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Disease log2 FC p
osteosarcoma -4.978 0.000
group 3 medulloblastoma 1.700 0.038

Gene RIF (21)

26851695 SPI1-GFI1B transcriptional network is an important regulatory axis in acute myeloid leukemia as well as in the development of erythroid versus myelomonocytic cell fate
26447191 Gfi1b functions as a transcriptional repressor by recruiting histone-modifying enzymes to promoters and enhancers of target genes. Mutations are associated with certain bleeding disorders. Review.
25043047 results, supported by evidence from mouse models, identify GFI1 and GFI1B as prominent medulloblastoma oncogenes and implicate 'enhancer hijacking' as an efficient mechanism driving oncogene activation in a childhood cancer
24395799 TAL1 is involved in regulating H3K27me3 variations in collaboration with GFI1B
24325358 Our studies show that GFI1B, in addition to being causally related to the gray platelet syndrome, is key to megakaryocyte and platelet development.
23927492 a mutation in GFI1B causes a platelet disorder; GFI1B has a role a critical regulator of platelet shape, number, and function
23788109 Silencing of both BCR-ABL siRNA and GFI1B siRNA is associated with an additive antileukemic effect against K562 cells.
22399799 Gfi-1B p32, a Gfi-1B isoform, is essential for erythroid differentiation
21048031 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20143233 Results reveal the presence of different protein complexes, including GATA-1 and Oct-1, involved in Gfi1b regulation.

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PMID Year Title
26851695 2016 A somatic mutation of GFI1B identified in leukemia alters cell fate via a SPI1 (PU.1) centered genetic regulatory network.
26447191 2015 From cytopenia to leukemia: the role of Gfi1 and Gfi1b in blood formation.
25043047 2014 Enhancer hijacking activates GFI1 family oncogenes in medulloblastoma.
24635673 2014 GFI1B mutation causes autosomal dominant gray platelet syndrome.
24395799 2014 Analysis of chromatin-state plasticity identifies cell-type-specific regulators of H3K27me3 patterns.
24325358 2014 A dominant-negative GFI1B mutation in the gray platelet syndrome.
23927492 2013 GFI1B mutation causes a bleeding disorder with abnormal platelet function.
23788109 2013 Additive antileukemia effects by GFI1B- and BCR-ABL-specific siRNA in advanced phase chronic myeloid leukemic cells.
22399799 2012 A short Gfi-1B isoform controls erythroid differentiation by recruiting the LSD1-CoREST complex through the dimethylation of its SNAG domain.
21048031 2011 Single nucleotide polymorphisms of matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP9) and tumor protein 73 (TP73) interact with Epstein-Barr virus in chronic lymphocytic leukemia: results from the European case-control study EpiLymph.