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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 30
PubMed Score 132.53
PubTator Score 59.45

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  Disease Sources (3)

Disease Target Count P-value
lung carcinoma 2844 1.54252988446336E-24
astrocytoma 1493 6.57457891073238E-19
oligodendroglioma 2849 4.02656921302266E-18
psoriasis 6685 6.42140193405154E-6
glioblastoma 5572 2.08555719373536E-5
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 4369 2.12220289896025E-5
ovarian cancer 8492 2.81276757793342E-5
medulloblastoma, large-cell 6234 2.58093510992226E-4
Pick disease 1893 4.66312424214044E-4
dermatomyositis 967 0.00208025686446524
adult high grade glioma 2148 0.00238393895826192
sonic hedgehog group medulloblastoma 1482 0.00453677727097424
pilocytic astrocytoma 3086 0.00714991537849723
subependymal giant cell astrocytoma 2287 0.0281807532356753
active Crohn's disease 918 0.0301676720299934
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Burkitt Lymphoma 19 4.238 2.1
Infectious mononucleosis 15 3.723 1.9


  Differential Expression (15)

Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis -3.700 0.000
astrocytoma -1.400 0.000
glioblastoma -1.500 0.000
oligodendroglioma -1.400 0.000
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor -1.600 0.000
sonic hedgehog group medulloblastoma -1.700 0.005
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.700 0.000
active Crohn's disease -1.075 0.030
adult high grade glioma -1.900 0.002
pilocytic astrocytoma -1.100 0.007
subependymal giant cell astrocytoma -1.863 0.028
lung carcinoma 2.200 0.000
Pick disease -1.700 0.000
ovarian cancer -1.400 0.000
dermatomyositis -1.400 0.002


Accession Q9UPY8 B7WPK5 O00265 Q6FHB0 Q6FI15 Q9BZP7 Q9BZP8
Symbols EB3



1WYO   3CO1   3JAK   3JAL   3JAR   3TQ7  

  Ortholog (11)

Species Source
Macaque OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Mouse OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Rat OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Dog OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Horse OMA EggNOG
Horse OMA Inparanoid
Cow OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Opossum EggNOG Inparanoid
Anole lizard OMA Inparanoid
Zebrafish OMA Inparanoid

 IMPC Term (1)

Pathway (1)

Gene RIF (13)

24478452 Aptamers binding to human EB1 and EB3, which have sequence requirements similar to but distinct from each other and from Drosophila EB1, were identified.
24040250 EB1 and EB3 proteins are obligatory dimers.
23712260 Daughter cell adhesion and cytokinesis completion are spatially regulated by distinct states of EB3 phosphorylation on serine 176 by Aurora B.
23456299 Findings suggest that methylation-associated down-regulation of EBF3 and IRX1 genes may play an important role in a pathogenic effect of TGF-beta on RASFs.
23159740 VE-cadherin outside-in signaling regulates cytosolic calcium homeostasis and EB3 phosphorylation.
22275434 decreasing the drebrin E levels disrupted the normal subapical F-actin-myosin-IIB-betaII-spectrin network and the apical accumulation of EB3, a microtubule-plus-end-binding protein
21768326 Data indicated that EB1 and EB3 interact with proteins implicated in MT minus-end anchoring or vesicular trafficking to the cilia base, suggesting that EB1 and EB3 promote ciliogenesis by facilitating such trafficking.
20632835 study found a polycytosine repeat (C8) in exon 5 of MAPRE3 that could be a potential mutation target in cancers with microsatellite instability (MSI); found that the C8 is frequently mutated in gastric and colorectal carcinomas with MSI
20008324 heterodimer formation between EB1 and EB3, but not between EB2 and the other two EBs, occurs both in vitro and in cells as revealed by live cell imaging
19696028 Data show that two mitotic kinases, Aurora-A and Aurora-B, phosphorylate endogenous EB3 at Ser-176, and the phosphorylation triggers disruption of the EB3-SIAH-1 complex, resulting in EB3 stabilization during mitosis.

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Text Mined References (36)

PMID Year Title
27173435 2016 An organelle-specific protein landscape identifies novel diseases and molecular mechanisms.
27107012 2016 Pooled-matrix protein interaction screens using Barcode Fusion Genetics.
25814554 2015 Phospho-tyrosine dependent protein-protein interaction network.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
24478452 2014 Peptide aptamers define distinct EB1- and EB3-binding motifs and interfere with microtubule dynamics.
24040250 2013 End binding proteins are obligatory dimers.
23712260 2013 Aurora B spatially regulates EB3 phosphorylation to coordinate daughter cell adhesion with cytokinesis.
23456299 2013 Hypermethylation of EBF3 and IRX1 genes in synovial fibroblasts of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
23186163 2013 Toward a comprehensive characterization of a human cancer cell phosphoproteome.
23159740 2012 VE-cadherin signaling induces EB3 phosphorylation to suppress microtubule growth and assemble adherens junctions.