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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 38
PubMed Score 83.04
PubTator Score 78.15

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  Disease Sources (1)

Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
pre-eclampsia 67 6.04 3.0
Patau syndrome 15 3.211 1.6

Gene RIF (27)

25499680 As gal-13 with its anti-inflammatory functions plays a role in maternal immune system, a lack of gal-13 may contribute to an imbalance in inflammation processes in the placenta during pregnancy and therefore influences development of gestational diabetes.
25079598 study provides a basis for replenishing patients at risk for preeclampsia by the full length but not the truncated PP13
24786703 inadequate sensitivity as first trimester serum marker for pre-eclampsia
24607918 Evaluation of placental protein 13 (PP13) and risk factors as markers for predicting preeclampsia.
23729534 Among singletons with severe preeclampsia, levels were significantly reduced, however, among twins, only a non-significant tendency for a reduction was recorded.
23406577 Data in rats suggest that human LGALS13 plays role in maintaining uteroplacental blood flow and plays possible role in facilitating proper adaptation of maternal vasculature to pregnancy.
22460234 The maternal serum level of placental protein 13 is significantly lower in Egyptian patients with pre-eclampsia compared to controls.
22015022 secretion of PAPP-A, ADAM12 and PP13 is closely related to the size of the placenta in the beginning of pregnancy. After 8 weeks of pregnancy, which is the time for luteoplacental shift, the correlation disappears.
21989657 Placental protein 13 was localized to syncytiotrophoblasts in the chorionic villi and to occasional multinucleated luminal trophoblasts within converted decidual spiral arterioles in preeclampsia patients.
21799738 ABO blood group can alter PP13-bioavailability in blood

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Text Mined References (38)

PMID Year Title
25499680 2015 Galectin-13/PP-13 expression in term placentas of gestational diabetes mellitus pregnancies.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
25079598 2014 The role of the carbohydrate recognition domain of placental protein 13 (PP13) in pregnancy evaluated with recombinant PP13 and the DelT221 PP13 variant.
24786703 2014 Can first trimester placental protein-13 and pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A predict pre-eclampsia in Turkish women?
24607918 2014 Prediction of preeclampsia by placental protein 13 and background risk factors and its prevention by aspirin.
23729534 2013 First trimester maternal serum placental protein 13 levels in singleton vs. twin pregnancies with and without severe pre-eclampsia.
23406577 2013 Effects of placental protein 13 on the cardiovascular system in gravid and non-gravid rodents.
23088713 2012 Protein interactions of the transcription factor Hoxa1.
22460234 2012 Placental protein 13 as an early predictor in Egyptian patients with preeclampsia, correlation to risk, and association with outcome.
22015022 2011 The secretion of PAPP-A, ADAM12, and PP13 correlates with the size of the placenta for the first month of pregnancy.