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PubMed Score 408.60
PubTator Score 273.19

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  Differential Expression (18)

Disease log2 FC p
Waldenstrons macroglobulinemia 1.581 6.3e-04
Multiple myeloma 2.347 1.9e-04
psoriasis -1.600 2.8e-04
astrocytoma 1.200 3.7e-27
glioblastoma 1.400 2.2e-03
oligodendroglioma 1.300 1.0e-16
osteosarcoma -1.515 1.0e-03
sonic hedgehog group medulloblastoma 1.700 7.5e-09
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 1.500 2.9e-09
medulloblastoma, large-cell 1.900 2.8e-06
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 1.300 8.5e-07
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... 1.100 7.7e-04
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... -1.500 1.3e-03
lung cancer 1.100 1.8e-03
diabetes mellitus -1.200 1.8e-03
cystic fibrosis -1.500 1.3e-04
pediatric high grade glioma 1.200 4.4e-07
ovarian cancer 2.000 1.2e-03

Protein-protein Interaction (12)

Gene RIF (138)

26718491 RACK1 interacts with CNTN2, and the effects of RACK1 on glioma cell growth and differentiation are mediated by CNTN2.
26268370 The results suggest a mode of interaction that allows spectrin to attach to the N-terminal/C-terminal part of RACK through the inter-helical AB and BC loops and adopt a multitude of configurations in between the two limiting configurations.
26199092 RACK1 modulated expression of a series of miRNAs, including the miR-302 cluster. It modulated IL8 expression and tumor invasion through miRNA-302c.
26038599 These findings suggest that RACK1 specifies the RANKL-stimulated activation of p38 MAPK by facilitating the association of MKK6 with TAK1
25901709 we found that RACK1 was overexpressed in three human HCC cell lines and in HCC samples. Activation of the IRE1/XBP1 signaling pathway plays a protective role when HCC cells encounter endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress due to in vitro sorafenib treatment.
25779661 RACK1 pseudosubstrate stimulates leukocytes and may be able to bypass immunosenescence in aging.
25719728 RACK1 predicted poor prognosis in ESCC.
25694432 Data indicate that scaffold protein RACK1 plays a role in IGF-1-mediated protein-tyrosine phosphatase alpha (PTPalpha) tyrosine phosphorylation in MCF-7 Cells.
25686824 We identified five SNPs, especially RACK1 rs3756585T>G, as markers for prognosis of patients with surgically resected non-small cell lung cancer
25650116 we showed that receptor for activated C kinase 1 (RACK1) was expressed in the hippocampus and temporal cortex of the mesial temporal lobe epilepsy human brain
25583988 RACK1 plays an antiapoptotic role during IBDV infection via interaction with VDAC2 and VP5.
25496916 Guanine nucleotide binding protein subunit beta polypeptide 2-like 1 (GNB2L1) is identified to interact with HIV-1 Tat mutant Nullbasic in HeLa cells by LC MS/MS
25489024 RACK1 is phosphorylated by WNK8.
25428880 In conclusion, the expression of hepatitis B virus core protein sensitized hepatocytes to TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis by disrupting the interaction between MKK7 and RACK1.
25416947 RACK1 is an essential determinant for hepatitis C virus translation and infection, its function is conserved for distantly related human and fly viruses
25065497 our study provides a mechanistic insight into how TRPM8 promotes the hypoxic growth adaptation of cancer cells via its promotion of RACK1-mediated stabilization of HIF-1alpha
25048599 Elevated receptor for activated C kinase 1 expression is involved in intracellular Ca2+ influx and potentially associated with compromised regulatory T cell function in patients with asthma.
24947010 findings show that DJ-1 interacts with RACK1 (receptor of activated C kinase 1) and increases its dimerization and protein stability; the DJ-1-RACK1 complex protects neurons from oxidative stress-induced apoptosis
24681954 The TRIM-FLMN protein TRIM45 directly interacts with RACK1 and negatively regulates PKC-mediated signaling pathway.
24591271 These results indicate the intertwined structure of a relatively small and stable protein core and the remaining regions of different levels of flexibility.
24504450 Overexpressed RACK1 is positively correlated with malignant degree of human colorectal carcinoma.
24481459 downregulation of RACK1 expression using an RNA silencing approach in SKVO3 tumor cells significantly suppressed the proliferation, migration and invasion in vitro and tumor growth in vivo.
24436055 a novel role of Voltage-gated sodium channel alpha subunit type I (RACK1) in regulating SCN1A expression that participates in retinoic acid-induced neuronal differentiation of NT2 cells
24008630 The present study highlighted the role of RACK1 in glioma, and demonstrated that RACK1 is a novel promising therapeutic target for glioma treatment
24005669 proangiogenic signals converge to enhance expression and association of RACK1 and vimentin, which regulated FAK, resulting in successful endothelial sprout formation in three-dimensional collagen matrices.
24000012 RACK1 loss-of-function resulted in reduced GSK3beta activity. RACK1 contributes to THP1 cell proliferation through, at least partially, enhancing GSK3beta activity.
23912224 RACK1 expression is important in promoting prostate cancer cell proliferation, invasion and metastasis in vitro and in vivo.
23905995 RACK-1 gene expression was regulated by soluble amyloid Beta precursor protein alpha.
23893384 Data suggest that receptor for activated protein kinase C (RACK1) might be an important therapeutic target in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC).
23651062 present study reveals a novel function for RACK1 to regulate GCM1 activity and placental cell migration and invasion
23636454 These results suggest that a novel RACK1-FlnA interaction is an important regulator of CFTR surface localization.
23608534 a role for a RACK1/JNK/eEF1A2 complex in the quality control of newly synthesized polypeptides in response to stress
23313748 MCM7 interacts with the receptor for activated protein kinase C 1 (RACK1), a protein kinase C (PKC) adaptor, in vivo and in vitro.
23173782 this study reports a novel role of RACK1, physically interacting with PCBP1 and participating in the regulation of human MOR gene expression in neuronal NMB cells.
23125841 Guanine nucleotide binding protein subunit beta polypeptide 2-like 1 (GNB2L1) is identified to interact with HIV-1 Tat mutant Nullbasic in HeLa cells by LC MS/MS
22903704 Overexpressed RACK1 augments JNK activity and thereby promotes hepatocellular carcinoma growth through directly binding to MKK7 and enhancing MKK7 activity.
22869111 crystal structure of human receptor for activated C-kinase 1 (hRack1) protein is reported at 2.45 A resolution
22653060 RACK1 may function as an internal factor involved in the growth and survival of hepatocellular carcinoma
22592183 Overexpressions of RACK1 is associated with stage T1 pulmonary adenocarcinoma.
22558273 Guanine nucleotide binding protein subunit beta polypeptide 2-like 1 (GNB2L1) is identified to interact with HIV-1 Tat mutant Nullbasic in HeLa cells by LC MS/MS
22538239 Rack1 is a Slo binding partner, the cell surface expression of which is upregulated by protein kinase C activation.
22378065 our data demonstrate that the transmembrane receptor Trop-2 is a regulator of PrCa cell adhesion to fibronectin through activation of the beta(1) integrin-RACK1-FAK-Src signaling axis
22334666 integrin alphaLbeta2 engagement by its ligand ICAM-1 promotes the association of kindlin-3 with RACK1
22314363 EphB3 suppresses non-small-cell lung cancer metastasis via a PP2A/RACK1/Akt signalling complex
22289149 Depletion of the M1-binding protein RACK1 also impairs virus release and RACK1 binding requires the proline residue at position 16 of M1.
22262830 RACK1 activated sonic hedgehog signaling pathway by interacting with and activating Smoothened to mediate Gli1-dependent transcription in NSCLC cells.
22246531 RACK1 was expressed in the neuroblastoma cells and positively regulated cell migration and proliferation probably via modulating the activation of Src on Tyr416 residue.
22240482 RACK1 negatively regulates Wnt signaling pathway by stabilizing the beta-catenin destruction complex and act as a tumor suppressor in gastric cancer cells.
22207523 Results indicated the role of receptor for activated C kinase 1 (RACK1) to be a prognostic indicator and a promising drug target for oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) cell metastasis.
22174419 Pkd2L1 is a novel target channel whose function is regulated by the versatile scaffolding protein RACK1.
22174317 Guanine nucleotide binding protein subunit beta polypeptide 2-like 1 (GNB2L1) is identified to interact with HIV-1 Tat mutant Nullbasic in HeLa cells by LC MS/MS
22069327 the function of nuclear RACK1 is mediated through its interaction with 14-3-3zeta
22007921 RACK1 mRNA and protein levels were highly overexpressed in thyroid tumors. Analysis of the data emphasizes the importance of assessing protein expression and not only mRNA levels.
21935400 RACK1 binds to KH-type splicing regulatory protein (KSRP), a member of the Dicer complex, and is required for the recruitment of mature miRNAs to the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC).
21860413 These results reveal that Rack1 has a very important role in tumorigenesis by maintaining the stability of c-Jun that has been phosphorylated at its N-terminus by JNKs or other kinases.
21848913 Constitutive phosphorylation of Akt & MAPK by RACK1 silencing may contribute to the inhibition of tumor growth. RACK1 silencing attenuated tumor-associated angiogenesis by inhibiting the expression of VEGF-B & fibroblast growth factor 2.
21756811 The expression of RACK1 is down-regulated in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma tissues and is associated with smoking.
21738584 Guanine nucleotide binding protein subunit beta polypeptide 2-like 1 (GNB2L1) is identified to interact with HIV-1 Tat mutant Nullbasic in HeLa cells by LC MS/MS
21685945 The results uncovered a novel function of Rack1 in maintaining the junctional homeostasis of intestinal epithelial cells by regulation of the Src- and growth factor-induced endocytosis of E-cadherin.
21525958 RACK1 can contribute to the recruitment of miRISC to the site of translation, and support a post-initiation mode of miRNA-mediated gene repression.
21347310 RACK1 targeting by YopK is a requirement for virulence
21212275 RACK1 regulates VEGF/Flt1-mediated cell migration via activation of a PI3K/Akt pathway.
20976005 results suggest that RACK1 may both interfere with agonist-induced sequestration and be required for subsequent targeting of internalized M(2) receptors to the degradative pathway
20875397 RACK1 may play a role in PKC/CPI-17 signaling pathway.
20874815 our data suggest: (i) C14ORF28, GNB2L1, MLLT3, DRD2 and DARPP-32 are important in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
20871634 Data indicate that RACK1 serves as a direct mediator between loss of pVHL function and enhanced IGF-IR signaling pathway in RCC.
20858845 results suggest that RACK1 has functional significance as a regulatory cofactor of ATP-binding cassette G2 (ABCG2), and is indispensable for the cell surface expression and excretion function of ABCG2
20819076 Results reveal novel signalling cross-talk, whereby RACK1 mediates PKC-dependent activation of PDE4D5 in the particulate fraction of HEK-293 cells in response to elevations in intracellular cAMP.
20697360 Studies indicate that RACK1 has a novel pre-apoptotic function in malignancy.
20689807 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20529362 RACK1 is globular and monomeric in solution and its low resolution structure is strikingly similar to that of an homology model previously calculated and also to the crystallographic structure of RACK1 isoform A from Arabidopsis thaliana.
20499158 RACK1 promotes breast carcinoma migration/metastasis via activation of the RhoA/Rho kinase pathway
20410295 BDNF expression is epigenetically regulated via the scaffolding protein RACK1
20103773 Findings demonstrate that RACK1 functions as a key component in regulating the IRE1alpha signaling pathway in pancreatic beta cells.
20099848 Proteomics was used to study colonic epithelial aging, for differential proteins in the human normal colonic epithelial tissues from young and old people. Rack1, EF-Tu and Rhodanese, three validated differential proteins, were further investigated.
20020495 Elevated expression of RACK1 is associated with breast cancer.
19966859 Results indicate that a depletion of the WRN protein in normal fibroblasts causes the activation of several PKCs through translocation and association of RACK1 with such kinases.
19946739 RACK1 is an independent prognosis-related factor and promotes breast carcinoma proliferation and invasion/metastasis in vitro and in vivo.
19892429 expression associated with the pathological stage, tumor size and lymph node status of adenocarcinoma patients
19785988 RACK1 is a novel modulator of CLEC-2 expression.
19767770 RACK1, partly by inhibiting Src, promotes mitochondrial cell death and blocks Akt-mediated cell survival.
19451233 Stxbp4 and RACK1, two scaffold proteins, play central roles in balancing DeltaNp63 protein levels. While Stxbp4 functions to stabilize DeltaNp63 proteins, RACK1 targets DeltaNp63 for degradation.
19423701 c-Abl phosphorylates RACK1 at the Focal Adhesion Kinase interaction site and c-Abl kinase activity is required for interaction of Focal Adhesion Kinase with RACK1.
19251694 a new mechanism of oxygen-independent activation of HIF-1 has been identified that is mediated by SEPT9_v1 blockade of RACK1 activity on HIF-1alpha degradation
19010305 These results suggest that RACK1 may act as a key bridging factor in adiponectin signaling transduction through interacting with AdipoR1.
19000751 The imbalance between dehydroepiandrosterone and cortisol during aging could be important in the previously demonstrated recovery of the RACK1 expression.
18755685 TRPC3 controls agonist-stimulated intracellular Ca(2+) release by mediating interaction between IP(3)R and RACK1
18621736 RACK1 is an ADAM12 interacting protein with a role in liver fibrogenesis
18596232 RACK1 regulates directional cell migration by acting on G betagamma at the interface with its effectors PLC beta and PI3K gamma
18567578 Tyr-302 in RACK1 is required for interaction with PP2A and beta1 integrin, for regulation of PP2A activity, and for IGF-I-mediated cell migration and proliferation
18557705 results show that PKCbetaII modulates the global translational rate and evidence provided supporting a model in which the PKCbetaII-RACK1 interaction has a role in PKC-based stimulation, independent from mTOR
18442364 RACK1 overexpression detected in situ in human melanoma specimens characterized cutaneous and metastatic melanoma raising the possibility that RACK1 can be a potential marker of malignancy in human melanoma.
18420585 RACK1 has a role in protecting cancer cells from apoptosis by regulating the degradation of BimEL, which together with CIS could play an important role of drug resistance in chemotherapy
18088317 role for RACK1 in the regulation of the transport of a membrane receptor from the ER to the cell surface
18057008 RACK1 plays a role in regulating the distribution of NHE6 between endosomes and the plasma membrane and contributes to maintaining luminal pH of the endocytic recycling compartments
17965024 that intracellular calcium levels can regulate HIF-1alpha expression by modulating calcineurin activity and RACK1 dimerization.
17936896 RACK1 therefore exerts a tonic inhibitory effect on cell contact guidance, while positively promoting an adhesive phenotype
17900862 Examine interactions between phosphodiesterase 4D5 (PDE4D5) and beta-arrestin and RACK1.
17875659 These results suggest that PKCepsilon signaling in the basal airway cell may involve RACK1; however, PKCepsilon regulation in ciliated cells uses RACK1-independent pathways.
17875644 SSAT1, which shares 46% amino acid identity with SSAT2, also binds to HIF-1alpha and promotes its ubiquitination/degradation. However, in contrast to SSAT2, SSAT1 acts by stabilizing the interaction of HIF-1alpha with RACK1
17718421 direct interaction between RACK1 and PER1
17574549 These findings support a novel role for RACK1 as a key regulator of cell migration and adhesion dynamics through the regulation of Src activity, and the modulation of paxillin phosphorylation at early adhesions.
17515463 primary pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells demonstrated colocalization of BMPRII and RACK1 in vivo
17409124 Model a RACK1 proteome consisting of PKCepsilon-RACK1-NHERF1-NHERF1-tubulin with a role in stable expression of CFTR in the apical plasma membrane of epithelial cells.
17361105 Review discusses how RACK1 promotes the ubiquitination and degradation of HIF-1 alpha through competition with HSP90 and recruitment of the elongin-C/B ubiquitin ligase complex.
17269730 RACK1 amd Rac2 are components of complexes involved in NK cell homotypic adhesion.
17201176 Dpl interacts with RACK1 by means of its structured globular carboxyl-terminal region
17166942 RACK1 binds to the BK(Ca) channel and it may form part of a BK(Ca)-channel regulatory complex in vascular smooth muscle.
17072338 RACK1 regulates mitotic exit by suppressing Src-mediated Sam68 phosphorylation and maintaining the cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) 1-cyclin B complex in an active state.
16997272 molecular complex most likely to obstruct RACK1 for functional attachment at syndecan-2, as revealed in cells transfected with oncogenic ras
16920332 RACK1 activates NHE5 both by integrin-dependent and independent pathways, which may coordinate cellular ion homeostasis during cell-matrix adhesion.
16849317 These results suggest that RACK1 modulates transcription of alpha2(I) collagen by TGF-beta1 through interference with Smad3 binding to the gene promoter.
16757810 These results together suggested that RACK1 might act as a novel signal molecule to mediate or regulate the functions of PER1 through protein interaction.
16705158 RACK1 enhances IGF-I-mediated cell migration through its ability to exclusively associate with either beta1 integrin or PP2A in a complex at the IGF-IR.
16702786 The dysregulation of cytokine production observed in Alzheimer's disease patients may partially be explained by a significant reduction in the expression of RACK-1
16689683 RACK1 and beta-arrestin compete to sequester distinct 'pools' of PDE4D5.
16382134 RACK1 mediates recruitment of STAT3 to IR and IGF-1R specifically for activation, suggesting a general paradigm for the need of an adaptor in mediating activation of STATs by receptor protein tyrosine kinases.
16212959 RACK1 mRNA has a 5' terminal oligopyrimidine sequence and that its translation is dependent on the availability of serum and amino acids in exactly the same way as any other vertebrate ribosomal protein mRNA.
16061178 RACK1, the receptor for activated C kinase 1, serves as an adaptor for PKC-mediated JNK activation.
15611085 RACK1 has a scaffolding function and regulates adhesion and insulin-like growth factor I signals that are necessary to regulate Akt activity and to promote turnover of focal adhesions and cell migration
15577927 RACK1 is a structural component of the ribosomal small subunit (40S).
15548575 The relevant consequence of RACK-1-reduced expression was the observation that release of tumor necrosis factor alpha following lipopolysaccharide challenge and mitogen-induced lymphocye proliferation.
15467455 RACK1 physically associated with the p63alpha C-terminal domain through its WD40 domain. However, stratifin binds with phosphorylated DeltaNp63alpha in response to cisplatin.
15254245 RACK1 regulates G1/S progression by suppressing Src kinase activity
15252133 RACK-I anchors activated PKC-beta on the melanosome membrane, allowing PKC-beta to phosphorylate tyrosinase
15202772 interacts with the terminal region of the dopamine transporter
14966116 propose a previously unrecognized function of plectin as cytoskeletal regulator of PKC signaling (dislocation of PKCdelta and elevated enzymatic activity), and possibly other signaling events, through sequestration of the scaffolding protein RACK1
14963031 RACK1 regulates specific functions of Gbetagamma
14699138 associate Ki-1/57 with the RACK1/PKC pathway and may be important for the regulation of its cellular functions
14654845 eIF6 release regulates ribosome subunit joining and RACK1 provides a physical and functional link between PKC signalling and ribosome activation
12960323 RACK-1 serves as a scaffold protein for a multiprotein complex that includes the IFN-alpha receptor 2/beta-chain of the receptor, STAT1, Janus kinase 1, and tyrosine kinase 2.
12391233 As an interaction partner of factor associated with neutral sphingomyelinase (N-SMase) activation, RACK1 modulates activation of N-SMase by TNF.
11964397 RACK1 is an insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) receptor-interacting protein that can regulate IGF-1-mediated Akt activation and protection from cell death.
11956211 Protein kinase C epsilon-dependent regulation of cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator involves binding to a receptor for activated C kinase (RACK1) and RACK1 binding to Na+/H+ exchange regulatory factor.
11934885 The anchoring protein RACK1 links protein kinase Cepsilon to integrin beta chains.
11884618 RACK1, an insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) receptor-interacting protein, modulates IGF-I-dependent integrin signaling and promotes cell spreading and contact with extracellular matrix
11824616 Aberrant expression of signaling-related proteins 14-3-3 gamma and RACK1 in fetal Down syndrome brain (trisomy 21).(RACK1 or PROTEIN KINASE C RECEPTOR)
11312657 Guanine nucleotide binding protein subunit beta polypeptide 2-like 1 (GNB2L1) is identified to interact with HIV-1 Tat mutant Nullbasic in HeLa cells by LC MS/MS

AA Sequence

AEPPQCTSLAWSADGQTLFAGYTDNLVRVWQVTIGTR                                     281 - 317

Text Mined References (219)

PMID Year Title
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25650116 2015 Increased expression of receptor for activated C kinase 1 in temporal lobe epilepsy.
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24947010 2014 DJ-1 interacts with RACK1 and protects neurons from oxidative-stress-induced apoptosis.
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24504450 2014 Overexpressed RACK1 is positively correlated with malignant degree of human colorectal carcinoma.
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24436055 2014 Transcription of the human sodium channel SCN1A gene is repressed by a scaffolding protein RACK1.
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24008630 2013 Forced downregulation of RACK1 inhibits glioma development by suppressing Src/Akt signaling activity.
24005669 2013 Proteomic profiling of endothelial invasion revealed receptor for activated C kinase 1 (RACK1) complexed with vimentin to regulate focal adhesion kinase (FAK).
24000012 2013 RACK1 promotes the proliferation of THP1 acute myeloid leukemia cells.
23912224 2013 RACK1 promotes prostate cancer cell proliferation, invasion and metastasis.
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23893384 2013 RACK1 promoted the growth and migration of the cancer cells in the progression of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
23866081 2013 Lyn, a Src family kinase, regulates activation of epidermal growth factor receptors in lung adenocarcinoma cells.
23651062 2013 RACK1 (receptor for activated C-kinase 1) interacts with FBW2 (F-box and WD-repeat domain-containing 2) to up-regulate GCM1 (glial cell missing 1) stability and placental cell migration and invasion.
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22314363 2012 EphB3 suppresses non-small-cell lung cancer metastasis via a PP2A/RACK1/Akt signalling complex.
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20871634 2011 Regulation of receptor for activated C kinase 1 protein by the von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor in IGF-I-induced renal carcinoma cell invasiveness.
20858845 2010 Receptor for activated C-kinase 1 regulates the cell surface expression and function of ATP binding cassette G2.
20819076 2010 Interaction with receptor for activated C-kinase 1 (RACK1) sensitizes the phosphodiesterase PDE4D5 towards hydrolysis of cAMP and activation by protein kinase C.
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20010870 2010 Copine-III interacts with ErbB2 and promotes tumor cell migration.
19966859 2010 Depletion of WRN protein causes RACK1 to activate several protein kinase C isoforms.
19946739 2010 RACK1 promotes breast carcinoma proliferation and invasion/metastasis in vitro and in vivo.
19892429 2010 Expression of RACK1 is a novel biomarker in pulmonary adenocarcinomas.
19785988 2009 RACK1 associates with CLEC-2 and promotes its ubiquitin-proteasome degradation.
19767770 2009 A novel pro-apoptotic function of RACK1: suppression of Src activity in the intrinsic and Akt pathways.
19674157 2009 Receptor for activated C-kinase 1 regulates the cellular localization and function of ABCB4.
19608861 2009 Lysine acetylation targets protein complexes and co-regulates major cellular functions.
19451233 2009 Stxbp4 regulates DeltaNp63 stability by suppression of RACK1-dependent degradation.
19423701 2009 Phosphorylation of RACK1 on tyrosine 52 by c-Abl is required for insulin-like growth factor I-mediated regulation of focal adhesion kinase.
19413330 2009 Lys-N and trypsin cover complementary parts of the phosphoproteome in a refined SCX-based approach.
19251694 2009 SEPT9_v1 up-regulates hypoxia-inducible factor 1 by preventing its RACK1-mediated degradation.
19056867 2009 Large-scale proteomics and phosphoproteomics of urinary exosomes.
19010305 2009 Receptor for activated C-kinase 1, a novel binding partner of adiponectin receptor 1.
19000751 2009 Functional mapping of the promoter region of the GNB2L1 human gene coding for RACK1 scaffold protein.
18954305 2009 Structural basis and specificity of human otubain 1-mediated deubiquitination.
18816594 2008 mrtl-A translation/localization regulatory protein encoded within the human c-myc locus and distributed throughout the endoplasmic and nucleoplasmic reticular network.
18755685 2008 TRPC3 controls agonist-stimulated intracellular Ca2+ release by mediating the interaction between inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor and RACK1.
18621736 2008 RACK1, a new ADAM12 interacting protein. Contribution to liver fibrogenesis.
18596232 2008 RACK1 regulates directional cell migration by acting on G betagamma at the interface with its effectors PLC beta and PI3K gamma.
18567578 2008 Tyrosine 302 in RACK1 is essential for insulin-like growth factor-I-mediated competitive binding of PP2A and beta1 integrin and for tumor cell proliferation and migration.
18557705 2008 PKCbetaII modulates translation independently from mTOR and through RACK1.
18442364 2008 Transcription analysis in the MeLiM swine model identifies RACK1 as a potential marker of malignancy for human melanocytic proliferation.
18420585 2008 RACK1 and CIS mediate the degradation of BimEL in cancer cells.
18258429 2008 RACK1 inhibits TRPM6 activity via phosphorylation of the fused alpha-kinase domain.
18194455 2008 Acetylcholinesterase-R increases germ cell apoptosis but enhances sperm motility.
18088317 2008 RACK1 regulates the cell surface expression of the G protein-coupled receptor for thromboxane A(2).
18057008 2008 Cell surface levels of organellar Na+/H+ exchanger isoform 6 are regulated by interaction with RACK1.
17965024 2007 Calcineurin promotes hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha expression by dephosphorylating RACK1 and blocking RACK1 dimerization.
17956333 2007 Interaction of integrin beta1 with cytokeratin 1 in neuroblastoma NMB7 cells.
17936896 2008 The effect of the RACK1 signalling protein on the regulation of cell adhesion and cell contact guidance on nanometric grooves.
17900862 2007 1H NMR structural and functional characterisation of a cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase-4D5 (PDE4D5) N-terminal region peptide that disrupts PDE4D5 interaction with the signalling scaffold proteins, beta-arrestin and RACK1.
17875659 2008 RACK1, a PKC targeting protein, is exclusively localized to basal airway epithelial cells.
17875644 2007 Spermidine/spermine N(1)-acetyltransferase-1 binds to hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha (HIF-1alpha) and RACK1 and promotes ubiquitination and degradation of HIF-1alpha.
17718421 2007 [Identification of RACK1-PER1 protein interaction sites].
17574549 2007 RACK1 regulates Src activity and modulates paxillin dynamics during cell migration.
17515463 2007 Receptor for activated C-kinase 1, a novel interaction partner of type II bone morphogenetic protein receptor, regulates smooth muscle cell proliferation in pulmonary arterial hypertension.
17409124 2007 Role of the scaffold protein RACK1 in apical expression of CFTR.
17361105 2007 RACK1 vs. HSP90: competition for HIF-1 alpha degradation vs. stabilization.
17269730 2007 Characterization of IQGAP1-containing complexes in NK-like cells: evidence for Rac 2 and RACK1 association during homotypic adhesion.
17244529 2007 RACK1 competes with HSP90 for binding to HIF-1alpha and is required for O(2)-independent and HSP90 inhibitor-induced degradation of HIF-1alpha.
17201176 The prion-like protein Doppel (Dpl) interacts with the human receptor for activated C-kinase 1 (RACK1) protein.
17166942 2007 RACK1 is a BKCa channel binding protein.
17108144 2006 Receptor for activated C kinase 1 (RACK1) and Src regulate the tyrosine phosphorylation and function of the androgen receptor.
17072338 2007 RACK1 inhibits colonic cell growth by regulating Src activity at cell cycle checkpoints.
16997272 2006 Shift syndecan-2 from RACK1 to caveolin-2 upon transformation with oncogenic ras.
16920332 2007 RACK1 associates with NHE5 in focal adhesions and positively regulates the transporter activity.
16849317 2006 RACK1 binds to Smad3 to modulate transforming growth factor-beta1-stimulated alpha2(I) collagen transcription in renal tubular epithelial cells.
16757810 2006 RACK1, a novel hPER1-interacting protein.
16705158 2006 Insulin-like growth factor I controls a mutually exclusive association of RACK1 with protein phosphatase 2A and beta1 integrin to promote cell migration.
16702786 2006 RACK-1 expression and cytokine production in leukocytes obtained from AD patients.
16689683 2006 Scanning peptide array analyses identify overlapping binding sites for the signalling scaffold proteins, beta-arrestin and RACK1, in cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase PDE4D5.
16382134 2006 RACK1 recruits STAT3 specifically to insulin and insulin-like growth factor 1 receptors for activation, which is important for regulating anchorage-independent growth.
16381901 2006 The LIFEdb database in 2006.
16236267 2005 Proteomic analysis of SUMO4 substrates in HEK293 cells under serum starvation-induced stress.
16212959 2005 RACK1 mRNA translation is regulated via a rapamycin-sensitive pathway and coordinated with ribosomal protein synthesis.
16189514 2005 Towards a proteome-scale map of the human protein-protein interaction network.
16169070 2005 A human protein-protein interaction network: a resource for annotating the proteome.
16061178 2005 RACK1 mediates activation of JNK by protein kinase C [corrected].
15952740 Protein profiling of human pancreatic islets by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry.
15611085 2005 RACK1-mediated integration of adhesion and insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) signaling and cell migration are defective in cells expressing an IGF-I receptor mutated at tyrosines 1250 and 1251.
15596539 2004 Muscle ring finger protein-1 inhibits PKC{epsilon} activation and prevents cardiomyocyte hypertrophy.
15592455 2005 Immunoaffinity profiling of tyrosine phosphorylation in cancer cells.
15577927 2004 Regulation of eukaryotic translation by the RACK1 protein: a platform for signalling molecules on the ribosome.
15548575 2005 Age-related decline in RACK-1 expression in human leukocytes is correlated to plasma levels of dehydroepiandrosterone.
15489336 2004 From ORFeome to biology: a functional genomics pipeline.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
15467455 2004 RACK1 and stratifin target DeltaNp63alpha for a proteasome degradation in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells upon DNA damage.
15254245 2004 RACK1 regulates G1/S progression by suppressing Src kinase activity.
15252133 2004 The receptor for activated C-kinase-I (RACK-I) anchors activated PKC-beta on melanosomes.
15202772 2004 Syntaxin 1A and receptor for activated C kinase interact with the N-terminal region of human dopamine transporter.
15166316 2004 Dissection of the mammalian midbody proteome reveals conserved cytokinesis mechanisms.
15159402 2004 Identification of interaction partners and substrates of the cyclin A1-CDK2 complex.
14966116 2004 Plectin-RACK1 (receptor for activated C kinase 1) scaffolding: a novel mechanism to regulate protein kinase C activity.
14963031 2004 RACK1 regulates specific functions of Gbetagamma.
14724252 2004 Brain-derived neurotrophic factor modulates fast synaptic inhibition by regulating GABA(A) receptor phosphorylation, activity, and cell-surface stability.
14702039 2004 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.
14699138 2004 Ki-1/57 interacts with RACK1 and is a substrate for the phosphorylation by phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate-activated protein kinase C.
14654845 2003 Release of eIF6 (p27BBP) from the 60S subunit allows 80S ribosome assembly.
14559993 2003 Regulation of alternative splicing by SRrp86 and its interacting proteins.
14500341 2003 Alternative splicing of the human proto-oncogene c-H-ras renders a new Ras family protein that trafficks to cytoplasm and nucleus.
12960323 2003 The WD motif-containing protein RACK-1 functions as a scaffold protein within the type I IFN receptor-signaling complex.
12958311 2003 The scaffolding protein RACK1 interacts with androgen receptor and promotes cross-talk through a protein kinase C signaling pathway.
12884273 2003 Farnesyl pyrophosphate promotes and is essential for the binding of RACK1 with beta-tubulin.
12809483 2003 ST7 is a novel low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein (LRP) with a cytoplasmic tail that interacts with proteins related to signal transduction pathways.
12761493 2003 Function of p73, not of p53, is inhibited by the physical interaction with RACK1 and its inhibitory effect is counteracted by pRB.
12589061 2003 RACK1 regulates integrin-mediated adhesion, protrusion, and chemotactic cell migration via its Src-binding site.
12524444 2003 Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP(1-38)) enhances N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor function and brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression via RACK1.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12435334 2002 Activation of Integrin-RACK1/PKCalpha signalling in human articular chondrocyte mechanotransduction.
12400005 2002 RACK1: a novel substrate for the Src protein-tyrosine kinase.
12391233 2002 Interaction with factor associated with neutral sphingomyelinase activation, a WD motif-containing protein, identifies receptor for activated C-kinase 1 as a novel component of the signaling pathways of the p55 TNF receptor.
12388589 2002 A receptor for activated C kinase is part of messenger ribonucleoprotein complexes associated with polyA-mRNAs in neurons.
12359736 2002 The betagamma subunit of heterotrimeric G proteins interacts with RACK1 and two other WD repeat proteins.
11964397 2002 RACK1 is an insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) receptor-interacting protein that can regulate IGF-1-mediated Akt activation and protection from cell death.
11956211 2002 Protein kinase C epsilon-dependent regulation of cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator involves binding to a receptor for activated C kinase (RACK1) and RACK1 binding to Na+/H+ exchange regulatory factor.
11943848 2002 NMDA receptor function is regulated by the inhibitory scaffolding protein, RACK1.
11934885 2002 The anchoring protein RACK1 links protein kinase Cepsilon to integrin beta chains. Requirements for adhesion and motility.
11884618 2002 RACK1, an insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) receptor-interacting protein, modulates IGF-I-dependent integrin signaling and promotes cell spreading and contact with extracellular matrix.
11824616 2002 Aberrant expression of signaling-related proteins 14-3-3 gamma and RACK1 in fetal Down syndrome brain (trisomy 21).
11733189 2002 Identification and characterization of AGTRAP, a human homolog of murine Angiotensin II Receptor-Associated Protein (Agtrap).
11709417 2001 Enhanced PKC beta II translocation and PKC beta II-RACK1 interactions in PKC epsilon-induced heart failure: a role for RACK1.
11516626 2001 Identification of a surface on the beta-propeller protein RACK1 that interacts with the cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase PDE4D5.
11350068 2001 RACK1, a protein kinase C scaffolding protein, interacts with the PH domain of p120GAP.
11312657 2001 Rack1 binds HIV-1 Nef and can act as a Nef-protein kinase C adaptor.
11301323 2001 The WD motif-containing protein receptor for activated protein kinase C (RACK1) is required for recruitment and activation of signal transducer and activator of transcription 1 through the type I interferon receptor.
11279199 2001 The interaction of Src and RACK1 is enhanced by activation of protein kinase C and tyrosine phosphorylation of RACK1.
11278757 2001 The PTPmu protein-tyrosine phosphatase binds and recruits the scaffolding protein RACK1 to cell-cell contacts.
11256614 2000 Systematic subcellular localization of novel proteins identified by large-scale cDNA sequencing.
11076863 2000 DNA cloning using in vitro site-specific recombination.
11046044 2000 Receptor for activated C-kinase (RACK-1), a WD motif-containing protein, specifically associates with the human type I IFN receptor.
10849009 2000 The PKC targeting protein RACK1 interacts with the Epstein-Barr virus activator protein BZLF1.
10820259 2000 GRID: a novel Grb-2-related adapter protein that interacts with the activated T cell costimulatory receptor CD28.
10490850 1999 Association of RACK1 and PKCbeta with the common beta-chain of the IL-5/IL-3/GM-CSF receptor.
10480917 1999 Coordinated movement of RACK1 with activated betaIIPKC.
10329691 1999 The RACK1 signaling scaffold protein selectively interacts with the cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase PDE4D5 isoform.
9876970 1998 Intracellular receptors for activated C-kinase in the postmortem human brain: no alteration in Alzheimer disease.
9765275 1998 The human WD repeat protein WAIT-1 specifically interacts with the cytoplasmic tails of beta7-integrins.
9584165 1998 RACK1, a receptor for activated C kinase and a homolog of the beta subunit of G proteins, inhibits activity of src tyrosine kinases and growth of NIH 3T3 cells.
9442085 1998 Rack1, a receptor for activated protein kinase C, interacts with integrin beta subunit.
8302854 1994 Cloning of an intracellular receptor for protein kinase C: a homolog of the beta subunit of G proteins.
8290562 1994 Phospholipase C-gamma 1 binding to intracellular receptors for activated protein kinase C.
8125298 1994 Oligo-capping: a simple method to replace the cap structure of eukaryotic mRNAs with oligoribonucleotides.
7821789 1994 Construction of a human full-length cDNA bank.
7782277 1995 A direct interaction between G-protein beta gamma subunits and the Raf-1 protein kinase.
2499885 1989 Physical linkage of a guanine nucleotide-binding protein-related gene to the chicken major histocompatibility complex.
1602151 1992 Treatment of Haemophilus aphrophilus endocarditis with ciprofloxacin.
1326322 1992 p65 fragments, homologous to the C2 region of protein kinase C, bind to the intracellular receptors for protein kinase C.