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25429852 Different mutations in RLBP1 are correlated with quite different morphological and functional characteristics outlines the complexity of the protein.
24921169 RLBP1 gene is upregulated in patients with reactive retinal astrocytic tumors.
23929416 Patients with retinitis punctata albescens (RPA) show variable degrees of foveal cone death, even at an early stage. This finding has implications for future treatment.
22551409 The two RLBP1 genotypes presented a phenotypical and electrophysiological expression of progressive retinal disease similar to that previously described in homozygotes for the c.700C>T (p.R234W) RLBP1 mutation.
22183382 The R234W mutation reveals impaired 11-cis-retinal release through stabilization of the ligand complex.
22171637 The clinical characteristics of a Japanese patient with a homozygous R234W mutation in RLBP1 are very similar to that of Swedish patients with Bothnia dystrophy.
21904838 Identification of autoantibodies specific for two retinal antigens (CRALBP and S-Ag) supports the concept of an autoimmunological origin of the disease.
21447491 mutations in RLBP1 are responsible for fundus albipunctatus in the affected individuals of these consanguineous Pakistani families.
20801516 Observational study of genetic testing. (HuGE Navigator)
20696998 In the RLBP1-Bothnia dystrophy phenotype, a loss of function and thinning of the central macula are found, indicating early damage of the cone photoreceptors in this disease of the visual cycle.
20591486 Observational study of genetic testing. (HuGE Navigator)
19846785 These results reveal an unanticipated domino-like structural transition causing Bothnia-type retinal dystrophy by the impaired release of 11-cis-retinal from R234W.
19165527 Using shotgun mass spectrometry, we found this protein differentially expressed in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex from patients with schizophrenia
18344446 Bothnia dystrophy is caused by the loss of CRALBP function due to changed physical features and impaired activity of retinoid binding.
18317528 The presence of CRALBP autoantibodies in 54% of tested uveitis patients supports CRALBP as a possible autoantigen in human autoimmune uveitis
17652763 CRALBP transcripts in retinal pigment epithelium cells contain a noncoding exon in addition to a newly described promoter and, by definition, an additional intron
17249612 analysis of CRALBP ligand and protein interactions
17065479 Because of the high density of Alu elements in RLBP1, a systematic search should be made for deletions in this gene when one or both alleles lack point mutations, in the case of RPA or flecked retinal dystrophy.
15953459 A novel mutation in RLBP1 gene was found in a Japanese patient with retinitis punctata albescens. Degenerative changes of the outer retina were detected by optical coherence tomography
15865448 Cellular retinaldehyde binding protein 1 (CRALBP) inhibits the reduction of 11-cis-retinal stronger than the oxidation of 11-cis-retinol, in accord with its higher affinity for 11-cis-retinal.
15234312 Only eight RLBP1 mutations have been reported to date, and here we describe two novel mutations.
14718298 Patients with a clinical presentation of RPA (retinitis punctata albescens) can have genetically different mutations.
12536149 Trp-165, Met-208, Met-222, Met-225, and Trp-244 are components of the CRALBP ligand binding cavity.
12536144 the M225K mutation abolishes and the R233W mutation tightens retinoid binding and both impair CRALBP function in the visual cycle as an 11-cis-retinol acceptor and as a substrate carrier.
11868161 Newfoundland rod-cone dystrophy, an early-onset retinal dystrophy, is caused by splice-junction mutations in RLBP1

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DENILPSDFGGTLPKYDGKAVAEQLFGPQAQAENTAF                                     281 - 317

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