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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 42
PubMed Score 100.25
PubTator Score 59.82

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  Differential Expression (24)

Disease log2 FC p
malignant mesothelioma -1.300 1.7e-02
astrocytic glioma -1.400 1.6e-02
psoriasis 1.600 3.9e-117
glioblastoma -3.300 1.9e-06
oligodendroglioma -1.400 5.5e-07
osteosarcoma -3.857 4.5e-05
posterior fossa group A ependymoma -3.700 2.5e-11
group 4 medulloblastoma -4.900 1.8e-06
cystic fibrosis -3.954 5.1e-07
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor -3.900 1.3e-06
medulloblastoma, large-cell -5.600 4.7e-07
primitive neuroectodermal tumor -2.500 6.8e-03
Atopic dermatitis 1.100 7.5e-04
lung cancer -1.600 5.9e-04
sarcoidosis 1.700 4.6e-02
interstitial cystitis 2.200 1.2e-03
pediatric high grade glioma -2.800 1.3e-05
pilocytic astrocytoma -3.800 4.4e-08
primary Sjogren syndrome 2.300 2.4e-04
invasive ductal carcinoma 1.357 1.0e-02
lung carcinoma -1.600 4.2e-07
ulcerative colitis 2.600 1.3e-06
ovarian cancer -1.300 8.4e-03
Down syndrome -1.200 2.2e-03

Gene RIF (25)

26076219 This study aimed to replicate and verify the association of RASGRP1 tag single-nucleotide polymorphisms with T2D in a Chinese Han population.
23908768 present a crystal structure of a fragment of RasGRP1 in which the Ras-binding site is blocked by an interdomain linker and the membrane-interaction surface of RasGRP1 is hidden within a dimerization interface
22961080 A genome-wide association study identifies GRK5 and RASGRP1 as type 2 diabetes loci in Chinese Hans.
22116551 cooperation between aberrant expression of RasGRP1, a strong activator of Ras, and secondary gain-of-function mutations of NOTCH1 have an important role in T-cell leukemogenesis
21976405 remission in systemic lupus erythematosus activity associated with decreased RasGRP-1 expression in lymphocytes
21968647 PAQR10 and PAQR11 are able to interact with RasGRP1, a guanine nucleotide exchange protein of Ras, and increase Golgi localization of RasGRP1. The C1 domain of RasGRP1 is both necessary and sufficient for the interaction of RasGRP1 with PAQR10/PAQR11.
21966541 Basal LAT-diacylglycerol-RasGRP1 signals in T cells maintain TCRalpha gene expression.
21856938 SDF-1 treatment of T cells induced the formation of a novel molecular signaling complex containing RasGRP1, Galphai2, and ZAP-70.
21815871 This is the first study aimed at evaluating CalDAG-GEFI gene sequences in people with mucocutaneous bleeding of unknown cause.
20670164 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
19960345 Data show that the RASGRP1/APTX gene expression ratio was higher in the responder while the AKAP13 expression was higher in the non-responders.
19465406 Studied RASGRP1, found 1 locus, mapping to a linkage disequilibrium (LD) block at chr15q14, reached statistical significance by combining results from two markers.
19100522 A proapoptotic signaling pathway involving RasGRP, Erk, and Bim in B cells
19058789 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18840781 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18760455 Stimulation of human mast cells by activated T cells leads to N-Ras activation through Ras guanine nucleotide releasing protein 1.
17878389 identify 13 new splice variants of the human RasGRP1 gene
17702895 Essential role for Rap1 GTPase and its guanine exchange factor CalDAG-GEFI in LFA-1 mediated human T-cell adhesion.
17658605 These results suggest that SKAP55 modulates signal transduction from the T cell antigen receptor to Ras by binding to RasGRP1.
17576779 CalDAG-GEFI as a critical regulator of inside-out integrin activation in human T lymphocytes, neutrophils, and platelets.
17283063 The unusual RasGRP-SOS interplay results in sensitive and robust Ras activation that cannot be achieved with either activator alone.
17190838 RasGRP1-/- mast cells had markedly reduced degranulation and cytokine production.
15829980 RasGRP1 transgene conferred pre-TCR-independent survival and proliferation of immature thymocytes, suggesting that deregulated expression of RasGRP1 promotes lymphomagenesis by expanding the pool of thymocytes which are susceptible to transformation.
14583629 RasGRP binds to three DAG molecular species, but only DAG-AA and DAG-DHA participate in the modulation of RasGRP-mediated activation of MAP kinases in Jurkat T cells
12845332 in response to Src-dependent activation of phospholipase Cgamma1, the Ras guanine nucleotide exchange factor RasGRP1 translocated to the Golgi where it activated Ras

AA Sequence

YAQKKIESLQLEKSNHVLAQMEQGDCS                                               771 - 797

Text Mined References (49)

PMID Year Title
26076219 2015 Common RASGRP1 Gene Variants That Confer Risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
24390342 2014 Genetics of rheumatoid arthritis contributes to biology and drug discovery.
24132900 2013 Genome-wide association study of atypical psychosis.
23908768 2013 Structural analysis of autoinhibition in the Ras-specific exchange factor RasGRP1.
23128233 2012 Host-microbe interactions have shaped the genetic architecture of inflammatory bowel disease.
22961080 2013 A genome-wide association study identifies GRK5 and RASGRP1 as type 2 diabetes loci in Chinese Hans.
22116551 2012 Aberrant expression of RasGRP1 cooperates with gain-of-function NOTCH1 mutations in T-cell leukemogenesis.
21976405 2011 Constitutive abnormal expression of RasGRP-1 isoforms and low expression of PARP-1 in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.
21968647 2012 PAQR10 and PAQR11 mediate Ras signaling in the Golgi apparatus.
21966541 2011 Basal LAT-diacylglycerol-RasGRP1 signals in T cells maintain TCR? gene expression.
21856938 2011 G alpha i2 and ZAP-70 mediate RasGRP1 membrane localization and activation of SDF-1-induced T cell functions.
21829393 2011 Genome-wide association analysis of autoantibody positivity in type 1 diabetes cases.
21815871 2012 Evaluation of the gene encoding calcium and diacylglycerol regulated guanine nucleotide exchange factor I (CalDAG-GEFI) in human patients with congenital qualitative platelet disorders.
20670164 2010 Association of genetic polymorphisms with hepatotoxicity in patients with childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia or lymphoma.
19960345 2010 Phase II trial and prediction of response of single agent tipifarnib in patients with relapsed/refractory mantle cell lymphoma: a Groupe d'Etude des Lymphomes de l'Adulte trial.
19933860 2009 RasGRP1 is required for human NK cell function.
19465406 2009 Association of RASGRP1 with type 1 diabetes is revealed by combined follow-up of two genome-wide studies.
19100522 2009 A proapoptotic signaling pathway involving RasGRP, Erk, and Bim in B cells.
19058789 2009 A common variant in DRD3 receptor is associated with autism spectrum disorder.
18840781 2009 Follow-up analysis of genome-wide association data identifies novel loci for type 1 diabetes.
18760455 2008 Stimulation of human mast cells by activated T cells leads to N-Ras activation through Ras guanine nucleotide releasing protein 1.
18711365 2008 Collaborative genome-wide association analysis supports a role for ANK3 and CACNA1C in bipolar disorder.
17878389 2007 Defective expression of Ras guanyl nucleotide-releasing protein 1 in a subset of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.
17702895 2007 Essential role for Rap1 GTPase and its guanine exchange factor CalDAG-GEFI in LFA-1 but not VLA-4 integrin mediated human T-cell adhesion.
17658605 2008 SKAP55 modulates T cell antigen receptor-induced activation of the Ras-Erk-AP1 pathway by binding RasGRP1.
17576779 2007 A LAD-III syndrome is associated with defective expression of the Rap-1 activator CalDAG-GEFI in lymphocytes, neutrophils, and platelets.
17353931 2007 Large-scale mapping of human protein-protein interactions by mass spectrometry.
17283063 2007 Unusual interplay of two types of Ras activators, RasGRP and SOS, establishes sensitive and robust Ras activation in lymphocytes.
17190838 2007 An essential role for RasGRP1 in mast cell function and IgE-mediated allergic response.
16344560 2006 Diversification of transcriptional modulation: large-scale identification and characterization of putative alternative promoters of human genes.
16076873 2005 Multiple roles of Rap1 in hematopoietic cells: complementary versus antagonistic functions.
15899849 2005 A diacylglycerol-protein kinase C-RasGRP1 pathway directs Ras activation upon antigen receptor stimulation of T cells.
15829980 2005 Deregulated expression of RasGRP1 initiates thymic lymphomagenesis independently of T-cell receptors.
15657177 2005 Phosphorylation of RasGRP3 on threonine 133 provides a mechanistic link between PKC and Ras signaling systems in B cells.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
15334074 2004 CalDAG-GEFI integrates signaling for platelet aggregation and thrombus formation.
15184873 2004 Inverted signaling hierarchy between RAS and RAC in T-lymphocytes.
15060167 2004 Ras activation in Jurkat T cells following low-grade stimulation of the T-cell receptor is specific to N-Ras and occurs only on the Golgi apparatus.
14583629 2004 Diacylglycerols containing Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids bind to RasGRP and modulate MAP kinase activation.
12845332 2003 Phospholipase Cgamma activates Ras on the Golgi apparatus by means of RasGRP1.
12839994 2003 Vav mediates Ras stimulation by direct activation of the GDP/GTP exchange factor Ras GRP1.
12782630 2003 Exchange factors of the RasGRP family mediate Ras activation in the Golgi.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
11919165 2002 Expression of a catalytically inactive form of diacylglycerol kinase alpha induces sustained signaling through RasGRP.
11257115 2001 Diacylglycerol kinase zeta regulates Ras activation by a novel mechanism.
10807788 2000 RasGRP links T-cell receptor signaling to Ras.
10087292 1999 RasGRP, a Ras activator: mouse and human cDNA sequences and chromosomal positions.
9789079 1998 A Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factor enriched highly in the basal ganglia.
9582122 1998 RasGRP, a Ras guanyl nucleotide- releasing protein with calcium- and diacylglycerol-binding motifs.