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Funding $5,563,705.42
PubMed Score 51.17
PubTator Score 107.79

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Disease Z-score Confidence
Cancer 2,346 3.909 2.0


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26771717 Phosphorylation of BRMS1 by CDK2 regulates the migration of tumor cells.
26617826 Aberrant methylation of BRMS1 frequently occurs in the down-regulation of BRMS1 in triple negative breast cancer and that it may play a role in the metastasis of breast cancer.
26544623 Data show that Cullin3 exerts its function through promoting breast-cancer metastasis suppressor 1 (BRMS1) protein degradation, which was associated with epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), migration and invasion.
26520789 the present study demonstrates a mechanical cascade of BRMS1 suppressing cancer cell invasion through downregulating HIF-1alpha transcript and consequently reducing Snail and TWIST1 expression.
26328523 The studies reviewed here with respect to BRMS1 structure, cellular effects, intracellular signaling, and clinical value consolidate the importance of BRMS1 in the development of metastasis.
26182878 BRMS1 expression in human breast cancer is negatively correlated with JARID1C expression. Our results, for the first time, portray a pivotal role of JARID1C in regulating metastatic behaviors of breast cancer cells
25854163 MRTF-A and STAT3 synergistically recruited DNMT1 to hypermethylate the promoter of BRMS1 and affect the expression of BRMS1.MRTF-A and STAT3 promote breast cancer cell migration via hypermethylating BRSM1.
25368381 loss of BRMS1 promotes malignant phenotypes that are dependent on NF-kappaB-dependent regulation of Twist1
24984534 Silencing of BRMS 1 significantly induced the expression of NF-kappaB subunit, p65, uPA, and OPN proteins
24879377 BRMS1 overexpression inhibited glioma cell invasion.

AA Sequence

PYIVYMLQEIDILEDWTAIKKARAAVSPQKRKSDGP                                      211 - 246

Text Mined References (77)

PMID Year Title
26771717 2016 Cyclin-dependent kinase-mediated phosphorylation of breast cancer metastasis suppressor 1 (BRMS1) affects cell migration.
26617826 2015 Down-regulation of BRMS1 by DNA hypermethylation and its association with metastatic progression in triple-negative breast cancer.
26544623 2015 Cullin3 promotes breast cancer cells metastasis and epithelial-mesenchymal transition by targeting BRMS1 for degradation.
26520789 2015 Breast cancer metastasis suppressor 1 (BRMS1) attenuates TGF-?1-induced breast cancer cell aggressiveness through downregulating HIF-1? expression.
26328523 2015 Breast carcinoma metastasis suppressor gene 1 (BRMS1): update on its role as the suppressor of cancer metastases.
26182878 2015 Histone demethylase JARID1C promotes breast cancer metastasis cells via down regulating BRMS1 expression.
25854163 2015 MRTF-A and STAT3 promote MDA-MB-231 cell migration via hypermethylating BRSM1.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
25368381 2015 Loss of BRMS1 promotes a mesenchymal phenotype through NF-?B-dependent regulation of Twist1.
24984534 2014 BRMS1 inhibits expression of NF-kappaB subunit p65, uPA and OPN in ovarian cancer cells.