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26503118 Overexpression of Nrf2 inhibited the PBK/TOPK KD-induced decrease in cdc2 and cyclin B expression and cell cycle arrest, and blocked ROS production and apoptosis.
25909225 The in vitro data have been consistent with a role for PBK/TOPK in facilitating invasion in prostate cancer. PBK could be a prognostic biomarker for prostate cancer that would discriminate aggressive prostate cancer from indolent disease.
25881543 TOPK was speculated to be one of a potential marker and therapeutic target in advanced prostate cancer
25687885 TOPK, overexpressed in colorectal cancer, enhances the resistance of colorectal cancer cells to anoikis.
25575812 Authors identified TOPK/PBK, in vitro and in vivo, as the master ZFP linker kinase. Furthermore, they show precise temporal correlation between TOPK activating phosphorylation by Cdk1 and linker phosphorylation in mitosis.
25550851 PBK/TOPK expression is closely associated with cervical cancer and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, which may be served as a useful target for tumor diagnosis and immunotherapy.
25466965 PDZ-binding kinase/T-LAK cell-originated protein kinase correlates with mutant p53 and affects cell proliferation and viability as well as prognosis in lung adenocarcinoma
24629784 Study findings suggest that the PBK/TOPK mRNA/protein expression is specific to human bladder cancer and might be used as a novel target for development of cancer immunotherapy and diagnostic biomarker.
24440499 TOPK protein upregulates iNOS gene expression in T cell leukemia Jurkat cells or macrophage leukemic Raw 264.7 cells via NF-kappaB activation in response to LPS, and might act as a critical effector in LPS/TLR4-mediated signaling cascade.
24025073 PBK/TOPK expression is positively correlated with Ki67 and p53 expression, and can be used as an independent prognostic factor in non-small-cell lung cancer.

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26503118 2015 PBK/TOPK mediates promyelocyte proliferation via Nrf2-regulated cell cycle progression and apoptosis.
25909225 2015 PBK/TOPK enhances aggressive phenotype in prostate cancer via ?-catenin-TCF/LEF-mediated matrix metalloproteinases production and invasion.
25881543 2015 TOPK is highly expressed in circulating tumor cells, enabling metastasis of prostate cancer.
25687885 2015 CXCL8, overexpressed in colorectal cancer, enhances the resistance of colorectal cancer cells to anoikis.
25575812 2015 Identification of the oncogenic kinase TOPK/PBK as a master mitotic regulator of C2H2 zinc finger proteins.
25550851 2014 Expression of PBK/TOPK in cervical cancer and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia.
25466965 2015 PBK/TOPK expression correlates with mutant p53 and affects patients' prognosis and cell proliferation and viability in lung adenocarcinoma.
24629784 2014 Expression of PDZ-binding kinase/T-LAK cell-originated protein kinase (PBK/TOPK) in human urinary bladder transitional cell carcinoma.
24440499 2014 Activation of TOPK by lipopolysaccharide promotes induction of inducible nitric oxide synthase through NF-?B activity in leukemia cells.
24025073 2013 PBK/TOPK expression in non-small-cell lung cancer: its correlation and prognostic significance with Ki67 and p53 expression.