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25501506 MMP19 were positively correlated with RAB34.
23871933 Although Rab34 regulates both lysosomal positioning and lysosome to phagosome fusion, the latter effect is not due to the regulation of the cytoplasmic accessibility of lysosomes to phagosomes by Rab34.
19961360 Rab36 may regulate the spatial distribution of late endosomes and lysosomes through a similar mechanism to Rab34.
19641095 mechanistic basis for high glucose-induced protein secretion is through interaction of munc13 and rab34, indicating a potentially critical role for this newly described pathway in the pathogenesis of DN.
18005733 B coxsackievirus entry depends on occludin and require the activity of Rab34, Ras, and Rab5, GTPases known to regulate macropinocytosis.
17881736 define Rab34 as a novel member of the secretory pathway acting at the Golgi
16138900 Data suggest that diacylglycerol-activated hmunc13 serves as an effector of Rab34, mediating lysosome-Golgi trafficking.
15996637 The data together indicate that RILP, as already demonstrated for several other Rab effector proteins, is capable of self-association, thus probably forming a homo-dimer.

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