHX2, HESX1, and SOX2 in a large schizencephaly cohort.
20937145 2010 Prognostic significance of Oct4 and Sox2 expression in hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma.
20879854 2011 Pluripotency regulators in human mesenchymal stem cells: expression of NANOG but not of OCT-4 and SOX-2.
20875870 2010 SOX2 identified as a target gene for the amplification at 3q26 that is frequently detected in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
20850729 2011 Aberrant expression of the pluripotency marker SOX-2 in endometriosis.
20824710 2011 Forced expression of Sox21 inhibits Sox2 and induces apoptosis in human glioma cells.
20739473 2011 SOX2 is required for adult human muller stem cell survival and maintenance of progenicity in vitro.
20726797 2010 ChIP-seq and functional analysis of the SOX2 gene in colorectal cancers.
20713518 2010 Foxp1 coordinates cardiomyocyte proliferation through both cell-autonomous and nonautonomous mechanisms.
20709360 2010 Expression of Sox2 in human cervical carcinogenesis.
20698766 2010 Generation of human-induced pluripotent stem cells from gut mesentery-derived cells by ectopic expression of OCT4/SOX2/NANOG.
20667095 2010 Effects of MCF2L2, ADIPOQ and SOX2 genetic polymorphisms on the development of nephropathy in type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.
20631605 2010 Sox2 protein expression is an independent poor prognostic indicator in stage I lung adenocarcinoma.
20537983 2010 Sox2 is translationally activated by eukaryotic initiation factor 4E in human glioma-initiating cells.
20510497 Rapid and efficient reprogramming of human amnion-derived cells into pluripotency by three factors OCT4/SOX2/NANOG.
20494911 2010 Mutational screening of CHX10, GDF6, OTX2, RAX and SOX2 genes in 50 unrelated microphthalmia-anophthalmia-coloboma (MAC) spectrum cases.
20454695 2010 Examination of SOX2 in variable ocular conditions identifies a recurrent deletion in microphthalmia and lack of mutations in other phenotypes.
20425471 2010 Etiology of esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistula: "mind the gap".
20384793 2010 Role of SOX2 in maintaining pluripotency of human embryonic stem cells.
20382729 2010 EWS-FLI-1 modulates miRNA145 and SOX2 expression to initiate mesenchymal stem cell reprogramming toward Ewing sarcoma cancer stem cells.
20371328 2010 Tethered-hopping model for protein-DNA binding and unbinding based on Sox2-Oct1-Hoxb1 ternary complex simulations.
20349085 2011 Expression of Sox2 in human ovarian epithelial carcinoma.
20299530 2010 Progressive 3q amplification consistently targets SOX2 in preinvasive squamous lung cancer.
20185800 2010 Sox2 transduction enhances cardiovascular repair capacity of blood-derived mesoangioblasts.
20161759 2010 Sex determining region Y-Box 2 (SOX2) is a potential cell-lineage gene highly expressed in the pathogenesis of squamous cell carcinomas of the lung.
20138825 2010 SOX2 modulates alternative splicing in transitional cell carcinoma.
20126410 2010 SOX2 is an oncogene activated by recurrent 3q26.3 amplifications in human lung squamous cell carcinomas.
20114006 2009 SOX2 has gender-specific genetic effects on diabetic nephropathy in samples from patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus in the GoKinD study.
20057906 2009 Mutational screening of 10 genes in Chinese patients with microphthalmia and/or coloboma.
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19816951 2009 Klf4 interacts directly with Oct4 and Sox2 to promote reprogramming.
19801978 2009 SOX2 is an amplified lineage-survival oncogene in lung and esophageal squamous cell carcinomas.
19787784 2010 Recurrent copy number gain of transcription factor SOX2 and corresponding high protein expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma.
19767420 2009 Complex architecture and regulated expression of the Sox2ot locus during vertebrate development.
19736317 2009 Interplay of Oct4 with Sox2 and Sox17: a molecular switch from stem cell pluripotency to specifying a cardiac fate.
19723802 2009 Sox2 is dispensable for the reprogramming of melanocytes and melanoma cells into induced pluripotent stem cells.
19716157 2009 SOX2 is highly expressed in squamous cell carcinomas of the gastrointestinal tract.
19696409 2009 iPS programmed without c-MYC yield proficient cardiogenesis for functional heart chimerism.
19661786 2010 Sox2 expression in pulmonary non-small cell and neuroendocrine carcinomas.
19657699 2009 Correlation of CD133, OCT4, and SOX2 in rectal cancer and their association with distant recurrence after chemoradiotherapy.
19554373 2009 Comprehensive analysis of the clinical significance of inducing pluripotent stemness-related gene expression in colorectal cancer cells.
19549847 2009 Stoichiometric and temporal requirements of Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc expression for efficient human iPSC induction and differentiation.
19520737 2009 Helicobacter pylori induces gastric mucosal intestinal metaplasia through the inhibition of interleukin-4-mediated HMG box protein Sox2 expression.
19483629 2009 Embryonic stem cell transcription factors and D2-40 (podoplanin) as diagnostic immunohistochemical markers in ovarian germ cell tumors.
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19427902 2009 Purification of human transcription factors Nanog and Sox2, each in complex with Skp, an Escherichia coli periplasmic chaperone.
19414369 2009 Oct3/4 and Sox2 are significantly associated with an unfavorable clinical outcome in human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
19409607 2009 MicroRNA-145 regulates OCT4, SOX2, and KLF4 and represses pluripotency in human embryonic stem cells.
19396148 2009 Testicular mixed germ cell tumors: a morphological and immunohistochemical study using stem cell markers, OCT3/4, SOX2 and GDF3, with emphasis on morphologically difficult-to-classify areas.
19327014 2009 A method for isolating pluripotent/multipotent stem cells from blood by using the pluripotent and germ-line DAZL gene as a marker.
19254784 A novel heterozygous SOX2 mutation causing anophthalmia/microphthalmia with genital anomalies.
19061938 2009 Expression of Sox1, Sox2 and Sox9 is maintained in adult human cerebellar cortex.
18948646 2009 SOX2 silencing in glioblastoma tumor-initiating cells causes stop of proliferation and loss of tumorigenicity.
18836133 2008 Hypermethylation of SOX2 gene in hydatidiform mole and choriocarcinoma.
18831064 2008 Familial recurrence of SOX2 anophthalmia syndrome: phenotypically normal mother with two affected daughters.
18710938 2008 Oct4/Sox2-regulated miR-302 targets cyclin D1 in human embryonic stem cells.
18474784 2008 Novel SOX2 mutation associated with ocular coloboma in a Chinese family.
18456656 2008 The molecular mechanism governing the oncogenic potential of SOX2 in breast cancer.
18407919 2008 Novel mutations in LHX3 are associated with hypopituitarism and sensorineural hearing loss.
18393632 2008 Control of early fate decisions in human ES cells by distinct states of TGFbeta pathway activity.
18388306 2008 Regulation of self-renewal and pluripotency by Sox2 in human embryonic stem cells.
18385794 2008 Identification of novel mutations and sequence variants in the SOX2 and CHX10 genes in patients with anophthalmia/microphthalmia.
18366076 2008 Identification of DPPA4 and other genes as putative Sox2:Oct-3/4 target genes using a combination of in silico analysis and transcription-based assays.
18293417 2008 Epigenetic modifications of SOX2 enhancers, SRR1 and SRR2, correlate with in vitro neural differentiation.
18285410 2008 SOX2 plays a critical role in the pituitary, forebrain, and eye during human embryonic development.
18268498 2008 SOX2 is frequently downregulated in gastric cancers and inhibits cell growth through cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis.
18199879 2008 The early human germ cell lineage does not express SOX2 during in vivo development or upon in vitro culture.
18187129 2008 Forced expression of Sox2 or Nanog in human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells maintains their expansion and differentiation capabilities.
18162777 2008 Sox2 expression in brain tumors: a reflection of the neuroglial differentiation pathway.
18157115 2008 Reprogramming of human somatic cells to pluripotency with defined factors.
18039390 2007 Anophthalmia and microphthalmia.
18035408 2007 Induction of pluripotent stem cells from adult human fibroblasts by defined factors.
18027866 2008 Aberrant expression of SOX2 upregulates MUC5AC gastric foveolar mucin in mucinous cancers of the colorectum and related lesions.
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17506876 2007 Silencing of core transcription factors in human EC cells highlights the importance of autocrine FGF signaling for self-renewal.
17464316 2007 Expression of Sox2 in mature and immature teratomas of central nervous system.
17389240 2007 Frequent and specific immunity to the embryonal stem cell-associated antigen SOX2 in patients with monoclonal gammopathy.
17334350 2007 Sox2: a possible driver of the basal-like phenotype in sporadic breast cancer.
17291498 2007 Sox-2 is expressed by glial and progenitor cells and Pax-6 is expressed by neuroblasts in the human subventricular zone.
17219395 2007 Germinal mosaicism and familial recurrence of a SOX2 mutation with highly variable phenotypic expression extending from AEG syndrome to absence of ocular involvement.
17136346 2007 Transcription factor SOX2 up-regulates stomach-specific pepsinogen A gene expression.
16932809 2006 Mutations within Sox2/SOX2 are associated with abnormalities in the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis in mice and humans.
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16596179 2006 Expression of gastric mucin MUC5AC and gastric transcription factor SOX2 in ampulla of vater adenocarcinoma: comparison between expression patterns and histologic subtypes.
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16344560 2006 Diversification of transcriptional modulation: large-scale identification and characterization of putative alternative promoters of human genes.
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16153702 2005 Core transcriptional regulatory circuitry in human embryonic stem cells.
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14719100 2004 Expression of the SRY-related HMG box protein SOX2 in human gastric carcinoma.
14655050 2004 Down-regulation of a gastric transcription factor, Sox2, and ectopic expression of intestinal homeobox genes, Cdx1 and Cdx2: inverse correlation during progression from gastric/intestinal-mixed to complete intestinal metaplasia.
14559893 2004 Molecular basis for synergistic transcriptional activation by Oct1 and Sox2 revealed from the solution structure of the 42-kDa Oct1.Sox2.Hoxb1-DNA ternary transcription factor complex.
12923055 2003 Crystal structure of a POU/HMG/DNA ternary complex suggests differential assembly of Oct4 and Sox2 on two enhancers.
12732652 2003 SOX8 is expressed during testis differentiation in mice and synergizes with SF1 to activate the Amh promoter in vitro.
12710953 2003 Pax6 autoregulation mediated by direct interaction of Pax6 protein with the head surface ectoderm-specific enhancer of the mouse Pax6 gene.
12637543 2003 Identification of novel domains within Sox-2 and Sox-11 involved in autoinhibition of DNA binding and partnership specificity.
12612584 2003 Mutations in SOX2 cause anophthalmia.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12194848 2002 Twenty pairs of sox: extent, homology, and nomenclature of the mouse and human sox transcription factor gene families.
11358870 2001 Pax6 and SOX2 form a co-DNA-binding partner complex that regulates initiation of lens development.
10801796 2000 Modulation of the activity of multiple transcriptional activation domains by the DNA binding domains mediates the synergistic action of Sox2 and Oct-3 on the fibroblast growth factor-4 enhancer.
10760287 2000 Serological identification of embryonic neural proteins as highly immunogenic tumor antigens in small cell lung cancer.
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