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26406496 RLIP76 expression is induced by TNF-alpha and follows the induction kinetics of inflammation markers, suggesting that inflammation can influence RLIP76 expression at the blood brain barrier.
26125275 report showed that RLIP76 expression was significantly increased in breast cancer samples and positively correlated with the malignant status of breast cancer patients; results indicated that high RLIP76 expression was associated with poor prognosis of breast cancer patients
26067553 results revealed that the effect of miR-101 on prostate cancer cell apoptosis was due to RLIP76 regulation of the PI3K/Akt/Bcl-2 signaling pathway
25993541 High RLIP76 expression is associated with a poor outcome of meningioma.
25213293 RLIP76 downregulation in HT29 CRC cells suppressed cell growth, enhanced cell apoptosis, induced cell cycle arrest, and inhibited cell invasion by decreasing MMP2 expression.
24839008 RLIP76 is a potential target for developing novel therapeutic strategies for leukemia
24450627 RLIP76 is a node for Rho and Ras family signalling. [Review]
23576547 Activation of RalBP1 during neoplastic epithelial cell transformation induces cytoplasmic accumulation of p27, this event requires p27 Ser-10 phosphorylation by protein kinase B/Akt.
23419874 p300 associates with the RLIP76 promoter via an overlapping cMYB and cETS binding site and regulates RLIP76 promoter activity and its expression.
23276796 RLIP76 may suppress apoptosis and promote the proliferation of glioma cells by direct adenosine triphosphate-dependent xenobiotic transport and by activating the Rac1-JNK signaling pathway.
22549157 RalBP1 protein is an independent predictor of poor survival and early relapse for CRC patients
22331470 RalB-mediated invadopodium formation was dependent on RalBP1/RLIP76; disruption of the ATPase function of RalBP1 impaired invadopodium formation.
21822277 Data show that disrupting either RALA or RALBP1 leads to a loss of mitochondrial fission at mitosis, improper segregation of mitochondria during cytokinesis and a decrease in ATP levels and cell number.
21671802 The impairment of RLIP76 by aaRLIP76 can play a role in the damage of vascular cells from females, contributing to the gender-associated pathogenesis of immune-mediated vascular diseases.
21170262 studies suggest that the expression of RalBP1 is necessary for human cancer cell metastasis; show that the requirement for RalA expression for manifestation of this phenotype is not entirely dependent on a RalA-RalBP1 interaction
20183533 a link between RLIP76 mediated GS-E transport and cell cycle signaling are presented.
19626587 Studies offer strong support for the hypothesis that RLIP76 is an overarching anti-apoptosis mechanism that, if inhibited, can be more broadly effective in the treatment of renal cell carcinoma.
19417134 RLIP76 is an anticancer for kidney cancer: inhibition of RLIP76 function by antibody or its depletion by small interfering RNA or antisense DNA causes marked regression of kidney xenografts in nude mice.
19375851 the accumulation-deficient drug-resistance mediated by RLIP76 can be modulated by inhibition of RLIP76 transport activity by cdc2.
19073149 RLIP76 serves a key effector function for survival of prostate cancer cells; depletion of RLIP76 in mice bearing xenografts of prostate cancer cells leads to near complete regression of established subcutaneous xenografts with no apparent toxic effects.
18976975 Knockdown of ralA binding protein 1 (RALBP1) by siRNA inhibits HIV-1 replication in HeLa P4/R5 cells
18628450 RLIP76 is a fundamental link between biochemical pathways and glutathione-linked metabolism of xenobiotics and stress-degense signaling pathways.
18474607 Hsf-1 causes specific and saturable inhibition of the transport activity of Ralbp1 and that the combination of Hsf-1 and POB1 causes nearly complete inhibition through specific bindings with Ralbp1.
18086001 Observational study of gene-environment interaction and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
18086001 common variants in RLIP76 are unlikely to contribute to epilepsy drug response.
17993611 autoantibodies to RLIP76 play a pathogenetic role in immune-mediated vascular diseases
17982077 the spatiotemporal mobilization of TICAM-1 in response to dsRNA and the formation of the TICAM-1 speckles containing RIP1 and NAP1 are important for the activation of the TLR3-TICAM-1 pathway.
17706599 phosphoprotein mapping of Ral binding protein 1 (RalBP1/Rip1/RLIP76)
17047155 identify a role for caspase-8 in monocytes undergoing macrophagic differentiation, that is, the enzyme activated in an atypical complex down-regulates NF-kappaB activity through RIP1 cleavage.
16890208 Augmenting cellular levels of RLIP76 using purified recombinant RLIP76 increased growth rate in all cells, and restored the sensitivity of RLIP76-/- mouse embryonic fibroblasts to both inhibition through PKCalpha-depletion and stimulation through PMA.
16188027 RLIP76 is the predominant transporter of antiepileptic drugs in the blood brain barrier and may be involved in mechanisms of drug-resistant epilepsy.
16087181 Results identify targets in RLIP76 for phosphorylation by protein kinase C alpha, which may act as substrates for differential transport of doxorubicin.
15707977 These results show for the first time that POB1 can regulate the transport function of RLIP76 and are consistent with our previous studies showing that inhibition of RLIP76 induces apoptosis in cancer cells.
12775724 RLIP/RalBP1 is used as a platform by the mitotic cdk1 to facilitate the phosphorylation of Epsin, which makes Epsin incompetent for endocytosis during mitosis, when endocytosis is switched off.
12632061 RLIP76 has a role in triggering apoptosis in lung cancer cells and synergistically increaseing doxorubicin cytotoxicity
12632060 RLIP76 has a role in Doxorubicin transport in lung cancer
12527936 RLIP76 activity is a general determinant of 4HNE and DOX resistance. Its activity contributes to the drug-resistant phenotype of NSCLC.
12433796 In this review, RLIP76-mediated transport of organic ions has physiological and toxicological relevance which may play an important role in the mechanism of drug resistance.
11732624 We have compared the transport properties of recombinant RLIP76 and human erythrocyte membrane RLIP76.

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AKEQPKAGKEPAKPSPSRDRKETSI                                                 631 - 655

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