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Disease log2 FC p
Rhinitis 1.300 0.005
uncontrolled asthma 1.500 0.003
medulloblastoma, large-cell 1.500 0.000
adult high grade glioma 1.200 0.002
mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lympho... 1.761 0.026

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26690123 Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients showed a significant decrease in the percentage of plasmacytoid dendritic cells and myeloid dendritic cells expressing CD200R1 compared to that of the control group.
26538068 The authors showed that the viral orthologues e127 from rat cytomegalovirus and K14 from human herpesvirus 8 do not bind the activating CD200R-like proteins from their respective species, although they do bind the inhibitory receptors.
26123445 CD200-CD200R1 signaling may be required for human pregnancy success.
26011475 This is the first report of CD200R1 expression by human epithelial tumor cells, and specifically, early-stage human breast cancer cells. It is also the first report of CD200R1 expression by term placental villous trophoblasts.
25404054 data show that the expression of CD200R, CD95 and CD95L was influenced by cardiac surgery and imply the role of these membrane molecules in cell regulation-inhibition and apoptosis following cardiac surgery.
25261692 The proportion of CD200R1+ cells in PBMCs, peripheral CD14+ cells and CD4+ T cells was significantly lower in rheumatoid arthritis patients compared to controls.
25145957 The mechanism underlying ESA might be associated with enhanced expression of CD200 and CD200R in the trophoblast, leading to an upregulation of the immune response during the first trimester of pregnancy.
24496593 We demonstrate a significant correlation between CD200R1 positive cells and disease severity in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients, thus indicating the relevance of the CD200/CD200R1 signaling pathway potential involvement in the pathogenesis of RA.
24388216 [review] CD200R1 is comparable to other pathogen-targeted inhibitory receptors; its signaling pathway is utilized by a diverse number of pathogens and represents a novel targeting strategy for infectiouis diseases.
24333170 Measurement of sCD200 and/or sCD200R1 may prove a useful and rapid means of monitoring subjects at risk of bone loss.

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PMID Year Title
26690123 2015 Reduced Dendritic Cells Expressing CD200R1 in Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Correlation with Th17 and Regulatory T Cells.
26538068 2016 Herpesvirus orthologues of CD200 bind host CD200R but not related activating receptors.
26123445 2015 The CD200 tolerance-signaling molecule and its receptor, CD200R1, are expressed in human placental villus trophoblast and in peri-implant decidua by 5 weeks' gestation.
26011475 2015 The Receptor for the CD200 Tolerance-Signaling Molecule Associated with Successful Pregnancy is Expressed by Early-Stage Breast Cancer Cells in 80% of Patients and by Term Placental Trophoblasts.
25404054 2015 Inhibitory CD200R and proapoptotic CD95/CD95L molecules on innate immunity cells are modulated by cardiac surgery.
25261692 2015 Aberrant CD200/CD200R1 expression and its potential role in Th17 cell differentiation, chemotaxis and osteoclastogenesis in rheumatoid arthritis.
25145957 2014 Reduced CD200 and CD200R1 expression in human chorionic villi contributes to early spontaneous abortion.
24496593 2014 Decreased CD200R expression on monocyte-derived macrophages correlates with Th17/Treg imbalance and disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis patients.
24388216 2014 The CD200-CD200R1 inhibitory signaling pathway: immune regulation and host-pathogen interactions.
24333170 2014 Elevated serum soluble CD200 and CD200R as surrogate markers of bone loss under bed rest conditions.