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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 12
Grant Count 4
R01 Count 4
Funding $1,176,358
PubMed Score 29.30
PubTator Score 3.29

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  Differential Expression (10)

Disease log2 FC p
osteosarcoma 3.285 0.000
glioblastoma -1.100 0.046
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.300 0.001
hereditary spastic paraplegia -1.218 0.007
Breast cancer 2.700 0.028
lung carcinoma 1.100 0.000
Alzheimer's disease -1.400 0.044
Pick disease -1.400 0.004
invasive ductal carcinoma 1.200 0.010
ovarian cancer -1.500 0.002


Accession Q9UIL1 B7WPH7 D3DNY7 E9PB65 Q6P5T9 Q7L2Y0 Q7Z4P2 Q96JY9 Q9BZB2
Symbols SCOCO




Gene RIF (4)

24116125 Studies indicate that FEZ1 (fasciculation and elongation protein zeta 1), SCOCO (short coiled-coil protein) and kinesins (kinesin heavy chain) are involved in biological transport process.
24098481 SCOC forms a stable homogeneous complex with the coiled coil domain of FEZ1. SCOC dimerization and the SCOC surface residue R117 are important for this interaction.
22354037 The identification of SCOC and WAC as novel regulatory proteins with diverse functions in autophagy contributes towards a fuller understanding of autophagosome formation.
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)

AA Sequence

NLMSASSVFQTTDTKSKRK                                                       141 - 159

Text Mined References (15)

PMID Year Title
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
24116125 2013 Structural analysis of intermolecular interactions in the kinesin adaptor complex fasciculation and elongation protein zeta 1/ short coiled-coil protein (FEZ1/SCOCO).
24098481 2013 Crystal structure of the human short coiled coil protein and insights into SCOC-FEZ1 complex formation.
22354037 2012 Genome-wide siRNA screen reveals amino acid starvation-induced autophagy requires SCOC and WAC.
20379614 Personalized smoking cessation: interactions between nicotine dose, dependence and quit-success genotype score.
20195357 2010 A comprehensive resource of interacting protein regions for refining human transcription factor networks.
17207965 2007 hORFeome v3.1: a resource of human open reading frames representing over 10,000 human genes.
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