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25031347 No relationship has been found between the MOBKL1B-NS5A interaction and hepatitis C virus replication.
23652010 The RING ligase praja2 ubiquitylates and degrades Mob, a core component of NDR/LATS kinase and a positive regulator of the tumour-suppressor Hippo cascade.
22454515 Mob1A and Mob1B are needed for cell abscission and centriole re-joining after telophase and cytokinesis.
19955215 Results suggest that Mob1 and the other mammalian orthologues of the mitotic exit network regulate mitotic progression by facilitating the timely mobilization of the chromosomal passenger complex to the spindle midzone.
19739119 hMOB1A and hMOB1B are 2 LATS-binding proteins that may function as tumor suppressors in human cancer cells.
17611689 MATS1 mRNA expression is suppressed in tumor tissue and its low expression is associated with tumor growth, invasion and metastasis of colorectal cancer
15766530 Mats1 can rescue the lethality associated with loss of Mats function in Drosophila; As Mats1 is mutated in human tumors, Mats-mediated growth inhibition and tumor suppression is likely conserved in humans

AA Sequence

LGSKDR                                                                    211 - 216

Text Mined References (32)

PMID Year Title
26298709 2015 Growth Inhibition Accompanied by MOB1 Upregulation in Human Acute Lymphoid Leukemia Cells by 3-Deazaneplanocin A.
25852190 2015 Integrative analysis of kinase networks in TRAIL-induced apoptosis provides a source of potential targets for combination therapy.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
25031347 2014 Seed sequence-matched controls reveal limitations of small interfering RNA knockdown in functional and structural studies of hepatitis C virus NS5A-MOBKL1B interaction.
24366813 2013 Interaction proteome of human Hippo signaling: modular control of the co-activator YAP1.
24255178 2013 Protein interaction network of the mammalian Hippo pathway reveals mechanisms of kinase-phosphatase interactions.
23652010 2013 Proteolysis of MOB1 by the ubiquitin ligase praja2 attenuates Hippo signalling and supports glioblastoma growth.
23386615 2013 The tumor suppressor Mst1 promotes changes in the cellular redox state by phosphorylation and inactivation of peroxiredoxin-1 protein.
23376485 2013 Proteomic analysis of podocyte exosome-enriched fraction from normal human urine.
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