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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 164
PubMed Score 620.51
PubTator Score 381.69

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  Disease (8)

Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Carcinoma 2147 0.0 1.0
Kidney cancer 121 0.0 1.0
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Lissencephaly 61 5.978 3.0
Epilepsy 346 4.407 2.2
Disease Target Count
Epilepsy, familial temporal lobe, 7 1


  Differential Expression (23)

Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis -1.600 7.0e-04
astrocytoma -1.100 8.3e-13
glioblastoma -2.900 6.0e-09
oligodendroglioma -1.200 5.2e-10
group 4 medulloblastoma 2.000 1.4e-02
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor -2.300 2.3e-04
pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma liver m... -1.709 4.3e-03
intraductal papillary-mucinous adenoma (... -3.000 2.8e-04
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... -2.500 7.9e-03
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... -3.000 5.5e-03
lung cancer -2.000 4.2e-05
colon cancer -2.100 2.2e-05
interstitial cystitis 1.700 7.8e-05
adult high grade glioma -3.200 4.2e-05
pilocytic astrocytoma -3.300 8.9e-07
posterior fossa group A ependymoma 1.600 1.5e-05
subependymal giant cell astrocytoma -4.921 9.7e-03
Breast cancer -1.100 3.7e-02
invasive ductal carcinoma -2.038 1.3e-04
lung carcinoma 3.600 8.6e-38
breast carcinoma -1.300 4.5e-23
ovarian cancer -2.200 5.7e-04
pituitary cancer -1.600 7.1e-05

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27071537 Reelin thus plays a role in restraining RAS and PI3-kinase promotion of cell motility and potentially tumour metastasis.
26978229 The features of reelin expression in the brain of fetuses and newborns at 22-40 weeks' gestation with internal HC should be considered as morphological differential and diagnostic criteria for the disease in relation to its etiology.
26523971 These findings suggest a central AKT-FOXG1-reelin signaling pathway in focal malformations of cortical development and support pathway inhibitors as potential treatments or therapies for some forms of focal epilepsy.
26455866 rs7341475 (A/G) and rs262355 (A/T) polymorphisms in RELN gene are inversely associated with SZ risk.
26384575 Among men, but not in women certain genotypes of the RELN gene were significantly associated with the susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease.
26317415 Report demonstrated that the reelin subregion R5-6 consisting of 747 amino acids in the 5th and 6th repeats was sufficient for apoER2 and VLDLR binding, and inhibiting lipoprotein-induced cholesterol accumulation in macrophages.
26305216 the reelin protein blood concentration might be a relevant signal with respect to the pathophysiology of schizophrenia.
26270645 Study shows that early neural cells transiently express Reelin at the time they leave the presumptive olfactory/vomeronasal epithelium and that Dab 1 is present in the migratory cell mass and in the presumptive ensheathing cells in the absence of reelin.
26046367 Heterozygous reelin mutations cause autosomal-dominant lateral temporal epilepsy.
25842846 RELN gene polymorphism rs7341475 C>T is associated with the risk of paranoid schizophrenia in Russians and Tatars.
25648840 pThis study roposed that RELN mutations contribute to the genetic heterogeneity of myoclonus-dystonia.
25067827 RELN expression in the cerebral cortex of subjects with autism is not a consequence of decreased numbers of RELN-expressing neurons
24844606 The results of this study demonstrated the presence of reelin, its receptors VLDLR and ApoER2 as well as Dab1 in the ENS and might indicate a novel role of the reelin system in regulating neuronal plasticity and pre-synaptic functions in the ENS.
24803609 serum reelin may be considered an additional useful parameter for monitoring the progression of hepatic fibrosis in HCV-infected patients specially in those with active rheumatological conditions which result in an increase in serum hyaluronic acid
24643032 Lack of association for RELN is that RELN could be associated with a specific otosclerosis-like phenotype that is different from the histologically confirmed phenotype of the patients in this study.
24599114 Data indicate taht reelin interacts with amyloid beta-protein(1-42) and is sequestered by fibrils.
24453138 the RELN rs362691, rather than rs736707 or GGC repeat variant, might contribute significantly to Autism spectrum disorder risk
24384746 RELN SNPs were associated with Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment. GG genotype at rs2299356 was associated with risk of AD. RELN-rs528528 CT genotype was protective for MCI.
24344333 Data suggest that PS1/gamma-secretase-dependent processing of the reelin receptor ApoER2 inhibits reelin expression and may regulate its signaling.
24252415 Results indicate that aging- and disease-associated changes in Reelin levels and proteolytic processing might play a role in the formation of corpora amylacea by altering cytoskeletal dynamics
24239537 Data indicate that Reelin is up-regulated during erythroid differentiation of erythroleukemic K562 cells.
24227897 In this population, the pathogenic link between the rs39335 variant and otosclerosis was excluded.
24170657 moderate risk of bias show a statistically significant association with the ACE gene, AGT gene, OTSC2, RELN gene, TGFB1 gene, 11q13.1, OTSC2, OTSC5, OTSC8, and OTSC10. [Review]
23951306 reelin expression is altered by Abeta leading to impaired reelin signaling.
23632168 In this review, the signaling protein Reelin, expressed along olfactory and limbic pathways is involved in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.
23287318 The g.504742G>A polymorphic variant in the RELN gene might affect subjects susceptibility toward autism in Chinese Han population.
23277132 results of haplotype analysis might suggest a positive association between variant in RELN and schizophrenia in Chinese Va people
23274163 In human nodular heterotopia specimens, small reelin-positive cells were found in the nodules, corroborating the hypothesis that reelin might be involved in human heterotopic nodular formation.
23236151 Polyglutamine expansion decreased ATXN7 occupancy, which correlated with increased levels of histone H2B monoubiquitination, at the reelin promoter.
23216241 A significant association of intronic SNP rs736707, but not for exonci SNP rs362691, with autism in the South African population is observed.
23082219 The serine protease tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) and two matrix metalloproteinases, ADAMTS-4 and ADAMTS-5, were identified as Reelin cleaving enzymes.
22933789 The reelin pathway has a cell-autonomous and critical role in regulating dendritic development and the integration of adult-generated granule cells, via a pathway that is a key regulator of adult neurogenesis.
22797278 Since reelin is responsible for migration and synapse formation, the decreased gene expression of reelin in the left prefrontal area of schizophrenia patients points to neurodevelopmental deficits in neuronal migration and synaptic plasticity.
22614235 Reelin has a dual role in neuroblastoma Autocrine expression marks low-grade differentiating tumour cells, whereas paracrine Reelin may act as a chemoattractant and promote hematogenic and lymphogenic dissemination in progressed stages.
22495348 Decline of RELN expression in the development of Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathology supports RELN's potential as a pre-clinical marker for AD.
22419519 Variation in genes encoding proteins at the gateway of Reelin signaling: ligands RELN and APOE, their common receptors APOER2 and VLDLR, and adaptor DAB1, was examined.
22394407 show that Reelin-stimulated Notch-1 activation is dependent on Reelin signaling
22393371 Reelin is an essential negative regulator in the TGF-beta1-induced cell migration process, and is suppressed by TGF-beta pathway at the transcriptional level through Snail regulation
22203331 A subset of Focal Cortical Dysplasia type IIIa exists in which loss of Reelin appears to be the common pathogenetic basis.
22023759 the exon 22 C/G marker of Reelin is significantly associated with Alzheimer 's disease in the Greek population
22006802 The RELN promoter did not harbor risk SNPs associated with schizophrenia in the Chinese population.
22006801 Single nucleotide polymorphism of rs7341475 in intron 4 of RELN contributed to Schizophrenia susceptibility in the Chinese population.
21863557 rs362719 of the RELN gene is associated with susceptibility to schizophrenia in Chinese Han, possibly through a gender-specific mechanism.
21844191 analysis of the covalent homodimer of reelin protein linked via its central region
21814183 In mice with an overexpression of reelin protein, behavioral phenotypes related to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are prevented.
21745129 RELN is a susceptibility gene for schizophrenia in Chinese population.
21630058 As being a part of the otic capsule, stapes footplate might be characterized by persisting reelin detectability without mRNA expression. Between these conditions, the etiologic role of RELN is questionable in the pathogenesis of otosclerosis.
21603580 study further supports the connection between RELN dysfunction and psychiatric disorders, and provides a possible functional role for a schizophrenia associated SNP.
21549172 This study describes a positive association between RELN and SZ in the Han Chinese population, and provides genetic evidence to support the gender difference of SZ.
21395570 The presence of ectopically expressed Reelin attracting migrating neurons might be a common mechanism. In patients with a genetic defect the nodular heterotopia are almost exclusively bilateral and located in the periventricular region.
21315259 Reelin regulates cadherin function via Dab1/Rap1 signal pathway to control migrating neurons and lamination in the neocortex.
20882487 Data show the lack of association between SNP rs3914132 of the RELN gene and otosclerosis in India.
20882487 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20847288 Data suggest that reelin may play an important role in controlling invasiveness and metastatic potential of breast cancer cells and that its expression is controlled by promoter methylation.
20734148 Reduced expression of reelin gene is associated with high recurrence rate of hepatocellular carcinoma.
20727978 Among 12 SNPs in the RELN gene, the SNPs rs2711870 and rs2249372 showed significant associations with perseverative error processing. For both SNPs, the A-alleles were related to higher numbers of perseverative errors as compared to the GG genotype.
20727978 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20697953 Association of exon 22 G/C marker or any marker in the vicinity, which is in linkage disequilibrium with this marker with epilepsy in the West Bengal population.
20697953 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20659411 Reelin levels are increased in synovial fluid of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). It could play an important role in RA development and maintenance.
20642811 Four SNPs were significantly associated with otosclerosis; three SNPs are located in the RELN region and the last one is located in the region on chromosome 11.
20642811 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20554749 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20554015 The results of this study did not support previous positive findings and suggest that the four single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) of RELN are unlikely to be associated with childhood autism in Chinese Han population.
20554015 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20468075 The association between rs7341475 and schizophrenia in women was significant (P = 9.0 x 10(-3)), with a calculated odds ratio (OR) of 1.11, and the association between rs17746501 and schizophrenia was significant in four of the new samples.
20468075 Meta-analysis of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20452100 Reelin signaling pathways modulate phosphorylation of tau, the major component of neurofibrillary tangles, either directly or through beta-amyloid pathways that influence tau phosphorylation
20452100 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20442744 Observational study and meta-analysis of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20436377 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20434133 This study does not suggest a significant impact of rs7341475 on brain structure, function, and RELN expression.
20434133 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20431428 Association of single nucleotide polymorphism (rs7341475) in RELN with schizophrenia was replicated in women in another large independent Ashkenazi Jewish collection and confirmed that it applies to both SZ and schizoaffective disorder.
20431428 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20150511 finding suggests that lack of reelin impairs GABAergic Purkinje neuron expression and/or positioning during cerebellar development
20064940 Transgenic reelin has a direct role in promoting rapid morphological differentation and orientation of prospective layer (L6) neurons during preplate splitting.
20053715 In the absence of reelin, cortical layers fail to form due to inappropriate neuron migration and positioning in mouse chimeras.
20025970 These results provide evidence that Reelin expression and processing is altered in several amyloid conditions.
20010491 Reelin, one of the autism candidates, is necessary in regulation of neuronal migration during brain development and also in maintaining synaptic plasticity during postnatal life period
19956836 disruption of the RELN pathway may be involved in gastric carcinogenesis
19948739 Differential functions of ApoER2 and very low density lipoprotein receptor in Reelin signaling depend on differential sorting of the receptors.
19936619 These findings demonstrate for the first time that reelin is present in platelets and the reelin-to-platelet interactions play a novel role in platelet signaling and functions.
19922905 cognitive functions were detected among the affected individuals. We thus propose a particular role for RELN as a modifier gene of the pathogenesis of schizophrenia.
19922905 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19847460 Data further implicate RELN in the pathogenesis of otosclerosis.
19847460 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19720620 ApoEr2 regulates cell movement, and both X11alpha and Reelin enhance this effect.
19713529 Evidence for a role for miR-128 in neuroblastoma progression and aggressiveness through reelin and DCX expression is reported.
19691043 the Reelin gene is associated with bipolar disorder in a sex-specific manner
19691043 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19633980 in epilepsy reelin dysfunction causes granule cell dispersion development, and reelin is important for the maintenance of layered structures in the adult brain [review]
19436241 The genotypic distribution of reelin variant among schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder patients, separately in men and women, was studied.
19401682 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19230858 RELN is implicated in the pathogenesis of otosclerosis.
19230858 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19156168 Clinical trial of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
19086053 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19058789 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19054571 For reelin (RELN) an association was found for a non-synonymous polymorphism (Val997Leu) with left and right ventricular enlargement.
19054571 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18599960 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18597938 The reeln gene is no association with autism spectrum disorder in the Indian population.
18597938 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18593473 Both in vitro Reelin treatment and overexpression of Notch-1 intracellular domain induced BLBP expression and a radial glial phenotype in an immortalized human neural progenitor cell line, isolated from the cortex of 14 weeks old fetus
18449964 data show that Reelin's levels and glycosylation are altered in plasma from patients with cirrhosis, thereby supporting that Reelin is involved in the pathogenesis of liver disease.
18384059 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18282107 found a female-specific association with rs7341475, a SNP in the fourth intron of the reelin (RELN) gene (p = 2.9 x 10(-5) in women with schizophrenia), with a significant gene-sex effect (p = 1.8 x 10(-4))
18282107 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17955477 the possible involvement of RELN gene in the susceptibility to autistic spectrum disorder
17955477 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17870056 The DNA methylation status of the promoter region of RELN was examined by using the pyrosequencing method in the prefrontal cortices of 14 patients with schizophrenia and 13 control subjects.
17696989 reelin binds to apoE receptors activating the PI3 K/Akt pathway causing phosphorylation of BAD which protects cells from apoptosis
17684500 allelic variants of RELN may contribute to the endophenotypes of schizophrenia.
17684500 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17621165 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
17621165 RELN seems to be a good candidate for autism susceptibility.
17548821 Structure of a recptor-binding fragment of reelin reveals a recognition mechanism simlar to endocytic recptors.
17431900 homozygous balanced reciprocal translocations led to RELN gene inactivation
17366345 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17365098 The distribution of reelin in the primary visual cortex is different from other cortical areas examined; reelin is mostly present in the neurons of second and sixth layer.
17360894 Alterations in Reelin processing or signaling may be involved in Alzheimer's disease-related neuronal dysfunction.
17310238 A statistically significant correlation between the levels of DNA methylation in RELN and age was detected in healthy individuals, no such correlations were seen in either schizophrenic or bipolar patients.
16979599 our analysis produces a tentative model of the core region of the Reelin subrepeat sequences and suggests the presence in this 3D model of structural features common to polysaccharide-binding modules which are often found on proteoglycans
16951405 The effect of Dab1 on APP and apoEr2 processing in transfected cells and primary neurons is reported.
16941662 5'UTR of reelin gene may have a role in the susceptibility towards autism with the paternal transmission and non-transmission respectively of 10- and > or =11-repeat alleles, to the affected offspring.
16556465 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
16510495 We found no difference in the expression of DISC1 or reelin mRNA in schizophrenia and no association with previously identified risk DISC1 SNPs
16481437 Reelin signals by binding to two transmembrane receptors, apolipoprotein E receptor 2 (Apoer2) and very-low-density lipoprotein receptor.
16472607 High prevalence of the silencing of RELN pathway components and its reversal by histone deacetylase inhibitors suggest the importance of this pathway as a diagnostic and therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer.
16266828 loss of Reelin results in a type of lissencephaly with severe cortical and cerebellar malformation [review]
15965968 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
15965968 Results weakly support an association of reelin gene variants with schizophrenia as a whole, yet suggest that reelin could be associated with treatment-resistant schizophrenia.
15961543 promoter methylation is important for reduced expression of reelin in schizophrenia
15820235 The mRNAs for Reln were reduced significantly in superior frontal and cerebellar areas of autistic brains.
15718228 Dab1 regulates both cell surface expression and internalization of Reelin receptors
15690491 In the adult human neocortex, reelin-i was widespread and present in intracellular locations in cortical neuron somata and in glial cells.
15655250 In this review of the role of reelin during cerebral cortex development, specific emphasis is placed on the mechanisms by which the extracellular protein reelin regulates neuronal positioning at the end of migration.
15558079 An association analysis of five single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of reelin (RELN) and a repeat in the 5'-untranslated region (5'-UTR) were conducted. Results strongly suggest RELN is involved in autism susceptiblity.
15464360 Reelin might be an extracellular matrix molecule involved in the terminal innervation of the dentin-pulp complex, promoting adhesion between dental nerve endings and odontoblasts.
15048648 Our interpretation of these findings is that it is unlikely that DNA variations in RELN and WNT2 play a significant role in the genetic predisposition to autism.
15048647 Our results are not consistent with a major role for Reelin alleles in liability to autism.
15006702 Reelin was detected in comparable concentrations in the CSF in children and adults, and varied largely from subject to subject with no obvious correlation with age or neurological disease state.
14515139 The analysis of RELN suggests that it probably does not play a major role in autism aetiology
12931209 Study replicates findings of increased interstitial white matter neurons (IWMNs). density, and decreased reelin expression, in schizophrenia. The loss of reelin reflects, at least partly, its decreased expression by IWMNs.
12834112 RELN and DAB1 coexpression in these neurons is necessary for both normal cortical development and mature function.
12645087 Increased levels of the 180-kDa isoform of reelin in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer's disease suggests the involvement of reelin signaling in neurodegenerative pathologies.
12399956 case-control and affected sib-pair findings did not support a role for RELN in susceptibility to ASD, family-based association study show that RELN alleles with larger numbers of CGG repeats may affect the etiology of autism without delayed phrase speech.
12376533 reelin has a role in PI3-kinase signaling in neuronal growth cones, and in contributes to final neuron positioning in the mammalian brain by local modulation of protein kinase B and glycogen synthase kinase 3beta kinase activities
12363388 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
12363196 We found significant reductions in 410 kDa Reelin species in autistic twins, their fathers, mothers,and phenotypically normal siblings versus controls, suggesting that Reelin 410 deficiency may be a vulnerability factor in the pathology of autism.
12192627 GGC polymorphism of the reelin gene is unlikely to be a major susceptibility factor in autism and/or genetic heterogeneity.
12122039 Decreased expression of reelin mRNA by hippocampal Cajal-Retzius cells correlates with the extent of migration defects in the dentate gyrus of patients with temporal lobe epilepsy
12082559 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
12082559 a single nucleotide polymorphism at the 5' promoter region is associated with schizophrenia
11880184 Upregulation of reelin is associated with tumorigenesis of esophagus
11317216 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)

AA Sequence

RKQNYMMNFSRQHGLRHFYNRRRRSLRRYP                                           3431 - 3460

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