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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 22
PubMed Score 7.32
PubTator Score 12.68

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Accession Q9HCU8 F5H506
Symbols p12


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24691096 the p12/Pol delta is a target as a nuclear substrate of mu-calpain in a calcium-triggered apoptosis and appears to be a potential marker in the study of the chemotherapy of cancer therapies.
24300032 A parallel study of Pol delta4 and Pol delta3 in Okazaki fragment processing provides evidence for a role of Pol delta3 in DNA replication
24035200 Findings provide evidence for the novel concept that Pol delta3 has a role in lagging strand synthesis, and that both forms of Pol delta3 and 4 may participate in DNA replication in higher eukaryotic cells.
24022480 ubiquitination of p12 through CRL4(Cdt2) and subsequent degradation form one mechanism by which a cell responds to DNA damage to inhibit fork progression.
23913683 Data indicate that CRL4(Cdt2) regulates the degradation of the p12 subunit of Pol delta4.
23233665 The identification of RNF8 allows new insights into the integration of the control of p12 degradation by different DNA damage signaling pathways.
20861182 Low POLD4 is associated with lung cancer.
19931513 these results indicate that POLD4 is required for the in vitro pol delta activity, and that it functions in cell proliferation and maintenance of genomic stability of human cells.
18682526 The DNA polymerase delta enzyme, as well as the isolated p12 subunit, stimulates the DNA helicase activity of Bloom's syndrome helicase.
16510448 pol delta interacts with PCNA via at least two of its subunits, and p12 could play a role in stabilizing the overall pol delta-PCNA complex as well as pol delta itself

AA Sequence

CRAKQMGLEPPPEVWQVLKTHPGDPRFQCSLWHLYPL                                      71 - 107

Text Mined References (24)

PMID Year Title
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24022480 2013 Degradation of p12 subunit by CRL4Cdt2 E3 ligase inhibits fork progression after DNA damage.
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