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23948316 demonstrate the presence of copy number variations in regions containing 9 of the 13 CODIS(Combined DNA Index System) short tandem repeat(STR) and AMELX/Y loci
23623014 252 confirmed and unrelated father/son pairs from the Moroccan population were examined using 17 Y-STR markers of the AmpFISTR Yfiler kit. A total of 15 single repeat mutations between fathers and sons were observed as mutational events.
22669323 Results of haplogroup prediction showed that seven AMELY dropouts combined with variant Y-STR deletions can be classified as the J2 subdivision, suggesting that some of these Y chromosomes might descend from a common ancestor.
18067069 Observational study of genotype prevalence. (HuGE Navigator)
17588179 The combined frequency of the AMELY null allele in Singapore and Malaysia populations is 2.7%, 0.6% in Indian and Malay ethnic groups respectively. It is absent among 541 Chinese screened.
17189292 Multigene deletions encompassing AMELY on short arm of chromosome Y.

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