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Grant Count 149
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Funding $13,991,295.83
PubMed Score 490.68
PubTator Score 211.79

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Accession Q9Y6Y9 B3Y6A5 E5RJJ7 Ly-96
Symbols MD2



1T2Z   2E56   2E59   2Z65   3FXI   3ULA   4G8A  

Gene RIF (106)

26385043 In patients undergoing CABG surgery, we found genetic polymorphisms in LY96 associated with decreased risk of postoperative AF.
26320630 The study revealed the impact of specific residues and regions of MD-2 on the binding of lipolysaccharides and TLR4.
26160169 Aminoarabinose residues in lipid A contribute to Burkholderia lipid A binding to the TLR4.Myeloid Differentiation Factor 2 complex.
26068048 Results show that cigarette smoke may alter innate immune responses reducing the expression of the MD2, a molecule with an important role in TLR4 signaling.
25816011 Gene polymorphisms of MD2 and GM2A were associated with the occurrence or severity of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis.
25803856 Predominantly hydrophobic interactions between MD-2 and TLR4 contribute to the stabilization of the TLR4/MD-2/metal ion complex in a conformation that enables activation.
25605324 The intensity of the intra-amniotic inflammatory response to bacteria or perhaps to other TLR4 ligands may be facilitated through synthesis and release of sMD2 by the amniochorion.
25576596 overexpression of MD-2s led to marked reduction in markers of tissue injury and inflammation in models of lung inflammation
25515751 TLR4 along with its accessory protein MD-2 builds a heterodimeric complex that specifically recognizes lipopolysaccharides, which are present on the cell wall of gram-negative bacteria, activating the immune response. (Review)
25203747 Substitution of hMD-2 residue V82 with an amino acid residue with a bulkier hydrophobic side chain enables activation of TLR4/MD-2.

AA Sequence

SPEEMLFCLEFVILHQPNSN                                                      141 - 160

Text Mined References (118)

PMID Year Title
26385043 2015 Genome-wide association study of new-onset atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass grafting surgery.
26320630 2015 Studies of the TLR4-associated protein MD-2 using yeast-display and mutational analyses.
26160169 2015 Activation of Human Toll-like Receptor 4 (TLR4)·Myeloid Differentiation Factor 2 (MD-2) by Hypoacylated Lipopolysaccharide from a Clinical Isolate of Burkholderia cenocepacia.
26068048 2015 MD2 expression is reduced in large airways of smokers and COPD smokers.
25816011 2015 Association of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis with myeloid differentiation-2 and GM2 activator protein genetic polymorphisms.
25803856 2015 MD-2 determinants of nickel and cobalt-mediated activation of human TLR4.
25605324 2015 Amniotic Fluid Soluble Myeloid Differentiation-2 (sMD-2) as Regulator of Intra-amniotic Inflammation in Infection-induced Preterm Birth.
25576596 2015 Alternatively spliced myeloid differentiation protein-2 inhibits TLR4-mediated lung inflammation.
25515751 2014 Modulation of toll-like receptor 4. Insights from x-ray crystallography and molecular modeling.
25203747 2014 Species-specific activation of TLR4 by hypoacylated endotoxins governed by residues 82 and 122 of MD-2.