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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 126
Grant Count 37
R01 Count 20
Funding $4,945,895.54
PubMed Score 314.28
PubTator Score 206.11

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  Differential Expression (18)

Disease log2 FC p
cutaneous lupus erythematosus 1.500 0.005
glioblastoma 1.500 0.009
posterior fossa group A ependymoma 2.300 0.000
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 1.200 0.003
tuberculosis -1.600 0.007
non-small cell lung cancer -2.403 0.000
lung cancer -4.100 0.000
sarcoidosis -1.200 0.033
pancreatic cancer 1.600 0.000
interstitial cystitis 1.100 0.004
lung adenocarcinoma -1.300 0.000
adult high grade glioma 1.700 0.000
pilocytic astrocytoma 1.200 0.004
lung carcinoma -4.400 0.000
invasive ductal carcinoma 1.100 0.029
ulcerative colitis 1.700 0.005
pituitary cancer -1.300 0.035
psoriasis 2.100 0.000

Gene RIF (116)

27324541 TREM-1 activation may be involved in the development of Kawasaki disease.
27096761 The study simultaneously evaluated both PCT and soluble TREM-1 along with CRP in febrile patients with autoimmune diseases.
26963514 TREM-1 and Dectin-1 function concurrently in the corneal innate immune response by regulating inflammatory cytokine expression in fungal keratitis.
26495896 Soluble TREM-1 level is significantly increased in hemodialysis patients as are other pro-inflammatory markers.
26397033 LPS-induced TREM-1 transcription.
26384438 study to determine soluble TREM-1 and TREM-2 levels in serum, and membrane-bound TREM-1 and TREM-2 on peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with pulmonary TB
26320130 TREM-1 is induced by MSU and is associated with the inflammation of human acute gouty arthritis.
26281323 TREM-1 is a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily released from phagocytic cells in the presence of bacterial and fungal infections.
26184544 Report altered TREM-1/TREM-2 ratio in cutaneous melanoma.
25944130 Plasma and urine TREM-1 levels can be used as diagnostic biomarkers for acute kidney injury in critically ill patients with sepsis.

AA Sequence

AGGFLSKSLVFSVLFAVTLRSFVP                                                  211 - 234

Text Mined References (128)

PMID Year Title
27324541 2016 [Role of triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 in the pathogenesis of Kawasaki disease].
27096761 2016 Prospective Evaluation of Procalcitonin, Soluble Triggering Receptor Expressed on Myeloid Cells-1 and C-Reactive Protein in Febrile Patients with Autoimmune Diseases.
26963514 2016 Inhibition of TREM-1 and Dectin-1 Alleviates the Severity of Fungal Keratitis by Modulating Innate Immune Responses.
26495896 2015 sTREM-1 in patients with chronic kidney disease on hemodialysis.
26397033 2015 Evaluation of the lipopolysaccharide-induced transcription of the human TREM-1 gene in vitamin D3-matured THP-1 macrophage-like cells.
26384438 2015 Soluble and cell-associated triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 and -2 in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.
26320130 2016 Monosodium urate crystal-induced triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells 1 is associated with acute gouty inflammation.
26281323 2015 Diagnostic and prognostic value of procalcitonin and sTREM-1 levels in sepsis.
26184544 2015 Triggering Receptor Expressed on Myeloid Cells in Cutaneous Melanoma.
25944130 2015 Diagnostic value of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin, cystatin C, and soluble triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 in critically ill patients with sepsis-associated acute kidney injury.