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26297826 an important role of RSUME in cancer and inflammation
25549536 the present report suggest that the association of RWDD3 and TECTA with paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy may have been a false positive signal
25500545 RSUME is expressed in VHL tumors and inhibits VHL and regulates its tumor suppressor function.
23508108 RSUME interacts with glucocorticoid receptor and increases its SUMOylation and transcriptional activity, pointing to SUMO conjugation as the cause for transcriptional stimulation.
23469069 a degree of redundancy of the RSUME variants on the SUMO pathway
22877241 this study failed to replicate a GWAS reporting an association between the 2 SNPs rs2296308 in RWDD3 and rs1829 in the intron of TECTA and time to neuropathy in ovarian cancer patients treated with paclitaxel
22009797 RSUME critically regulates HIF-1a and VEGF-A production and thus might play an important role in pituitary tumour neovascularisation
19407504 BMP-4 and RSUME may be interesting targets for inhibiting steps involved in pituitary tumorigenesis.
17956732 RSUME plays a central role in the regulation of sumoylation and, hence, several critical regulatory pathways in mammalian cells [RSUME].

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