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Accession Q9GZX6 IL-22
Symbols TIFa



3G9V   1M4R   1YKB   3DGC   3DLQ   3Q1S  

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26870795 IL-22 Defect During Streptococcus pneumoniae Infection Triggers Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
26867135 IL-17A and IL-22 work synergistically to induce antimicrobials and chemokines such as IL-8, components of calprotectin (CP), lipocalin (LCN) and some beta-defensins in both human and primary mouse gastric epithelial cells (GEC) and gastroids
26781085 IL-17- and IL-22-secreting myelin specific CD4(+) T cells resistant to corticoids are associated with radiological activity of multiple sclerosis in early stages of the disease, mainly among Afrodescendant patients who, normally, have worse prognosis.
26644377 IL-22 induced at an early stage of L. monocytogenes infection enhances innate immunity against L. monocytogenes in the liver by stimulating hepatocytes to produce PLA2G2A
26598081 To the authors' knowledge, this is the first report documenting that the IL-22 -429 C/T gene polymorphism is associated with bladder cancer risk.
26590104 IL-22/IFN-gamma producing T-cells were significantly increased in tumour tissue and that this increase was positively correlated with TNM staging of pancreatic ductal carcinoma and poorer patient survival.
26521730 inflammatory cytokines, including IL-17 and IL-22, are expressed at higher levels by inflamed OA synovium and suggest IL-22 involvement in OA pathophysiology.
26497621 Il-22 signaling plays role in the pathogen resistance at the epithelial-intestinal microbiota interface.Il-22 modulates the immune response in the intestinal mucosa.
26486958 TTP-dependent regulatory pathway described herein likely contributes to the role of IL-22 in inflammation and cancer and may evolve as novel target for pharmacological IL-22 modulation.
26400286 The study demonstrated the probable involvement of gamma delta T cells in the immune response of an organism via the secretion of IL-17 and IL-22.

AA Sequence

IQRNVQKLKDTVKKLGESGEIKAIGELDLLFMSLRNACI                                   141 - 179

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PMID Year Title
26870795 2015 IL-22 Defect During Streptococcus pneumoniae Infection Triggers Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
26867135 2016 IL-17a and IL-22 Induce Expression of Antimicrobials in Gastrointestinal Epithelial Cells and May Contribute to Epithelial Cell Defense against Helicobacter pylori.
26781085 2016 Interleukin-17- and interleukin-22-secreting myelin-specific CD4(+) T cells resistant to corticoids are related with active brain lesions in multiple sclerosis patients.
26644377 2015 Interleukin-22-Induced Antimicrobial Phospholipase A2 Group IIA Mediates Protective Innate Immunity of Nonhematopoietic Cells against Listeria monocytogenes.
26598081 2015 Association between interleukin-22 genetic polymorphisms and bladder cancer risk.
26590104 2016 Intra-tumoral IFN-?-producing Th22 cells correlate with TNM staging and the worst outcomes in pancreatic cancer.
26521730 2015 Differential expression of interleukin-17 and interleukin-22 in inflamed and non-inflamed synovium from osteoarthritis patients.
26497621 2015 Pathogen Resistance Mediated by IL-22 Signaling at the Epithelial-Microbiota Interface.
26486958 2015 Tristetraprolin regulation of interleukin-22 production.
26400286 2015 Elucidating the function and tolerance mechanism of gamma delta (? ?) T cells in a Helicobacter pylori infection model.