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26725982 This study reports an unanticipated function of ROR1 as a scaffold of cavin-1 and caveolin-1, two essential structural components of caveolae.
26086560 Cavin-1 and cavin-2 are strongly expressed within caveolae-like structures within liver sinusoidal endothelial cells of the hepatitis C-related cirrhotic liver and cavin-1 would play a critical role in regulating aspects of caveolin-1.
25942420 Our data support a role for PTRF/cavin-1, through caveolae formation, as an attenuator of the non-caveolar functionality of Cav1 in Gal3-Cav1 signalling and regulation of focal adhesion dynamics and cancer cell migration.
25904680 The presence of caveolae as an anatomic structure is not sufficient to ensure their proper function in patient with PTRF mutation.
25822667 Using in silico and in vitro analysis we show that Cavin-1 is expressed in myogenic Rhabdomyosarcoma tumors and human and primary mouse RMS cultures. Cavin-1 or Cav-1 knockdown led to impairment of cell proliferation and migration.
25721873 this study presents a novel mutation of PTRF from Saudi Arabia and our findings broaden the mutation spectrum of PTRF in the familial CGL4 phenotype.
25588833 cavin3 is recruited to the caveolae coat by cavin1 to interact with caveolin1 and regulate the duration time of caveolae at the plasma membrane.
24812087 In human adipose tissue, PTRF mRNA levels positively correlated with markers of lipolysis and cellular senescence. A negative relationship between telomere length and PTRF mRNA levels was observed in human subcutaneous fat.
24747515 PTRF acts as a modulator in GBM chemoresistance
24473072 Rather than forming a single coat complex containing the three cavin family members, single-molecule analysis reveals an exquisite specificity of interactions between cavin1, cavin2 and cavin3.

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GGAERGEAGDLRRGSSPDVHALLEITEESDAVLVDKSDSD                                  351 - 390

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PMID Year Title
26725982 2016 ROR1 sustains caveolae and survival signalling as a scaffold of cavin-1 and caveolin-1.
26086560 2015 Increases in endothelial caveolin-1 and cavins correlate with cirrhosis progression.
25942420 2015 Galectin-3 Overrides PTRF/Cavin-1 Reduction of PC3 Prostate Cancer Cell Migration.
25904680 2015 Cavin 1 function does not follow caveolar morphology.
25822667 2015 Cavin-1 and Caveolin-1 are both required to support cell proliferation, migration and anchorage-independent cell growth in rhabdomyosarcoma.
25721873 2015 Novel nonsense mutation in the PTRF gene underlies congenital generalized lipodystrophy in a consanguineous Saudi family.
25588833 2015 Cavin3 interacts with cavin1 and caveolin1 to increase surface dynamics of caveolae.
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