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26956854 PROKR2 may play a role in susceptibility of pituitary stalk interruption syndrome
26574895 Data suggest that prokineticins (PROK1 and PROK2) and prokineticin receptors (PROKR1 and PROKR2) act as main regulators of physiological functions of ovary, uterus, placenta, and testis. [REVIEW]
26192875 PROKR2 expression in human fetal ovary remained unchanged throughout gestation.
26047640 EG-VEGF, BV8, and PROKR2 gene expression is approximately five, four, and two times higher in cystic fibrosis lungs compared with controls.
25449422 PKR2 protomers form type II dimers involving TMs 4 and 5, with a role for TM5 in modulation of PKR2 function.
25064403 Study corroborates the clinical relevance of the EG-VEGF system in human early pregnancy, and provides evidence for the gene-gene interactions of EG-VEGF and PROKR variants.
24830383 Wild-type PROKR2 activates different G-protein subtypes (Gq, Gs, and Gi/o) and recruits beta-arrestins. The effects of 9 missense mutations on these 2 processes showed that some mutations affected both or only one of them.
24509228 PK2-induced PKR2 endocytosis is GRK2- and clathrin-dependent, but beta-arrestin-independent.
24487590 TSHZ1 is a key regulator of mammalian olfactory bulb development and function and controls the expression of PROKR2.
24276467 Single PROKR2 missense allelic variants can either affect both cAMP and IP signaling pathways differently or selectively.

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HWRPSQRGSKSSADLDLRTNGVPTTEEVDCIRLK                                        351 - 384

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