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Patent (18,477)

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26656756 new insights into the G protein coupling profiles of the HCA receptors and the function of the receptor's C terminus
25690651 Results suggest that the atypical motif asparaging-cysteine-systeine Asn(17)-Cys(18)-Cys(19) is crucial for the normal surface trafficking and function of hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 2 protein hGPR109A.
25463108 niacin, at a relatively low concentration, preserves the ability of HMVEC to form tubes under conditions of saturated fatty acid excess, and may elicit this effect through activation of GPR109A
25375133 These results suggest that the PKC pathway and PDGFR/EGFR transactivation pathway play important roles in HCA2-mediated Akt activation.
25361930 The results of this study suggested that GPR109A signaling is associated with T2DM, playing a role in regulation of the inflammatory cytokines.
25329911 GPR109A expression is upregulated in blood and substantia nigra in Parkinson disease patients.
24662263 the promiscuous activity exerted by niacin via both GPR109A and GPER may open new avenues towards a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in its biological action exerted in different pathophysiological conditions, including malignant diseases.
24371223 GPR109A is a tumor suppressor in mammary gland.
24215154 Although its functional role is still unknown, HCA2 may be potentially involved in the pathogenesis of various retinopathies and may offer a new therapeutic target.
23770183 These studies provide key insights into mechanisms by which GPR109A may influence cholesterol efflux in macrophages.

AA Sequence

EPWSPSYLGPTSP                                                             351 - 363

Text Mined References (40)

PMID Year Title
26656756 2016 The role of the C-terminus of the human hydroxycarboxylic acid receptors 2 and 3 in G protein activation using G?-engineered yeast cells.
25690651 2015 The atypical N-glycosylation motif, Asn-Cys-Cys, in human GPR109A is required for normal cell surface expression and intracellular signaling.
25463108 2014 Niacin receptor activation improves human microvascular endothelial cell angiogenic function during lipotoxicity.
25375133 2014 Niacin activates the PI3K/Akt cascade via PKC- and EGFR-transactivation-dependent pathways through hydroxyl-carboxylic acid receptor 2.
25361930 2014 The expression of GPR109A, NF-kB and IL-1? in peripheral blood leukocytes from patients with type 2 diabetes.
25329911 2014 Upregulation of GPR109A in Parkinson's disease.
24662263 2014 Niacin activates the G protein estrogen receptor (GPER)-mediated signalling.
24371223 2014 The niacin/butyrate receptor GPR109A suppresses mammary tumorigenesis by inhibiting cell survival.
24215154 2014 Constitutive expression of HCA(2) in human retina and primary human retinal pigment epithelial cells.
23770183 2013 Differential tissue and ligand-dependent signaling of GPR109A receptor: implications for anti-atherosclerotic therapeutic potential.