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26761001 Missense mutations causing Snyder-Robinson Syndrome resulting in dysfunctional spermine synthase cause the destabilization of the protein.
23696453 Results show that p.Y328C, a missense mutation in SMS is responsible for the patients having a mild form of Snyder-Robinson syndrome.
23468611 Studied human spermine synthase activity by engineered mutations.
23408511 This observation is used to demonstrate, computationally and experimentally, that a particular condition, Snyder-Robinson syndrome caused by the G56S spermine synthase mutation, might be ameliorated by small molecule binding.
22258329 spermine synthase activity and the resulting elevation of the spermine:spermidine ratio does not alter susceptibility to tumor development initiated by c-Ha-Ras mutation or Apc loss
21647366 the mutability of spermine synthase
21318891 Mutations in the spermine synthase have been shown to be responsible for an X-linked intellectual disability condition known as Snyder-Robinson syndrome.
21152090 each gene was associated with at least one main outcome: anxiety (SAT1, SMS), mood disorders (SAT1, SMOX), and suicide attempts (SAT1, OATL1).
20059804 the genetic and epigenetic factors examined in this study show little influence on the expression level of SMS in suicide completers.
19277733 Data suggest that disruption of spermine synthase function may negatively affect regional brain volumes that subserve cognitive and motor abilities.
19206178 A missense mutation, p. V132G, in the X-linked SMS gene causes Snyder-Robinson syndrome.
18550699 Study reports the identification of a novel mutation at a highly conserved residue within the N-terminal region of spermine synthase (SMS) in a second family with Snyder-Robinson X-linked mental retardation syndrome.

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YLELWVFYTVWKKAKP                                                          351 - 366

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