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26940070 The promoter activity of Nanog and Oct4 were upregulated, and beta-catenin was observed to bind to these promoters during H. pylori infection, while a Wnt/beta-catenin inhibitor suppressed promoter activity and binding.
26687709 The outcomes of this study, for the first time, unravels the importance of particular genomic features in Nanog gene evolution paving roads toward better understanding of stem cell development and human targeted disorder therapy
26676719 the disruption of Nanog expression results in less proliferation, invasiveness, migration, more chemosensitivity and reversal of EMT in HepG2 cells, by which Nanog plays crucial roles in influencing the malignant phenotype of HepG2 cells.
26618281 the available data demonstrate that NANOG is strictly involved in the process of carcinogenesis and is a potential prognostic marker of malignant tumors.
26483189 Oct3/4 and Nanog represent probable CSC markers in HNSCC, which contribute to the development of DNM in part by enhancing cell motility and invasiveness.
26174965 NANOG-NUMB-p53 signaling axis is an important regulatory pathway for tumor-initiating cells events in TIC self-renewal and liver tumorigenesis
26073077 Nanog is an oncogene with multiple roles in promoting tumorigenesis and metastasis
26013997 The current review provides a most updated summary on how NANOG expression is regulated during tumor development and progression. [review]
25899063 Increased expression of NANOG is associated with metastatic capability of immunoedited tumor cells.
25879771 We illustrate that coexpression of Oct4 and Nanog initiates stem cell characteristics in hepatocellular carcinoma and promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition

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TRYFSTPQTMDLFLNYSMNMQPEDV                                                 281 - 305

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26940070 2016 Helicobacter pylori upregulates Nanog and Oct4 via Wnt/?-catenin signaling pathway to promote cancer stem cell-like properties in human gastric cancer.
26687709 2016 Unravelling evolution of Nanog, the key transcription factor involved in self-renewal of undifferentiated embryonic stem cells, by pattern recognition in nucleotide and tandem repeats characteristics.
26687479 2015 The variant Polycomb Repressor Complex 1 component PCGF1 interacts with a pluripotency sub-network that includes DPPA4, a regulator of embryogenesis.
26676719 2016 TALEN-induced disruption of Nanog expression results in reduced proliferation, invasiveness and migration, increased chemosensitivity and reversal of EMT in HepG2 cells.
26618281 2016 The role of NANOG transcriptional factor in the development of malignant phenotype of cancer cells.
26483189 2015 Expression of Oct3/4 and Nanog in the head and neck squamous carcinoma cells and its clinical implications for delayed neck metastasis in stage I/II oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma.
26174965 2015 NUMB phosphorylation destabilizes p53 and promotes self-renewal of tumor-initiating cells by a NANOG-dependent mechanism in liver cancer.
26073077 2016 Pluripotency factor Nanog is tumorigenic by deregulating DNA damage response in somatic cells.
26013997 2015 Regulation of NANOG in cancer cells.
25899063 2015 NANOG signaling promotes metastatic capability of immunoedited tumor cells.