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26606907 Data suggest 5S ribosomal RNA is a direct target of miR-150 and miR-383 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC); overexpression of miR-150 and miR-383 inhibits ESCC cell proliferation in vitro and in vivo and intensifies RPL11/c-Myc interaction.
26362536 HIV-1 Gag interacts with RPL11 as demonstrated by proximity dependent biotinylation proteomics
25829192 Data indicate that ribosomal protein L11 (RPL11)-expressing cells proliferated more rapidly than the ribosomal protein L11 (RPL11)-expressing cells.
25544755 Data indicate that ribosomal protein (L11) promotes the recruitment of microRNA-130a (miR-130a) to oncoprotein c-Myc in response to UV irradiation treatment.
25301064 Ribosomal proteins L11 and L5 activate TAp73 by overcoming MDM2 inhibition.
24463277 levels of branched-chain aminotransferase-1 (BCAT1) transcripts are significantly decreased on the polysomes of both RPS19 and RPL11 cells and that translation of BCAT1 protein is especially impaired in cells with small RP gene mutations
24141778 Findings uncover a mechanism by which RPL5 and RPL11 can co-operatively suppress c-Myc expression, allowing a tightly controlled ribosome biogenesis in cells.
24061479 Unlike other tumor suppressors, RPL5 and RPL11 play essential roles in normal cell proliferation.
24045667 Findings suggest that PICT1 has a crucial role in gastric cancer progression by regulating the MDM2-TP53 pathway through RPL11.
23874603 HIV-1 Gag interacts with RPL11 as demonstrated by proximity dependent biotinylation proteomics
23169665 disrupted nucleoli may provide a platform for L5- and L11-dependent p53 activation, implying a role for the nucleolus in p53 activation by ribosomal biogenesis stress
22833095 RPL11 mutations led to a dramatic decrease in progenitor cell proliferation and a delayed erythroid differentiation with a marked increase in apoptosis and G0/1 cell cycle arrest with activation of p53.
22467867 ARF activates p53, at least partly by induction of ribosomal stress, which results in L11 suppression of MDM2
22081073 The studies provide insights on how nucleolar stress through L11 and NEDD8 can activate the transcriptional activity of p53.
21903592 Hydrophilic residues are crucial for ribosomal protein L11 (RPL11) interaction with zinc finger domain of MDM2 and p53 protein activation
21807902 Results identify a novel regulatory paradigm wherein L11 plays a critical role in controlling c-myc mRNA turnover via recruiting miR-24/miRISC in response to ribosomal stress.
20935493 Data report that depletion of L37 leads to cell cycle arrest in a MDM2/L11- and p53-dependent manner.
20554519 Knockdown of L29 or L30 enhanced the interaction of MDM2 with L11 and L5 and markedly inhibited MDM2-mediated p53 ubiquitination, suggesting that direct perturbation of 60 S ribosomal biogenesis activates p53 via L11- and L5-mediated MDM2 suppression.
20378560 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20194507 L11 suppresses c-Myc-dependent and RNA polymerase III-catalyzed transcription of 5 S rRNA and tRNA genes in response to ribosomal stress, ensuring a tight coordination between c-Myc activity and ribosomal biogenesis.
20056613 cells survey the maturation of the small and large ribosomal subunits by separate molecular routes, which may merge in an L11-dependent signaling pathway for p53 stabilization.
19773262 The study reports a high frequency of RPL5 (9.3%) and RPL11 (9.3%) mutations in a Diamond-Blackfan anemia cohort.
19773262 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19713960 identify NEDD8 as a crucial regulator of L11 RP signalling to p53. A decrease in L11 NEDDylation during nucleolar stress causes relocalization of L11 from the nucleolus to the nucleoplasm.
19287375 The cell selectively upregulates the translation of mRNAs with a polypyrimidine tract at their 5'-transcriptional start site (5'-TOP mRNAs), including that encoding rpL11, on impairment of 40S ribosome biogenesis.
19191325 Mutations in RPL11 were identified in two patients from 2 out of 28 families (7.1%).
19061985 RPL11 mutations are associated with abnormal thumbs in Diamond-Blackfan anemia patients.
18560357 L11 cooperates with L5, resulting in a robust inhibition of the E3 activity of MDM2, and a stabilization and activation of p53 approaching that achieved by p14(ARF).
18389627 Transcription factor YY1 participates in activation transcription of the human ribosomal protein L11 gene
17599065 These results identify L11 as a feedback inhibitor of c-Myc and suggest a novel role for L11 in regulating c-Myc-enhanced ribosomal biogenesis.
17116689 Cancer-associated missense mutations targeting MDM2's central zinc finger disrupt the interaction of MDM2 with L5 and L11.
16803902 differentially regulates the levels of ubiquitinated p53 and MDM2 and inhibits the turnover and activity of MDM2 through a post-ubiquitination mechanism
15308643 the MDM2-L5-L11-L23 complex functions to inhibit MDM2-mediated p53 ubiquitination and thus activates p53
15152193 L11 is not regulated by transcription or protein stability and its level remains relatively constant during serum starvation, which induces translocation of L11 from the nucleolus to the nucleoplasm, where it participates in a complex with HDM2
14612427 L11 functions as a negative regulator of HDM2 and there might exist in vivo an L11-HDM2-p53 pathway for monitoring ribosomal integrity

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IADKKRRTGCIGAKHRISKEEAMRWFQQKYDGIILPGK                                    141 - 178

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19773262 2010 Diamond-Blackfan anemia: genotype-phenotype correlations in Italian patients with RPL5 and RPL11 mutations.
19713960 2009 Regulation of nucleolar signalling to p53 through NEDDylation of L11.
19608861 2009 Lysine acetylation targets protein complexes and co-regulates major cellular functions.
19417104 2009 SMG-8 and SMG-9, two novel subunits of the SMG-1 complex, regulate remodeling of the mRNA surveillance complex during nonsense-mediated mRNA decay.
19287375 2009 Absence of nucleolar disruption after impairment of 40S ribosome biogenesis reveals an rpL11-translation-dependent mechanism of p53 induction.
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17116689 2007 Cancer-associated mutations in the MDM2 zinc finger domain disrupt ribosomal protein interaction and attenuate MDM2-induced p53 degradation.
17110929 2006 MDMX regulation of p53 response to ribosomal stress.
16803902 2006 Regulation of the MDM2-p53 pathway by ribosomal protein L11 involves a post-ubiquitination mechanism.
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