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Funding $77,250
PubMed Score 24.10
PubTator Score 39.91

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Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma 99


Accession Q9HD64 A6NJ94 Q5JPN8 Q5JPP0 Q5JPP3 Q8WWG5 Q8WWG6 Q969J6 XAGE-1
Symbols CTP9


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26937656 Strong immune responses to the cancer testis antigen XAGE-1b have been found in non-small cell lung cancer Caucasian patients.
24304136 Data indicate the involvement of immunoglobulin allotypes immunoglobulin gamma and kappa chains in immunity to a cancer-testis antigen, which has important implications for XAGE-1b-based immunotherapeutic interventions in lung adenocarcinoma.
24008415 XAGE-1b gene was able to influence angiogenesis directly or indirectly, leading to tumorigenesis and metastasis of ACC.
23625514 Our results suggest that GAGE, XAGE1 and SSX4 might each have a role in melanoma progression
20178013 the XAGE-1b gene was expressed at the mRNA level in a proportion of human acute leukemia
18752338 The findings suggest that XAGE-1b and HLA class I expression elicited a CD8+ T-cell response against minimal residual disease after surgery and resulted in prolonged survival of non-small cell lung cancer patients.
17704638 A 12-mer peptide XAGE-1b(37-48) as a new XAGE-1b epitope restricted to HLA-DRB1*0410 was identified.
17332921 Recognition of XAGE-1b on OU-LU-6 tumor by the CD4-expressing tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes was studied.

AA Sequence

MPEAGEEQPQV                                                                71 - 81

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PMID Year Title
26937656 2016 Immune Responses to the Cancer Testis Antigen XAGE-1b in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Caucasian Patients.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
24304136 2014 Genetic variants of immunoglobulin ? and ? chains influence humoral immunity to the cancer-testis antigen XAGE-1b (GAGED2a) in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.
24008415 2013 Promoting effects on the proliferation and metastasis of ACC tumor cell with XAGE-1b overexpression.
23625514 2013 Effects of CT-Xp gene knock down in melanoma cell lines.
23186163 2013 Toward a comprehensive characterization of a human cancer cell phosphoproteome.
21413013 2012 Heteroclitic serological response in esophageal and prostate cancer patients after NY-ESO-1 protein vaccination.
21305256 2011 NLS-dependent and insufficient nuclear localization of XAGE-1 splice variants.
20704819 2010 [Association of XAGE-1 gene expression with clinical characteristics of lung cancer].
20178013 2010 mRNA expression of the XAGE-1 gene in human acute leukemia.