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PubMed Score 97.74
PubTator Score 126.84

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  Differential Expression (27)

Disease log2 FC p
astrocytic glioma -2.500 2.3e-03
oligodendroglioma -2.000 3.1e-02
glioblastoma -2.400 1.1e-02
osteosarcoma 1.676 1.8e-02
posterior fossa group A ependymoma 2.000 5.0e-07
cystic fibrosis 1.194 9.7e-04
medulloblastoma -1.700 3.1e-02
Atopic dermatitis -1.100 3.7e-02
adrenocortical carcinoma -2.387 4.0e-03
primary pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma 1.105 1.4e-02
non-small cell lung cancer -2.152 7.0e-24
intraductal papillary-mucinous adenoma (... -2.900 1.4e-04
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... -3.100 1.5e-04
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... -2.100 2.0e-02
lung cancer -2.600 2.0e-06
fibroadenoma -1.200 3.3e-02
interstitial cystitis -1.200 5.5e-03
lung adenocarcinoma -2.800 1.7e-11
adult high grade glioma -2.300 3.2e-03
atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor 1.700 9.3e-03
invasive ductal carcinoma -1.500 9.9e-03
severe Alzheimer's disease -1.105 3.2e-02
lung carcinoma -3.500 2.7e-26
breast carcinoma -1.400 2.7e-20
ovarian cancer -2.800 1.7e-10
pituitary cancer -2.600 1.2e-05
pancreatic cancer 1.200 1.4e-02

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26713366 These results suggest that Slit2/Robo1 binding exerts an effect on cell migration, which is negatively regulated by Robo4, and Robo1 may function by interacting with CdGAP in HUVECs.
26542734 Overexpression of Slit2 induces its tumor suppressive effects in Breast cancer.
26400100 our findings indicated that Slit2/Robo1 axis possibly be regarded as a significant clinical parameter for predicting brain metastasis in breast cancer patients.
26282852 temporary up-regulation in remodeling vessel and down-regulation in remodeled vessel of polygonal-shape extravillous trophoblast cells occurred in tubal pregnancies
26264936 Significantly increased serum Slit2 levels and hepatic expression of Slit2 and Robo1 were observed in patients with liver fibrosis.
26026792 Mutations of the SLIT2-ROBO2 pathway genes SLIT2 and SRGAP1 confer risk for congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract
26021305 Slit2-exon 15 splicing variants have different roles in angiogenesis and HUVEC permeability
26002231 VEGFR2 activation was not affected by Slit2, but eNOS phosphorylation was diminished
25786906 Data indicate that SLIT2, miR-218-1, RET/PLAG1 and SLIT2/ROBO1 pathway involved in Hirschsprung's disease.
25605242 Slit2/Robo1 signaling promotes intestinal tumorigenesis through Src-mediated activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway.
25590802 SLIT2 expression and cancer-associated fibroblasts are correlated with neural remodeling.
25490006 Results provide novel evidence that low expression of SLIT2 correlates with poor prognosis and promotes metastasis in ESCC, which may be regulated by the Cdc42-mediated pathways.
25489114 data may explain why fibrocytes are rarely observed in healthy tissues, may suggest that the relative levels of Slit2 present in healthy tissue and at sites of fibrosis may have significant effect on decision of monocytes to differentiate into fibrocytes
25465073 Inactivation of SLIT2 and/or ROBO1 is one of the early events in development of dysplastic lesions of head and neck and has prognostic importance.
25333347 PDGFD, CDH1 and SLIT2 are upregulated in low grade meningiomas and schwannomas compared with healthy tissue.
25329354 reduced expression in obese placenta and in primary trophoblast cells treated with pro-inflammatory mediators IL-1beta, TNF-alpha and LPS
25130654 Slit2 is decreased in human myometrium after labor and knock-down studies describe an anti-inflammatory effect of Slit2 in myometrial cells.
25114073 These findings of this study demonstrated that Slit2 overexpression may be responsible for AD-like alterations and the increased BBB permeability in these mice
24981056 Data show that ubiquitin specific peptidase 33 (USP33) mediates nerve tissue proteins Slit-Robo signaling in lung cancer cell migration.
24840330 Results suggest that Slit2 might be involved in skin tumorigenesis.
24777535 In this review, we summarize recent findings demonstrating that the neuronal guidance cues, Slit and Roundabout (Robo), prevent the migration of multiple leukocyte subsets towards diverse inflammatory chemoattractants.
24673457 Biological activity of Slit2 and its binding to Robo1 have no affect on the dimer formation of Robo1.
24448236 An N-terminal SLIT2 cleavage fragment stimulated such migration.
24297051 Slit2 knockdown promotes gastric cancer growth and metastasis through activation of the AKT/betacatenin-mediated signaling pathway.
24287947 Slit2 is downregulated in renal cell carcinoma and may have a role as a tumor suppressor
24272999 Slit2-Robo4 is a key regulator of endothelial inflammation, and its dysregulation during endotoxemia is a novel mechanism for LPS-induced vascular pathogenesis.
23933755 Slit2 was highly expressed in gastric cancer patients with less advanced clinicopathological features. Slit2 levels were correlated with beta-catenin level and subcellular localization.
23702092 Slit2 inhibits Andes virus and Hantaan virus induced permeability and adherens junctions disassembly of pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells by interactions with Robo4
23694962 Hypermethylation of SLIT2 is associated with colorectal cancer.
23671423 Loss of expression of SLIT2 by promoter hypermethylation and loss of heterozygosity events is significantly associated with serrated adenoma development
23381221 hypomethylation of LINE-1 and hypermethylation of SLIT2, MAL and IGFBP7 were frequently detected in NSCLCs and associated with various clinical features.
23333304 HIV-1 Vif upregulates the expression of slit homolog 2 (SLIT2) in Vif-expression T cells
23314850 SLIT2 suppresses colon tumor metastasis, and it exerts its suppressive activity against colorectal cancer metastasis by restraining AKT-GSK3beta signaling.
23294842 N-terminal of Slit2 inhibits HIV-1 replication by regulating the actin cytoskeleton
23294842 HIV-1 Vif upregulates the expression of slit homolog 2 (SLIT2) in Vif-expression T cells
23119100 Data indicate that slit2N alters the localization and binding of Robo1 to WASp and LSP1 in HIV-1-gp120-treated immature dendritic cells (iDCs).
23119100 HIV-1 Vif upregulates the expression of slit homolog 2 (SLIT2) in Vif-expression T cells
22898079 Silencing of miRNA-218 promotes migration and invasion of breast cancer via Slit2-Robo1 pathway
22875847 Slit2 overexpression increases the lesion size in endometriosis and increases microvessel density.
22865890 The cell motility modulator Slit2 is a potent inhibitor of platelet function.
22826604 we report that the tumorigenic potential of breast cancer cells is determined by an interaction between the Robo1 receptor and its ligand Slit2
22719878 data suggests the importance of abrogation of SLIT2-ROBO1 and SLIT2-ROBO2 interactions in the initiation and progression of CACX and also for early diagnosis and prognosis of the disease
22613430 aberrant methylation of the SLIT2 promoter was present in ovarian tissue from 29/36 (80.6%) ovarian cancer patients, but not in the 25 healthy controls; hypermethylation of the SLIT2 promoter may be a relatively early event in ovarian cancer
22532293 Methylation of SLIT2 gene is associated with colorectal neoplasia in ulcerative colitis and Crohn's colitis.
22315090 Promoter methylation status analysis of hereditary breast tumors revealed high methylation frequencies for the three genes (67% RASSF1A, 80% SLIT2, and 72% WIF1).
22241990 targeting Slit2/Robo4 signaling may protect the integrity of the lymphatic barrier and limit the dissemination of HIV in the host.
22241990 HIV-1 Vif upregulates the expression of slit homolog 2 (SLIT2) in Vif-expression T cells
22198087 New insights into the role of Slit proteins during the angiogenic process that relies on the directional migration not only of endothelial cells but also of pericytes.
22011669 We confirmed that the expression of SLIT2 in squamous cell carcinoma is regulated by DNA methylation of its specific promoter region.
21986575 Over-expression of human Slit2 in transgenic mouse significantly increased brain vessel density and the permeability of brain vessels to large molecules.
21894562 Slit2 promoter hypermethylation appears to be responsible for functionally silencing Slit2 expression
21857494 studies demonstrate a novel role for Slit2/Robo1 axis in HIV replication and may contribute to the understanding of HIV-1 pathogenesis
21686327 SLIT-ROBO signaling potentially contributes to the development of diabetic retinopathy.
21627385 SLIT2 is epigenetically silenced in ovarian cancers.
21465248 three major members (Slit2/3 and Robo1) of Slit/Robo family are widely expressed in the human normal and malignant ovarian tissues; but Slit/Robo signaling may not play an important role in regulating human ovarian cancer cell proliferation and migration
21385904 Data show that epigenetic silencing of SLIT2 promoter was discovered as an underlying mechanism by which miR-218 is suppressed in NPC.
21349947 Findings establish the critical role of the neuronal differentiation factor NeuroD1 in neuroblastoma as well as its functional relationship with the neuronal repellent factor Slit2.
21283129 Colorectal carcinoma cells secrete Slit2 for signaling through Robo1 expressed on these same cells.
21264840 Because slit2-DeltaE15 splice variant is present in low invasive cancer cells and nontumor lung tissues, loss of this splice variant is an important event in tumor progression and invasion
20944010 the newly identified Slit2 gradient at the bronchus-alveoli axis induces attractive PI3K signaling in eosinophils and repulsive srGAP1 signaling in neutrophils through differential srGAP1 expression during lung inflammation.
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20438712 these findings reveal that through interacting with Robo1, Slit2 is a novel and potent lymphangiogenic factor and contributes to tumor lymphatic metastasis.
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20375003 Activating with the soluble ligand Slit an endothelium-specific, Robo4-dependent signaling pathway that strengthens the vascular barrier, diminishing deleterious aspects of the host's response to the pathogen-induced cytokine storm.
20198315 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20153733 These results suggest that Slit2 may play an important role in the pathogenesis of temporal lobe epilepsy
20068157 Findings indicate that SLIT2 suppresses lung cancer progression, defining it as a novel "theranostic" factor with potential as a therapeutic target and prognostic predictor in lung cancer.
20029409 This study suggested that the importance of axonal guidance genes(SLIT2) in shaping an individual's vulnerability to suicidality, likely in the direction of the aggression/impulsivity endophenotype.
20029409 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20008733 Downregulation of Slit2 expression is associated with gliomas.
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19855388 data reveal that a Slit2-Robo4-paxillin-GIT1 network inhibits the cellular protrusive activity underlying neovascularization and vascular leak, and identify a new therapeutic target for ameliorating diseases involving the vascular system
19851296 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19759280 Slit2 potently inhibits chemotaxis but not random motion of circulating neutrophils
19706539 Data uncover a previously unknown function of USP33 and reveal a new player in Slit-Robo signaling in cancer cell migration.
19550140 The SLIT2 5' CpG island is methylated in chronic and acute lymphocytic leukemia.
19498462 Fourth Slit2 domain heparan sulphate binding contributes to a Slit-Robo signalling mechanism more intricate than previously thought.
19351956 HDAC5 represses angiogenic genes, such as FGF2 and Slit2, which causally contribute to capillary-like sprouting of endothelial cells.
19350278 gene variants in SLIT2 are rare causes of VUR in humans. Our results provide further evidence for the genetic heterogeneity of this disorder
19350278 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19100240 These results suggest that epigenetic inactivation of SLIT2 in hepatocellular carcinomas (HCC) may be important in the development and progression of HCC.
19048120 Slit2 inhibits tumor growth and metastasis of fibrosarcoma and squamous cell carcinoma and its effect on cell cycle and apoptosis signal pathways is an important mechanism for Slit2-mediated tumor suppression
19033678 Slit2 plays a role in regulating in vitro osteoblast differentiation.
18829537 Slits are negative regulators of Sdf1 and Cxcr4 in breast cancer cells.
18611862 Slit-2-overexpressing breast cancer cells exhibit tumor suppressor capabilities through the novel mechanism of beta-catenin modulation.
17968499 a chemorepulsive effect mediated by interaction of Slit2 and Robo1 participates in glioma cell guidance in the brain.
17903301 Genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17848514 the crystal structures of the second LRR domain of human Slit2 and the minimal complex between these proteins (Slit2 D2-Robo1 Ig1).
17609981 Inactivation of SLIT2-ROBO1 signaling pathway may have an important role in uterine cervical carcinoma development.
17496152 SLIT2 mRNA decreases with vascular function decline in pulmonary fibrosis.
17448996 long-range Ca(2+) signaling coordinates the Slit-2-induced changes in motility at two distant parts of migrating neurons by regulating RhoA distribution
17268810 Slit2 induces targeted migration and may play a role in brain metastasis of breast cancer cells.
16840550 Slit-2 inhibited neurite outgrowth in stem cell cultures.
16636676 Both medulloblastoma and glioma tumors express Robo1 and Slit2, but only medulloblastoma invasion is inhibited by recombinant Slit2 protein.
16439689 Slit2 inhibits vascular smooth muscle cell migration by suppressing small GTPase Rac1 activation.
16162649 evidence showing that Slit1 and Slit2 proteins are selective inhibitors and repellents for dorsally projecting, but not for ventrally projecting, cranial motor axons
14645233 effect of Slit (=Slit-2) on the metastatic properties of breast cancer cells
12881718 Our data indicate that SLIT2 is frequently inactivated by promoter region CpG island hypermethylation in gliomas and may be a good candidate for a glioma tumour suppressor gene (TSG) located at 4p15.2.
12615722 SLIT2 is an excellent candidate tumor suppressor gene for colorectal cancer.
12384551 SLIT2, a human homologue of the Drosophila Slit2 gene, has tumor suppressor activity and is frequently inactivated in lung and breast cancers.
12141424 Analysis of alternative splicing and conserved domains in human and mouse slit genes

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PMID Year Title
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25605242 2015 Slit2/Robo1 signaling promotes intestinal tumorigenesis through Src-mediated activation of the Wnt/?-catenin pathway.
25590802 2015 Stromal SLIT2 impacts on pancreatic cancer-associated neural remodeling.
25490006 2015 Deregulation of SLIT2-mediated Cdc42 activity is associated with esophageal cancer metastasis and poor prognosis.
25489114 2014 Fibroblasts secrete Slit2 to inhibit fibrocyte differentiation and fibrosis.
25465073 2015 Frequent inactivation of SLIT2 and ROBO1 signaling in head and neck lesions: clinical and prognostic implications.
25333347 2014 Global expression profile in low grade meningiomas and schwannomas shows upregulation of PDGFD, CDH1 and SLIT2 compared to their healthy tissue.
25329354 2015 Slit2 exerts anti-inflammatory actions in human placenta and is decreased with maternal obesity.
25130654 2014 Slit2 is decreased after spontaneous labour in myometrium and regulates pro-labour mediators.
25114073 2015 Increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier and Alzheimer's disease-like alterations in slit-2 transgenic mice.
24981056 2014 USP33, a new player in lung cancer, mediates Slit-Robo signaling.
24840330 2014 Slit2 promotes tumor growth and invasion in chemically induced skin carcinogenesis.
24777535 2015 Slit2-Robo signaling in inflammation and kidney injury.
24673457 2014 Roundabout 1 exists predominantly as a basal dimeric complex and this is unaffected by binding of the ligand Slit2.
24448236 2014 Axon guidance factor SLIT2 inhibits neural invasion and metastasis in pancreatic cancer.
24297051 2014 Knockdown of Slit2 promotes growth and motility in gastric cancer cells via activation of AKT/?-catenin.
24287947 2014 Reduced expression of Slit2 in renal cell carcinoma.
24272999 2014 Slit2-Robo4 pathway modulates lipopolysaccharide-induced endothelial inflammation and its expression is dysregulated during endotoxemia.
23933755 2013 Slit2 expression and its correlation with subcellular localization of ?-catenin in gastric cancer.
23702092 2013 Slit2-Robo4 receptor responses inhibit ANDV directed permeability of human lung microvascular endothelial cells.
23694962 2013 DNA methylation biomarkers for noninvasive diagnosis of colorectal cancer.
23671423 2013 Loss of expression and promoter methylation of SLIT2 are associated with sessile serrated adenoma formation.
23381221 2013 Aberrant methylation of LINE-1, SLIT2, MAL and IGFBP7 in non-small cell lung cancer.
23376485 2013 Proteomic analysis of podocyte exosome-enriched fraction from normal human urine.
23314850 2013 SLIT2 inhibits cell migration in colorectal cancer through the AKT-GSK3? signaling pathway.
23294842 2013 N-terminal Slit2 inhibits HIV-1 replication by regulating the actin cytoskeleton.
23119100 2012 Slit2N/Robo1 inhibit HIV-gp120-induced migration and podosome formation in immature dendritic cells by sequestering LSP1 and WASp.
22898079 2012 Silencing of miRNA-218 promotes migration and invasion of breast cancer via Slit2-Robo1 pathway.
22875847 2013 Slit2 overexpression results in increased microvessel density and lesion size in mice with induced endometriosis.
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21283129 2011 Slit-Robo signaling induces malignant transformation through Hakai-mediated E-cadherin degradation during colorectal epithelial cell carcinogenesis.
21264840 2011 A novel exon 15-deleted, splicing variant of Slit2 shows potential for growth inhibition in addition to invasion inhibition in lung cancer.
20944010 2010 Slit2 regulates attractive eosinophil and repulsive neutrophil chemotaxis through differential srGAP1 expression during lung inflammation.
20628086 2010 Variation at the NFATC2 locus increases the risk of thiazolidinedione-induced edema in the Diabetes REduction Assessment with ramipril and rosiglitazone Medication (DREAM) study.
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18829537 2008 SLITs suppress tumor growth in vivo by silencing Sdf1/Cxcr4 within breast epithelium.
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11309622 2001 The neuronal repellent Slit inhibits leukocyte chemotaxis induced by chemotactic factors.
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10892742 2000 Repulsive axon guidance: Abelson and Enabled play opposing roles downstream of the roundabout receptor.
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10349621 1998 Distinct but overlapping expression patterns of two vertebrate slit homologs implies functional roles in CNS development and organogenesis.
10197527 1999 Slit2-Mediated chemorepulsion and collapse of developing forebrain axons.
10102269 1999 Vertebrate slit, a secreted ligand for the transmembrane protein roundabout, is a repellent for olfactory bulb axons.
10102268 1999 Slit proteins bind Robo receptors and have an evolutionarily conserved role in repulsive axon guidance.
10102266 1999 Biochemical purification of a mammalian slit protein as a positive regulator of sensory axon elongation and branching.
9813312 1998 Cloning and expressions of three mammalian homologues of Drosophila slit suggest possible roles for Slit in the formation and maintenance of the nervous system.