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23383108 A synthetic peptide corresponding to the immunosuppressive domain (amino acids 574-592) of HIV-1 gp41 upregulates the expression of solute carrier family 16 (aromatic amino acid transporter), member 10 (SLC16A10) in peptide-treated PBMCs
21508134 The strong expression of MCT10 and OATP1C1 in the human hypothalamus indicates a possible role in the regulation of the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid axis.
21486766 Compared with the adult cerebral cortex, mRNAs encoding OATP1A2, OATP1C1, OATP3A1 variant 2, OATP4A1, LAT2 and CD98 were reduced in fetal cortex at different gestational ages, whilst mRNAs encoding MCT8, MCT10, OATP3A1 variant 1 and LAT1 were similar.
21315799 monocarboxylate transporter 10 facilitates bromoacetyl [(125)I] iodothyronine transport, but is not labeled by it
20167367 Increased MCT8 and decreased MCT10 expression within placentae of pregnancies complicated by IUGR may contribute to aberrant development of the fetoplacental unit.
18337592 MCT10 is at least as active a thyroid hormone transporter as hMCT8, and that both transporters facilitate iodothyronine uptake as well as efflux.

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KMLENQNSLLSSSSGMFKKESDSII                                                 491 - 515

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