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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 110
Grant Count 158
R01 Count 119
Funding $16,861,281
PubMed Score 210.42
PubTator Score 196.65

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Disease Z-score Confidence
Cancer 2,346 3.532 1.8



Accession Q15843 Q3SXN8 Q6LES6
Symbols NEDD-8



4P5O   1R4M   1R4N   2NVU   3DBH   3DBL   3DBR   3GZN   3DQV   1NDD   1XT9   2BKR   2KO3   4F8C   4FBJ   4HCP  

Gene RIF (78)

26632597 Nedd8(Q40E) cannot induce the same structural effect on Cul1-Rbx1 as wild-type Nedd8.
26003431 findings add novel evidence showing, for what we believe the first time, that NEDD8-mediated neddylation is required for normal human endometrial functions
25981045 HIV-1 complexes with NEDD8
25918018 This work sheds new light on the roles of NEDD8 lysines on neddylation cascades and provides a dominant negative mutant for the study of neddylation and its biological functions.
25782162 we report that MLN4924 (NEDD8 enzyme inhibitor ) specifically inhibited protein neddylation, inactivated cullin-RING E3 ligase (CRL), the best-known neddylation substrate, and induced the accumulation CRL substrates in lymphoma cells.
25655932 In endothelial dysfunction, HDAC2 levels were reciprocally regulated by ectopic expression of NEDD8 and the de-NEDDylating enzyme SENP8.
25452302 a role of Nedd8 in regulating caspase-1 activation following inflammasome activation
25349211 SCCRO3 functions as a tumor suppressor by antagonizing the neddylation activity of SCCRO
25229838 E1 (NAE1 and UBA3) and E2 (UBC12) enzymes, as well as global NEDD8 conjugation, were upregulated in over 2/3 of human intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
24949976 Study reports the structure of a trapped RING E3-E2 approximately UBL-target intermediate representing RBX1-UBC12 approximately NEDD8-CUL1-DCN1, which reveals the mechanism of NEDD8 ligation and how a particular UBL and acceptor lysine are matched by a multifunctional RING E3.

AA Sequence

LALRGGGGLRQ                                                                71 - 81

Text Mined References (110)

PMID Year Title
26632597 2015 Gln40 deamidation blocks structural reconfiguration and activation of SCF ubiquitin ligase complex by Nedd8.
26003431 2015 NEDD8-mediated neddylation is required for human endometrial stromal proliferation and decidualization.
25918018 2015 A lysine-to-arginine mutation on NEDD8 markedly reduces the activity of cullin RING E3 ligase through the impairment of neddylation cascades.
25782162 2015 Targeting protein neddylation with an NEDD8-activating enzyme inhibitor MLN4924 induced apoptosis or senescence in human lymphoma cells.
25655932 2015 NEDDylation promotes endothelial dysfunction: a role for HDAC2.
25452302 2015 Nedd8 regulates inflammasome-dependent caspase-1 activation.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
25349211 2014 SCCRO3 (DCUN1D3) antagonizes the neddylation and oncogenic activity of SCCRO (DCUN1D1).
25229838 2014 Neddylation pathway is up-regulated in human intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and serves as a potential therapeutic target.
24949976 2014 Structure of a RING E3 trapped in action reveals ligation mechanism for the ubiquitin-like protein NEDD8.