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25959879 a rare variant of the SS18-SSX1 fusion transcript, which could not be identified by routine procedures for genetic diagnosis, was detected. In addition, 8 missense mutations of cancer-related genes were confirmed
24710929 The mRNA levels of SSX1 and SSX4 are associated with multiple myeloma clinical stage
24166495 SS18-SSX-induced Wnt/beta-catenin signaling appears to be of crucial biological importance in synovial sarcoma tumorigenesis and progression.
24130893 These results suggest that the characteristic speckle localization pattern of SS18-SSX is strongly involved in the tumorigenesis through the SSX moiety of the SS18-SSX fusion protein.
23716114 Knockdown of SS18-SSX1 in synovial sarcoma inhibits viability and induces apoptosis.
23540691 Study shows that the SS18-SSX1 oncogenic fusion usurps SWI/SNF-like BAF complexes, resulting in activation of Sox2, which drives proliferation.
20198325 siRNA targeting of SS18-SSX1 has therapeutic potential for the treatment of synovial sarcoma.
19936258 epigenetic features may define the cellular microenvironment in which SYT-SSX displays its functional effects
19212631 We evaluated the correlations among the expression levels of NY-ESO-1, LAGE-1 and SSX-1 and clinical parameters in hepatocellular carcinoma patients
19204726 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)

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24710929 2014 Expression of cancer-testis antigen in multiple myeloma.
24166495 2014 SS18-SSX fusion protein-induced Wnt/?-catenin signaling is a therapeutic target in synovial sarcoma.
24130893 2013 Truncated SSX protein suppresses synovial sarcoma cell proliferation by inhibiting the localization of SS18-SSX fusion protein.
23716114 2014 Loss of SS18-SSX1 inhibits viability and induces apoptosis in synovial sarcoma.
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