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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 18
PubMed Score 1757.53
PubTator Score 118.56

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  Differential Expression (1)

Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis -1.800 0.000


Accession Q7Z444 E-Ras
Symbols HRAS2


  Ortholog (5)

Species Source
Macaque OMA Inparanoid
Mouse OMA Inparanoid
Dog OMA Inparanoid
Horse OMA Inparanoid
Cow OMA Inparanoid

Gene RIF (16)

25940089 N-terminal extension of E-RAS is important for E-RAS signaling activity.
25624498 Expression of ERAS in human melanoma cell lines conferred resistance to PLX4720 and induced hyperphosphorylation of AKT.
23612786 After knocking down the ERas gene by siRNA, we observed that there was a significant decrease in proliferation, metastasis as well as clonality in gastric carcinoma.
22875024 Data indicate that expression of ERAS, LHX1, and CCRK is increased in aggressive subgroups of medulloblastomas.
21151392 ERas may be a potential biomarker for gastric cancer, but advanced studies are wanted.
20811723 ERas/PI3K pathway may provide resistance to chemotherapy and promote transforming activity in neuroblastoma.
20566745 These data suggest that ERas is activated in a significant population of gastric cancer, where it may play a crucial role in gastric cancer cell survival and metastases to liver via down-regulation of E-cadherin.
19787253 Loss of methylation in the promoter of ERas might be one of mechanisms responsible for the re-expression of an embryonic oncogene in gastric cancer.
19528480 High ERas is associated with the tumorigenic process of gastric carcinomas.
18174262 rasH2 may have a role in susceptibility to chemically-induced tongue and esophageal neoplasms

AA Sequence

MARSCREKTRHQKATCHCGCSVA                                                   211 - 233

Text Mined References (18)

PMID Year Title
25940089 2015 The Function of Embryonic Stem Cell-expressed RAS (E-RAS), a Unique RAS Family Member, Correlates with Its Additional Motifs and Its Structural Properties.
25624498 2015 BRAF inhibitor resistance mediated by the AKT pathway in an oncogenic BRAF mouse melanoma model.
23612786 2013 Role of the ERas gene in gastric cancer cells.
22875024 2012 Functional genomics identifies drivers of medulloblastoma dissemination.
21965746 2011 ERas enhances resistance to CPT-11 in gastric cancer.
21205089 2011 Identification of HLA-A*2402-restricted epitope peptide derived from ERas oncogene expressed in human scirrhous gastric cancer.
21151392 2010 Detection of ?-catenin, gastrokine-2 and embryonic stem cell expressed ras in gastric cancers.
20811723 2010 Resistance to chemotherapeutic agents and promotion of transforming activity mediated by embryonic stem cell-expressed Ras (ERas) signal in neuroblastoma cells.
20566745 2010 Role of ES cell-expressed Ras (ERas) in tumorigenicity of gastric cancer.
19787253 2009 Epigenetic regulation of the embryonic oncogene ERas in gastric cancer cells.