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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 818
PubMed Score 73.47
PubTator Score 1695.72

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Disease log2 FC p
Waldenstrons macroglobulinemia 1.052 1.2e-02
Multiple myeloma 1.570 1.0e-04
osteosarcoma 1.744 4.7e-04
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... 1.500 3.6e-02
pediatric high grade glioma 1.200 2.3e-02
group 4 medulloblastoma 1.300 4.8e-02
non primary Sjogren syndrome sicca 1.400 1.9e-02
ovarian cancer -2.100 2.3e-08

Gene RIF (644)

27189938 This study also showed that, despite the conservation of the catalytic activity of RhoGAP (Rho-specific GAP) on the 6-TGTP-Rac1 adduct to produce the biologically inactive 6-thioguanosine diphosphate (6-TGDP)-Rac1 adduct, RhoGEF (Rho-specific GEF) cannot exchange the 6-TGDP adducted on Rac1 with free guanine nucleotide.
27151455 Activated Rac1 regulates the degradation of IkappaBalpha and the nuclear translocation of STAT3-NFkappaB complexes in starved cancer cells
26905694 Loss of FAT1 results in decreased cell adhesion and migration in fibroblasts and podocytes and the decreased migration is partially reversed by a RAC1/CDC42 activator.
26867574 RAC1/RAC2 and SFK are proximal and essential for phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) activation in NK cell-mediated direct cytotoxicity against Cryptococcus neoformans.
26841219 This study suggested that polymorphisms of RAC1 gene might influence the susceptibility to end-stage renal disease in Chinese Han population.
26752742 inhibition of FAK phosphorylation at Y397 or Rac1 activity can serve as a therapeutic strategy for treating patients with metastatic oral squamous cell carcinoma
26740622 Data suggest LPA (lysophosphatidic acid; acting via LPAR1) and endothelin activate Cdc42, concurrent with biphasic decrease in Rac1 activity, differential effects on RhoA; LPA/endothelin stim. leads to remodeling of invadosomes in melanoma cells.
26648292 Rab23 enhance squamous cell carcinoma cell invasion via up-regulating Rac1.
26634649 we discovered distinct predictive performance of Rac1 and Cdc42 depending on the migration modes, indicating that Rac1 and Cdc42 contribute to persistent and random migration, respectively
26617787 RAC1 overexpression promoted the proliferation of lens epithelial cells. RAC1 overexpression also promoted migration and invasion of lens epithelial cells and had an influence on the epithelial-mesenchymal transition process.
26558612 Data indicate enantiomer selective interaction of R-naproxen and R-ketorolac with Rho family GTPases Rac1 and Cdc42.
26549372 Rac1 is involved in HMGB1induced hyperpermeability in pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells via MAPK signal transduction.
26468229 Gnb isoforms control a signaling pathway comprising Rac1, Plcbeta2, and Plcbeta3 leading to LFA-1 activation and neutrophil arrest in vivo
26450120 MARCKS upregulation increases vascular smooth muscle cell motility by activation of Rac1 and Cdc42, promoting neointima formation.
26438819 second messengers activate the Rac1 signal, which sets in motion a cascade whereby PAKs phosphorylate and negatively regulate PREX2 to decrease Rac1 activation.
26370090 WNT10B enhances proliferation through beta-catenin and RAC1 GTPase in human corneal endothelial cells.
26305333 RAC1, the human ortholog of mouse Rac1, regulates the secretory activity of human endometrial stromal cells during decidualization.
26299439 Rac1 and related cell motility pathways might be associated with plasma adiponectin levels and biological functions of adiponectin.
26271988 Data show that polyclonal antibody (pAb) of Ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 1 (Rac1) protein was successfully prepared, which could specifically recognize Rac1 protein in several natural samples.
26219349 The TNF-alpha could suppress the osteogenic differentiation of dental pulp stem cells via increasing the expression of RAC1, which could activate the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway and liberate beta-catenin to translocate into the nucleus.
26205662 Src-mediated Y724 phosphorylation in ELMO1 plays a critical role for cell spreading via activation of Rac1, leading to promotion of cell migration.
26205497 RalA activation was remarkably impaired in rac1-deficient skeletal muscle fibres.
26176707 RAC1 P29S has a role in regulating PD-L1 expression in melanoma
26142737 Expression of RhoA and Rac1 was absent in fibroblasts of adjacent normal tissue and in compromised lymph nodes. Based on our findings that no significant changes were observed between primary and metastatic lymph nodes
26116572 our data show the importance of spatio-temporal regulation of the actin cytoskeleton through Trio and Rac1 at VE-cadherin-based cell-cell junctions in the maintenance of the endothelial barrier.
26112412 The P-Rex1-Rac1 interface is critical for Rac1 activation in breast cancer cells.
26071482 Ketorolac has a novel pharmacologic activity conferred by the R-enantiomer and R-ketorolac achieves sufficient levels in the peritoneal cavity to inhibit Rac1 and Cdc42, contributing to the observed survival benefit in women who received ketorolac
26018170 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
26018170 HIV-1 VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes requires an intact RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway as demonstrated by siRNA knockdown experiments
26004135 Rich1 negatively regulates the epithelial cell cycle, proliferation and adhesion by CDC42/RAC1-PAK1-Erk1/2 pathway.
25990958 Induction of ezrin activation by Rac1 signaling triggers a conformational change in NHERF1, which is then able to bind and stabilize misfolded CFTR at the plasma membrane.
25963818 Rac1-induced actin assembly and subsequent AJ formation critically depends on FMNL2.
25957131 within the same cell type, EGFR and DOCK180 regulate Rac1 activation by newly-formed contacts, but control separate cellular events that cooperate to stabilise junctions.
25917196 OCRL inhibits Rac1 activation in osteoarthritis development.
25901943 ELMO1 is expressed in rheumatoid arthritis synovium, promotes cell migration and invasion, and regulates Rac1 activity, thereby mediating rheumatoid arthritis pathogenicity.
25888632 Rap1- and Rac1-GTPase activation have roles in hypoxia/reoxygenation-experienced cancer cell migration and metastasis via the expression of thymosin beta-4
25885881 genetic association study in population of children/adolescents in Israel: Data suggest SNPs in Rac1 (rs10951982, rs4720672, rs34932801) are not associated with thiopurine efficacy in treatment of inflammatory bowel disease in population studied.
25879033 In this review, we summarize the current understanding of GEFs and GAPs for Rac1, with emphasis on the molecular function and disease implication of these regulators in the nervous system.
25862165 Coro1C mediated Rac1 trafficking through actin-rich vesicles.
25799492 a role for ARF6 in linking EGF-receptor signaling to Rac1 recruitment and activation at the plasma membrane to promote breast cancer cell directed migration
25783411 Kaempferol-3-O-rutinoside induces the activation of RhoA and Rac1, downstream effectors of the FAK signaling pathway.
25758356 accumulation. These data suggest that Rac1 GTPase plays an important role in signaling and contributes to the sensitivity of cervical cancer cells under UV or gamma radiation treatments.
25746002 Study identifies a bidirectional (phosphorylation and dephosphorylation) regulatory mechanism controlling Tiam1 stability and provides new insights on how EGFR signaling triggers Rac1 activation and cancer development.
25694429 biological significance of this PKCtheta;/alphaPIX/Rac 1 GTPase/PYGM signaling pathway seems to be the control of different cellular responses such as migration and proliferation
25687035 Results supported that miR-512-3p could inhibit tumor cell adhesion, migration, and invasion by regulating the RAC1 activity via DOCK3 in NSCLC A549 and H1299 cell lines.
25684205 CUL3 regulates TIAM1 abundance and subsequent RAC1 signaling.
25659579 supports a critical role for HACE1 in breast cancer progression and identifies patients that may benefit from Rac-targeted therapies.
25640224 Nuclear Rac1 shuttling is a finely tuned mechanism for controlling nuclear shape and organization and cell invasiveness
25586182 protective effect of Elmo1 and Dock180 is mediated by activation of Rac1, p21-activated kinase (PAK) and AKT/protein kinase B (AKT) signaling
25585795 Given its pivotal role in gastric tumorigenesis and progression, Rac1 can serve as a promising therapeutic target for gastric cancer.
25585684 The present study showed that rac1 overexpression is associated with cell epithelial-mesenchymal transition and poor epithelial ovarian cancer prognosis
25562149 These findings indicate that RhoGDI2 repressed the activity of Rac1 and may be involved in the rearrangement of cytoskeleton in lung cancer cells.
25559184 Suggest a new model of VE-cadherin adhesive interaction mediated by Rac1-induced reduction of mechanical tension at endothelial cell adherens junctions, resulting in the stabilization of VE-cadherin adhesions.
25544611 Whereas most nonmuscle myosin IIA (MIIA) at the leading edge assembled into dorsal contractile arcs, a substantial subset assembled in or was captured within maturing focal adhesions, and this behavior was promoted by active Rac1.
25529012 Our findings demonstrate the ability of SEMA3F to inhibit the stemness of human CRC cells by suppressing Rac1 activation, which suggests a novel therapeutic approach for colorectal cancer
25504636 Inhibition of GSK3beta attenuated the migration and invasion of glioblastoma cells associated with suppression focal adhesion kinase, guanine nucleotide exchange factors/Rac1 and c-Jun N-terminal kinase.
25490770 RAGE/MT1-MMP axis modified HMBG-1-mediated TF expression through RhoA and Rac1 activation and NF-kappaB phosphorylation in endothelial cells
25476896 The androgen-triggered AR/filamin A complex controls, through Rac 1, the decision of cells to halt cell cycle and migration.
25464848 Glioma stem cells preferentially secrete Sema3C and coordinately express PlexinA2/D1 receptors to activate Rac1/nuclear factor (NF)-kB signaling.
25430696 Higher expression of RAC1 and genes related to the mineralocorticoid pathway was identified in Chilean subjects with a high-salt intake, suggesting that RAC1 could represent a mediator of Cardiovascular damage induced by sodium.
25428919 CD147 has a role in promoting Src-dependent activation of Rac1 signaling through STAT3/DOCK8 during the motility of hepatocellular carcinoma cells
25427623 It regulates actin polymerization to form lamellipodia, which is a critical event for cell migration of prostate cancer.
25427558 LRRK2 and clathrin-light chains co-localize on endosomes and inhibit Rac1 activity.
25394657 cIAP2 is in conclusion a regulator of human intestinal wound healing through enhanced migration along with activation of Rac1
25384218 these results indicate that activation of a RASAL2/ARHGAP24/RAC1 module contributes to TNBC tumorigenesis and identify a context-dependent role of RASAL2 in breast cancer.
25365944 metformin impairs Rho GTPases signaling to induce apoptosis via JNK pathway
25345393 The review highlights the multiple interacting pathways involved in Rac1 activation in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases as well as in in platelet activation.
25289457 results suggest that Rac1 oxidation at Cys(18) is a novel posttranslational modification that upregulates Rac1 activity
25224588 A sequence variant in human KALRN impairs protein ability to activate Rac1 and coincides with reduced cortical thickness.
25171475 Rac1 protein was overexpressed in human colorectal cancer cells.
25151145 AngII/Rac1/STAT3 signaling as a mechanism for atrial structural remodeling
25130858 Rac1 has a role in mediating SOX9 expression in inner meniscus cells
25107911 Inactivation of RhoA due to lack of prenylation leads to Rac1 activation and subsequent priming for IL-1beta secretion.
25091805 proliferation was linked to a novel DEPDC1B-Rac1-ERK1/2 signaling axis in oral cancer cell lines.
25086046 Dietary folate affects metastasis through the regulation of the carboxyl methylation of Rho family GTPases RhoA and Rac1.
25056956 Data indicate that arachidonic acid induces the direct interaction of Rac-GTP-bound p67(phox) with the C-terminal cytosolic region of phagocyte NADPH oxidase Nox2.
25056432 Manipulation of Rac1 expression selectively affects the expression pattern within the galectin network at the level of proteins and distinct aspects of cell surface glycosylation.
25056119 Melanoma cell lines possessing the RAC1 hotspot variant.
25043693 The clinical and pathological associations of RAC1(P29S) in a cohort of 814 primary cutaneous melanomas with known BRAF and NRAS mutation status, were investigated.
25043657 MTOR regulate EMT at least in part by down regulation of RhoA and Rac1 signaling pathways.
25043299 TIPE1 induced apoptosis in HCC cells by negatively regulating Rac1 pathway
25043297 The DDX3-Rac1-beta-catenin regulatory axis in modulating the expression of Wnt/beta-catenin target genes.
25002679 A Rac1-Aurora A-MCAK signaling pathway mediates endothelial cell polarization and directional migration by promoting regional differences in microtubule dynamics.
24980975 By inducing and activating Rap1 and Rac1.
24980436 Results indicate that Coronin1 proteins are at the center of a regulatory hub that coordinates Rac1 activation, effector exchange, and the F-actin organization state during cell signaling.
24971902 Rac1 is a novel, direct target of miR-124.
24970760 These findings show that overexpression of PODXL enhanced invadopodia formation and tumor metastasis by inducing Rac1/Cdc42/cortactin signaling network.
24928514 the present study characterized a novel Nck-1-ELMO1 interaction and defined a new role for Nck-1 in regulating Rac1 activity.
24925969 SDF-1alpha stimulates the CXCR4/PI3K/Rac1 signaling pathway and actin cytoskeleton rearrangement to suppress endothelial permeability.
24905281 TIAM1 is activated by phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate which activates RAC1, regulating actin dynamics and cell invasion.
24859002 Describe here an invadopodia disassembly model, where a signalling axis involving TrioGEF, Rac1, Pak1, and phosphorylation of cortactin, causes invadopodia dissolution.
24858039 Authors propose a model whereby vimentin promotes FAK stabilization through VAV2-mediated Rac1 activation. This model may explain why vimentin expressing metastatic lung cancer cells are more motile and invasive.
24850902 MMP3, known to be expressed in PDA, was found to be associated with expression of Rac1b, a tumorigenic splice isoform of Rac1, in all stages of pancreatic cancer.
24848679 Rac1-induced lamellipodial motility consists of two distinct activities, PI3K-dependent outward extension and PI3K-independent ruffling
24841200 MiR-200b suppresses arsenic-transformed cell migration by targeting PKCalpha and Wnt5b-PKCalpha positive feedback loop and inhibiting Rac1 activation.
24840740 Inhibition of PAK activation at late G2-phase centrosomes caused by Rac1 inactivation coincides with impeded activation of Aurora A and the CyclinB/Cdk1 complex and delayed mitotic entry.
24840251 Data suggest PIKFYVE (phosphoinositide kinase FYVE), MTMR3 (myotubularin related protein 3), and their product phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate) are involved in activation of RAC1; this process regulates of migration/invasion of carcinoma/sarcoma.
24835487 Rac1 activation is dependent on c-met activity on the perinuclear endosome.
24833563 RAC1b overexpression constitutes a marker of poor prognosis in KRAS/BRAF WT mCRC patients treated with first-line FOLFOX/XELOX therapy.
24819662 High RAC1 activity is associated with serous ovarian cancer.
24786604 Higher levels of RAC1 expression are found in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patient tumors with poor early or late responses to chemo-radiotherapy.
24760188 Suppression of p21Rac activity assists innate immunity in bactericidal activity and may induce remission in inflammatory bowel disease.
24759106 Our results demonstrate a new mechanism of modulation of RAC1 inflammatory pathway through a cross-talk between NF-kappaB and NRF2.
24750242 RAC1 is an important downstream molecule of EGF-EGFR signaling involved in non-small-cell lung cancer cell migration.
24706725 we demonstrate that innate immune functions of macrophages ensue at least partly through a homeostatic Wnt5a-Fz5-NF-kappaB (p65) circuit, which is Rac1 dependent.
24697698 The M3 receptor facilitates interaction of the VE-cadherin-based adherens junctional complex and the actin-based cytoskeleton by maintaining Rac1 activity, which regulates the interaction between IQGAP1/Rac1 and IQGAP1/beta-catenin.
24646293 Study demonstrates that increased DGKzeta protein levels in SW620 cells are associated with increased Rho GTPase activity and downstream signaling; silencing of DGKzeta expression in SW620 cells decreased Rac1 and RhoA activity and attenuated cell invasion; DGKzeta silencing also attenuated the invasiveness of PC-3 prostate cancer and MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells.
24629926 Our study did not show any associationbetween the assessed RAC1 SNPs and CD in Iranian patients
24629820 data show that bile acids are key in the breakdown of the blood-brain barrier during cholestatic liver disease, and that these permeabilizing effects were due to the activation of Rac1 and downstream phosphorylation of the tight junction protein occludin.
24625804 These results suggest a new model in which caveolin-1 might be involved in Salmonella entry via its interaction with SopE and Rac1, leading to enhanced membrane ruffling for phagocytosis into host cells.
24587345 Rab5C modulates Rac1-mediated cell motility.
24577405 data outline a synergistic action of nectin-1 and -4 in the early steps of AJ formation and implicate this interaction in modulating the Rac1 signaling pathway
24571616 HIV-1 activates cytoskeletal proteins during monocyte-endothelial interactions and increase transcription and activation of Rac1 in brain tissues, while CCR5 antagonists prevented these HIV-1-induced alterations.
24554735 RhoGDI2 inhibits trophoblast cell migration, and this function may involve suppression of RAC1 activation.
24554007 TIAM1-RAC1-NOX2 signalling axis is activated in the initial stages of diabetes to increase intracellular ROS leading to mitochondrial damage and accelerated capillary cell apoptosis
24526684 FilGAP may function as a mediator of the regulation of Rac by Arf6.
24501217 Rac1 contribute to chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells proliferation and chemoresistance.
24487980 SNPs in the RAC1 gene are associated with some clinical and biochemical parameters related to the development and progression of hypertension.
24434436 the SNTA1/P66shc-mediated Rac1 activation resulted in an increase in reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and migratory potential in human breast cancer cells.
24430179 These results indicated that Rac1 mediated shear stress-induced endothelial cells migration
24387669 These data highlight a novel MT1-MMP/MMP2/RAC1 signaling axis in melanoma.
24374334 Rac1 inhibition mitigated the oxidative/nitrosative stress, prevented calcium-dependent ER-stress, and partially rescued UPS function
24371145 Small G proteins Rac1 and Ras regulate serine/threonine protein phosphatase 5 (PP5).extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) complexes involved in the feedback regulation of Raf1.
24362520 Authors propose a model for Rac1 activation where SIRT1/2 positively modulates the DVL/TIAM1/Rac1 axis and promotes sustained pathway activation.
24345190 Invasion of host cells, which occurs at a low frequency, does not seem linked to Rac1 activation by Vibrio parahaemolyticus VopC, but instead appears to require CDC42.
24337070 Data reveal that NEDD9 can regulate 3D migration speed independent of the Rac1 morphology switch.
24274578 Human TIPE2 is an endogenous inhibitor of Rac1 in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) by which it attenuates invasion and metastasis of HCC.
24265291 results demonstrate that miR-320a functions as a tumour-suppressive miRNA through targeting Rac1 in colorectal cancer
24200678 FlnA mutations alter the balance between RhoA and Rac1 GTPases activities in favor of RhoA.
24080160 These results provide evidence for a key role of Rac1 in a pathway that regulates IL-1-induced gene expression depending on receptor endocytosis.
24072884 Recent insights at the molecular and cellular levels are paving the way for a more directed and detailed approach to target mechanisms of RAC1 regulating angiogenesis and metastasis
24043306 This study concludes that Rac1 T108 is phosphorylated by ERK in response to epidermal growth factor, which plays an important role in regulating Rac1.
24026656 High Rac-1 expression and lymph node metastasis were two independent factors for poor survival.
24016866 Decorin may interfere with angiogenesis by downregulating hypoxia-induced Met, Rac1, HIF-1alpha and VEGF expression in RPE cells, which suggests a potential strategy for the inhibition of CNV.
24006490 Data indicate that srGAP1 possesses a GAP activity specific to Rac1 and is recruited to lamellipodia in a Rac1-dependent manner.
24006489 Data indicate mTOR kinase-independent function and mechanism of Rictor in the regulation of neutrophil chemotaxis, and suggest that the small Rho GTPases Rac and Cdc42 serve as downstream effectors of Rictor to regulate actin assembly.
23989259 mechanical stimulation may attenuate NGFbeta signaling through Rac1
23967341 FERM domain containing protein 7 interacts with the Rho GDP dissociation inhibitor and specifically activates Rac1 signaling.
23950142 Immunosuppressive drug azathioprine inhibits endothelial cell rac1 activity to reduce inflammation and the progression of aortic aneurysms.
23919665 Rac1 GTPase is a key component of cardiovascular pathologies, including the endothelial dysfunction, cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis, atrial fibrillation, stroke, hypertension, and chronic kidney disease. [Review]
23918979 we demonstrated the regulation of targeting/accumulation of the RhoGDIalpha-Rac1 complex to phagosomes
23906792 CTGF acting through Rac1 activates the MLK3/JNK signaling pathway, which in turn initiates AP-1 activation and recruitment of c-Jun and c-Fos to the collagen I promoter and ultimately induces collagen I expression in human lung fibroblasts
23900529 Rac regulates the collagen-induced HSP27 phosphorylation via p44/p42 MAP kinase in human platelets, resulting in the stimulation of platelet-derived growth factor-AB secretion and the release of CD40 ligand.
23874639 Nucleophosmin1 is a negative regulator of the small GTPase Rac1.
23803609 CNF-Y increases Yop translocation in Yersinia enterocolitica-infected cells up to 5-fold. CNF-Y strongly activated RhoA and also delayed in time Rac1 and Cdc42
23760915 Rac1 may play an important role in cervical cancer progression and could be a potential target for anticancer therapy.
23750283 activated Rac1/Cdc42 is a vascular regulator of tumor angiogenesis and that it may reduce stability of the p53 protein to promote VEGF expression by enhancing p53 protein ubiquitin
23733346 Our results describe a novel molecular cascade that regulates redox signaling by the coordinated regulation of Rac1 and by linking components of the polarity complex to the NADPH oxidase.
23720743 The Atypical guanine nucleotide exchange factor Dock4 regulates neurite differentiation through modulation of Rac1 GTPase and actin dynamics.
23718289 The action of DOCK7 in vivo may involve the coordinated integration of Cdc42/Rac GTPase signaling in the context of the membrane recruitment of a DOCK7 guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) complex.
23707487 Inhibition of ARF1 or Rac1 expression markedly impacts the ability of MDA-MB-231 cells to migrate upon Epidermal Growth Factor stimulation.
23669401 Single-nucleotide polymorphism in Rac1 is associated with response to therapy in Crohn's disease.
23657011 Sole transphosphorylation of p21-activated kinases is not sufficient to activate Erk1/2. It requires complex formation of both kinases with GTP-Rac1 to unleash cAMP-PKA-boosted activation of Raf-Mek-Erk.
23640485 These results indicate that statins exert their pleiotropic effects through SmgGDS upregulation with a resultant Rac1 degradation and reduced oxidative stress in animals and humans.
23624644 Abrogation of Rac1 signaling causes DNA double-strand breaks in acute monocytic leukemia cells harbouring the MLL-AF9 oncogene.
23618859 Data indicate CCN1 can induce actin reorganization, formation of lamellipodia, and cell migration/invasion through the alphaV integrins/Rac1/ERK signaling axis; these CCN1-dependent activities can be effectively suppressed by monoclonal antibody YM1B.
23603360 Data indicate that Rnd1 efficiently displaces Rac1 from its complex with Plexin-B1 but not vice versa.
23591873 findings indicate that a chemokine-controlled pathway, consisting of Galphai2, ELMO1/Dock180, Rac1 and Rac2, regulates the actin cytoskeleton during breast cancer metastasis
23586025 We conclude that NDV treatment induced EGAS viability suppression, but subsequent downregulation of Rac1 gene may reduce the NDV replication and lead to regrowth of EGAS tissue.
23562278 Rac1 is inhibited during starvation-induced autophagy in keratinocytes.
23562274 Rac1 differentially modulate cigarette smoke-induced airway cell migration through p120-catenin-dependent and -independent pathways
23559092 Downregulation of RAC1 sensitizes colon cancer cells to dihydroartemisinin-induced cell cycle arrest and apoptosis.
23537630 study provides evidence the large GTPase Dyn2 regulates the small GTPase Rac1 to potentiate invasive migration of pancreatic tumor cells; Dyn2 plays an essential role in regulating Rac1-mediated pancreatic tumor cell migration through modulation of the Rac1 activator Vav1 via a direct interaction
23485997 Rac1, HIF-1alpha, and VEGF play an important role in tumor invasion and metastasis, especially in tumor angiogenesis.
23482591 Results document the expression of RAC1b in normal thyroid cells as well as overexpression in a subset of PTCs. They suggest a possible interplay between BRAF V600E and RAC1b contributing to poor clinical outcome.
23478800 Rac1 activation was not affected by Jak2 or Stat3 RNA interference.
23461363 Cell migration experiments point towards the inhibition of p66Shc-rac1-mediated migration in the presence of ascorbic acid. Finally, results are suggestive that ascorbic acid-mediated decrease in Shc expression
23456597 RAC1 could play a critical role in the neuropathological events associated with autism. Review.
23423567 The findings show that Rac1 is a regulator of insulin-stimulated glucose uptake and a novel candidate involved in skeletal muscle insulin resistance.
23382236 study identified several missense mutations for RAC1 and RAC2, with some of the mutant proteins, including RAC1(P29S), RAC1(C157Y), RAC2(P29L), and RAC2(P29Q), being found to be activated and transforming; activating mutations of RAC GTPases were thus found in a wide variety of cancers at a low frequency
23341328 The constitutively-active Rac1 mutant exhibited temporary and all-time immobilizations in the FA zone, suggesting that upon PIX-induced Rac1 activation at the FA-protein islands, Rac1 tends to be immobilized at the FA-protein islands.
23337888 Our data suggest that Rac contributes to the progression of melanoma and that Tiam1 may activate Rac in nodular presentations.
23334332 we characterized Rac1 as a direct target of miR-124
23322732 these results suggest that the progression of pancreatic tumors is partially controlled by the balance between Tiam1-rac1 and RhoA.
23307871 PGD(2)-DP signaling reduces vascular permeability via endothelial cAMP/PKA/Tiam1/Rac1 pathway.
23300597 Upregulation of rac1 is associated with metastatic, castration-resistant prostate tumors.
23298303 Positive rates of Rac1, Pak1 and Rock1 expression in normal tissue, dysplasia and gastric carcinoma show an increasing trend and are correlated with tumor lymph node metastasis and TNM stage.
23296296 The Rho-family small GTPase, Ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 1 (Rac1), has been implicated in renal and cardiac disease.
23295182 ARAP2 signals through Arf6 and Rac1 to control focal adhesion morphology
23292607 Coronin-1C overexpression is associated withand hepatocellular carcinoma growth through enhancement of tumor cell proliferation and migration, which are correlated with Rac-1 activation.
23284172 The activated melanoma RAC1(P29S) protein maintains intrinsic GTP hydrolysis and is spontaneously activated by substantially increased inherent GDP/GTP nucleotide exchange.
23274900 These data show that Rac1 is activated during muscle contraction in murine and human skeletal muscle and suggest that Rac1 and possibly the actin cytoskeleton are novel regulators of contraction-stimulated glucose uptake.
23264468 Interaction of Rac1 with the C-terminal cytoplasmic domain of CD81 is a novel regulatory mechanism of the GTPase activity turnover.
23253699 The data suggest that CD133+ GBM cells highly express Rac1 and have greater potential to migrate and invade through activated Rac1-GTP.
23223568 RhoGAP, BGIN-polubuiquitin interactions enhance BGIN membrane distribution and relay poly-Ub signals to enact Rac1 inactivation.
23192342 PI3K-C2alpha plays the crucial role in S1P(1) internalization into the intracellular vesicular compartment, Rac1 activation on endosomes, and thereby migration through regulating vesicular trafficking in ECs
23185021 Rac can serve as a starting point in defining cell polarity.
23184663 Rac1 activation causes relocalization of Net1 isoforms outside the nucleus and stimulates Net1A catalytic activity.
23148218 Neuregulin mediates F-actin-driven cell migration through inhibition of protein kinase D1 via Rac1 protein
23132927 Loss of dorsal stress fibers either by depleting alpha-actinin-1 or Rac1 results in a beta-actin accumulation at the leading edge in migrating and spreading cells.
23119100 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
23071154 Tiam1, with the PAR complex, binds to integrins through talin and, together with the PAR complex, thereby regulates Rac1 activity and adhesion turnover for polarized migration.
23035050 results validate the WNK2 gene as a recurrent target for epigenetic silencing in glia-derived brain tumours and provide first mechanistic evidence for a tumour-suppressing role of WNK2 that is related to Rac1 signalling and tumour cell invasion and growth
22946057 Upregulation of Rac1 activity by Wnt3a temporally correlated with enhanced p120-catenin binding to Rac1 and Vav2.
22945935 MKlp1-CYK4 centralspindlin complex is a guanosine triphosphatase-activating protein (GAP) for Rac1 and not RhoA.
22905193 Characterization and functional analysis of the calmodulin-binding domain of Rac1 GTPase
22863953 Glycogen synthase kinase 3beta inhibition prevents monocyte migration across brain endothelial cells via Rac1-GTPase suppression and down-regulation of active integrin conformation.
22848487 automated image analysis of MT assembly dynamics identified MARK2 as a target regulated downstream of Rac1 that promotes oriented MT growth in the leading edge to mediate directed cell migration.
22845716 PI3K, Rac1 and PAK1 may play important roles in the pathogenesis of EMPD.
22844345 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
22843693 CD151 links alpha(3)beta(1)/alpha(6)beta(1) integrins to Ras, Rac1, and Cdc42 by promoting the formation of multimolecular complexes in the membrane, which leads to the up-regulation of adhesion-dependent small GTPase activation
22842228 Recurrent somatic RAC1 mutations in melanoma.
22808202 14-3-3zeta enhances prostate cancer cell-matrix interactions, motility and transendothelial migration in vitro via activation of Rac1-GTPase and is an important target for therapeutic interventions for prostate cancer.
22796473 overexpression of Dsg3 results in a remarkable increase of Rac1 and Cdc42 activities
22791907 Stat3 forms a multiprotein complex with Rac1 and PKC in an hypoxia-reoxygenation-dependent manner.
22781349 Rac1 modulates the SDF-1-induced migration and invasion of glioma cells.
22774404 IL-8-Rac1/RhoA-p38MAPK signaling pathway plays a vital role in the IL-8-induced endothelial cell migration.
22773836 a critical role for H(2)O(2) in angiotensin-II signaling to the endothelial cytoskeleton in a novel pathway that is critically dependent on MARCKS, Rac1, and c-Abl.
22723286 Host cell kinases, alpha5 and beta1 integrins, and Rac1 signalling on the microtubule cytoskeleton are important for non-typable Haemophilus influenzae invasion of respiratory epithelial cells.
22721673 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
22677168 LRFN4 complexed with 14-3-3s and NCK1 to mediate elongation in monocytic cells via Rac-1-mediated actin cytoskeleton reorganization
22646320 These findings demonstrate for the first time that Cryptococcus neoformans Plb1 aids fungal traversal across the blood-brain barrier by activating host cell Rac1 and its association with STAT3.
22614015 HACE1 as an antagonist of cell migration through its ability to degrade active Rac1.
22583359 BDNF knockdown inhibited cell invasion probably through the blocked actin polymerization and the correlated inactivation of RhoA or Rac1.
22494620 Rac1 plays an essential role in the activation of radiation-induced ERK1/2 signaling and subsequent G2/M checkpoint response and promotes cell survival after irradiation treatment.
22479308 Data show that Mtss1 drives enhanced junction formation specifically by elevating Rac-GTP.
22469974 Phospho-mimetic S31E-RhoGDI2 exhibits reduced binding to Rac1 relative to wild type, with a concomitant failure to reduce levels of activated endogenous Rac1 or remove Rac1 from membranes.
22467863 Radixin plays an important role in promoting cell migration by regulating Rac1-mediated epithelial polarity and formation of adherens junctions through Vav GEFs.
22467858 Data reveal a novel Rac1-dependent signalling pathway that, through Nedd4-mediated ubiquitylation of Dvl1, stimulates the maturation of epithelial cell-cell contacts.
22431917 we found that merlin regulated expression of SEMA3F through Rho GTPase family member Rac1
22430205 Rac1b promotes K-ras-induced lung tumorigenesis.
22421922 Data show that NADPH oxidase in monocytes was highly activated by enhancing Rac1 expression in Chinese overweight adolescents and Rac1 may act as a link between obesity and oxidative stress.
22407364 Twist1 cooperates with BMI1 to suppress let-7i expression, which results in upregulation of NEDD9 and DOCK3, leading to RAC1 activation and enabling mesenchymal-mode movement in three-dimensional environments.
22393062 Beclin 1 coordinates actin dynamics and membrane phospholipid synthesis to promote efficient apoptotic cell engulfment with Rac1
22384062 Non-small cell lung carcinoma cell motility, rac activation and metastatic dissemination are mediated by protein kinase C epsilon
22349509 vitreous-transformed human retinal pigment epithelial cells undergo cytoskeletal rearrangements via Rac1 GTPase-dependent pathways that modulate LIMK1 and cofilin activity.
22340048 Compared with that of adjacent non-cancerous gastric mucosa, the expression of Rac1 in gastric carcinoma tissues was significantly increased.
22337875 a new role for Rac1 in cell signaling, showing that this GTPase triggers T-cell proliferation upon IL-2 stimulation by associating with PYGM and modulating its enzymatic activity.
22307908 results indicate that VEGF serves a positive regulatory role via its interaction with VEGF R1 to activate Rac1 and enhance alveolar macrophage apoptotic cell clearance
22276187 C. pneumoniae infection of mononuclear cells stimulates IL-1beta production dependent on a NLRP3 inflammasome-mediated processing of proIL-1beta which is controlled by Rac1.
22238672 GEF Trio is responsible for lamellipodia formation through its N-terminal DH-PH domain in a Rac1-dependent manner during fibronectin-mediated spreading and migration.
22238325 Rac1 positively regulates CXCR4 function and identifies the Rac1-CXCR4 axis as a new target for preventing HIV-1 infection.
22213037 delta-catenin facilitated invasion of lung cancer cells by upregulating the mRNA and protein levels of Rac1
22179719 Aberrant methylation of PSD occurs in UC-associated colorectal mucosa, enabling circumvention of Rac1 immune responses governing neutrophil chemotaxis and apoptosis, and plays a pivotal role in the mechanisms underlying UC-associated carcinogenesis.
22157762 mitochondrial import and direct electron transfer from cytochrome c to Rac1 modulates mitochondrial H(2)O(2) production in alveolar macrophages pulmonary fibrosis.
22157753 Overexpression of p38beta or Rac1 significantly enhanced (1.9- and 3.9-fold, respectively), the tRA-stimulated NIS expression in MCF-7 cells.
22151306 examined integrin beta(1) , ECAD and rac1 expression in SCLC and analyzed the prognostic value of these markers
22142809 data suggest that Rac1b expression acts as a modulator or transducer of various signaling pathways that lead to neurofibrillary tangle formation and membrane dysfunction in a subgroup of CBF NB neurons in AD.
22137120 IFNgamma induces a higher basal level of F-actin and activation of Rac1, affecting the response to stimuli that induce cytoskeleton rearrangement such as phagocytic or chemotactic stimuli.
22114142 Sonic Hedgehog activates the GTPases Rac1 and RhoA in a Gli-independent manner through coupling of smoothened to Gi proteins.
22113496 Rac1 is constitutively expressed at high levels throughout the airway of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis patients, independent of active HPV infection, and is a targetable host-susceptibility factor
22101459 Data suggest that an anti-Wnt5a antibody was capable of suppressing Wnt5a-dependent internalization of Fz2 receptor, resulting in the prevention of metastasis of gastric cancer cells by inhibiting the activation of Rac1 and the expression of laminin gamma2.
22092654 No immunostaining to Rac1 was observed in the ameloblastomas studied.
22080864 PDGFRalpha signaling in glioblastomas leads to Src-dependent phosphorylation of the guanine nucleotide exchange factor Dock180 at tyrosine 1811 (Dock180(Y1811)) that results in activation of the GTPase Rac1 and subsequent cell growth and invasion.
22061968 Rac1b was required for NT3-stimulated cell proliferation of marrow isolated adult multilineage inducible cells toward an early neuronal phenotype.
22049212 signaling from integrin alpha6beta4 facilitates lysophosphatidic acid- stimulated chemotaxis through preferential activation of RhoA, which, in turn, facilitates activation of Rac1
22036506 The RNAi-mediated depletion of HACE1 blocks the ubiquitylation of active Rac1 and increases GTP-bound Rac1 cellular levels.
22023324 Burkholderia cenocepacia perturbs actin architecture by inactivating Rho family GTPases, particularly Rac1 and Cdc42.
21994733 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
21980400 Study demonstrated that hypoxia-induced HIF-1alpha expression involves a cascade of signaling events including ROS generation, activation of PI3K and ERK signaling, and subsequent activation of Rac1.
21964561 The mRNA and protein levels of Rac1 and Rac2 are elevated following exposure of endothelial progenitor cells to the chemokine SDF-1alpha.
21963679 AexU effector protein of Aeromonas veronii is a novel type three secretion system effector which specifically inactivates Rac1 to disrupt actin cytoskeleton and has an alternative cytotoxic pathway through beta4-integrin mediation.
21943825 Data show that Rac1 was highly activated in PTEN deficient and IGF-IR overexpressing Trastuzumab-resistant cells in a HER2-independent manner.
21936715 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
21885850 Angiopoietin-1 requires IQ domain GTPase-activating protein 1 to activate Rac1 and promote endothelial barrier defense.
21873980 Coronin 1A promotes a cytoskeletal-based feedback loop that facilitates Rac1 translocation and activation
21868386 Involvement of 14-3-3 proteins in the second epidermal growth factor-induced wave of Rac1 activation in the process of cell migration.
21853342 Tiam1 and Rac1 expressions may be independent predictors for the poor prognosis in patients with primary gallbladder carcinoma
21844371 Arf GTPases may be central components in WAVE signalling, acting directly, alongside Rac1.
21828072 p66Shc activation by mutSOD1 causes a strong decrease in the activity of the small GTPase Rac1 through a redox-sensitive regulation.
21822311 a Rac1/PAK1 cascade controls beta-catenin S675 phosphorylation and full activation in colon cancer cells
21816966 Intermedin reduces HUVEC permeability via Rac1-mediated actin cytoskeleton rearrangement.
21789714 Rac1 is an important regulator of VEGF-mediated angiogenesis and its knockdown represent an attractive approach to inhibit tumor angiogenesis and growth.
21781463 Rac1 protein may control the migration of epidermal stem cells by regulating adhesion, spreading, and chemotaxis. It plays an active role in wound healing accelerated by ESC.
21757621 S6K1 and mTOR regulate Rac1-driven platelet activation and aggregation.
21756249 The inhibitory effect of EHD2 overexpression is partially rescued by co-expression of Rac1 as measured using a protein trafficking assay.
21750647 The PI3K-Rac1/RhoA signaling pathway plays a vital role in IL-8 induced endothelial cell migration
21734401 Data indicate taht candidate genes ACTB, BZW, OCM, MACC1, NXPH1, PRPS1L1, RAC1 and RPA3, which lie within the DFNB90 region, were sequenced and no potentially causal variants were identified.
21706053 Data show that Semaphorin 5A (Sema5A) and plexin-B3 inhibit glioma cell invasion through Rac1 inactivation.
21704033 These results indicate that the small GTPase Rac1 is involved in the maintenance of stemness and malignancies in glioma stem-like cells.
21693584 Data identify the BAR-domain protein PACSIN2 as a Rac1 interactor that regulates Rac1-mediated cell spreading and migration.
21690261 50% of Rac1-deficient transgenic GABAergic interneurons originating in the median ganglionic eminence fail to migrate toward the cortex due to an intrinsic defect, resulting in their inability to transition through the cell cycle G1 phase.
21684284 Our study indicates that RAC1 rs10951982 risk allele increases the susceptibility to the development of colonic inflammatory bowel disease.
21677313 CD81 is required for the formation of actin membrane protrusions via RAC1 activation in adhesion-dependent immune cell migration.
21642434 in motile cells Col XVII recruits BPAG1e to alpha6beta4 integrin and is necessary for activation of signaling pathways, motile behavior, and lamellipodial stability.
21628952 study shows that MT1-MMP mediates the RhoA/Ca(2+) and Rac1/NADPH oxidase-dependent signaling pathways in thrombin-induced vascular responses
21624123 This study reveals that Rac1 is prooncogenic in that it can alter TGF-beta signalling at the R-Smad level from a tumour-suppressive towards a tumour-promoting outcome.
21622527 Tannerella forsythia epithelial cell entry is dependent on host PI3K signalling, purified BspA protein causes activation of this lipid kinase, and also requires the cooperation of host Rac1 GTPase.
21621326 Tbeta(4) increases migration of colon cancer cells via activating Rac1 by elevating IQGAP1/ILK complexes
21615663 The authors demonstrate that the Streptococcus pyogenes FbaB is essential and sufficient to trigger endothelial cell invasion via a Rac1-dependent phagocytosis-like uptake.
21603603 conclude that Rac1 and Hsp83 are required for the proper localization of Mys after parasitization
21525435 Rac1 may be important in activation of NOX5-S in Barrett's esphageal adenocarcinoma cells.
21507984 Rac1 and NOX1 are required for Rhinovirus-induced disruption of barrier function in polarized airway epithelial cells.
21482222 Results demonstrate that miR-142-3p directly and negatively regulates RAC1 in HCC cells, which highlights the importance of miRNAs in tumorigenesis.
21474673 Rac1 to inhibit intracellular superoxide production as well as overcome Bcl-2-mediated drug resistance in human leukemia cells and cervical cancer cells.
21457935 in microvascular endothelium, Rac1-mediated alterations in contact zone architecture contribute to cAMP-induced barrier stabilization.
21454543 pathological mutations in LRRK2 attenuates activation of Rac1, causing disassembly of actin filaments, leading to neurite retraction.
21451103 data suggest that activation of PKG signaling in pericytes inhibits focal adhesion formation by inhibiting Rac1
21439300 A model of localised Rac1 activation in endothelial cells due to fluid flow.
21404019 Results suggest that calmodulin regulates the activation of Rac1 in CHRF-288-11 cells in a manner similar to that in the human platelets.
21372752 genetic polymorphism of the Rho-GTPase Rac1 is associated with azathioprine response in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.
21357506 Phosphatidylinositol 3'-kinase signaling pathway is essential for Rac1-induced hypoxia-inducible factor-1(alpha) and vascular endothelial growth factor expression in hypoxia.
21347385 Rac1 is critical for tumor initiation and metastasis of human non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma
21325632 Myeloid-associated differentiation marker (MYADM) regulates Rac1 targeting to ordered membranes required for cell spreading and migration.
21321939 Enterovirus 71 induces integrin beta1/EGFR-Rac1-dependent oxidative stress in SK-N-SH cells. Up-regulation of HO-1 exerts as a host cellular defense mechanism against EV71 infection in SK-N-SH cells.
21321123 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
21295525 Naa10p binds to the GIT-binding domain of PIX, thereby preventing the formation of the GIT-PIX-Paxillin complex, resulting in reduced intrinsic Cdc42/Rac1 activity and decreased cell migration
21291504 Data show that knockdown of Tollip reduces CNF1-induced Rac1-dependent UPEC entry.
21281602 these data demonstrate that the activation of H-Ras and the downstream molecule Rac1 correlates with EGF-induced breast cancer cell invasion.
21266580 thrombin activates the Rac1/PI3K/Akt pathway through formation of the Gbetagamma, Rac1, and p85alpha complex to induce IKKalpha/beta activation, NF-kappaB transactivation, and IL-8/CXCL8 expression in human lung epithelial cells.
21206905 LFA-1-induced stabilization of ARE-containing mRNAs in T cells is dependent on HuR, and occurs through the Vav-1, Rac1/2, MKK3 and p38MAPK signaling cascade
21199870 the ability of TatP to exploit the machinery of living cells, using HSPG signaling to activate Rac1 and alter TatP mobility and internalization.
21199870 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
21172429 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
21134286 Rac1-mediated signaling plays a central role in secretion-dependent platelet aggregation in blood stimulated by a wide array of platelet agonists including atherosclerotic plaque.
21076938 These data indicated that the invasion and migration in Daoy cells were inhibited by deletion of Rac1.
21071692 sCD40L enhances agonist-induced platelet activation and aggregation through a CD40-dependent tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor-2/Rac1/p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway.
21056892 The authors find that HIV-1 entry into macrophages is sensitive to inhibitors of Na(+)/H(+) exchange, actin rearrangement, dynamin, Rac1, and Pak1.
21036915 EGF receptor regulates the permeability barrier development through the Rac1/JNK-dependent pathway.
20980685 The follicular fluid-HDL-associated S1P promotes granulosa lutein cell migration via S1PR3 and RAC1 activation. This may represent a novel mechanism contributing to the development of the corpus luteum.
20961652 Erk1/2 MAPK and PI3K/Akt signalling triggers invasion through distinct downstream effectors involving mTOR/p70S6K and Rac1 activation.
20945370 Activation of Rac1 and Cdc42 correlated with stabilized barrier functions in intestinal epithelium.
20881009 TNFRSF19 overexpression in glioma cells activates Rac1 signaling in a Pyk2-dependent manner to drive glioma cell invasion and migration
20852826 Studies indicate that molecular mechanisms underlying phyagocyytossis are starting to point to the interplay between two families of crucial proteins: the PI3K lipid kinases and the Rac GTPases.
20842205 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
20841379 Data show that Rac1 controls the plasma membrane localisation of PIP5Kbeta and thereby the localised synthesis of PtdIns(4,5)P required to induce neurite retraction.
20837928 Short-term treatment with atorvastatin 40 mg/d before CABG improves redox state in SVGs, by inhibiting vascular Rac1-mediated activation of NADPH-oxidase.
20814828 Report mevalonate kinase deficiency compromized fiberoblast geranylgeranylation of RhoA and Rac1.
20713492 Perturbations of endosome morphology associated with Ras-induced non-apoptotic cell death are due to downstream activation of Rac1 combined with reciprocal inactivation of Arf6.
20696765 Data represent a novel signaling of semaphorin 5A and plexin B3 in the control of cell motility by indirect inactivation of Rac1 through RhoGDIalpha.
20660631 Results define the role of PIPKI-alpha in cell migration and describes a new mechanism for the spatial regulation of Rac1 activity that is critical for cell migration.
20650890 decreasing beta1 chain causes alphavbeta3-integrin to become functionally dominant and promotes renal cell fibrogenesis via Rac1-mediated ERK activity.
20648624 Data show that PED and Rac1 interact and that this interaction modulates cell migration/invasion processes in cancer cells through ERK1/2 pathway.
20629539 Hyaluronic acid and thrombin increase protein synthesis of MT1-MMP and activate mitogen-activated protein kinase, phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, and Rac-1 signaling pathways in homing of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells.
20606682 The bFGF-FGFR1-PI3K-Rac1 pathway in the bone microenvironment may have a significant role in the invasion and metastasis of Ewing sarcoma.
20578145 These findings demonstrate that interactions between Rac1 and the Hh pathway control the size of myofibroblastic hepatic stellate cells populations and have important implications for the pathogenesis of cirrhosis.
20530489 TSC2 has a role in controlling cell polarity and migration by regulating CDC42 and RAC1 activation
20530480 Rac1 activates phospholipase Cdelta1 through phospholipase Cbeta2
20522449 Increased RAC1 is associated with vascular invasion and intrahepatic metastasis hepatocellular carcinoma.
20515940 Rac1 knockdown by RNAi interference confirmed the specificity of NSC23766 and requirement for Rac1 in the regulation of cyclin D1, survivin, and XIAP in breast cancer cells.
20451655 H. pylori induces the translocation of HSP90beta from the cytosol to the membrane and interaction of HSP90beta and Rac1, which leads to the activation of NADPH oxidase and production of ROS in gastric epithelial cells.
20438785 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20426825 Suggest that Rac1 activity and Pak1 are involved in lymphovascular invasion and lymph node metastasis of urothelial carcinoma of the upper urinary tract , and may be prognostic markers for this disease.
20407862 AIRE may function as a regulator in the phagocytic clearance of apoptotic cells by promoting the expression of Rac 1.
20406964 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20404345 Data identify CD2AP as a novel Rac1-associated adapter protein that participates in the regulation of epithelial cell-cell contact.
20395446 Data show that podocalyxin overexpression in human embryonic kidney cells up-regulates Rac1 activity, which depends on a complex formed by podocalyxin, ERM-binding phosphoprotein 50, ezrin, and ARHGEF7, a Rac1 activator.
20372815 Results reveal a novel biological role for Rac1 and provide new insights into the mechanism regulating epidermal stem cells.
20339539 in the presence of alphavbeta3-integrin Rac1 is not required for tumor angiogenesis
20339118 Nox5 does not appear to have an obligatory need for Rac-1 for its activation in human endothelial cells.
20335173 the Rac-GAP beta2-chimaerin is negatively regulated by protein kinase Cdelta-mediated phosphorylation
20308428 The p110alpha selectively mediates activation of the GTPase Rac1 to regulate barrier function.
20237902 signal transfer of Crk/Dock180/Rac1 is implicated in actin cytoskeleton reorganization and thus in the cell proliferation, motility, invasion, and of human ovarian cancer cell line SKOV3.
20228810 Protein complexes containing CYFIP/Sra/PIR121 coordinate Arf1 and Rac1 signalling during clathrin-AP-1-coated carrier biogenesis at the trans-golgi network.
20203103 Rac1 mutant in LNCaP cells promoted cell proliferation under androgen-depleted conditions both in vitro and in vivo.
20179179 the Rac1 signaling axis is a critical determinant of apoptosis and tumorigenesis
20167866 TLR2 cooperates with MyD88, PI3K, and Rac1 in lipoteichoic acid-induced cPLA2/COX-2-dependent airway inflammatory responses
20154214 Phosphorylation of CLEC-2 is dependent on lipid rafts, actin polymerization, secondary mediators, and Rac1.
20131316 Our studies suggest that Rac1 --> Pak1/Pak2 --> NFkappaB is a separate pathway that contributes to the expression of COX-2 in HPV-induced papillomas, independently of the previously described Rac1 --> p38 --> COX-2 pathway.
20116244 integration of Rac1 and Rab7 activities by Armus provides an important regulatory node for E-cadherin turnover and stability of cell-cell contacts
20102701 These data suggest that blockade of Rac1 signaling results in accumulation of type I collagen due to decreased collagenase activity.
20082286 These results demonstrate a chondrogenic-SMC fate decision mediated by cell shape, Rac1, and N-cadherin, and highlight the tight coupling between lineage commitment and the many changes in cell shape and cell adhesion that occur during morphogenesis.
20070306 These observations indicate that group A streptococcus invasion triggers reactive oxygen species production through Rac1 activation and generated reactive oxygen species induced mitochondrial dysfunction leading to cellular apoptosis.
20067638 expression of several highly significant cancer related genes require the activities of Rac1 and/or Cdc42 which may also play a critical role in cellular transformation
20065081 Rac1 and Rac2 GTPases are essential for normal bone marrow erythropoiesis, but they are dispensable for erythropoiesis in the spleen.
20056178 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20054824 Conclude that beta-NAD regulates the pulmonary endothelial cell barrier integrity via small GTPase Rac1- and MLCP- dependent signaling pathways.
20001745 PAK-1 and its activator Rac1 are novel HIF-1 targets that may constitute a positive-feedback loop for induction of HIF-1alpha by thrombin and ROS, thus explaining elevated levels of PAK-1, Rac1, and HIF-1alpha in remodeled pulmonary vessels.
19948726 Data shsow that specific binding of PP5 to activated Rac1 provides a direct mechanism by which PP5 can be stimulated and recruited to participate in Rac1-mediated signaling pathways.
19934221 Asef2 activates Rac1 to modulate adhesion and actin dynamics and thereby regulate cell migration
19926792 Studies demonstrate using different phagocytic models that YopO specifically blocks Rac-dependent Fcgamma receptor internalization pathway.
19917258 Data show that activation of the WAVE2 complex requires simultaneous interactions with prenylated Rac-GTP and acidic phospholipids, as well as a specific
19911011 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19895673 Induction of PI3K activity by CD40L may stimulate activation of Rac1 and NOX2 inducing, oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction.
19865048 A positive prognostic value of immunohistologically determined Rac1 protein expression was found and Rac1 as a potential unfavorable prognosis biomarker in patients with early operable non-small cell lung cancer, is presented.
19853600 TEM5 expression during capillary morphogenesis is induced by the small GTPase Rac and mediates contact inhibition of proliferation in endothelial cells.
19826000 RhoA plays an antagonistic role to Rac1/Cdc42 in the control of mammary epithelial acinar morphogenesis.
19823586 Rac inhibition reverses the phenotype of fibrotic fibroblasts
19787194 These results suggest that the novel gene, Kenae/CCDC125, acts as a regulator of cell motility through RhoA, Rac1 and cdc42.
19738201 Dysregulation of Rac1 and Arf6 function by RCC2 knockdown also abolished persistent migration along fibronectin fibers, indicating a functional role for RCC2 in directional cell movement.
19726546 Rac1 activation enhances events that contribute to mesangial cell collagen expression, through a positive feedback loop involving phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase
19723872 Findings show that JNK is necessary for oncogenic H-ras-induced, caspase-independent cell death, and that both PI3K and Rac1 activities are required for JNK activation and cell death.
19710257 Internalization of DENV-2 into endothelial cells requires viral induction of dynamic filopodia regulated by Rac1 and Cdc42 cross-talk and myosin II motor activities.
19709124 phosphorylation of Rac1 at Ser-71, exemplarily induced by epidermal growth factor, reduces Clostridium difficile toxin A-induced changes in the intestinal barrier function.
19706598 CCN3 increases the activity of the small GTPase Rac1, thereby revealing a pathway that links Cx43 directly to actin reorganization.
19692168 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19651782 Inhibition of isoprenylcysteine carboxylmethyltransferase (Icmt) decreases activation of RhoA and Rac1, and in the absence of Icmt activity, addition of exogenous RhoA or Rac1 partially rescues directed and random migration, respectively.
19640983 Rac1 and Cdc42 signaling has a role during early herpes simplex virus type 1 infection of keratinocytes
19639179 the sensitivity of metastatic pancreatic cancer cells to benzyl isothiocyanate might be due to down-modulation of the proangiogenic molecule small GTPase Rac1
19633358 VEGF leads to a Rac1-mediated generation of ROS, which, in turn, elevates the tyrosine phosphorylation of VE-cadherin and beta-catenin, ultimately regulating adherens junction integrity.
19625648 Inhibition of Rac1 does not block human neutrophil response to high concentration gradient of chemoattractant peptide.
19625176 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19617897 Ect2 and PKCiota are genetically and functionally linked in NSCLC, acting to coordinately drive tumor cell proliferation and invasion through formation of an oncogenic PKCiota-Par6alpha-Ect2 complex.
19602482 ASF/SF2 and SRp20 are two antagonistic splicing factors regulating Rac1b expression in colorectal tumor cells.
19596003 Results suggest that adiponectin promotes the migration activities of endothelial progenitor cells mainly through PI3-kinase/Cdc42/Rac1.
19584084 Mtation of E-cadherin influences Rac1 and Rho activation in opposite directions.
19563775 overexpression of Rac1 contributes to the accelerated migration and high proliferation potential of leukemia cells, which could be implicated in leukemia development and progression.
19555660 Rac1 and Rac2 are both required for efficient chemotaxis.
19509242 Findings highlight an important role for Rac1 in trastuzumab resistance of human breast cancer cells and identify the impaired trastuzumab-mediated endocytic down-regulation of ErbB2 as a novel mechanism of trastuzumab resistance.
19506399 Upregulation of Tiam1 and Rac1 proteins may play a critical role in tumor progression of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
19505917 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19497305 that down-regulation of Rac1-GTPase contributes to the inhibition of angiotensin II-mediated superoxide release by 17beta-estradiol in monocytes.
19487462 Data provide substantial evidence that Rac1 signaling inhibits the transcriptional repressor BCL-6 in colorectal cells and reveal a novel pathway that links Rac1 signaling to the regulation of gene transcription.
19487339 LOX-1-MT1-MMP axis plays a crucial role in RhoA and Rac1 activation signalling pathways in ox-LDL stimulation.
19480078 increased spontaneous apoptosis of double positive thymocytes and mature T cells in dominant negative Rac1 transgenic mice
19473989 Src kinases and Rac1 but not phosphatidylinositol 3-kinases are essential to mediate Streptococcus pyogenes internalization into human endothelial cells.
19472214 Data indicate that decrease of cAMP and Rac 1 activity may be an important step in thrombin-mediated inflammatory barrier disruption.
19469899 Repression of the small Rho GTPase Rac1 in human endothelial cellsseems to be an additional critical molecular mechanism in the regulation of VEGFR2 expression.
19463088 T-cadherin transcriptionally activated Rac1 and Cdc42.
19448673 Results show that alphavbeta6- and alpha5beta1-integrin-dependent activation of Rac1 was mediated through Eps8.
19443661 role of RhoA and Rac1 GTPases in SDF1-induced adhesion, chemotaxis, and homing of multiple myeloma cells to the bone marrow
19429871 calcineurin/Rac1/class II PAKs pathway regulates cofilin dephosphorylation leading to secretion
19429708 suggest host and viral genes triggering Rac1 or reactive oxygen species production as key determinants of Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) onset and potential KS chemopreventive or therapeutic targets
19423540 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19423521 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19404567 Activation of Rac1 GTPase contributes to VEGF-induced endothelial cell hyperpermeability.
19403692 BPAG1e is required for efficient regulation of keratinocyte polarity and migration by determining the activation of Rac1.
19390057 Phosphodiesterase 2 mediates redox-sensitive endothelial cell proliferation and angiogenesis by thrombin via Rac1 and NADPH oxidase 2.
19366706 These results demonstrate a role of PLD in hyperoxia-mediated IQGAP1 activation through Rac1 in tyrosine phosphorylation of Src and cortactin, as well as in p47(phox) translocation and reactive oxygen species formation in human lung endothelial cells.
19344766 Data show that TNFalpha and Il-1beta stimulate a transient, redox-dependent reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton into lamellipodia under the regulation of Rac1 and a neuronal NADPH oxidase as the source of ROS.
19277120 hMena possesses properties which help to regulate the formation of lamellipodia through the modulation of the activity of Rac1.
19234490 Rac1 and RhoA signaling simultaneously regulate cell invasion in 3D matrices.
19201754 Tyr-153 is the Lck-dependent phosphorylation residue and its phosphorylation negatively regulates membrane stabilization of beta2-chimaerin, decreasing its GAP activity to Rac
19170196 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19165496 Rac1 is crucial to activate HIF-1 in RPE (retinal pigment epithelium) cells under hypoxia.
19162367 Abnormal p120-catenin expression correlates with abnormal E-cadherin expression and specific small GTPase overexpression, which contribute to the malignancy-related to NSCLC.
19155310 Data suggest that ARF6-mediated Rac1 activation is essential for glioma cell invasion via a signaling pathway that requires IQGAP1.
19132225 Rac-1 promotes pulmonary artery smooth muscle cell proliferation by upregulation of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1: role of NFkappaB-dependent hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha transcription.
19107873 KAI1/CD82 decreased the metastatic phenotype of H1299 lung carcinoma cells by down-regulating Rac1 expression through the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway.
19095647 PAF-induced IEJ disruption and increased endothelial permeability requires the activation of a Tiam1-Rac1 signaling module, suggesting a novel therapeutic target against increased vascular permeability associated with inflammatory diseases.
19047046 as a mediator of SF- and Src-stimulated NF-kappaB activity. Finally, the Src/Rac1/MKK3/6/p38 and Src/TAK1/NF-kappaB-inducing kinase pathways exhibited cross-talk at the level of MKK3.
18984162 Study demonstrates tight interplay between Rho and Rac in determining different modes of tumor cell movement, revealing how tumor cells switch between different modes of movement.
18922799 the interaction of the RAGE cytoplasmic domain with Dia-1 is required to transduce extracellular environmental cues evoked by binding of RAGE ligands to their cell surface receptor, resulting in Rac-1 and Cdc42 activation and cellular migration
18838676 Rac1 is required for human endometrial stromal cell migration
18826597 results suggest that Rac1 and the Rac1-specific activator Tiam1 are components of transcriptionally active beta-catenin/TCF complexes at Wnt-responsive promoters, and Rac1 and Tiam1 within these complexes serves to enhance target gene transcription
18813837 Positive regulation of migration and invasion by vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein via Rac1 pathway in human breast cancer cells.
18813807 paxillin is a critical downstream effector of Rac1 that may be involved in PMA-stimulated migration presumably by modulating the integrity of focal complex formation.
18805958 Tiam1, a Rac1-specific guanine nucleotide exchange factor, was expressed mainly in the cytosol of AT2 cells exposed to mechanical strain compared with membrane localization in static cells.
18792873 PEDF could improve the Advanced glycation end products-elicited insulin resistance in Hep3B cells by inhibiting JNK- and IkappaB kinase-dependent serine phosphorylation of IRS-1 via suppression of Rac-1 activation.
18769720 Confocal imaging of fluorescently labeled ZEBOV indicated that inhibition of PI3K, Akt, or Rac1 disrupted normal uptake of virus particles into cells and resulted in aberrant accumulation of virus into a cytosolic compartment
18768751 The DOCK180-ELMO1 interaction is mapped to the N-terminal 200 amino acids of DOCK180, and to the C-terminal 200 amino acids of ELMO1, comprising the ELMO1 PH domain.
18725541 uPAR cooperates with integrin complexes containing beta(3) integrin to drive formation of the p130Cas-CrkII signaling complex and activation of Rac, resulting in a Rac-driven elongated-mesenchymal morphology, cell motility, and invasion.
18716283 Rac regulates the interaction of fascin with active PKC.
18684957 Rac1 regulates nitric oxide synthase type 2 (NOD2) trafficking and NOD2-dependent signal transduction in primary human monocytes and cell line THP-1.
18676680 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18653540 Positive role of Tyr94 phosphorylation in EGF-induced Asef activation following the activation of Rac1.
18646053 CCL2 stimulation of prostate cancer cells activates the small GTPase, Rac through the actin-associated protein PCNT1.
18644982 These data show, for the first time, that colorectal cells expressing alternative spliced Rac1b also depend on Rac1b signaling to sustain their survival.
18632858 HIV-1 Env mdiated Rac-1 activatation is dependent on Galpha(q) activation.
18632858 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
18602919 Rac1b and B-Raf(V600E) functionally cooperate to sustain colorectal cell viability and suggest they constitute an alternative survival pathway to oncogenic K-Ras.
18596235 DOCK180 regulates CI-MPR trafficking via SNX5 and this function is independent of its guanine nucleotide exchange factor activity toward Rac1
18508927 a specific domain in Fas, topologically and functionally distinct from the death domain, which regulates neuritogenesis via recruitment of ezrin and activation of Rac1
18501711 small GTPase Rac, a component of some NOXs, also interacts with and regulates the constitutively-expressed NOSs.
18482007 Rac1 activation specifically in membrane ruffles by the GEF FLJ00068 is sufficient for insulin induction of glucose uptake into skeletal-muscle cells.
18480413 Phospholipase D activity regulates integrin-mediated cell spreading and migration by inducing GTP-Rac translocation to the plasma membrane
18463417 Exogenous hydrogen sulfide inhibits superoxide formation, NOX-1 expression and Rac1 activity in human vascular smooth muscle cells.
18445079 Data show that Rac1 plays a significant role in the pathological adhesion of Schwannoma cells.
18440141 negative results suggested that variants of RAC1 gene did not influence the occurrence of non-syndromic mental retardation in Chinese children
18440141 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18433991 We suggest that Rac1 plays a role in cellular migration not only limited to its known function in reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton, but also as part of the intracellular machinery that controls the redox balance.
18424721 As(2)O(3) induced phosphorylation and membrane translocation of the NADPH oxidase subunit p47(phox) and it also increased translocation of Rac1 and p67(phox).
18344974 Clathrin-independent endocytosis used by the IL-2 receptor is regulated by Rac1, Pak1 and Pak2.
18334926 The purpose of this study was to characterize the significance of Rho processes in the cellular cytoskeleton.
18325335 reorganization of subsarcolemmal cytoskeletal actin by activation of Rac1 through alpha and betaPIXs in skeletal muscle is mediatedby affixin
18321527 Mapping of the Rac1 GTPase surface that contacts the Rho GTPase binding domain of plexin-B1 by NMR confirms the plexin domain as a GTPase effector protein and regions neighboring the GTPase switch I and II regions are also involved in the interaction.
18319303 Data investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying Rac1-induced destabilization of junctions and found activation of the Rac target PAK1 is necessary for destabilization of cell-cell contacts.
18319301 Data show that Cdc42- and Rac1-mediated endothelial lumen formation requires Pak2, Pak4 and Par3, and PKC-dependent signaling.
18310224 Novel mitogenic signaling pathway in airway smooth muscle cells leading from PDGF to Rac1 and cell cycle gene regulation.
18296444 Protein kinase C-epsilon regulates sphingosine 1-phosphate-mediated migration of human lung endothelial cells through activation of phospholipase D2, protein kinase C-zeta, and Rac1
18287089 TGFbeta1 stimulates CCN2 expression in human gingival fibroblasts through a RhoA-independent, Rac1/Cdc42-dependent mechanism
18261726 Rac-1 coordinates changes in chondrocyte phenotype and function and stimulates the maturation process essential for skeletal development.
18249095 Identify chimaerins as candidates for the downmodulation of Rac1 in T-lymphocytes and, in addition, uncover a novel regulatory mechanism that mediates their activation in T-cells.
18235104 role of RHO GTPases RAC1 and CDC42 in PGE(2)-mediated migratory responses of extravillous trophoblast cells
18216165 This study showed that PTPalpha is required for remodeling of focal adhesion during cell spreading via a pathway involving Rac1.
18172037 The Ang II/Rac1/STAT3 pathway is an important signaling pathway in the atrial myocardium to mediate atrial structural remodeling, and losartan and statin may be able to reverse Ang II-induced atrial structural remodeling in atrial fibrillation.
18165265 Rac1 has a critical role in colorectal tumor progression
18160398 a VAV1-Rac1-PAK1 signaling axis in mononuclear phagocytes regulating superoxide production in a stimulus-dependent manner.
18160397 CD147, via the selective inhibition of specific downstream elements of the Vav1/Rac1 route, contributes to the negative regulation of T-cell responses.
18156211 sFRP-1 can interact with Wnt receptors Frizzled 4 and 7 on endothelial cells to transduce downstream to cellular machineries requiring Rac-1 activity in cooperation with GSK-3beta
18093184 JNK-dependent activation of Rac1 ubiquitination would create a regulatory loop allowing the cell to counteract excessive activation of Rac1 GTPase
18088600 These results suggest that S1P(2) receptors/G(12/13)-proteins/Rho signaling pathways mediate S1P-induced inhibition of glioma cell migration.
18086571 HBV may possibly make use of an activated Rac1 signaling pathway for increased replication and resultant metastatic effects.
18079321 Findings suggest that Vav3/Rac 1 signaling is an important modulator of ligand-independent AR transcriptional activity in prostate cancer progression.
18070887 Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-dependent membrane recruitment of Rac-1 and p47phox is critical for alpha-platelet-derived growth factor receptor-induced production of reactive oxygen species.
18064650 These results suggest a novel mechanism of ANP protective effects against agonist-induced pulmonary endothelial cell barrier dysfunction via inhibition of Rho signaling by Epac/Rap1-Rac and PKA signaling cascades.
18056353 Theses results support a novel role for FPR stimulation in enhancing intestinal epithelial cell restitution through PI3K-dependent activation of Rac1 and Cdc42.
18045877 signaling pathway by which G(i)-coupled receptor specifically induces Rac and Cdc42 activation through direct interaction of Gbetagamma with FLJ00018.
18006851 16k PRL inhibits cell migration by blocking the Ras-Tiam1-Rac1-Pak1 signaling pathway in endothelial cells
18005680 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
17982280 The results presented here indicate that actin reorganization through FAK/PI3-K/Rac-1 activation operates in various human cancer cell systems supporting a functional role for FAK/PI-3K/Rac1/actin signaling in controlling cell motility.
17982024 In primary activated CD4(+) T cells, Rac1 and Rac2 were independently required for maximal TCR-induced apoptosis.
17941827 that Rac1 is an essential player for mediating the induction of cyclin D1 and p21(Cip1) by HRG in breast cancer cells
17940286 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
17916560 Binding of Rac1, Rnd1, and RhoD to a novel Rho GTPase interaction motif destabilizes dimerization of the plexin-B1 effector domain
17904119 These data indicate that Rac1 activity in FEMX cells regulates cell proliferation and invasion, in part via its effect on NFkappaB, signifying Rac1 as a key molecule in melanoma progression and metastasis.
17868934 the activation of Rac1 due to the cell-cell contact plays a critical role in the transcriptional up-regulation of p27Kip1 in vascular endothelial cells.
17851761 Rac1 signaling has a role in estrogen-induced proliferation in MCF-7 breast cancer cells
17848544 A novel mechanism is proposed in which alpha6beta4 integrin signaling via Rac1, 14-3-3 proteins, and SSH family members regulates cofilin activation, cell polarity, and matrix assembly, leading to specific epidermal cell migration behavior.
17766170 Results suggest that Rac1 plays a critical role in signalling transduction pathways relevant to colorectal tumour progression, such as activation of Wnt signalling, inhibition of TGF-beta signalling, and enhancement of metastasis-inducing genes.
17702746 CD44 is an important regulator of HGF/c-Met-mediated in vitro and in vivo barrier enhancement, a process with essential involvement of Tiam1, Rac1, dynamin 2, and cortactin.
17702745 FGFR-mediated phosphorylation of ephexin1 enhances the guanine nucleotide exchange activity toward RhoA without affecting the activity to Rac1 or Cdc42.
17693642 IQGAP1 regulates Salmonella invasion through interactions with actin, Rac1, and Cdc42
17686471 Vav2 acts downstream of VEGF to activate Rac1.
17663742 Rac1 GTPase is involved in regulation of platelet secretion and aggregation
17637758 These observations unravel the interplay between beta-catenin and Rac1 that is initiated by T-Ag and results in stabilization of beta-catenin and its presence in cell membrane ruffles.
17627624 Results show the requirement of the small GTPase Rac1 activity to promote Listeria internalization.
17622308 The potential role of Rac proteins in the proliferative and invasive behavior of rheumatoid arthritis-fibroblast-like synoviocytes.
17615554 We found that the effects of Rac1 silencing on keratinocytes differentiation are concomitant with negative regulation of the Ser62/Thr58 phosphorylation on the transcription factor c-myc.
17604276 Rac-1 GTPase-mediated reactive oxygen species production and on epidermal growth factor receptor transactivation
17597401 expression and activity levels of Rac1 were upregulated in colorectal cancer tissues
17568564 Rac1 activates proliferation of normal fibroblasts through stimulation of c-myc phosphorylation without affecting ERK1/2 activity
17565754 Adenovirus-induced activation of Rac1 enhances the ability of microtubules to "search and capture" incoming virus particles.
17562712 the guanine nucleotide exchange factor Ost has a role in negative regulation of receptor endocytosis by the small GTPase Rac1
17562701 Ang-1 phosphorylates Tie-2 and its downstream effector phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase. This induces activation of one endogenous GTPase, Rac1, and inhibition of another, RhoA
17521326 C. jejuni invade host target cells by a unique mechanism and the activation of the Rho GTPase members Rac1 and Cdc42 plays a crucial role in this entry process.
17517067 Results of this study suggest that the Rho-family GTPases are required for efficient invasion of HeLa cells by GBS.
17513457 OxPAPC promoted novel interactions between focal adhesion and adherens junction complexes via paxillin and beta-catenin association, which was critically dependent on Rac and Cdc42 activities.
17478078 Proinvasive activity of BMP7 through SMAD4/src-independent and ERK/Rac/JNK-dependent signaling pathways in colon cancer cells is reported.
17428306 Study identified Crk adapter proteins, Rac1 and H-Ras, but not RhoA or Cdc42 as crucial components of the Helicobacter pylori CagA protein-induced phenotype.
17409253 Transgenic Rac1 has a critical role in axon guidance and cell migration during differentiation of the ventral telecephalon.
17356711 Signaling to the actin cytoskeleton by low and high concentrations of resveratrol may be differentially regulated by Rac and Cdc42.
17347137 loss of PTEN function in human prostate cancer may specifically facilitate bone rather than other organ metastasis and suggest that Rac1, as a PTEN effector, may contribute to this metastatic tropism.
17301947 Maspin controls mammary tumor cell migration through inhibiting Rac1 and Cdc42, but not the RhoA GTPase.
17300916 RGS3L functions as a molecular switch, redirecting Gi-coupled receptors via Gbetagamma-dimers and PI3K from Rac1 to RhoA activation.
17275330 Remedial strategies in structural proteomics were used for the expression, purification, and rystallization of the VAV1/RAC1 complex.
17244648 RAC1 and RAC3 have opposing functions in cell adhesion and differentiation of neuronal cells.
17234718 The EGFR/Vav2/Rac1 axis is a crucial pathway for the acquisition of motile and invasive properties of most head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells.
17233629 First step of the cell-penetrating peptide mechanism involves RAC1-dependent actin-network remodeling.
17229424 Localization of ezrin in adherens junctions is regulated by Rac1 in a manner involving PIPK.
17122362 These results suggest that ARF6 depletion or Ang II treatment are functionally equivalent and point to a role for endogenous ARF6 as an inhibitor of Rac1 activity.
17121847 DEF6 not only activates Rho-family GTPases but also cooperates with activated Rac1 to exert its cellular function
17115053 structure of the Rac1- phospholipase C (PLC)-beta2 complex reveals determinants that dictate selectivity of PLC-beta isozymes for Rac GTPases over other Rho-family GTPases
17088251 Src and Rac1 have roles in focal adhesion kinase and ERK mitogenic signaling in epithelial cells
17077296 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
17074883 Rho family GTPases play a distinct role in Salmonella-induced cellular responses.
17064663 Rac1 inhibition in non-metastatic or moderately metastatic cells results in inhibition of migration, whereas in highly metastatic cells Rac1 inhibition results in stimulation of migration.
17027967 Taken together, these results suggest that Dock4 plays an important role in the regulation of cell migration through activation of Rac1, and that RhoG is a key upstream regulator for Dock4.
17018616 TGF-beta "cross-links" the HER2/Vav2/Rac1/Pak1/actin/actinin complex at cell lamellipodia, prolonging Rac1 activation.
17018610 Activation of Fn14 signaling by the ligand TNF-like weak inducer of apoptosis (TWEAK) stimulates migration and up-regulates expression of Fn14; this TWEAK effect requires Rac1 and nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kappaB) activity.
17012749 Akt1 and Akt2 have opposing roles in Rac/Pak signaling and cell migration
16951224 The Rac is a novel angiogenic factor for HCC through the enhancement of HIF-1alpha protein stability, which provides a possible therapeutic target in the development of inhibitors of angiogenesis.
16914518 Both the beta4 integrin ligand-binding and cytoplasmic domains together with epidermal growth factor were required for the synergistic activation of a Rac-dependent signaling pathway that was essential for keratinocyte directional migration.
16861229 the polybasic motif specifically directs Rac1 to effect cytoskeletal rearrangement and cell migration by selective membrane phospholipid targeting
16825658 Results suggest that ATP-mediated barrier protection is associated with cytoskeletal activation and is dependent on both Rac activation and cortactin.
16809619 Rac1 (and not Rac2) is essential for Rho and myosin activation at the trailing edge to regulate uropod function
16775008 These findings suggest that PI3KC2beta regulates the migration and survival of human tumor cells by distinct molecular mechanisms.
16772332 Rac1 and Rac2 have distinct roles in regulating cell morphology, migration and invasion, but are not essential for macrophage migration or chemotaxis.
16762923 Rac1 directly participates in Nox1 activation via interacting with Noxa1.
16751412 Rac1 is involved in Porphyromonas gingivalis fimbria-stimulated monocytic cell adhesion to human vascular endothelium and transendothelial migration in vitro.
16716260 Rac1 is activated by murine leukemia virus particles in HeLa cells
16707128 The upregulation of Rac-1 molecule might also play a role in the acquisition of dendritic cells mature phenotype.
16687395 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
16681996 These findings indicate for the first time that activation of geranylgeranylated proteins including RhoA and Rac1 is involved in type III GBS invasion of HBMEC and RhoA is upstream of Rac1 in GBS invasion of HBMEC.
16628223 An obligatory role for endogenous GIT2 in repression of lamellipodial extension and FA turnover by Rac1- and Cdc42-dependent signaling pathways, respectively, was demonstarted.
16551621 The roles of RAC1 and RAC1b in the RelB mediated transciption in 3 tumor cell lines are reported.
16526095 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
16507994 Rac1 regulates both oxidases Nox1 and Nox3 through the Nox activators
16492808 Rac1 interaction with beta-Pix (p21-activated kinase [Pak]-interacting exchange factor) is required for Rac1 activation by beta-Pix as well as for Rac1-mediated spreading
16439689 Slit2 inhibits vascular smooth muscle cell migration by suppressing small GTPase Rac1 activation.
16436505 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
16410245 activation of the c-Abl-PKCdelta-Rac1-p38 MAPK pathway in response to ionizing radiation signals conformational changes of Bak and Bax, resulting in mitochondrial activation-mediated apoptotic cell death in human non-small cell lung cancer cells
16395716 Activated rac1 and Cdc42 are involved in the hypoxia-induced production of angiogenesis-promoting factors and tumor suppressors, and suggest that the Rho family GTPases Rac1 and Cdc42 may contribute to the hypoxia-mediated angiogenesis.
16390331 EGF induces ADAM10-mediated CD44 cleavage through Rac1 and mitogen-activated protein kinase activation, and thereby promotes tumour cell migration and invasion.
16354686 Rac1 facilitated the recruitment of Nox2 into the endosomal compartment and subsequent redox-dependent recruitment of TRAF6 to the MyD88/IL-1R1 complex.
16339173 Data show that alpha6 and alpha3 integrin subunits interact with laminin 5 to increase expression of E-cadherin, and suggest that phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI 3-kinase) activation plays a key role in this cross-talk.
16339170 Results suggest that RhoG contributes to the regulation of Rac1 activity in migrating cells.
16280046 results suggest a role for both the Rac1 and Rac3 GTPases in human breast cancer progression
16257181 The results suggest that oncogenic K-Ras enhances the malignant phenotype and identify the mitogen-activated protein kinase p38 as a target to inhibit oncogenic K-Ras-induced pancreatic tumor cell migration.
16243562 data suggest that E. coli K1 modulates the binding of Rac1, to PAK1 during the invasion of human brain microvascular endothelial cells (HBMEC)
16195373 S1P-induced recruitment of S1P1 to CEM fractions promotes PI3 kinase-mediated Tiam1/Rac1 activation required for alpha-actinin-1/4-regulated cortical actin rearrangement and EC barrier enhancement
16195235 Rac1 is required for aggregate integrity leading to thrombus formation under physiologically relevant levels of shear both in vitro and in vivo.
16027728 functional analysis of Rac1 and Rac3 using RNA interference reveals a critical role for these GTPases in the invasive behavior of glioma and breast carcinoma cells
15905615 High frequency of overexpression of rac1 pseudogene was detected in the human brain tumors when compared with that expressed in the normal brain tissues
15901767 Activation of small RhoGTPases is a key step in the mechanism of epithelial mesemchymal transdifferentiation and likely to be a contributor to tubulointerstitial fibrosis.
15864742 Data suggest that ICAM-1 gene induction by TNFalpha and IL-6 is mediated mainly via NFkappaB and Stat3, respectively and Rac1 appears to play a central role in modulating cytokine-induced ICAM-1 expression in endothelial cells.
15860737 Rac1 plays a critical role in maintaining the surface expression of PAR1 and the responsiveness to thrombin in vascular smooth muscle cells
15850775 TrioN, a Dbl family GEF, activates Rac1 by facilitating GTP binding to, as well as stimulating GDP dissociation from, Rac1
15817154 Rac1b, a splicing variant of Rac1, stimulates cell cycle progression and cell survival in pathways involving NF-kappaB.
15777850 a specific cross-talk between TGF-beta1 and fibronectin-binding integrin signal pathways leads to the activation of c-Src/Rac1/actin-organization, leading to changes in cell cycle regulator levels in hepatoma cells
15647276 isoprenylcysteine carboxylmethyltransferase regulates Rac1 activity by controlling the interaction of Rac1 with RhoGDI through TNFA
15614286 that Rac 1 activation accelerates the wound healing process and is associated with more efficient angiogenesis at the wound site.
15579468 Rac1, PI3 kinase, and Akt3 have roles in an anti-apoptotic pathway triggered by ALS2 that antagonizes SOD1 mutant-induced motoneuronal cell death
15569826 ANP is a novel endogenous activator of endothelial Rac1.
15535843 The antagonistic roles of RhoA and Rac1 in cell motility/invasion and cytoskeletal organization in breast cancer may be due to their concerted action on NHE1 activity as a convergence point.
15479739 Rap1 promotes cell spreading by localizing a subset of Rac GEFs to sites of active lamellipodia extension
15470041 roles for Rac1 in early signal transduction and cytoskeletal rearrangement of T lymphocytes responding to chemokine.
15377999 activation of Rac1 amplifies the signaling activity of stabilized/mutated beta-catenin by promoting its accumulation in the nucleus, and synergizing with beta-catenin to augment TCF/LEF-dependent gene transcription
15351707 Rac1 activation is inhibited by SPRY2
15308673 the activity of Rac1 is suppressed during cytokinesis, increasing at the plasma membrane of polar sides before the abscission of the daughter cells in both HeLa and Rat1A cells
15303276 Our results suggest that Racl may be involved in angiogenesis by controlling the expression of angiogenesis-related factors.
15298851 Coordination of both RhoA and Rac1 activity contributes to bronchial epithelial wound repair mechanisms in vitro.
15265891 Both Cdc42 & Rac1 control the transport of essential immunostimulatory molecules to the DC surface. Cdc42 and Rac1 signaling controls DC morphology and conditions DCs for efficient CD8(+) T cell stimulation.
15247305 novel phosphorylation-dependent function of Bam32 in regulating Rac1 activation and actin remodeling.
15231571 a G protein-coupled receptor encoded by HHV8 activates Rac1, which links the viral GPCR to transcription factor activation
15226424 Data support a mechanism by which active Rac1 promotes lymphoma cell survival and inhibits apoptosis in response to cancer chemotherapy drugs.
15194790 activated by HIV Env-coreceptor interactions during HIV-induced membrane fusion and cell-cell fusion
15187145 activation of Rac1 leads to HIV-LTR trans-activation, mediated through TIRAP. Rac1 and TIRAP are important in TLR4 activation of HIV replication
15170282 Rac-1 overexpression is a frequent occurrence in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC), highlighting the involvement of GTPase elements in the neoplastic growth of OSCC.
15166228 lamellipodial protrusion in smooth muscle cells can be regulated by waves of Rac1 activation
15123662 cross-talk between Rac and Cdc42 GTPases regulates generation of reactive oxygen species
15123640 Data suggest that hyaluronan-CD44 interaction with Rac1-protein kinase N gamma plays a pivotal role in phospholipase C gamma1-regulated calcium signaling and cortactin-cytoskeleton function required for keratinocyte cell-cell adhesion and differentiation.
15009099 rhoA and rac-1 participate in cell sensitivity to mechanical strain and lead to the modulation of the Erk pathway.
14976202 agonist-induced internalization of thromboxane A2 receptor beta was regulated by Nm23-H2 through modulation of Rac1 signaling
14960575 down-regulation of the activity of this GTPase is a requirement for the regulation of T cell morphology and motility
14737186 Nef binds the DOCK2-ELMO1 complex to activate rac and inhibit lymphocyte chemotaxis
14737186 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
14736526 alterations of rac1 gene may contribute to tumorigenesis and/or metastasis
14729058 Expression of either dominant-negative or constitutively active forms of RAC1 prevented lamellipodial formation.
14701795 Rac1 activates Dbs at the pleckstrin homology domain
14641180 data identified Rac1 as a key intermediate in Yersinia enterocolitica invasin-triggered IL-8 synthesis
14625275 Alternatively spliced Rac1b is able to bind the GTPase-binding domain of PAK but not full-length PAK in a GTP-dependent manner.
14623895 cleavage of CD44 catalyzed by ADAM10 is augmented by the intracellular signaling elicited by engagement of CD44, through Rac1-mediated cytoskeletal rearrangement, and suggest that CD44 cleavage contributes to the migration and invasion of tumor cells
14597672 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
14576080 ROS such as superoxide and H(2)O(2) derived from Rac1-activated NADPH oxidase mediate TNF-alpha-induced MCP-1 expression in endothelial cells
14557270 bFGF- and NGF-induced phosphorylation of p85 betaPIX mediates Rac1 activation, which in turn regulates cytoskeletal reorganization at growth cones, but not translocation of the PIX complex.
14514689 analysis of the interaction between the small G proteins Rac1 and RhoA and protein kinase C-related kinase 1
14506233 alternative splicing of Rac1 leads to a highly active Rac variant that differs in regulation and downstream signaling
12972426 Rac1 and RhoA bind to adherens junctions and myosin light chain during formation of capillary vascular network
12960245 direct activation of Cdc42 and Rac1 by invasive Salmonella is a prerequisite of Salmonella-mediated death of U937 cells.
12912997 Rac1, but not not Rac2 has a role in the human NADPH oxidase complex
12883706 Rho protein regulates the tyrosine phosphorylation of FAK through translocation from the nucleus to the membrane
12874273 C-terminal, hypervariable domain of Rac1 encodes two distinct binding motifs for signaling proteins and regulates intracellular targeting and differential signaling in a unique and non-redundant fashion
12861025 Rac1 has a role in thrombospondin 2 regulation of cell growth via redox-dependent signaling
12810717 Rac1-dependent pathways that participate in Src-induced cell transformation are regulated by Vav2 and Tiam1
12761036 an enhanced activation of Rac1 in primary human schwannoma cells
12719789 evid,ence that the small GTPases RhoA and Rac1 but not Cdc42, are directly associated with Tyk2 and PI3-K in an uPA/uPAR-dependent fashion and are necessary to mediate the uPA/uPAR-directed migration via the Tyk2/PI3-K signalling complex in human VSMC
12714565 AIF-1 binds and polymerizes F actin and also regulates Rac1 activity and vascular smooth muscle migration
12676940 The beta2 integrin-triggered relocalization of Rac1 to the cytoskeleton was enabled by a PI 3-kinase-induced dissociation of Rac1 from LyGDI
12612085 TRE17 coprecipitated specifically with the active forms of Cdc42 and Rac1 in vivo. TRE17 is part of a novel effector complex for Cdc42 and Rac1, potentially contributing to their effects on actin remodeling.
12606638 Rac1 and superoxide play crucial roles in the regulation of expression of cell adhesion molecules in endothelial cells
12584113 Data show that inhibition of endogenous RhoA, Rac1, and Cdc42 by their respective dominant negative mutants inhibits neurotensin-induced interleukin-8 protein production and promoter activity.
12574162 The requirement for polyamines for intestinal epithelial cell migration is mediated through this protein.
12524240 Adenoviral-mediated expression of the constitutively active allele of Rac1 in human umbilical vein endothelial cells results in mitochondrial oxidative stress with induction of biochemical, molecular, and morphological features of senescence.
12511425 Rac/Cdc42-dependent activation of MAPK/ERK is a critical event in the immediate phagocytic response of PMNs to microbial challenge
12499846 RAC1-controlled cascades promoting lamellar protrusion are independent of MAPK activity and partially down-regulated by p-JNK.
12453877 Cdc42/Rac1-dependent activation of the p21-activated kinase (PAK) regulates human platelet lamellipodia spreading.
12393632 DOCK2 associates with CrkL and regulates Rac1 in human leukemia cell lines
12393431 mechanism of IL-2-activated Rac1 regulation of Akt-dependent cell survival in NK cells
12377770 role in pathway that promotes urokinase plasminogen activator mRNA stability in invasive breast cancer cells
12376551 Rac1 and Cdc42 are activated independent of RhoG
12239215 Data show that arsenic trioxide induces activation of the small G-protein Rac1 and the alpha and beta isoforms of the p38 mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase in several leukemia cell lines.
12181570 Mechanism of regulation of WAVE1-induced actin nucleation by Rac1 and Nck: we propose that Rac1 and Nck cause dissociation of the WAVE1 complex, which releases active WAVE1-HSPC300 and leads to actin nucleation.
12169092 These results demonstrate that Rho family small GTPases RhoA, Rac1 and Cdc42 are novel signal transducers for SP-stimulated IL-8 expression.
12117911 proteasomal degradation of cytotoxic necrotizing factor 1-activated rac1
12115629 Rac1 play essential role in regulating the formation of dendritic processes by dendritic cell
12038964 Rac1 generates reactive oxygen species through beta-amyloid signaling
12027902 Interaction between p21-activated protein kinase and Rac during differentiation of HL-60 human promyelocytic leukemia cell
11973651 role for the small GTPases Rac1 in the generation of skeletal muscle tumors.
11884513 Rac1 is required for capillary lumen formation by vascular endothelial cells in three-dimensional extracellular matrices
11822867 Our findings indicate that different signal cascades resulting in the activation of Rac1 ...can modulate the exocytotic process of neuroendocrine cells.
11685227 protein interaction mapping with guanine nucleotide exchange factor, Tiam1
10394361 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes
8994833 HIV-1 Gag is required by the RAC1-WASF2-BAIAP2-ARP3 pathway for HIV VLP production/release from Jurkat T lymphocytes

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25990958 2015 A molecular switch in the scaffold NHERF1 enables misfolded CFTR to evade the peripheral quality control checkpoint.
25963818 2015 Junctional actin assembly is mediated by Formin-like 2 downstream of Rac1.
25957131 2015 Cooperation of distinct Rac-dependent pathways to stabilise E-cadherin adhesion.
25944712 2015 N-terminome analysis of the human mitochondrial proteome.
25917196 2015 Down-regulation of Rac GTPase-activating protein OCRL1 causes aberrant activation of Rac1 in osteoarthritis development.
25901943 2015 Integrative omics analysis of rheumatoid arthritis identifies non-obvious therapeutic targets.
25888632 2015 Hypoxia/reoxygenation-experienced cancer cell migration and metastasis are regulated by Rap1- and Rac1-GTPase activation via the expression of thymosin beta-4.
25885881 2015 Rac1 Polymorphisms and Thiopurine Efficacy in Children With Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
25879033 2015 Regulating Rac in the nervous system: molecular function and disease implication of Rac GEFs and GAPs.
25862165 2015 Integration of the Rac1- and actin-binding properties of Coronin-1C.
25843002 2015 Cancer cell-autonomous TRAIL-R signaling promotes KRAS-driven cancer progression, invasion, and metastasis.
25799492 2015 ARF6 promotes the formation of Rac1 and WAVE-dependent ventral F-actin rosettes in breast cancer cells in response to epidermal growth factor.
25783411 2015 Kaempferol-3-O-rutinoside from Afgekia mahidoliae promotes keratinocyte migration through FAK and Rac1 activation.
25758356 2015 Rac1 GTPase-deficient HeLa cells present reduced DNA repair, proliferation, and survival under UV or gamma irradiation.
25746002 2015 An EGFR/PI3K/AKT axis promotes accumulation of the Rac1-GEF Tiam1 that is critical in EGFR-driven tumorigenesis.
25694429 2015 Guanine nucleotide exchange factor ?PIX leads to activation of the Rac 1 GTPase/glycogen phosphorylase pathway in interleukin (IL)-2-stimulated T cells.
25687035 2015 Inhibition of RAC1-GEF DOCK3 by miR-512-3p contributes to suppression of metastasis in non-small cell lung cancer.
25684205 2015 CUL3-KBTBD6/KBTBD7 ubiquitin ligase cooperates with GABARAP proteins to spatially restrict TIAM1-RAC1 signaling.
25659579 2015 Loss of the E3 ubiquitin ligase HACE1 results in enhanced Rac1 signaling contributing to breast cancer progression.
25640224 2015 Rac1 nucleocytoplasmic shuttling drives nuclear shape changes and tumor invasion.
25586182 2015 The bipartite rac1 Guanine nucleotide exchange factor engulfment and cell motility 1/dedicator of cytokinesis 180 (elmo1/dock180) protects endothelial cells from apoptosis in blood vessel development.
25585795 2015 Rac1 is correlated with aggressiveness and a potential therapeutic target for gastric cancer.
25585684 2015 Rac1 expression in epithelial ovarian cancer: effect on cell EMT and clinical outcome.
25562149 2014 Mechanisms of RhoGDI2 mediated lung cancer epithelial-mesenchymal transition suppression.
25559184 2015 Rac1 functions as a reversible tension modulator to stabilize VE-cadherin trans-interaction.
25544611 2015 Rac1-dependent phosphorylation and focal adhesion recruitment of myosin IIA regulates migration and mechanosensing.
25529012 2015 Semaphorin-3F suppresses the stemness of colorectal cancer cells by inactivating Rac1.
25504636 2015 Glycogen synthase kinase 3? sustains invasion of glioblastoma via the focal adhesion kinase, Rac1, and c-Jun N-terminal kinase-mediated pathway.
25490770 2014 Receptor for advanced glycation end products - membrane type1 matrix metalloproteinase axis regulates tissue factor expression via RhoA and Rac1 activation in high-mobility group box-1 stimulated endothelial cells.
25476896 2014 Role of non-genomic androgen signalling in suppressing proliferation of fibroblasts and fibrosarcoma cells.
25464848 2014 Sema3C promotes the survival and tumorigenicity of glioma stem cells through Rac1 activation.
25430696 2015 The Expression of RAC1 and Mineralocorticoid Pathway-Dependent Genes are Associated With Different Responses to Salt Intake.
25428919 2015 CD147 promotes Src-dependent activation of Rac1 signaling through STAT3/DOCK8 during the motility of hepatocellular carcinoma cells.
25427623 2014 Denbinobin, a phenanthrene from Dendrobium nobile, impairs prostate cancer migration by inhibiting Rac1 activity.
25427558 2015 LRRK2 localizes to endosomes and interacts with clathrin-light chains to limit Rac1 activation.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
25394657 2015 Cellular inhibitor of apoptosis protein 2 controls human colonic epithelial restitution, migration, and Rac1 activation.
25384218 2014 RASAL2 activates RAC1 to promote triple-negative breast cancer progression.
25365944 2014 Metformin impairs Rho GTPase signaling to induce apoptosis in neuroblastoma cells and inhibits growth of tumors in the xenograft mouse model of neuroblastoma.
25345393 2014 Rac-1 as a new therapeutic target in cerebro- and cardio-vascular diseases.
25289457 2015 Redox regulation of Rac1 by thiol oxidation.
25224588 2014 A sequence variant in human KALRN impairs protein function and coincides with reduced cortical thickness.
25171475 2014 Changes of cytoskeleton and cell cycle in Lovo cells via deletion of Rac1.
25151145 2015 Angiotensin II activates signal transducers and activators of transcription 3 via Rac1 in the atrial tissue in permanent atrial fibrillation patients with rheumatic heart disease.
25130858 2014 Role of Rho small GTPases in meniscus cells.
25107911 2014 Unprenylated RhoA contributes to IL-1? hypersecretion in mevalonate kinase deficiency model through stimulation of Rac1 activity.
25091805 2014 A putative novel protein, DEPDC1B, is overexpressed in oral cancer patients, and enhanced anchorage-independent growth in oral cancer cells that is mediated by Rac1 and ERK.
25086046 2014 Rho GTPases RhoA and Rac1 mediate effects of dietary folate on metastatic potential of A549 cancer cells through the control of cofilin phosphorylation.
25056956 2014 Arachidonic acid induces direct interaction of the p67(phox)-Rac complex with the phagocyte oxidase Nox2, leading to superoxide production.
25056432 2014 Rho GTPase Rac1: molecular switch within the galectin network and for N-glycan ?2,6-sialylation/O-glycan core 1 sialylation in colon cancer in vitro.
25056119 2014 The RAC1 P29S hotspot mutation in melanoma confers resistance to pharmacological inhibition of RAF.
25043693 2014 Clinical and pathological associations of the activating RAC1 P29S mutation in primary cutaneous melanoma.
25043657 2015 mTOR regulate EMT through RhoA and Rac1 pathway in prostate cancer.
25043299 2015 TIPE1 induces apoptosis by negatively regulating Rac1 activation in hepatocellular carcinoma cells.
25043297 2015 DDX3 modulates cell adhesion and motility and cancer cell metastasis via Rac1-mediated signaling pathway.
25002679 2014 Rac1 and Aurora A regulate MCAK to polarize microtubule growth in migrating endothelial cells.
24980975 2014 Streptococcus pneumoniae ClpL modulates adherence to A549 human lung cells through Rap1/Rac1 activation.
24980436 2014 Coronin1 proteins dictate rac1 intracellular dynamics and cytoskeletal output.
24971902 2014 The tumor suppressor role of miR-124 in osteosarcoma.
24970760 2014 Podocalyxin-like 1 promotes invadopodia formation and metastasis through activation of Rac1/Cdc42/cortactin signaling in breast cancer cells.
24928514 2014 A novel interaction between the SH2 domain of signaling adaptor protein Nck-1 and the upstream regulator of the Rho family GTPase Rac1 engulfment and cell motility 1 (ELMO1) promotes Rac1 activation and cell motility.
24925969 2014 Stromal cell-derived factor-1?/C-X-C chemokine receptor type 4 axis promotes endothelial cell barrier integrity via phosphoinositide 3-kinase and Rac1 activation.
24905281 2014 Phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate regulates invasion through binding and activation of Tiam1.
24859002 2014 A Trio-Rac1-Pak1 signalling axis drives invadopodia disassembly.
24858039 2015 Vimentin regulates lung cancer cell adhesion through a VAV2-Rac1 pathway to control focal adhesion kinase activity.
24850902 2014 Tumor cell-derived MMP3 orchestrates Rac1b and tissue alterations that promote pancreatic adenocarcinoma.
24848679 2014 Rac1-dependent lamellipodial motility in prostate cancer PC-3 cells revealed by optogenetic control of Rac1 activity.
24841200 2014 MicroRNA-200b suppresses arsenic-transformed cell migration by targeting protein kinase C? and Wnt5b-protein kinase C? positive feedback loop and inhibiting Rac1 activation.
24840740 2014 Rac1-dependent recruitment of PAK2 to G2 phase centrosomes and their roles in the regulation of mitotic entry.
24840251 2014 PIKfyve, MTMR3 and their product PtdIns5P regulate cancer cell migration and invasion through activation of Rac1.
24835487 2014 Receptor tyrosine kinase c-Met controls the cytoskeleton from different endosomes via different pathways.
24833563 2014 RAC1b overexpression correlates with poor prognosis in KRAS/BRAF WT metastatic colorectal cancer patients treated with first-line FOLFOX/XELOX chemotherapy.
24819662 2014 Elmo1 helps dock180 to regulate Rac1 activity and cell migration of ovarian cancer.
24792722 2014 Nox1 activation by ?Pix and the role of Ser-340 phosphorylation.
24786604 2014 Rac1 as a potential therapeutic target for chemo-radioresistant head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC).
24760188 2014 Suppression of p21Rac signaling and increased innate immunity mediate remission in Crohn's disease.
24759106 2014 Transcription factors NRF2 and NF-?B are coordinated effectors of the Rho family, GTP-binding protein RAC1 during inflammation.
24750242 2014 RAC1 inhibition as a therapeutic target for gefitinib-resistant non-small-cell lung cancer.
24706725 2014 Wnt5a-Rac1-NF-?B homeostatic circuitry sustains innate immune functions in macrophages.
24697698 2014 M3 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor dysfunction inhibits Rac1 activity and disrupts VE-cadherin/?-catenin and actin cytoskeleton interaction.
24646293 2014 Increased diacylglycerol kinase ? expression in human metastatic colon cancer cells augments Rho GTPase activity and contributes to enhanced invasion.
24629926 2014 RAC1 single nucleotide polymorphisms in Crohn's disease.
24629820 2014 Bile acids permeabilize the blood brain barrier after bile duct ligation in rats via Rac1-dependent mechanisms.
24625804 2014 Caveolin-1 mediates Salmonella invasion via the regulation of SopE-dependent Rac1 activation and actin reorganization.
24587345 2014 Rab5 isoforms orchestrate a "division of labor" in the endocytic network; Rab5C modulates Rac-mediated cell motility.
24577405 2014 Nectin-4 mutations causing ectodermal dysplasia with syndactyly perturb the rac1 pathway and the kinetics of adherens junction formation.
24571616 2014 HIV-1 induces cytoskeletal alterations and Rac1 activation during monocyte-blood-brain barrier interactions: modulatory role of CCR5.
24554735 2014 RhoGDI2 is expressed in human trophoblasts and involved in their migration by inhibiting the activation of RAC1.
24554007 2014 TIAM1-RAC1 signalling axis-mediated activation of NADPH oxidase-2 initiates mitochondrial damage in the development of diabetic retinopathy.
24526684 2014 ADP ribosylation factor 6 (Arf6) acts through FilGAP protein to down-regulate Rac protein and regulates plasma membrane blebbing.
24501217 2014 Tiam1/Rac1 signals contribute to the proliferation and chemoresistance, but not motility, of chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells.
24487980 2014 Polymorphisms in the RAC1 gene are associated with hypertension risk factors in a Chilean pediatric population.
24434436 2014 Role of SNTA1 in Rac1 activation, modulation of ROS generation, and migratory potential of human breast cancer cells.
24431302 2014 Wnt signaling in midbrain dopaminergic neuron development and regenerative medicine for Parkinson's disease.
24430179 Rac1 mediates laminar shear stress-induced vascular endothelial cell migration.
24387669 2014 MT1-MMP modulates melanoma cell dissemination and metastasis through activation of MMP2 and RAC1.
24374334 2014 Rotenone induces neurotoxicity through Rac1-dependent activation of NADPH oxidase in SHSY-5Y cells.
24371145 2014 Small G proteins Rac1 and Ras regulate serine/threonine protein phosphatase 5 (PP5)·extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) complexes involved in the feedback regulation of Raf1.
24362520 2015 The sirtuins promote Dishevelled-1 scaffolding of TIAM1, Rac activation and cell migration.
24345190 2014 The Vibrio parahaemolyticus effector VopC mediates Cdc42-dependent invasion of cultured cells but is not required for pathogenicity in an animal model of infection.
24337070 2014 NEDD9 regulates 3D migratory activity independent of the Rac1 morphology switch in glioma and neuroblastoma.
24274578 2013 Human tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha-induced protein 8-like 2 suppresses hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis through inhibiting Rac1.
24265291 2014 miR-320a suppresses colorectal cancer progression by targeting Rac1.
24200678 2014 Valvular dystrophy associated filamin A mutations reveal a new role of its first repeats in small-GTPase regulation.
24141704 2013 A bacterial toxin catalyzing tyrosine glycosylation of Rho and deamidation of Gq and Gi proteins.
24086303 2013 The human minor histocompatibility antigen 1 is a RhoGAP.
24080160 2014 Interleukin-1-induced activation of the small GTPase Rac1 depends on receptor internalization and regulates gene expression.
24072884 2013 RAC1: an emerging therapeutic option for targeting cancer angiogenesis and metastasis.
24043306 2013 Phosphorylation of Rac1 T108 by extracellular signal-regulated kinase in response to epidermal growth factor: a novel mechanism to regulate Rac1 function.
24026656 2013 Expression of Rac-1 related to tumor depth, lymph node metastasis and patient prognosis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
24016866 2013 Decorin inhibits angiogenic potential of choroid-retinal endothelial cells by downregulating hypoxia-induced Met, Rac1, HIF-1? and VEGF expression in cocultured retinal pigment epithelial cells.
24006490 2013 srGAP1 regulates lamellipodial dynamics and cell migratory behavior by modulating Rac1 activity.
24006489 2013 Mammalian target of rapamycin and Rictor control neutrophil chemotaxis by regulating Rac/Cdc42 activity and the actin cytoskeleton.
23989259 2013 Rac1 mediates load-driven attenuation of mRNA expression of nerve growth factor beta in cartilage and chondrocytes.
23979707 2013 SILAC-based proteomics of human primary endothelial cell morphogenesis unveils tumor angiogenic markers.
23967341 2013 FERM domain containing protein 7 interacts with the Rho GDP dissociation inhibitor and specifically activates Rac1 signaling.
23950142 2013 Immunosuppressive drug azathioprine reduces aneurysm progression through inhibition of Rac1 and c-Jun-terminal-N-kinase in endothelial cells.
23919665 2014 Rac1-mediated effects of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins) in cardiovascular disease.
23918979 2013 Negative charges in the flexible N-terminal domain of Rho GDP-dissociation inhibitors (RhoGDIs) regulate the targeting of the RhoGDI-Rac1 complex to membranes.
23906792 2013 Connective tissue growth factor induces collagen I expression in human lung fibroblasts through the Rac1/MLK3/JNK/AP-1 pathway.
23900529 2013 Rac regulates collagen-induced HSP27 phosphorylation via p44/p42 MAP kinase in human platelets.
23874639 2013 Nucleophosmin1 is a negative regulator of the small GTPase Rac1.
23803609 2013 Cytotoxic necrotizing factor-Y boosts Yersinia effector translocation by activating Rac protein.
23760915 2013 Effect of Rac1 downregulation mediated by shRNA on the biological behaviour of human cervical cancer cells.
23750283 2013 Role of activated Rac1/Cdc42 in mediating endothelial cell proliferation and tumor angiogenesis in breast cancer.
23733346 2013 A novel pathway spatiotemporally activates Rac1 and redox signaling in response to fluid shear stress.
23720743 2013 The atypical guanine nucleotide exchange factor Dock4 regulates neurite differentiation through modulation of Rac1 GTPase and actin dynamics.
23718289 2013 Prenylation and membrane localization of Cdc42 are essential for activation by DOCK7.
23707487 2013 ARF1 controls Rac1 signaling to regulate migration of MDA-MB-231 invasive breast cancer cells.
23669401 2013 Thiopurine effectiveness in patients with Crohn's disease: a study of genetic and clinical predictive factors.
23657011 2013 Reciprocal regulation of PKA and Rac signaling.
23640485 2013 Statins exert the pleiotropic effects through small GTP-binding protein dissociation stimulator upregulation with a resultant Rac1 degradation.
23633677 2013 ?-arrestin-dependent activation of the cofilin pathway is required for the scavenging activity of the atypical chemokine receptor D6.
23624644 2013 Rac1 signaling protects monocytic AML cells expressing the MLL-AF9 oncogene from caspase-mediated apoptotic death.
23620790 2013 CBAP functions as a novel component in chemokine-induced ZAP70-mediated T-cell adhesion and migration.
23618859 2013 A novel anti-CCN1 monoclonal antibody suppresses Rac-dependent cytoskeletal reorganization and migratory activities in breast cancer cells.
23603360 2013 Interaction characteristics of Plexin-B1 with Rho family proteins.
23591873 2013 Association between G?i2 and ELMO1/Dock180 connects chemokine signalling with Rac activation and metastasis.
23586025 2013 Viability reduction and Rac1 gene downregulation of heterogeneous ex-vivo glioma acute slice infected by the oncolytic Newcastle disease virus strain V4UPM.
23562278 2013 The TBC/RabGAP Armus coordinates Rac1 and Rab7 functions during autophagy.
23562274 2013 Rac1 and Cdc42 differentially modulate cigarette smoke-induced airway cell migration through p120-catenin-dependent and -independent pathways.
23559092 2013 Small interfering RNA targeting Rac1 sensitizes colon cancer to dihydroartemisinin-induced cell cycle arrest and inhibited cell migration by suppressing NF?B activity.
23537630 2013 Dynamin 2 potentiates invasive migration of pancreatic tumor cells through stabilization of the Rac1 GEF Vav1.
23533145 2013 In-depth proteomic analyses of exosomes isolated from expressed prostatic secretions in urine.
23485997 2013 Expression of Rac1, HIF-1?, and VEGF in gastric carcinoma: correlation with angiogenesis and prognosis.
23482591 2013 RAC1b overexpression in papillary thyroid carcinoma: a role to unravel.
23478800 2013 Cucurbitacin I inhibits Rac1 activation in breast cancer cells by a reactive oxygen species-mediated mechanism and independently of Janus tyrosine kinase 2 and P-Rex1.
23461363 2013 P66Shc-rac1 pathway-mediated ROS production and cell migration is downregulated by ascorbic acid.
23456597 2013 Exploring the multifactorial nature of autism through computational systems biology: calcium and the Rho GTPase RAC1 under the spotlight.
23434736 2013 ARHGDIA: a novel gene implicated in nephrotic syndrome.
23423567 2013 Rac1 signaling is required for insulin-stimulated glucose uptake and is dysregulated in insulin-resistant murine and human skeletal muscle.
23382236 2013 Transforming mutations of RAC guanosine triphosphatases in human cancers.
23376485 2013 Proteomic analysis of podocyte exosome-enriched fraction from normal human urine.
23375260 2013 Structural basis for autoinhibition of the guanine nucleotide exchange factor FARP2.
23341328 2013 Rac1 recruitment to the archipelago structure of the focal adhesion through the fluid membrane as revealed by single-molecule analysis.
23337888 2013 Constitutive RAC activation is not sufficient to initiate melanocyte neoplasia but accelerates malignant progression.
23334332 2014 Methylation-mediated silencing of the miR-124 genes facilitates pancreatic cancer progression and metastasis by targeting Rac1.
23322732 2013 Balanced Tiam1-rac1 and RhoA drives proliferation and invasion of pancreatic cancer cells.
23307871 2013 Prostaglandin D2-DP signaling promotes endothelial barrier function via the cAMP/PKA/Tiam1/Rac1 pathway.
23300597 2012 The microRNA -23b/-27b cluster suppresses the metastatic phenotype of castration-resistant prostate cancer cells.
23298303 2014 Expression and significance of Rac1, Pak1 and Rock1 in gastric carcinoma.
23296296 2013 Role of Rac1-mineralocorticoid-receptor signalling in renal and cardiac disease.
23295182 2013 ARAP2 signals through Arf6 and Rac1 to control focal adhesion morphology.
23292607 2013 Knockdown of Coronin-1C disrupts Rac1 activation and impairs tumorigenic potential in hepatocellular carcinoma cells.
23284172 2013 RAC1P29S is a spontaneously activating cancer-associated GTPase.
23274900 2013 Rac1 is a novel regulator of contraction-stimulated glucose uptake in skeletal muscle.
23264468 2013 CD81 regulates cell migration through its association with Rac GTPase.
23253699 2012 Rac1+ cells distributed in accordance with CD 133+ cells in glioblastomas and the elevated invasiveness of CD 133+ glioma cells with higher Rac1 activity.
23223568 2013 A novel Rac1 GAP splice variant relays poly-Ub accumulation signals to mediate Rac1 inactivation.
23209303 2012 The novel synaptogenic protein Farp1 links postsynaptic cytoskeletal dynamics and transsynaptic organization.
23195690 2013 Cytoplasmic targeting of the proto-oncogene SET promotes cell spreading and migration.
23192342 2013 Essential role of class II phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase-C2? in sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor-1-mediated signaling and migration in endothelial cells.
23185021 2012 Synthetic spatially graded Rac activation drives cell polarization and movement.
23184663 2013 Rac1 controls the subcellular localization of the Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor Net1A to regulate focal adhesion formation and cell spreading.
23148218 2013 Neuregulin mediates F-actin-driven cell migration through inhibition of protein kinase D1 via Rac1 protein.
23132927 2013 Assembly of non-contractile dorsal stress fibers requires ?-actinin-1 and Rac1 in migrating and spreading cells.
23129259 2013 S100A10 is required for the organization of actin stress fibers and promotion of cell spreading.
23109420 2013 Tiam1 regulates the Wnt/Dvl/Rac1 signaling pathway and the differentiation of midbrain dopaminergic neurons.
23071154 2012 Tiam1 interaction with the PAR complex promotes talin-mediated Rac1 activation during polarized cell migration.
23035050 2013 Loss of WNK2 expression by promoter gene methylation occurs in adult gliomas and triggers Rac1-mediated tumour cell invasiveness.
22946057 2012 Upon Wnt stimulation, Rac1 activation requires Rac1 and Vav2 binding to p120-catenin.
22945935 2012 CYK4 inhibits Rac1-dependent PAK1 and ARHGEF7 effector pathways during cytokinesis.
22905193 2012 Characterization and functional analysis of the calmodulin-binding domain of Rac1 GTPase.
22863953 2012 Glycogen synthase kinase 3? inhibition prevents monocyte migration across brain endothelial cells via Rac1-GTPase suppression and down-regulation of active integrin conformation.
22848487 2012 Automated screening of microtubule growth dynamics identifies MARK2 as a regulator of leading edge microtubules downstream of Rac1 in migrating cells.
22845716 2012 PI3K, Rac1 and pPAK1 are overexpressed in extramammary Paget's disease.
22843693 2012 Tetraspanin CD151 stimulates adhesion-dependent activation of Ras, Rac, and Cdc42 by facilitating molecular association between ?1 integrins and small GTPases.
22842228 2012 Exome sequencing identifies recurrent somatic RAC1 mutations in melanoma.
22808202 2012 Rac1 activation driven by 14-3-3? dimerization promotes prostate cancer cell-matrix interactions, motility and transendothelial migration.
22796473 2012 Desmoglein 3 acting as an upstream regulator of Rho GTPases, Rac-1/Cdc42 in the regulation of actin organisation and dynamics.
22791907 2012 Activation of Stat3 in endothelial cells following hypoxia-reoxygenation is mediated by Rac1 and protein Kinase C.
22781349 2012 [Role of Rac1 in the SDF-1-induced migration and invasion of human glioma cell line U251].
22774404 2012 Interleukin-8 induces the endothelial cell migration through the Rac 1/RhoA-p38MAPK pathway.
22773836 2012 Angiotensin-II and MARCKS: a hydrogen peroxide- and RAC1-dependent signaling pathway in vascular endothelium.
22723286 2012 Host cell kinases, ?5 and ?1 integrins, and Rac1 signalling on the microtubule cytoskeleton are important for non-typable Haemophilus influenzae invasion of respiratory epithelial cells.
22705156 2012 WNT-3a modulates platelet function by regulating small GTPase activity.
22677168 2012 A neuronal transmembrane protein LRFN4 complexes with 14-3-3s and NCK1 to induce morphological change in monocytic cells via Rac1-mediated actin cytoskeleton reorganization.
22646320 2012 Cryptococcus neoformans phospholipase B1 activates host cell Rac1 for traversal across the blood-brain barrier.
22614015 2013 The tumour suppressor HACE1 controls cell migration by regulating Rac1 degradation.
22583359 2012 Knockdown of BDNF suppressed invasion of HepG2 and HCCLM3 cells, a mechanism associated with inactivation of RhoA or Rac1 and actin skeleton disorganization.
22581261 2012 DOCK8 functions as an adaptor that links TLR-MyD88 signaling to B cell activation.
22494620 2012 RAC1 GTPase plays an important role in ?-irradiation induced G2/M checkpoint activation.
22479308 2012 Mtss1 promotes cell-cell junction assembly and stability through the small GTPase Rac1.
22469974 2013 PKC? phosphorylation of RhoGDI2 at Ser31 disrupts interactions with Rac1 and decreases GDI activity.
22467863 2012 Radixin regulates cell migration and cell-cell adhesion through Rac1.
22467858 2012 Rac1 acts in conjunction with Nedd4 and dishevelled-1 to promote maturation of cell-cell contacts.
22431917 2012 Merlin/NF2 regulates angiogenesis in schwannomas through a Rac1/semaphorin 3F-dependent mechanism.
22430205 2013 The Rac1 splice form Rac1b promotes K-ras-induced lung tumorigenesis.
22421922 2012 Rac1 is a possible link between obesity and oxidative stress in Chinese overweight adolescents.
22407364 2012 RAC1 activation mediates Twist1-induced cancer cell migration.
22393062 2012 Involvement of Beclin 1 in engulfment of apoptotic cells.
22384062 2012 Non-small cell lung carcinoma cell motility, rac activation and metastatic dissemination are mediated by protein kinase C epsilon.
22349509 2012 Vitreous-induced cytoskeletal rearrangements via the Rac1 GTPase-dependent signaling pathway in human retinal pigment epithelial cells.
22340048 2011 [Biological significance of relationship between nuclear localization of Rac1 and progression of gastric carcinoma].
22337875 2012 Rac1 protein regulates glycogen phosphorylase activation and controls interleukin (IL)-2-dependent T cell proliferation.
22307908 2012 Vascular endothelial growth factor enhances macrophage clearance of apoptotic cells.
22276187 2012 Rac1 regulates the NLRP3 inflammasome which mediates IL-1beta production in Chlamydophila pneumoniae infected human mononuclear cells.
22238672 2012 The N-terminal DH-PH domain of Trio induces cell spreading and migration by regulating lamellipodia dynamics in a Rac1-dependent fashion.
22238325 2012 Regulation of CXCR4 conformation by the small GTPase Rac1: implications for HIV infection.
22213037 2013 Overexpression of small GTPases directly correlates with expression of ?-catenin and their coexpression predicts a poor clinical outcome in nonsmall cell lung cancer.
22179719 2012 Aberrant methylation of PSD disturbs Rac1-mediated immune responses governing neutrophil chemotaxis and apoptosis in ulcerative colitis-associated carcinogenesis.
22157762 2012 Mitochondrial Rac1 GTPase import and electron transfer from cytochrome c are required for pulmonary fibrosis.
22157753 2012 Regulation of sodium iodide symporter gene expression by Rac1/p38? mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway in MCF-7 breast cancer cells.
22157745 2012 A palmitoylation switch mechanism regulates Rac1 function and membrane organization.
22151306 2012 Prognostic role of integrin ?1, E-cadherin, and rac1 expression in small cell lung cancer.
22142809 2012 Rac1b increases with progressive tau pathology within cholinergic nucleus basalis neurons in Alzheimer's disease.
22137120 2012 Interferon gamma induces actin polymerization, Rac1 activation and down regulates phagocytosis in human monocytic cells.
22117219 2012 IAPs regulate the plasticity of cell migration by directly targeting Rac1 for degradation.
22114142 2011 Sonic Hedgehog activates the GTPases Rac1 and RhoA in a Gli-independent manner through coupling of smoothened to Gi proteins.
22113496 2012 Constitutive overexpression of the oncogene Rac1 in the airway of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis patients is a targetable host-susceptibility factor.
22101459 2012 An anti-Wnt5a antibody suppresses metastasis of gastric cancer cells in vivo by inhibiting receptor-mediated endocytosis.
22092654 2012 Immunohistochemical expression of Rho GTPases in ameloblastomas.
22080864 2011 Activation of Rac1 by Src-dependent phosphorylation of Dock180(Y1811) mediates PDGFR?-stimulated glioma tumorigenesis in mice and humans.
22061968 2012 Rac1b regulates NT3-stimulated Mek-Erk signaling, directing marrow-isolated adult multilineage inducible (MIAMI) cells toward an early neuronal phenotype.
22049212 2012 Integrin ?6?4 cooperates with LPA signaling to stimulate Rac through AKAP-Lbc-mediated RhoA activation.
22036506 2011 The E3 ubiquitin-ligase HACE1 catalyzes the ubiquitylation of active Rac1.
22023324 2012 Burkholderia cenocepacia disrupts host cell actin cytoskeleton by inactivating Rac and Cdc42.
21988832 2011 Toward an understanding of the protein interaction network of the human liver.
21980400 2011 PI3K and ERK-induced Rac1 activation mediates hypoxia-induced HIF-1? expression in MCF-7 breast cancer cells.
21964561 2012 The role of SDF-1?/Rac pathway in the regulation of endothelial progenitor cell polarity; homing and expression of Rac1, Rac2 during endothelial repair.
21963679 2011 Recombinant AexU effector protein of Aeromonas veronii bv. sobria disrupts the actin cytoskeleton by downregulation of Rac1 and induces direct cytotoxicity to ?4-integrin expressing cell lines.
21943825 2011 Inactivation of Rac1 reduces Trastuzumab resistance in PTEN deficient and insulin-like growth factor I receptor overexpressing human breast cancer SKBR3 cells.
21900206 2011 A directed protein interaction network for investigating intracellular signal transduction.
21885850 2011 Angiopoietin-1 requires IQ domain GTPase-activating protein 1 to activate Rac1 and promote endothelial barrier defense.
21873980 2011 Coronin 1A promotes a cytoskeletal-based feedback loop that facilitates Rac1 translocation and activation.
21868386 2011 Involvement of 14-3-3 proteins in the second epidermal growth factor-induced wave of Rac1 activation in the process of cell migration.
21853342 2012 Clinical value of Tiam1-Rac1 signaling in primary gallbladder carcinoma.
21844371 2011 WAVE regulatory complex activation by cooperating GTPases Arf and Rac1.
21828072 2011 Mitochondrial redox signalling by p66Shc mediates ALS-like disease through Rac1 inactivation.
21822311 2012 A Rac1/PAK1 cascade controls ?-catenin activation in colon cancer cells.
21816966 2011 Intermedin induces loss of coronary microvascular endothelial barrier via derangement of actin cytoskeleton: role of RhoA and Rac1.
21789714 2011 Examining the role of Rac1 in tumor angiogenesis and growth: a clinically relevant RNAi-mediated approach.
21781463 2011 [Modulatory effect of Rac1 protein on epidermal stem cells migration during wound healing].
21757621 2011 S6K1 and mTOR regulate Rac1-driven platelet activation and aggregation.
21756249 2011 EHD2 mediates trafficking from the plasma membrane by modulating Rac1 activity.
21750647 2011 Interleukin-8 induces the endothelial cell migration through the activation of phosphoinositide 3-kinase-Rac1/RhoA pathway.
21734401 2011 Novel autosomal recessive nonsyndromic hearing impairment locus DFNB90 maps to 7p22.1-p15.3.
21706053 2012 Semaphorin 5A and plexin-B3 regulate human glioma cell motility and morphology through Rac1 and the actin cytoskeleton.
21704033 2011 The small GTPase Rac1 is involved in the maintenance of stemness and malignancies in glioma stem-like cells.
21693584 2011 The F-BAR domain protein PACSIN2 associates with Rac1 and regulates cell spreading and migration.
21690261 2012 Rac1-dependent cell cycle exit of MGE precursors and GABAergic interneuron migration to the cortex.
21684284 2011 Single nucleotide polymorphisms that increase expression of the guanosine triphosphatase RAC1 are associated with ulcerative colitis.
21677313 2011 CD81 is essential for the formation of membrane protrusions and regulates Rac1-activation in adhesion-dependent immune cell migration.
21642434 2011 Type XVII collagen regulates lamellipod stability, cell motility, and signaling to Rac1 by targeting bullous pemphigoid antigen 1e to alpha6beta4 integrin.
21628952 2011 Crucial role of membrane type 1 matrix metalloproteinase (MT1- MMP) in RhoA/Rac1-dependent signaling pathways in thrombin- stimulated endothelial cells.
21624123 2011 Differential roles of Smad2 and Smad3 in the regulation of TGF-?1-mediated growth inhibition and cell migration in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells: control by Rac1.
21622527 2011 Tannerella forsythia invasion in oral epithelial cells requires phosphoinositide 3-kinase activation and clathrin-mediated endocytosis.
21621326 2011 Thymosin beta 4 induces colon cancer cell migration and clinical metastasis via enhancing ILK/IQGAP1/Rac1 signal transduction pathway.
21615663 2011 The FbaB-type fibronectin-binding protein of Streptococcus pyogenes promotes specific invasion into endothelial cells.
21613211 2011 Multiple factors confer specific Cdc42 and Rac protein activation by dedicator of cytokinesis (DOCK) nucleotide exchange factors.
21603603 2011 The Rho-family GTPase Rac1 regulates integrin localization in Drosophila immunosurveillance cells.
21565175 2011 ARHGAP30 is a Wrch-1-interacting protein involved in actin dynamics and cell adhesion.
21525435 2011 Role of Rac1 in regulation of NOX5-S function in Barrett's esophageal adenocarcinoma cells.
21507984 2011 Rhinovirus-induced barrier dysfunction in polarized airway epithelial cells is mediated by NADPH oxidase 1.
21482222 2011 MicroRNA-142-3p, a new regulator of RAC1, suppresses the migration and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma cells.
21474673 2011 The small GTPase Rac1 is a novel binding partner of Bcl-2 and stabilizes its antiapoptotic activity.
21457935 2011 Ultrastructural analysis reveals cAMP-dependent enhancement of microvascular endothelial barrier functions via Rac1-mediated reorganization of intercellular junctions.
21454543 2011 Rac1 protein rescues neurite retraction caused by G2019S leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (LRRK2).
21451103 2011 Protein kinase G signaling disrupts Rac1-dependent focal adhesion assembly in liver specific pericytes.
21439300 2011 A model of localised Rac1 activation in endothelial cells due to fluid flow.
21423176 2011 Analysis of the myosin-II-responsive focal adhesion proteome reveals a role for ?-Pix in negative regulation of focal adhesion maturation.
21404019 2011 Regulation of Rac1 and Cdc42 activation in thrombin- and collagen-stimulated CHRF-288-11 cells.
21372752 2011 Evidence for a functional genetic polymorphism of the Rho-GTPase Rac1. Implication in azathioprine response?
21357506 2011 Phosphatidylinositol 3'-kinase signaling pathway is essential for Rac1-induced hypoxia-inducible factor-1(alpha) and vascular endothelial growth factor expression.
21347385 2011 Rac1 targeting suppresses human non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma cancer stem cell activity.
21325632 2011 MYADM regulates Rac1 targeting to ordered membranes required for cell spreading and migration.
21321939 2011 Enterovirus 71 induces integrin ?1/EGFR-Rac1-dependent oxidative stress in SK-N-SH cells: role of HO-1/CO in viral replication.
21295525 2011 N-?-acetyltransferase 10 protein suppresses cancer cell metastasis by binding PIX proteins and inhibiting Cdc42/Rac1 activity.
21291504 2011 Escherichia coli producing CNF1 toxin hijacks Tollip to trigger Rac1-dependent cell invasion.
21281602 2011 Activation of H-Ras and Rac1 correlates with epidermal growth factor-induced invasion in Hs578T and MDA-MB-231 breast carcinoma cells.
21269460 2011 Initial characterization of the human central proteome.
21266580 2011 Thrombin induces NF-kappaB activation and IL-8/CXCL8 expression in lung epithelial cells by a Rac1-dependent PI3K/Akt pathway.
21206905 2010 T cell LFA-1 engagement induces HuR-dependent cytokine mRNA stabilization through a Vav-1, Rac1/2, p38MAPK and MKK3 signaling cascade.
21199870 2011 Single particle tracking confirms that multivalent Tat protein transduction domain-induced heparan sulfate proteoglycan cross-linkage activates Rac1 for internalization.
21167153 2011 Invasion of breast cancer cells into collagen matrix requires TGF-? and Cdc42 signaling.
21134286 2010 Rac1-mediated signaling plays a central role in secretion-dependent platelet aggregation in human blood stimulated by atherosclerotic plaque.
21076938 2011 Inhibition of tumor cell migration and invasion through knockdown of Rac1 expression in medulloblastoma cells.
21071692 2010 Enhanced levels of soluble CD40 ligand exacerbate platelet aggregation and thrombus formation through a CD40-dependent tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor-2/Rac1/p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway.
21056892 2011 HIV-1 infects macrophages by exploiting an endocytic route dependent on dynamin, Rac1 and Pak1.
21036915 2011 The Rac1/JNK pathway is critical for EGFR-dependent barrier formation in human airway epithelial cells.
21029865 2010 EphB-mediated degradation of the RhoA GEF Ephexin5 relieves a developmental brake on excitatory synapse formation.
20980685 2011 Follicular fluid high-density lipoprotein-associated sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) promotes human granulosa lutein cell migration via S1P receptor type 3 and small G-protein RAC1.
20974804 2011 The Rho target PRK2 regulates apical junction formation in human bronchial epithelial cells.
20961652 p130Cas promotes invasiveness of three-dimensional ErbB2-transformed mammary acinar structures by enhanced activation of mTOR/p70S6K and Rac1.
20945370 2011 Differential role of Rho GTPases in intestinal epithelial barrier regulation in vitro.
20936779 2010 A human MAP kinase interactome.
20926685 2010 The roles of two distinct regions of PINCH-1 in the regulation of cell attachment and spreading.
20881009 2010 TROY (TNFRSF19) is overexpressed in advanced glial tumors and promotes glioblastoma cell invasion via Pyk2-Rac1 signaling.
20875796 2010 Abba promotes PDGF-mediated membrane ruffling through activation of the small GTPase Rac1.
20852826 2010 Dissection of the interplay between class I PI3Ks and Rac signaling in phagocytic functions.
20841379 2010 Rac controls PIP5K localisation and PtdIns(4,5)P? synthesis, which modulates vinculin localisation and neurite dynamics.
20837928 2010 Preoperative atorvastatin treatment in CABG patients rapidly improves vein graft redox state by inhibition of Rac1 and NADPH-oxidase activity.
20814828 2010 Compromized geranylgeranylation of RhoA and Rac1 in mevalonate kinase deficiency.
20810653 2010 srGAP2 arginine methylation regulates cell migration and cell spreading through promoting dimerization.
20713492 2010 Induction of nonapoptotic cell death by activated Ras requires inverse regulation of Rac1 and Arf6.
20696765 2010 Semaphorin 5A and plexin-B3 inhibit human glioma cell motility through RhoGDIalpha-mediated inactivation of Rac1 GTPase.
20696164 2010 POSH2 is a RING finger E3 ligase with Rac1 binding activity through a partial CRIB domain.
20679435 2010 Ephexin4 and EphA2 mediate cell migration through a RhoG-dependent mechanism.
20660631 2010 Type I PIPK-alpha regulates directed cell migration by modulating Rac1 plasma membrane targeting and activation.
20650890 2010 Loss of beta1-integrin enhances TGF-beta1-induced collagen expression in epithelial cells via increased alphavbeta3-integrin and Rac1 activity.
20648624 2010 PED interacts with Rac1 and regulates cell migration/invasion processes in human non-small cell lung cancer cells.
20629539 2011 Hyaluronic acid and thrombin upregulate MT1-MMP through PI3K and Rac-1 signaling and prime the homing-related responses of cord blood hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells.
20606682 2010 Basic fibroblast growth factor in the bone microenvironment enhances cell motility and invasion of Ewing's sarcoma family of tumours by activating the FGFR1-PI3K-Rac1 pathway.
20578145 2010 Activation of Rac1 promotes hedgehog-mediated acquisition of the myofibroblastic phenotype in rat and human hepatic stellate cells.
20530489 2010 Tuberous sclerosis complex 2 (TSC2) regulates cell migration and polarity through activation of CDC42 and RAC1.
20530480 2010 The small G protein Rac1 activates phospholipase Cdelta1 through phospholipase Cbeta2.
20522449 2010 Up-regulation of Tiam1 and Rac1 correlates with poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma.
20515940 2010 Blockade of Rac1 activity induces G1 cell cycle arrest or apoptosis in breast cancer cells through downregulation of cyclin D1, survivin, and X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein.
20458337 MHC class II-associated proteins in B-cell exosomes and potential functional implications for exosome biogenesis.
20451655 2010 HSP90beta interacts with Rac1 to activate NADPH oxidase in Helicobacter pylori-infected gastric epithelial cells.
20438785 2010 Polymorphisms in innate immunity genes and risk of childhood leukemia.
20426825 2010 Increased Rac1 activity and Pak1 overexpression are associated with lymphovascular invasion and lymph node metastasis of upper urinary tract cancer.
20407862 2010 Upregulation of phagocytic clearance of apoptotic cells by autoimmune regulator.
20406964 2010 Risk of meningioma and common variation in genes related to innate immunity.
20404345 2010 Rac1 recruits the adapter protein CMS/CD2AP to cell-cell contacts.
20395446 2010 Podocalyxin EBP50 ezrin molecular complex enhances the metastatic potential of renal cell carcinoma through recruiting Rac1 guanine nucleotide exchange factor ARHGEF7.
20372815 2010 Small Rho GTPase Rac1 determines human epidermal stem cell fate in vitro.
20339539 2010 Endothelial-Rac1 is not required for tumor angiogenesis unless alphavbeta3-integrin is absent.
20339118 2010 Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate reduced oxidase 5 (Nox5) regulation by angiotensin II and endothelin-1 is mediated via calcium/calmodulin-dependent, rac-1-independent pathways in human endothelial cells.
20335173 2010 A novel cross-talk in diacylglycerol signaling: the Rac-GAP beta2-chimaerin is negatively regulated by protein kinase Cdelta-mediated phosphorylation.
20308428 2010 The PI3K p110alpha isoform regulates endothelial adherens junctions via Pyk2 and Rac1.
20237902 2010 The role of Crk/Dock180/Rac1 pathway in the malignant behavior of human ovarian cancer cell SKOV3.
20228810 2010 Protein complexes containing CYFIP/Sra/PIR121 coordinate Arf1 and Rac1 signalling during clathrin-AP-1-coated carrier biogenesis at the TGN.
20203103 2010 Activation of Rac1 is closely related to androgen-independent cell proliferation of prostate cancer cells both in vitro and in vivo.
20179179 2010 Rac1 targeting suppresses p53 deficiency-mediated lymphomagenesis.
20167866 2010 Cooperation of TLR2 with MyD88, PI3K, and Rac1 in lipoteichoic acid-induced cPLA2/COX-2-dependent airway inflammatory responses.
20154214 2010 Phosphorylation of CLEC-2 is dependent on lipid rafts, actin polymerization, secondary mediators, and Rac.
20148946 2010 The SWI/SNF protein BAF60b is ubiquitinated through a signalling process involving Rac GTPase and the RING finger protein Unkempt.
20131316 2010 Pak1 and Pak2 are activated in recurrent respiratory papillomas, contributing to one pathway of Rac1-mediated COX-2 expression.
20116244 2010 Armus is a Rac1 effector that inactivates Rab7 and regulates E-cadherin degradation.
20102701 2010 Up-regulated type I collagen expression by the inhibition of Rac1 signaling pathway in human dermal fibroblasts.
20082286 2010 Stem cell shape regulates a chondrogenic versus myogenic fate through Rac1 and N-cadherin.
20070306 2010 Reactive oxygen species induced by Streptococcus pyogenes invasion trigger apoptotic cell death in infected epithelial cells.
20067638 2010 Rac1 and Cdc42 are regulators of HRasV12-transformation and angiogenic factors in human fibroblasts.
20065081 2010 Rac1 and Rac2 GTPases are necessary for early erythropoietic expansion in the bone marrow but not in the spleen.
20056178 2010 Polymorphisms in innate immunity genes and patients response to dendritic cell-based HIV immuno-treatment.
20054824 2010 Extracellular beta-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (beta-NAD) promotes the endothelial cell barrier integrity via PKA- and EPAC1/Rac1-dependent actin cytoskeleton rearrangement.
20001745 2010 Reciprocal regulation of Rac1 and PAK-1 by HIF-1alpha: a positive-feedback loop promoting pulmonary vascular remodeling.
19948726 2010 Activated Rac1 GTPase translocates protein phosphatase 5 to the cell membrane and stimulates phosphatase activity in vitro.
19934221 2009 The Rho-family GEF Asef2 activates Rac to modulate adhesion and actin dynamics and thereby regulate cell migration.
19926792 2010 Sequestering of Rac by the Yersinia effector YopO blocks Fcgamma receptor-mediated phagocytosis.
19917258 2009 Activation of the WAVE complex by coincident signals controls actin assembly.
19911011 2010 Mutation of ARHGAP9 in patients with coronary spastic angina.
19895673 2010 Phosphoinositide 3-kinase mediates CD40 ligand-induced oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction via Rac1 and NADPH oxidase 2.
19890013 2009 Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate 3-kinase a functions as a scaffold for synaptic Rac signaling.
19865048 2009 Prognostic significance of immunohistochemical Rac1 expression in survival in early operable non-small cell lung cancer.
19853600 2010 Tumor endothelial marker 5 expression in endothelial cells during capillary morphogenesis is induced by the small GTPase Rac and mediates contact inhibition of cell proliferation.
19843518 2009 Structure and function of the intracellular region of the plexin-b1 transmembrane receptor.
19826000 2010 Distinct roles for Rho versus Rac/Cdc42 GTPases downstream of Vav2 in regulating mammary epithelial acinar architecture.
19823586 2009 Rac inhibition reverses the phenotype of fibrotic fibroblasts.
19787194 2009 Role of Kenae/CCDC125 in cell motility through the deregulation of RhoGTPase.
19738201 2009 Proteomic analysis of integrin-associated complexes identifies RCC2 as a dual regulator of Rac1 and Arf6.
19732720 2009 14-3-3zeta Cooperates with ErbB2 to promote ductal carcinoma in situ progression to invasive breast cancer by inducing epithelial-mesenchymal transition.
19726546 2009 Rac1 promotes TGF-beta-stimulated mesangial cell type I collagen expression through a PI3K/Akt-dependent mechanism.
19723872 2009 Oncogenic Ras signals through activation of both phosphoinositide 3-kinase and Rac1 to induce c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase-mediated, caspase-independent cell death.
19710257 2009 Cross-talk between Rac1 and Cdc42 GTPases regulates formation of filopodia required for dengue virus type-2 entry into HMEC-1 cells.
19709124 2009 Serine-71 phosphorylation of Rac1/Cdc42 diminishes the pathogenic effect of Clostridium difficile toxin A.
19706598 2009 Matricellular protein CCN3 (NOV) regulates actin cytoskeleton reorganization.
19692168 2010 Genetic susceptibility to distinct bladder cancer subphenotypes.
19651782 2009 Role of isoprenylcysteine carboxylmethyltransferase-catalyzed methylation in Rho function and migration.
19640983 2009 Impact of Rac1 and Cdc42 signaling during early herpes simplex virus type 1 infection of keratinocytes.
19639179 2009 Anti-proliferative and proapoptotic effects of benzyl isothiocyanate on human pancreatic cancer cells is linked to death receptor activation and RasGAP/Rac1 down-modulation.
19633358 2009 The regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor-induced microvascular permeability requires Rac and reactive oxygen species.
19625648 2009 Human neutrophils coordinate chemotaxis by differential activation of Rac1 and Rac2.
19625176 2009 PTEN identified as important risk factor of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
19617897 2009 Ect2 links the PKCiota-Par6alpha complex to Rac1 activation and cellular transformation.
19602482 2009 Antagonistic SR proteins regulate alternative splicing of tumor-related Rac1b downstream of the PI3-kinase and Wnt pathways.
19596003 2009 Adiponectin promotes migration activities of endothelial progenitor cells via Cdc42/Rac1.
19584084 2009 Rac1 and Rho contribute to the migratory and invasive phenotype associated with somatic E-cadherin mutation.
19563775 2009 Overexpression of Rac1 in leukemia patients and its role in leukemia cell migration and growth.
19555660 2009 Specific roles of Rac1 and Rac2 in motile functions of HT1080 fibrosarcoma cells.
19509242 2009 Rac1 contributes to trastuzumab resistance of breast cancer cells: Rac1 as a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of trastuzumab-resistant breast cancer.
19506399 2009 Prognostic value of Tiam1 and Rac1 overexpression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
19505917 2009 Lead exposure, polymorphisms in genes related to oxidative stress, and risk of adult brain tumors.
19497305 2009 Inhibitory effect of estrogen on Rac1-expression in monocytes.
19487462 2009 Rac1 signaling modulates BCL-6-mediated repression of gene transcription.
19487339 2009 LOX-1-MT1-MMP axis is crucial for RhoA and Rac1 activation induced by oxidized low-density lipoprotein in endothelial cells.
19480078 2009 Rac GTPases are involved in development, survival and homeostasis of T cells.
19473989 2009 Invasion of endothelial cells by tissue-invasive M3 type group A streptococci requires Src kinase and activation of Rac1 by a phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-independent mechanism.
19472214 2009 Role of Rac 1 and cAMP in endothelial barrier stabilization and thrombin-induced barrier breakdown.
19469899 2009 Inhibition of Rac1 GTPase downregulates vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 expression by suppressing Sp1-dependent DNA binding in human endothelial cells.
19463088 2009 T-cadherin activates Rac1 and Cdc42 and changes endothelial permeability.
19448673 2009 Upregulation of Eps8 in oral squamous cell carcinoma promotes cell migration and invasion through integrin-dependent Rac1 activation.
19443661 2009 RhoA and Rac1 GTPases play major and differential roles in stromal cell-derived factor-1-induced cell adhesion and chemotaxis in multiple myeloma.
19429871 2009 Unraveling a novel Rac1-mediated signaling pathway that regulates cofilin dephosphorylation and secretion in thrombin-stimulated platelets.
19429708 2009 Antitumorigenesis of antioxidants in a transgenic Rac1 model of Kaposi's sarcoma.
19423540 2009 Common variation in genes related to innate immunity and risk of adult glioma.
19423521 2009 Genetic polymorphisms in nitric oxide synthase genes modify the relationship between vegetable and fruit intake and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
19404567 2010 How increased VEGF induces glomerular hyperpermeability: a potential signaling pathway of Rac1 activation.
19403692 2009 BPAG1e maintains keratinocyte polarity through beta4 integrin-mediated modulation of Rac1 and cofilin activities.
19390057 2009 Phosphodiesterase 2 mediates redox-sensitive endothelial cell proliferation and angiogenesis by thrombin via Rac1 and NADPH oxidase 2.
19366706 2009 Phospholipase D-mediated activation of IQGAP1 through Rac1 regulates hyperoxia-induced p47phox translocation and reactive oxygen species generation in lung endothelial cells.
19362538 2009 The fic domain: regulation of cell signaling by adenylylation.
19344766 2009 Proinflammatory cytokines provoke oxidative damage to actin in neuronal cells mediated by Rac1 and NADPH oxidase.
19277120 2009 Human Mena associates with Rac1 small GTPase in glioblastoma cell lines.
19270716 2009 ISG15 modification of filamin B negatively regulates the type I interferon-induced JNK signalling pathway.
19264842 2009 PLC-gamma1 and Rac1 coregulate EGF-induced cytoskeleton remodeling and cell migration.
19234490 2009 Involvement of Rac and Rho signaling in cancer cell motility in 3D substrates.
19201754 2009 T cell receptor-dependent tyrosine phosphorylation of beta2-chimaerin modulates its Rac-GAP function in T cells.
19171758 2009 Kank attenuates actin remodeling by preventing interaction between IRSp53 and Rac1.
19170196 2009 Polymorphisms in innate immunity genes and lung cancer risk in Xuanwei, China.
19165496 2009 Rac1 activates HIF-1 in retinal pigment epithelium cells under hypoxia.
19162367 2009 Abnormal expression of p120-catenin, E-cadherin, and small GTPases is significantly associated with malignant phenotype of human lung cancer.
19155310 2009 ADP-ribosylation factor 6 regulates glioma cell invasion through the IQ-domain GTPase-activating protein 1-Rac1-mediated pathway.
19132225 2008 Rac-1 promotes pulmonary artery smooth muscle cell proliferation by upregulation of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1: role of NFkappaB-dependent hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha transcription.
19107873 2009 KAI1/CD82 decreases Rac1 expression and cell proliferation through PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway in H1299 lung carcinoma cells.
19095647 2009 Tiam1 and Rac1 are required for platelet-activating factor-induced endothelial junctional disassembly and increase in vascular permeability.
19047046 2009 Role of Src signal transduction pathways in scatter factor-mediated cellular protection.
19039103 2009 AMPylation of Rho GTPases by Vibrio VopS disrupts effector binding and downstream signaling.
19029984 2008 Modification of mineralocorticoid receptor function by Rac1 GTPase: implication in proteinuric kidney disease.
18984162 2008 Rac activation and inactivation control plasticity of tumor cell movement.
18922799 2008 Interaction of the RAGE cytoplasmic domain with diaphanous-1 is required for ligand-stimulated cellular migration through activation of Rac1 and Cdc42.
18838676 2008 Implantation of the human embryo requires Rac1-dependent endometrial stromal cell migration.
18826597 2008 Rac1 GTPase and the Rac1 exchange factor Tiam1 associate with Wnt-responsive promoters to enhance beta-catenin/TCF-dependent transcription in colorectal cancer cells.
18813837 2008 Positive regulation of migration and invasion by vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein via Rac1 pathway in human breast cancer cells.
18813807 2008 Rac1 mediates phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate-induced migration of glioblastoma cells via paxillin.
18805958 2008 Mechanical stretch decreases migration of alveolar epithelial cells through mechanisms involving Rac1 and Tiam1.
18792873 2008 Pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF) ameliorates advanced glycation end product (AGE)-induced hepatic insulin resistance in vitro by suppressing Rac-1 activation.
18769720 2008 Phosphoinositide-3 kinase-Akt pathway controls cellular entry of Ebola virus.
18768751 2008 An alpha-helical extension of the ELMO1 pleckstrin homology domain mediates direct interaction to DOCK180 and is critical in Rac signaling.
18725541 2008 uPAR promotes formation of the p130Cas-Crk complex to activate Rac through DOCK180.
18716283 2008 Rac regulates the interaction of fascin with protein kinase C in cell migration.
18684957 2008 Beta-PIX and Rac1 GTPase mediate trafficking and negative regulation of NOD2.
18676680 2008 Pathway-based evaluation of 380 candidate genes and lung cancer susceptibility suggests the importance of the cell cycle pathway.
18669648 2008 A quantitative atlas of mitotic phosphorylation.
18653540 2008 Phosphorylation and activation of the Rac1 and Cdc42 GEF Asef in A431 cells stimulated by EGF.
18646053 2008 CCL2 induces prostate cancer transendothelial cell migration via activation of the small GTPase Rac.
18644982 2008 Increased Rac1b expression sustains colorectal tumor cell survival.
18632858 2008 Induction of the Galpha(q) signaling cascade by the human immunodeficiency virus envelope is required for virus entry.
18602919 2008 B-Raf(V600E) cooperates with alternative spliced Rac1b to sustain colorectal cancer cell survival.
18596235 2008 The DHR1 domain of DOCK180 binds to SNX5 and regulates cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor transport.
18511940 2008 Crucial structural role for the PH and C1 domains of the Vav1 exchange factor.
18508927 2008 A novel juxtamembrane domain in tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily molecules activates Rac1 and controls neurite growth.
18501711 2008 Co-regulation of constitutive nitric oxide synthases and NADPH oxidase by the small GTPase Rac.
18499456 2008 CED-10/Rac1 mediates axon guidance by regulating the asymmetric distribution of MIG-10/lamellipodin.
18482007 2008 Activation of the small GTPase Rac1 by a specific guanine-nucleotide-exchange factor suffices to induce glucose uptake into skeletal-muscle cells.
18480413 2008 Phospholipase D activity regulates integrin-mediated cell spreading and migration by inducing GTP-Rac translocation to the plasma membrane.
18463417 2008 Exogenous hydrogen sulfide inhibits superoxide formation, NOX-1 expression and Rac1 activity in human vascular smooth muscle cells.
18445079 2009 Altered adhesive structures and their relation to RhoGTPase activation in merlin-deficient Schwannoma.
18440141 2008 Non-syndromic mental retardation is not expressed in RAC1 gene polymorphisms.
18433991 2008 RAC1 activity and intracellular ROS modulate the migratory potential of MCF-7 cells through a NADPH oxidase and NFkappaB-dependent mechanism.
18424721 2008 Inorganic arsenic activates reduced NADPH oxidase in human primary macrophages through a Rho kinase/p38 kinase pathway.
18344974 2008 Clathrin-independent endocytosis used by the IL-2 receptor is regulated by Rac1, Pak1 and Pak2.
18334926 2008 [The Rho protein family and its role in the cellular cytoskeleton].
18325335 2008 Affixin activates Rac1 via betaPIX in C2C12 myoblast.
18321527 2008 Compensatory and long-range changes in picosecond-nanosecond main-chain dynamics upon complex formation: 15N relaxation analysis of the free and bound states of the ubiquitin-like domain of human plexin-B1 and the small GTPase Rac1.
18319303 2008 PAK is required for the disruption of E-cadherin adhesion by the small GTPase Rac.
18319301 2008 Cdc42- and Rac1-mediated endothelial lumen formation requires Pak2, Pak4 and Par3, and PKC-dependent signaling.
18310224 2008 PDGF-induced human airway smooth muscle cell proliferation requires STAT3 and the small GTPase Rac1.
18296444 2008 Protein kinase C-epsilon regulates sphingosine 1-phosphate-mediated migration of human lung endothelial cells through activation of phospholipase D2, protein kinase C-zeta, and Rac1.
18287089 2008 Transforming growth factor-beta1 (TGFbeta1) stimulates connective tissue growth factor (CCN2/CTGF) expression in human gingival fibroblasts through a RhoA-independent, Rac1/Cdc42-dependent mechanism: statins with forskolin block TGFbeta1-induced CCN2/CTGF expression.
18261726 2008 Small GTPase protein Rac-1 is activated with maturation and regulates cell morphology and function in chondrocytes.
18249095 2008 Role of chimaerins, a group of Rac-specific GTPase activating proteins, in T-cell receptor signaling.
18235104 2008 Prostaglandin E2-mediated migration of human trophoblast requires RAC1 and CDC42.
18216165 2008 Tyrosine phosphatase PTPalpha regulates focal adhesion remodeling through Rac1 activation.
18172037 2008 Angiotensin II activates signal transducer and activators of transcription 3 via Rac1 in atrial myocytes and fibroblasts: implication for the therapeutic effect of statin in atrial structural remodeling.
18165265 2008 A critical role for Rac1 in tumor progression of human colorectal adenocarcinoma cells.
18160398 2008 Stimulus-dependent regulation of the phagocyte NADPH oxidase by a VAV1, Rac1, and PAK1 signaling axis.
18160397 2008 CD147 inhibits the nuclear factor of activated T-cells by impairing Vav1 and Rac1 downstream signaling.
18156211 2008 Regulation of endothelial cell cytoskeletal reorganization by a secreted frizzled-related protein-1 and frizzled 4- and frizzled 7-dependent pathway: role in neovessel formation.
18093184 2008 Activated Rac1, but not the tumorigenic variant Rac1b, is ubiquitinated on Lys 147 through a JNK-regulated process.
18088600 2008 S1P(2) receptors mediate inhibition of glioma cell migration through Rho signaling pathways independent of PTEN.
18086571 2008 Rac1 GTPase is activated by hepatitis B virus replication--involvement of HBX.
18079321 2008 Ligand-independent activation of androgen receptors by Rho GTPase signaling in prostate cancer.
18070887 2008 Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-dependent membrane recruitment of Rac-1 and p47phox is critical for alpha-platelet-derived growth factor receptor-induced production of reactive oxygen species.
18064650 2008 Epac/Rap and PKA are novel mechanisms of ANP-induced Rac-mediated pulmonary endothelial barrier protection.
18056353 2007 Formyl peptide receptor-1 activation enhances intestinal epithelial cell restitution through phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-dependent activation of Rac1 and Cdc42.
18045877 2008 Heterotrimeric G protein betagamma subunits stimulate FLJ00018, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for Rac1 and Cdc42.
18006851 2007 16-kDa prolactin inhibits endothelial cell migration by down-regulating the Ras-Tiam1-Rac1-Pak1 signaling pathway.
17982280 2007 Activation of FAK/PI3K/Rac1 signaling controls actin reorganization and inhibits cell motility in human cancer cells.
17982024 2007 Cutting edge: Rac GTPases sensitize activated T cells to die via Fas.
17941827 2008 Heregulin beta1 promotes breast cancer cell proliferation through Rac/ERK-dependent induction of cyclin D1 and p21Cip1.
17916560 2007 Binding of Rac1, Rnd1, and RhoD to a novel Rho GTPase interaction motif destabilizes dimerization of the plexin-B1 effector domain.
17904119 2007 Rac1 activity regulates proliferation of aggressive metastatic melanoma.
17868934 2007 Rac1-dependent transcriptional up-regulation of p27Kip1 by homophilic cell-cell contact in vascular endothelial cells.
17851761 2008 Extracellular matrix, Rac1 signaling, and estrogen-induced proliferation in MCF-7 breast cancer cells.
17848544 2007 The slingshot family of phosphatases mediates Rac1 regulation of cofilin phosphorylation, laminin-332 organization, and motility behavior of keratinocytes.
17766170 2007 Differential expression of Rac1 identifies its target genes and its contribution to progression of colorectal cancer.
17719203 2007 ARF6 regulates angiotensin II type 1 receptor endocytosis by controlling the recruitment of AP-2 and clathrin.
17702746 2007 CD44 regulates hepatocyte growth factor-mediated vascular integrity. Role of c-Met, Tiam1/Rac1, dynamin 2, and cortactin.
17702745 2007 Regulation of ephexin1, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor of Rho family GTPases, by fibroblast growth factor receptor-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation.
17693642 2007 IQGAP1 regulates Salmonella invasion through interactions with actin, Rac1, and Cdc42.
17686471 2007 VEGF-induced Rac1 activation in endothelial cells is regulated by the guanine nucleotide exchange factor Vav2.
17663742 2007 Genetic and pharmacologic evidence that Rac1 GTPase is involved in regulation of platelet secretion and aggregation.
17637758 2007 A novel role of Rac1 GTPase in JCV T-antigen-mediated beta-catenin stabilization.
17627624 2007 Src, cortactin and Arp2/3 complex are required for E-cadherin-mediated internalization of Listeria into cells.
17622308 The GTPase Rac regulates the proliferation and invasion of fibroblast-like synoviocytes from rheumatoid arthritis patients.
17615554 2008 The inhibition of the expression of the small Rho GTPase Rac1 induces differentiation with no effect on cell proliferation in growing human adult keratinocytes.
17604276 2007 Oxidative stress-mediated mesangial cell proliferation requires RAC-1/reactive oxygen species production and beta4 integrin expression.
17597401 2008 The activity of RhoA is correlated with lymph node metastasis in human colorectal cancer.
17568564 2007 The small Rho GTPase Rac1 controls normal human dermal fibroblasts proliferation with phosphorylation of the oncoprotein c-myc.
17565754 2007 The contributions of microtubule stability and dynamic instability to adenovirus nuclear localization efficiency.
17562712 2007 Role of the guanine nucleotide exchange factor Ost in negative regulation of receptor endocytosis by the small GTPase Rac1.
17562701 2007 Angiopoietin-1 requires p190 RhoGAP to protect against vascular leakage in vivo.
17521326 2007 Role of the small Rho GTPases Rac1 and Cdc42 in host cell invasion of Campylobacter jejuni.
17517067 2007 Rac1, RhoA, and Cdc42 participate in HeLa cell invasion by group B streptococcus.
17513457 2007 Paxillin-beta-catenin interactions are involved in Rac/Cdc42-mediated endothelial barrier-protective response to oxidized phospholipids.
17478078 2007 Proinvasive activity of BMP-7 through SMAD4/src-independent and ERK/Rac/JNK-dependent signaling pathways in colon cancer cells.
17430976 2007 Characterisation of IRTKS, a novel IRSp53/MIM family actin regulator with distinct filament bundling properties.
17428306 2007 Use of a novel coinfection system reveals a role for Rac1, H-Ras, and CrkII phosphorylation in Helicobacter pylori-induced host cell actin cytoskeletal rearrangements.
17409253 2007 Rac1 controls the formation of midline commissures and the competency of tangential migration in ventral telencephalic neurons.
17356711 2007 Estrogen and resveratrol regulate Rac and Cdc42 signaling to the actin cytoskeleton of metastatic breast cancer cells.
17353931 2007 Large-scale mapping of human protein-protein interactions by mass spectrometry.
17347137 2007 The role of PTEN in prostate cancer cell tropism to the bone micro-environment.
17301947 2007 Maspin controls mammary tumor cell migration through inhibiting Rac1 and Cdc42, but not the RhoA GTPase.
17300916 2007 Regulator of G-protein signalling 3 redirects prototypical Gi-coupled receptors from Rac1 to RhoA activation.
17275330 2007 Remedial strategies in structural proteomics: expression, purification, and crystallization of the Vav1/Rac1 complex.
17245428 2007 Rac1-induced cell migration requires membrane recruitment of the nuclear oncogene SET.
17244648 2007 Rac1 and Rac3 have opposing functions in cell adhesion and differentiation of neuronal cells.
17234718 2007 Persistent activation of Rac1 in squamous carcinomas of the head and neck: evidence for an EGFR/Vav2 signaling axis involved in cell invasion.
17233629 2007 First step of the cell-penetrating peptide mechanism involves Rac1 GTPase-dependent actin-network remodelling.
17229424 2007 Regulation of ezrin localization by Rac1 and PIPK in human epithelial cells.
17145773 2007 Asef2 functions as a Cdc42 exchange factor and is stimulated by the release of an autoinhibitory module from a concealed C-terminal activation element.
17122362 2007 Endogenous ARF6 interacts with Rac1 upon angiotensin II stimulation to regulate membrane ruffling and cell migration.
17121847 2007 Cooperation of DEF6 with activated Rac in regulating cell morphology.
17115053 2006 Crystal structure of Rac1 bound to its effector phospholipase C-beta2.
17088251 2007 Repetitive deformation activates focal adhesion kinase and ERK mitogenic signals in human Caco-2 intestinal epithelial cells through Src and Rac1.
17081065 2006 Proteomic and bioinformatic characterization of the biogenesis and function of melanosomes.
17074883 2006 Differential activation and function of Rho GTPases during Salmonella-host cell interactions.
17064663 2006 Enhanced intrinsic migration of aggressive breast cancer cells by inhibition of Rac1 GTPase.
17027967 2006 Dock4 is regulated by RhoG and promotes Rac-dependent cell migration.
17018616 2006 HER2/Neu (ErbB2) signaling to Rac1-Pak1 is temporally and spatially modulated by transforming growth factor beta.
17018610 2006 Increased fibroblast growth factor-inducible 14 expression levels promote glioma cell invasion via Rac1 and nuclear factor-kappaB and correlate with poor patient outcome.
17012749 2006 Opposing roles for Akt1 and Akt2 in Rac/Pak signaling and cell migration.
17003044 2006 The RAC binding domain/IRSp53-MIM homology domain of IRSp53 induces RAC-dependent membrane deformation.
16982892 2006 Rac1 negatively regulates lipopolysaccharide-induced IL-23 p19 expression in human macrophages and dendritic cells and NF-kappaB p65 trans activation plays a novel role.
16982419 2006 The Rac activator DOCK7 regulates neuronal polarity through local phosphorylation of stathmin/Op18.
16968699 2006 Role of RacC for the regulation of WASP and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase during chemotaxis of Dictyostelium.
16959567 2006 Yersinia virulence depends on mimicry of host Rho-family nucleotide dissociation inhibitors.