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24295637 Taken together, these findings indicate that the RASSF3 promoter rs6581580 T>G SNP is potentially functional, modulating susceptibility to SCCHN among non-Hispanic whites.
24246507 low expression is associated with malignant phenotypes in non-small cell lung cancer patients
23555615 hypermethylation-induced RASSF3 silencing plays an important role in the tumorigenesis of pituitary somatotroph adenomas.
22593196 tumor suppressor activity of RASSF3, which occurs through p53 stabilization and regulation of apoptosis and the cell cycle.
20237496 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19148488 Mammary tumor incidence in bi-transgenic mice is delayed, suggesting that transgenic Rassf3 may influence mammary tumor incidence in transgenic mice
11965544 The presence of a Ras association domain common to NORE1,RASSF1, and RASSF3 suggests their possible involvement inRas-like signaling pathways.

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EQLQNLKRRYTAYRQKLEEALREVWKPD                                              211 - 238

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24366813 2013 Interaction proteome of human Hippo signaling: modular control of the co-activator YAP1.
24295637 2014 Functional single nucleotide polymorphisms of the RASSF3 gene and susceptibility to squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.
24255178 2013 Protein interaction network of the mammalian Hippo pathway reveals mechanisms of kinase-phosphatase interactions.
24246507 2014 RASSF3 downregulation increases malignant phenotypes of non-small cell lung cancer.
23555615 2013 Silencing of RASSF3 by DNA hypermethylation is associated with tumorigenesis in somatotroph adenomas.
23455922 2013 Interlaboratory reproducibility of large-scale human protein-complex analysis by standardized AP-MS.
22593196 2012 The RASSF3 candidate tumor suppressor induces apoptosis and G1-S cell-cycle arrest via p53.
20920251 2010 Frequent epigenetic inactivation of RASSF2 in thyroid cancer and functional consequences.
20237496 2010 New genetic associations detected in a host response study to hepatitis B vaccine.
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