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26968637 GPR120 negatively and GPR40 positively regulate cellular functions during tumor progression in lung cancer cells.
26791484 demonstrated a GPR120-mediated novel anti-inflammatory pathway in specific intestinal epithelial cell types that could be of therapeutic relevance to intestinal inflammatory disorders
26282200 These results suggest that distinct effects of GPR120 and GPR40 are involved in the acquisition of malignant property in pancreatic cancer cells.
26230883 GPR120 functions as a receptor for omega-3 fatty acid, involving in regulating the secretion of gastrointestinal peptide hormone, adipogenesis, adipogenic differentiation and anti-inflammatory process. [review]
26028412 It promotes the secretion of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) in the intestine, and also acts as a lipid sensor in adipose tissue to sense dietary fat and control energy balance.(review)
26025001 the low-frequency p.R270H variant which inhibits GPR120 activity might influence fasting glucose levels in a normal physiological range.
25790291 Findings demonstrate the novel functional properties of GPR120 on human eosinophils and indicate the previously unrecognized link between nutrient metabolism and the immune system.
25447053 TNFa decreases GLP-2 expression by up-regulating GPR120 in Crohn disease
25250621 a significant interaction effect on alanine transaminase levels suggesting a driving effect of the PNPLA3 148M allele on liver injury in children with obesity carrying this variant.
25131623 Characterizing pharmacological ligands to study the long-chain fatty acid receptors GPR40/FFA1 and GPR120/FFA4

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CCFWFPEKGAILTDTSVKRNDLSIISG                                               351 - 377

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PMID Year Title
26968637 2016 Diverse effects of G-protein-coupled free fatty acid receptors on the regulation of cellular functions in lung cancer cells.
26791484 2016 A novel anti-inflammatory role of GPR120 in intestinal epithelial cells.
26282200 2015 Different roles of GPR120 and GPR40 in the acquisition of malignant properties in pancreatic cancer cells.
26230883 2015 Biological characteristics and agonists of GPR120 (FFAR4) receptor: the present status of research.
26028412 2015 [Free Fatty Acid Receptor Family: A New Therapeutic Target for Metabolic Diseases].
26025001 2015 Contribution of the low-frequency, loss-of-function p.R270H mutation in FFAR4 (GPR120) to increased fasting plasma glucose levels.
25790291 2015 Functional analysis of free fatty acid receptor GPR120 in human eosinophils: implications in metabolic homeostasis.
25447053 2015 Tumor necrosis factor ? decreases glucagon-like peptide-2 expression by up-regulating G-protein-coupled receptor 120 in Crohn disease.
25250621 2014 Novel association between a nonsynonymous variant (R270H) of the G-protein-coupled receptor 120 and liver injury in children and adolescents with obesity.
25131623 2015 Characterizing pharmacological ligands to study the long-chain fatty acid receptors GPR40/FFA1 and GPR120/FFA4.