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24910448 Data indicate that blood dendritic cell antigen 3 BDCA3(+) and C-type lectin domain family 9, member A CLEC9A(+) dendritic cells (DC) are of major importance in the induction of anti-viral and anti-tumor immunity.
24049150 Activated dendritic cell subsets expressing CD141/CLEA9A/CD1c, likely recruited into the tubulointerstitium, are positioned to play a role in the development of fibrosis and, thus, progression to chronic kidney disease.
22483802 propose that Clec9A provides targeted recruitment of the adaptive immune system during infection and can also be utilized to enhance immune responses generated by vaccines.
22483800 study showsn that the DNGR-1 ligand is preserved from yeast to man and corresponds to the F-actin component of the cellular cytoskeleton; identification of F-actin as a DNGR-1 ligand suggests that cytoskeletal exposure is a universal sign of cell damage that can be targeted by the innate immune system to initiate immunity
22442345 High expression of DNGR-1 specifically and universally identifies a unique dendritic cells subset in mouse and humans.
22234694 Data show that CLEC9A is only expressed on immature BDCA3(+) myeloid dendritic cells (mDCs).
21677141 For production of cytotoxic T cells, transgenic DEC-205 and Clec9A, but not Clec12A, are effective targets for antibody-mediated delivery of antigens for vaccination, although only in the presence of adjuvants.
20479117 A population of human dendritic cells (DC) that expresses DNGR-1 (CLEC9A) and high levels of BDCA3 and resembles mouse CD8alpha+ DCs in phenotype and function, is characterized.
19219027 CLEC9A functions as a SYK-coupled C-type lectin receptor to mediate sensing of necrosis by the principal dendritic-cell subset involved in regulating cross-priming to cell-associated antigens
18669894 analysis of differences between mouse and human Clec9A

AA Sequence

CGYVKSNSLLSSNCSTWKYFICEKYALRSSV                                           211 - 241

Text Mined References (13)

PMID Year Title
24910448 2015 BDCA3(+)CLEC9A(+) human dendritic cell function and development.
24049150 2013 Increased tubulointerstitial recruitment of human CD141(hi) CLEC9A(+) and CD1c(+) myeloid dendritic cell subsets in renal fibrosis and chronic kidney disease.
22483802 2012 The dendritic cell receptor Clec9A binds damaged cells via exposed actin filaments.
22483800 2012 F-actin is an evolutionarily conserved damage-associated molecular pattern recognized by DNGR-1, a receptor for dead cells.
22442345 2012 DNGR-1 is a specific and universal marker of mouse and human Batf3-dependent dendritic cells in lymphoid and nonlymphoid tissues.
22234694 2012 The C-type lectin receptor CLEC9A mediates antigen uptake and (cross-)presentation by human blood BDCA3+ myeloid dendritic cells.
21677141 2011 Targeting antigen to mouse dendritic cells via Clec9A induces potent CD4 T cell responses biased toward a follicular helper phenotype.
20479117 2010 Characterization of human DNGR-1+ BDCA3+ leukocytes as putative equivalents of mouse CD8alpha+ dendritic cells.
19219027 2009 Identification of a dendritic cell receptor that couples sensing of necrosis to immunity.
18669894 2008 The dendritic cell subtype-restricted C-type lectin Clec9A is a target for vaccine enhancement.