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PubTator Score 46.97

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lung cancer 4.700 0.000


Accession Q9NP95 B2RPH5 FGF-20
Symbols RHDA2


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26070653 The results of this study indicated that rs12720208 may contribute to the risk of PD in Iranian population.
25030126 Meta-analysis suggests that FGF20 rs1721100 C/G polymorphism is associated with sporadic sporadic Parkinson's diseases in Asians
24942208 The meta-analysis showed an association between FGF20 gene rs1721100 polymorphism and risk of Parkinson's disease under a recessive model.
23938014 The results showed no significant differences in the presence of rs1721100 or rs12720208 in the FGF20 gene between Parkinson's disease patients and controls.
23516905 The results have not shown any effect of rs12720208 in the FGF20 gene on the risk of Parkinson's disease in patients residing in Russia
22698282 The data suggested that Fgf9/20 and Bmp7 organize the nephron progenitor niche and highlight the essential role of FGF20 in human kidney development. FGF signaling likely regulates multiple important steps in the stem cell niche.
22342445 This study revealed that the rs1721100(C/G) polymorphism is a risk factor for PD in Han Chinese population, while rs12720208(C/T) polymorphism is not significantly associated with Parkinson's disease.
20471450 The common FGF20 rs12720208 SNP was not associated with the risk for Parkinson's disease (PD) in our population. In addition, we did not find nucleotide changes in miR-433 (that binds to the 3' UTR FGF20 mRNA) among our PD patients.
20471450 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20427658 The associations described, from mRNA expression to brain morphology to cognition and an interaction with aging, confirm a role of FGF20 in human brain structure and function during development and aging.

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PMID Year Title
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25064009 2014 Large-scale meta-analysis of genome-wide association data identifies six new risk loci for Parkinson's disease.
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