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26306619 USB1 genes from myelodysplastic and myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative neoplasms and AML had 3 unreported variants, 2 in USB1 5'UTR (c.-83G>T and c.-66A>G), 1 in IVS3 (c.450-68dupT) and 1 (<1%) in IVS4 (c.587+21A>G/rs200924980) were detected.
26213367 the link between Mpn1 and snRNA stability
23684637 Mpn1 associates with the NineTeen Complex, a multiprotein complex that is essential for the maintenance of spliceosome integrity and efficient splicing. [Review]
23190533 Data indicate that USB1 measures the appropriate length of the U6 oligo(U) tail by reading the position of a key adenine nucleotide (A102) and pausing 5 uridine residues downstream.
23022480 Recombinant hMpn1 is a 3'-to-5' RNA exonuclease that removes uridines from U6 3' ends, generating terminal 2',3' cyclic phosphates in vitro.
22899009 Advanced bioinformatics predicted that C16orf57 encodes a phosphodiesterase whose putative catalytic activity is essential for its function in vivo
22269211 characterization of 6 Poikiloderma with Neutropenia patients and mutational repertoire of the gene; detected 2 novel C16orf57 mutations, c.232C>T and c.265 2T>G and the reported c.179delC, c.531delA and c.693 1G>T mutations; bioinformatic prediction of the C16orf57 protein structure denotes a very basic enzymatic function consistent with a housekeeping function
21967010 We report three cases of poikiloderma with neutropenia whose clinical presentations, laboratory investigations, and C16orf57 mutation support the diagnosis.
21497268 Mutations of the C16orf57 gene permit the unification of a distinct group of genetic polikilodermal dermatoses that can be diagnosed as congenital dyskeratosis, Rothmund-Thomson syndrome, poikiloderma-neutropenia.
21271650 Identification of a novel C16orf57 mutation in Athabaskan patients with Poikiloderma with Neutropenia.

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26306619 2015 Expanding the role of the splicing USB1 gene from Poikiloderma with Neutropenia to acquired myeloid neoplasms.
26213367 2015 Human Mpn1 promotes post-transcriptional processing and stability of U6atac.
23684637 2013 The Mpn1 RNA exonuclease: cellular functions and implication in disease.
23190533 2013 Aberrant 3' oligoadenylation of spliceosomal U6 small nuclear RNA in poikiloderma with neutropenia.
23022480 2012 Mpn1, mutated in poikiloderma with neutropenia protein 1, is a conserved 3'-to-5' RNA exonuclease processing U6 small nuclear RNA.
22899009 2012 C16orf57, a gene mutated in poikiloderma with neutropenia, encodes a putative phosphodiesterase responsible for the U6 snRNA 3' end modification.
22269211 2012 Novel C16orf57 mutations in patients with Poikiloderma with Neutropenia: bioinformatic analysis of the protein and predicted effects of all reported mutations.
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21872685 2012 Systematic search for neutropenia should be part of the first screening in patients with poikiloderma.
21497268 2011 [Mutations of C16orf57 gene have been identified in the poikiloderma-neutropenia syndrome and in a specific subset of congenital dyskeratosis with normal-length telomeres].