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26928323 AMACR transcripts were detected in all radical prostatectomy(RP)-prostate cancer and RP-Benign samples but not in non-cancerous cystoprostatectomy samples, which suggest a global increase of AMACR expression in cancerous prostates.
26648339 AMACRwas not regulated in the white blood cells of multiple sclerosis patients
25773837 The D175G and M9V polymorphisms of the AMACR gene are related to prostate cancer. The S201L polymorphism might be linked with prostate cancer risk. no association was observed between K277E or Q239H polymorphisms and susceptibility to prostate cancer.
25551297 In diagnosis of ovarian clear cell carcinoma, AMACR is highly specific but suboptimally sensitive.
25473890 AMACR amplification is a mechanism driving increased mRNA and protein expression and conferring aggressiveness through heightened cell proliferation in gastrointestinal stromal tumors
25384383 Overexpressed AMACR in myxofibrosarcomas can be amplification-driven, associated with tumor aggressiveness, and may be relevant as a druggable target.
25313761 Combination of p63 and AMACR is of great additional value in combating the morphologically suspicious cases and should be used on case to case basis especially in prostatic needle biopsies and small foci lesions.
25307752 The overexpression of AMACR in prostate cancer was not associated with dietary influences on phytanic acid.
25149154 Our results suggest AMACR as an immunohistochemical marker for distinguishing malignant melanomas and dysplastic nevi from conventional melanocytic nevi.
25092674 AMACR might be a potential prognostic marker for predicting early recurrence/metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma after hepatectomy.

AA Sequence

EEILEEFGFSREEIYQLNSDKIIESNKVKASL                                          351 - 382

Text Mined References (106)

PMID Year Title
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26648339 2016 Alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase deletion has mutually counteracting effects on T-cell responses, associated with unchanged course of EAE.
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25473890 2014 AMACR amplification and overexpression in primary imatinib-naïve gastrointestinal stromal tumors: a driver of cell proliferation indicating adverse prognosis.
25384383 2014 AMACR amplification in myxofibrosarcomas: a mechanism of overexpression that promotes cell proliferation with therapeutic relevance.
25313761 Diagnostic utility of p63 and ?-methyl acyl Co A racemase in resolving suspicious foci in prostatic needle biopsy and transurethral resection of prostate specimens.
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25149154 2014 ?-Methylacyl-coenzyme A racemase (AMACR, p504s) is a marker to distinguish malignant melanomas from dysplastic nevi and melanocytic nevi.