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27008379 This is the first report for the association between HMGA1 and S100A13 expression in the modulation of thyroid cancer growth and invasion.
24982031 S100A13 interacts with the C2 domain of RAGE.
24722184 S100A13 is involved in cutaneous malignant melanoma resistance to DTIC/TMZ.
21270123 the IL1alpha-S100A13 tetrameric complex is the key complex formed during the non-classical pathway of IL1alpha release
20863990 S100A13 promotes the release of FGF-1 protein, but does not affect the transportation of FGF-1 protein in human umbilical vein endothelial cells.
20208480 S100A13 is expressed in melanocytic lesions when the angiogenic switch occurs and it may cooperate with VEGF-A in supporting the formation of new blood vessels, favoring the shift from radial to vertical tumor growth.
18259052 Despite the high similarity of the backbone conformation in each protomer, the crystal structures of human S100A13 at pH 7.5 and at pH 6.0 exhibit recognizable differences in the relative orientation of the protomers within the dimer
17374362 S100A13 is a homodimer with four EF-hand motifs in an asymmetric unit, displaying a folding pattern similar to other S100 members. S100A13 has the unique structural feature with all alpha-helices being amphiphilic.
17077500 Human S100A13 was heterologously expressed in Escherichia coli, purified and crystallized by the hanging-drop vapour-diffusion method.
16773219 In human astrocytic gliomas, S100A13 was significantly up-regulated in high-grade vascularized gliomas. Moreover, S100A13 expression significantly correlated with microvessel density and tumour grading.
15821778 data show that the expression of endoglin and S100A13 protein corresponds to the activation of the endothelial cells in the process of endometriotic angiogenesis
15033494 S100A13 protein translocation in response to extracellular S100 is mediated by receptor for advanced glycation endproducts in human endothelial cells
12746488 Stress-induced export of IL-1alpha involves the intracellular association with the Cu2+-binding protein, S100A13; the expression of a S100A13 mutant functions as a dominant-negative repressor of IL-1alpha release.
12645008 detected in both cells and fibers of the hippocampus at 12 weeks gestation, slightly stronger at 20 weeks, and then decreased with age. In the temporal cortex, strong in all cellular layers at 12 to 24 weeks, declined with age from 28 weeks onwards.

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LKFNEYWRLIGELAKEIRKKKDLKIRKK                                               71 - 98

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10722710 2000 S100A13. Biochemical characterization and subcellular localization in different cell lines.
10051426 1999 Three distinct anti-allergic drugs, amlexanox, cromolyn and tranilast, bind to S100A12 and S100A13 of the S100 protein family.
9712836 1998 S100A13 is involved in the regulation of fibroblast growth factor-1 and p40 synaptotagmin-1 release in vitro.
8985590 1996 Characterization of the human S100A12 (calgranulin C, p6, CAAF1, CGRP) gene, a new member of the S100 gene cluster on chromosome 1q21.
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