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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 24
PubMed Score 13.54
PubTator Score 12.57

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  Disease Sources (2)

Disease Target Count P-value
Duchenne muscular dystrophy 602 4.47629911623264E-9
osteosarcoma 7933 4.03091318881757E-7
juvenile dermatomyositis 1189 5.15933458449437E-7
posterior fossa group A ependymoma 1511 1.95615031528162E-5
intraductal papillary-mucinous adenoma (IPMA) 2956 1.32642795551448E-4
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma (IPMC) 2988 2.05732736321561E-4
ovarian cancer 8492 2.90216814790796E-4
pilocytic astrocytoma 3086 6.77890800129391E-4
pediatric high grade glioma 2712 8.28058456437249E-4
tuberculosis and treatment for 3 months 327 0.00174833138386268
medulloblastoma, large-cell 6234 0.00339357366414157
autosomal dominant Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy 499 0.00406761726002495
lung adenocarcinoma 2714 0.00436054206829582
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm (IPMN) 3289 0.00446941253584396
pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma liver metastasis 1795 0.00459739416229974
glioblastoma 5572 0.00920269178479484
Down syndrome 548 0.012156339256202
nasopharyngeal carcinoma 1056 0.0146990410452962
diabetes mellitus 1663 0.0147004515397815
Gaucher disease type 1 171 0.0177565348766296
pancreatic cancer 2300 0.0207667655901999
esophageal adenocarcinoma 737 0.0217731605213828
cutaneous lupus erythematosus 1056 0.0224088854378944
spina bifida 1064 0.0384032959179552
psoriasis 6685 0.0447940635198177
aldosterone-producing adenoma 664 0.0462676213243805


Gene RIF (8)

26175098 overexpressed CNN3 during sonic vibration increases expression of glutamate receptors and promotes functional neural differentiation of human umbilical cords-mesenchymal stem cells.
25050546 CNN3 as a new pro-invasive protein in trophoblast cells that is induced under low oxygen conditions.
23545751 Participates in actin stress fiber remodeling
22119193 The mRNA and protein level of calponin-3 were increase expression in brain in patiens with epilepsy.
20861310 Results indicate that CNN3 regulates actin cytoskeleton rearrangement which is required for the plasma membranes of trophoblasts to become fusion competent.
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
18927281 Gene rearrangements of CNN3 is associated with mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma.
17825283 These results suggest a role of calponin 3 in the regulation of Bone morphogenetic proteins -dependent cellular responses.

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Text Mined References (29)

PMID Year Title
26175098 2015 Overexpressed Calponin3 by Subsonic Vibration Induces Neural Differentiation of hUC-MSCs by Regulating the Ionotropic Glutamate Receptor.
25468996 2014 E-cadherin interactome complexity and robustness resolved by quantitative proteomics.
25050546 2014 CNN3 regulates trophoblast invasion and is upregulated by hypoxia in BeWo cells.
24275569 2014 An enzyme assisted RP-RPLC approach for in-depth analysis of human liver phosphoproteome.
24129315 2014 Immunoaffinity enrichment and mass spectrometry analysis of protein methylation.
23545751 2013 Calponin 3 regulates stress fiber formation in dermal fibroblasts during wound healing.
23362303 2013 Genome-wide association study identifies novel loci associated with concentrations of four plasma phospholipid fatty acids in the de novo lipogenesis pathway: results from the Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) consortium.
22119193 2012 Increased expression of calponin-3 in epileptic patients and experimental rats.
21492153 2011 Analysis of proteomic changes induced upon cellular differentiation of the human intestinal cell line Caco-2.
21423176 2011 Analysis of the myosin-II-responsive focal adhesion proteome reveals a role for ?-Pix in negative regulation of focal adhesion maturation.