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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 14
PubMed Score 1492.90
PubTator Score 2.00

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  Differential Expression (13)

Disease log2 FC p
osteosarcoma -2.387 4.5e-06
ependymoma 1.200 3.4e-07
glioblastoma 1.300 1.0e-06
group 3 medulloblastoma 2.100 1.7e-05
atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor 1.600 2.2e-07
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 1.700 5.2e-05
adrenocortical carcinoma 1.194 6.6e-04
non-small cell lung cancer 1.274 1.4e-16
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... 1.100 8.7e-03
pediatric high grade glioma 1.600 2.9e-06
nasopharyngeal carcinoma 1.200 1.8e-03
invasive ductal carcinoma 1.100 5.0e-03
ovarian cancer 1.400 7.2e-05


Accession Q9BSD3 B7Z989
Symbols RHINO


  Ortholog (1)

Species Source Disease
Chimp OMA EggNOG

Protein-protein Interaction (12)

Gene RIF (4)

25602520 Knockdown of RHINO in human cells partially abrogated ATR-Chk1 kinase signaling following UV irradiation but did not impact the loading of Rad9-Hus1-Rad1 complex on chromatin or the association of Rad9-Hus1-Rad1 complex with TopBP1.
24562772 Germline variation in the RHINO gene is unlikely to influence inherited susceptibility to breast cancer.
21659603 We suggest that RHINO functions together with the 9-1-1 complex and TopBP1 to fully activate ATR (ataxia telangiectasia and Rad3-related.
20811708 Identified C12orf32 to be significantly up-regulated in the great majority of clinical breast cancer specimens.

AA Sequence

VTWRRRQHLLAYLRERGKLSRSQFLVKS                                              211 - 238

Text Mined References (15)

PMID Year Title
27107012 2016 Pooled-matrix protein interaction screens using Barcode Fusion Genetics.
25602520 2015 RHINO forms a stoichiometric complex with the 9-1-1 checkpoint clamp and mediates ATR-Chk1 signaling.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
24562772 2014 Evaluation of the RHINO gene for breast cancer predisposition in Finnish breast cancer families.
21659603 2011 A DNA damage response screen identifies RHINO, a 9-1-1 and TopBP1 interacting protein required for ATR signaling.
20811708 2010 Involvement of C12orf32 overexpression in breast carcinogenesis.
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