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25084525 MAL2 and STK16 function to sort secretory soluble cargo into the constitutive secretory pathway in hepatocytes.
21573057 Results prove for the first time the interaction of PLP and MAL2 in oligodendrocytic cells, supporting the transcytotic model of PLP transport previously suggested.
20846453 MAL2 overexpression was highest in serous carcinomas relative to other histological subtypes of ovarian cancer.
19683524 after differentiation, murine oligodendrocyte precursor and human oligodendroglioma derived cell lines up-regulate the expression of MAL2 and accumulate it in an intracellular compartment, exhibiting a peri-centrosomal localization.
19175940 a role for MAL2 in regulating tumor-associated protein mucin expression and/or localisation
17145811 The MAL2 gene was shown to effectively separate these two tumor(chromophobe renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and benign oncocytoma) groups by quantitative reverse transcription-PCR using fresh tissue samples, with similar trends seen on formalin-fixed tissues.
16620967 The results indicate that MAL2 protein genes are not ubiquitously expressed in leukemic bone marrow in children, and that RNA sample parameters may influence measures of gene expression more than commonly appreciated.
14576188 MAL2 protein mRNA species were detected in the thyroid and immunohistochemical analysis of thyroid follicles indicated that MAL2 distributed to the apical membrane
12370246 Data show that MAL2 is essential for transcytosis in HepG2 cells.

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LSDNQYNINVAASIFAFMTTACYGCSLGLALRRWRP                                      141 - 176

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25084525 2014 Serine/threonine kinase 16 and MAL2 regulate constitutive secretion of soluble cargo in hepatic cells.
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