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26158537 RCC2 exhibits guanine exchange factor activity, in vitro and in cells, for the small GTPase RalA. RCC2 and RalA apparently work together to contribute to the regulation of kinetochore-microtubule interactions in early mitosis.
25910952 Impaired RCC2 affects functional and clinical endpoints of colorectal cancer. High-risk patients with either MSI or MSS tumors can be identified with cost-effective routine RCC2 assays.
23442884 MiR-29c is downregulated in gastric carcinomas and regulates cell proliferation by targeting RCC2.
23388455 TD-60 is an essential regulator of cell cycle progression during interphase.
22944692 Positional proteomics analysis identifies the cleavage of human regulator of chromosome condensation 2 (RCC2) at amino acid residues 56-57 by the HIV-1 protease
22282019 a complex containing cortactin and RCC2/TD60 complex that may play a functional role in cells undergoing mitosis.
20873769 Studies indicated that DDX21, HNRNPC, and RCC2 were isolated from Ku86 multicomponent complex in response to DNA damage.
19738201 Dysregulation of Rac1 and Arf6 function by RCC2 knockdown also abolished persistent migration along fibronectin fibers, indicating a functional role for RCC2 in directional cell movement.
18849993 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
12919680 Data show that TD-60 is a member of the RCC1 family and that it binds preferentially the nucleotide-free form of the small G protein Rac1.

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MGYSHSLVIARDESETEKEKIKKLPEYNPRTL                                          491 - 522

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PMID Year Title
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25910952 2015 Regulator of Chromosome Condensation 2 Identifies High-Risk Patients within Both Major Phenotypes of Colorectal Cancer.
25074804 2014 Coronin-1C and RCC2 guide mesenchymal migration by trafficking Rac1 and controlling GEF exposure.
24403052 2014 Germline sequence variants in TGM3 and RGS22 confer risk of basal cell carcinoma.
23442884 2013 MiR-29c is downregulated in gastric carcinomas and regulates cell proliferation by targeting RCC2.
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9914378 1998 Colocalization of TD-60 and INCENP throughout G2 and mitosis: evidence for their possible interaction in signalling cytokinesis.
7559776 1995 Delay of HeLa cell cleavage into interphase using dihydrocytochalasin B: retention of a postmitotic spindle and telophase disc correlates with synchronous cleavage recovery.
1939370 1991 Telophase disc: a new mammalian mitotic organelle that bisects telophase cells with a possible function in cytokinesis.