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25044745 Study indicates that POC1B is required for retinal integrity, and is proposed POC1B mutations as a probable cause for Joubert syndrome with severe polycystic kidney disease.
25018096 POC1B mutations result in a defect of the photoreceptor sensory cilium and thus affect cone and rod photoreceptors.
24945461 POC1B is a novel gene for a new disease typical of cone-rod dystrophy except that patients did not report night blindness.
23015594 Poc1A and Poc1B play redundant, but essential, roles in generation of stable centrioles, but Poc1B may have additional independent functions during cell cycle progression.
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20008567 Poc1B is required for primary ciliogenesis; Poc1 provides a molecular link between the assembly and stability of centrioles for ciliary-based motility in T. thermophila and cilia formation and function in zebrafish and humans
18068700 Based on these data, we propose that Pix1 and Pix2 are microtubule-associated adaptor proteins that likely contribute to a range of developmental and cell division processes.

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