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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 44
Grant Count 24
R01 Count 15
Funding $2,785,890.65
PubMed Score 33.58
PubTator Score 827.93

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  Differential Expression (4)

Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis 1.200 0.001
Breast cancer 2.600 0.027
non primary Sjogren syndrome sicca 1.400 0.015
ovarian cancer -1.200 0.000

Gene RIF (28)

26717876 ING2 may be involved in the repair and regeneration of organs or tissues and is associated with breast and gynecological carcinogenesis.
25613071 It is thought that ING2 gene expression level could contribute to the development of BCC but not be associated with the stage and the prognosis of the tumor.
25190103 Results suggest that ING2 acts as a tumor suppressor in osteosarcoma.
24712846 Decreased expression of ING2 gene is associated with non-small cell lung cancer.
23864195 It was concluded that ING2 not only plays an essential role in the growth and invasion of MGC-803 cells but also represents a potential approach to chemosensitization therapy in human gastric cancer.
23823870 findings support a model in which PtdIns(5)P functions as a sub-nuclear trafficking factor that stabilizes ING2 at discrete genomic sites
21124965 Study establishes ING2 as a novel regulator of spermatogenesis functioning, and provides an animal model to study idiopathic and iatrogenic infertility in men.
20890119 Data show that inhibition of ING2 expression accelerates progression of cells from G(1) to S-phase, and is accompanied by a decrease of p21 expression, and that regulation of p21 by ING2 is independent of p53.
20676127 sumoylation of ING2 enhances its binding to the Sin3A/HDAC complex and is required to regulate gene transcriptions
19962781 expression is downregulated in non-small cell lung carcinoma

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Text Mined References (46)

PMID Year Title
26717876 2016 Expression profiles of inhibitor of growth protein 2 in normal and cancer tissues: An immunohistochemical screening analysis.
25613071 2015 A novel tumor suppressor gene in basal cell carcinoma: inhibition of growth factor-2.
25578879 2015 PI(5)P regulates autophagosome biogenesis.
25190103 2014 Nuclear ING2 expression is reduced in osteosarcoma.
24712846 2014 Decreased expression of ING2 gene and its clinicopathological significance in Chinese NSCLC patients.
23864195 2013 Knockdown of inhibitor of growth protein 2 inhibits cell invasion and enhances chemosensitivity to 5-FU in human gastric cancer cells.
23823870 2013 Nuclear phosphatidylinositol-5-phosphate regulates ING2 stability at discrete chromatin targets in response to DNA damage.
21124965 2010 Targeted disruption of Ing2 results in defective spermatogenesis and development of soft-tissue sarcomas.
20890119 2010 ING2 controls the G1 to S-phase transition by regulating p21 expression.
20676127 2010 Sumoylation of ING2 regulates the transcription mediated by Sin3A.