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26832416 the replication stress response protein SMARCAL1 is a critical regulator of alternative lengthening of telomeres activity.
26648259 SMARCAL1 negatively regulates c-myc transcription by altering the conformation of its promoter region during differentiation.
26578802 results provide the first identification, to our knowledge, of an endogenous source of replication stress that requires SMARCAL1 for resolution and define differences between members of this class of replication fork-repair enzymes.
26195148 Mutations in human SMARCAL1 that result in loss in ATPase activity lead to increased replication stress and therefore possibly manifestation of Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia.
26089390 The results suggest that Smarcal1 enhances nonhomologous end-joining repair, presumably by interacting with RPA at unwound single-strand sequences and then facilitating annealing at double-strand-break ends.
25319549 the role of SMARCAL1 in the pathogenesis of Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia
24910198 Conserved motifs are required for RPA32 binding the the N-terminus of SMARCAL1.
24730652 study reports the characterization of the RPA32C-SMARCAL1 interface at the molecular level; implications of results are discussed with respect to the recruitment of SMARCAL1 and other DNA damage response and repair proteins to stalled replication forks
24589093 report provided the clinical and genetic description of a mild phenotype of Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia associated with nephrotic proteinuria, decreasing after combined therapy with ACE inhibitors and sartans.
24565939 In addition to its annealing helicase activity, which eliminates the natural binding substrate for RPA, HARP blocks the phosphorylation of RPA by DNA-PK.
24197801 We present here the first evidence of intrinsic chromosomal instability in a severe SMARCAL1-deficient patient with a clinical picture of SIOD.
23873943 ATR phosphorylates SMARCAL1 on S652, thereby limiting its fork regression activities and preventing aberrant fork processing
23671665 Data suggest that replication protein A (RPA) brings a complex of SMARCAL1 and WRN to stalled forks, but that they may act in different pathways to promote fork repair and restart.
23630135 Schimke Immunoosseous Dysplasia associated with undifferentiated carcinoma and a novel SMARCAL1 mutation in a child.
22995303 Review of advances in understanding of the biochemical and cellular functions of SMARCAL1 made over the recent years and discussion of the rationale for development of SMARCAL1 inhibitors as novel anticancer therapies. [Review]
22378147 SMARCAL1 annealing helicase buffers fluctuations in gene expression and that alterations in gene expression contribute to the penetrance of SIOD.
22279047 SMARCAL1 continuously surveys replication forks for damage
21525954 HARP domain endows HARP with this ATP-driven annealing helicase activity.
21327070 loss of SMARCAL1 function in patients may cause DNA replication-associated genome instability that contributes to the pleiotropic phenotypes of Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20179009 Novel compound mutations of SMARCAL1 associated with severe Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia in a Chinese patient.
19841479 SMARCAL1 is a novel DNA damage-binding protein involved in replication fork stabilization.
19793864 ARP is recruited to stalled replication forks via its direct interaction with Replication protein A (RPA)
19793863 the interaction of HARP with RPA increases the concentration of annealing helicase activity in the vicinity of ssDNA regions to facilitate processes such as DNA repair
19793862 SMARCAL1 directly interacts with Replication protein A (RPA) and is recruited to sites of DNA damage in an RPA-dependent manner
19752368 Donor serum SMARCAL1 may serve as a specific, sensitive, and noninvasive predictive marker in the assessment of cardiac graft quality.
19127206 SMARCAL1 mutations: a cause of prepubertal idiopathic steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome. (Case Report).
18974355 study found that HARP is an ATP-dependent annealing helicase that rewinds single-stranded DNA bubbles that are stably bound by replication protein A
18805831 SMARCAL1 binds chromatin in vivo and that Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia arises from impairment of diverse SMARCAL1 functions
18520775 SMARCAL1 deficiency may influence brain development and function in addition to its previously recognized effect on cerebral circulation.
18356746 Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia (SIOD) severity within the same family might be modified by the splicing machinery. The renal expression pattern of SMARCAL1 explains a broader spectrum of renal disease in SIOD than previously described.
16840568 Mutated in Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia, a fatal autosomal recessive disorder.
16237566 Missense mutation in the SMARCAL1 gene is associated with mild Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia.
12471207 Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia: a patient who has survived to 20 years despite having a homozygous SMARCAL1 nonsense mutation and severe early onset disease

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26648259 2015 SMARCAL1 Negatively Regulates C-Myc Transcription By Altering The Conformation Of The Promoter Region.
26578802 2015 SMARCAL1 maintains telomere integrity during DNA replication.
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26089390 2015 Smarcal1 promotes double-strand-break repair by nonhomologous end-joining.
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24126761 2013 hPrimpol1/CCDC111 is a human DNA primase-polymerase required for the maintenance of genome integrity.
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22705370 2012 The HARP-like domain-containing protein AH2/ZRANB3 binds to PCNA and participates in cellular response to replication stress.
22378147 2012 Penetrance of biallelic SMARCAL1 mutations is associated with environmental and genetic disturbances of gene expression.
22279047 2012 SMARCAL1 catalyzes fork regression and Holliday junction migration to maintain genome stability during DNA replication.
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19841479 2009 Identification of SMARCAL1 as a component of the DNA damage response.
19793864 2009 The annealing helicase HARP protects stalled replication forks.
19793863 2009 The annealing helicase HARP is recruited to DNA repair sites via an interaction with RPA.
19793862 2009 The SIOD disorder protein SMARCAL1 is an RPA-interacting protein involved in replication fork restart.
19793861 2009 The annealing helicase SMARCAL1 maintains genome integrity at stalled replication forks.
19752368 2009 Donor serum SMARCAL1 concentrations predict primary graft dysfunction in cardiac transplantation.
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